Stories About Soldiers

Stories About Soldiers

Welcome to the Top 14 Stories About Soldiers specially curated for kids to read and enjoy during bedtime, story time, or any time at all! This wonderful collection is available online, and can be easily downloaded as a free PDF, filled with fun learning, educational material, and delightful illustrations that will capture the imagination of children around the world. These printable short stories are perfect to tell with pictures, making it easy for children to learn and engage with the exciting narratives. Our collection includes the best audio versions in English, so that the whole family can listen and enjoy the adventures together.

Stories About Soldiers hold a special importance for children, as they introduce them to the brave and selfless heroes who protect and serve our communities. By reading stories of soldiers, kids will learn valuable lessons of courage, loyalty, and teamwork that they can apply in their own lives. Boys and girls of all ages will find these tales fascinating, as they can travel back in time or enter fantastic worlds filled with unforgettable characters. These stories cater to early years, preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, eyfs, and toddlers, so youngsters can discover and connect with the magical world of storytelling at any age.

This amazing collection features a mix of classic and modern tales, good for bedtime reading, daytime learning or just for fun. Our stories come alive with vivid images and captivating audio, ensuring that children will be immersed in the incredible tales until the very end. These stories will have little ones looking forward to snuggling into bed, listening to a bedtime story, and drifting off to sleep, full of wonder and dreams of adventure. So, embark on a journey with our lovable heroes as you explore the fantastic world of the Top 14 Stories About Soldiers – where each and every tale has a valuable moral to share and a fun experience to remember!

Top 14 Stories About Soldiers for kids to read online:

  1. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: A boy receives a box of tin soldiers with one missing a leg, but he loves it all the same. The one-legged tin soldier falls in love with a dancer and faces many dangerous adventures including being swallowed by a fish before finally reuniting with his love. They are knocked into a stove by a little devil and end up together forever, leaving behind a beautiful tin heart as evidence of their love. The story ends with a downloadable eBook version.
  2. The Tinderbox: The story is about a soldier who meets a witch and discovers a tree with doors leading to chests of coins guarded by dogs with big eyes. He also finds a tinderbox for the witch who tells him he can keep the money but not the box. The soldier kills the witch and secures the tinderbox which he later uses to summon the dogs and become wealthy again. He falls in love with a princess and saves her by using the dogs to kill her parents and become king.
  3. Battle of Frogs and Mice: In this fairytale, King Puff-jaw of the Frogs organizes a party and invites a prince of the Mice, called Crumb-snatcher. During the party, they cross a lake to visit Puff-jaw’s castle when they encounter a water snake and the mice drown. In response, the king of the Mice declares war on the Frogs. After a violent battle, the Lobsters help the Frogs defeat the Mice and peace is restored. An ebook version is available for download.
  4. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria and her brother were playing when their godfather arrived with gifts, including a nutcracker doll. Frederic broke the nutcracker but Maria fixed it with a ribbon from her hair. During the night, the nutcracker came alive and battled an army of mice led by the Mouse King. Maria helped the nutcracker by giving him a sword and he defeated the Mouse King. The nutcracker then took Maria to the Candy Meadow and the capital where she was thanked for helping them. However, when Maria shared her story with others, no one believed her except Dr. Drosselmeyer’s nephew who later married her.
  5. King Frost and King Winter: The story is about King Winter, who is selfish and wants all the treasure for himself. He sends his fairies to beat off all the gold and ruby leaves spread upon the trees by King Frost and take them to his palace. The king is pleased when his fairies bring back sacks of treasure that they have collected from the forest, and he promises to share it with them. However, when he opens the sacks, they are filled with nothing but brown leaves, which King Winter throws out of his window. The next night, King Winter and his fairies plan to attack King Frost’s palace, but they end up getting defeated by King Frost and his fairies, and King Winter’s magic cloak is torn apart.
  6. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: A king has twelve daughters who sleep in the same room every night, but their shoes are worn out every morning. The king promises the heir to the throne and one of his daughters in marriage to whomever can solve the mystery. Many try and fail, and the penalty for failure is death. An old soldier is told that to reveal the princesses’ secret, he must pretend to fall asleep and follow them through an invisible cloak in which he finds the princesses dancing underground. The soldier reveals the secret to the king and marries the oldest daughter.
  7. The Trojan Horse: The Trojan War had been raging for ten years, with the Greeks failing to conquer Troy. Eventually, Odysseus came up with a plan to construct a giant wooden horse and hide soldiers inside of it. They left it as a gift to the Trojans when they pretended to sail away, fooling them into thinking they had won. The Trojans dragged the horse into their city, despite warnings, and were eventually overtaken by the Greeks who emerged from the horse and destroyed Troy. The Greeks won the war because of the cunning plan of Odysseus and his team.
  8. Maya the Bee in battle: In this story, the bee kingdom prepares to go to war against the hornets, with soldiers standing ready at the entrance of the hive. The queen bee’s tactical plan is to wait for the hornets to attack before ordering a counter-offensive. Despite losing many bees, the hornets are ultimately defeated and accept a truce proposed by the queen. Even though the bees have won, they quietly mourn their dead and return to their tasks with a sense of pride and sorrow.
  9. Maya the Bee warns the queen: A little bee named Maya flies through the forest to warn her bee colony that the hornets are planning to attack. She faces many challenges on her way home and is nearly turned away at the entrance by the sentries who do not recognize her. However, she manages to speak the password and is allowed into the kingdom. Maya delivers the message to the queen who calmly responds and orders her army to prepare for the attack. Maya is rewarded and taken care of before falling asleep to the sound of soldiers marching.
  10. The Royal Oak: This story is about a famous oak tree in Shropshire called the “Royal Oak” which was used as a hiding place by Charles II, the son of Charles I who was executed by his subjects. After the loss of his father’s head, Parliament passed a law forbidding anyone from making Prince Charles the king of England, but the Scottish people crowned him anyway. After battles with Parliament, Charles fled to a forest, where he was hidden by woodcutters and eventually had to climb up into the high oak tree to avoid soldiers searching for him. Thanks to the tree’s thick branches, he went unnoticed and escaped to eventually board a ship to France.
  11. King Alfred and the Cakes: In this story, King Alfred of England hid in a forest while fleeing from his enemies, the Danes. He came across a kind woman who invited him into her cottage and asked him to watch the cakes baking on the hearth while she worked. However, the king got lost in thought and let the cakes burn. The woman scolded him, not knowing he was the king. When her husband returned and recognised the king, the woman was frightened and begged for forgiveness. The king forgave her and also asked for her forgiveness for spoiling her supper. An ebook download link is provided.
  12. Bonnie Prince Charlie: The story narrates the failed attempt by Prince Charlie to win back the crown of England. The prince, called Bonnie Prince Charlie, was a cheerful and popular leader, but was defeated by the well-trained soldiers of King George of England. He went into hiding for weeks, surviving on wild berries and with the help of kind friends. Finally, a Scottish woman named Flora MacDonald helped him escape by giving him women’s clothes and pretending he was her servant, and he safely made it to France.
  13. The frost king and the power of love: The Queen seeks help from her nymphs to stop King Frost from waging war on the flowers. The nymph named Star offers to go alone and persuades King Frost to see the beauty of flowers. However, he traps her in a cell, but Star creates a garden with her magic. The Queen declares war, and after a tough battle, they win and teach King Frost how to create a beautiful garden. Star’s garden and her words of love and kindness ultimately win King Frost over, and they become friends. The nymphs return home, victorious, and believe it was Star’s love that vanquished the Frost King.
  14. Little Imagine Man: The story is about a little image man who lives in a temple and admires the attire of the image elephant who carries a tower on his back. One day, soldiers come and take away the elephant and many other images. The little image man is sold in a store and then bought by someone who places him on a shelf. Later, the little image man is surprised to be visited by the temple elephant who touches him with his trunk. The two share their stories, and the little image man asks for a ride, and they live happily together, even though they are far from their native land.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Stories About Soldiers offer an engaging, educational, and heartwarming exploration of the lives and experiences of brave men and women who serve their countries. These stories not only provide young readers with a glimpse into the world of soldiers and the challenges they face, but also highlight the importance of courage, teamwork, and perseverance in the face of adversity. By reading these stories, kids will develop a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices that soldiers make in the name of duty and freedom, and be inspired to exhibit the same characteristics of determination and resilience in their own lives.