Stories About Angels

Stories About Angels

Welcome to the top 4 stories about angels, specially handpicked for our young readers! These are the best, short, funny, and enriching tales that your kids, ranging from preschool to elementary grade, will absolutely love! Our collection includes stories that are excellent for reading aloud, making them ideal for bedtime, or during those cozy family moments. Delight your children with this selection of tales available to read for free online, or downloadable as a PDF for your convenience.

These stories are not only entertaining but also bear significant morals, helping children learn essential life values. Each beautifully crafted story is available in English and boasts of vibrant illustrations and pictures, stimulating your children’s imagination while aiding their reading skills. The theme revolving around angels is unique and engaging, promising to captivate your little reader’s attention. We’ve ensured that all stories are suited for preschool and kindergarten kids, as well as for toddlers and older three to six-year-olds in elementary school.

Stories about angels hold a special place in children’s literature. They introduce kids to the world of imagination while subtly instilling moral and spiritual values. Angels, as characters, are often depicted as guiding, protective figures, offering young readers lessons about kindness, compassion, and helping others. These delightful tales often carry heartwarming messages that could help shape kids’ perspectives about love, empathy, and the importance of good deeds. This fusion of fun and learning is what makes our selection of angel stories a priceless treasure. The content is digitally formatted and is great for both online reading and print. Plus, they’re free! Enjoy these stories, and let your children embark on a remarkable reading journey. Happy reading!

Top 4 Stories About Angels for kids:

  1. The Scarf Of The Lady: “The Field of the Lady” is a story about a generous noblewoman who allows peasants to glean from her bountiful field each year. One day, she encounters a young woman and child and they work together before seeking shelter from a storm. After the storm passes, the noblewoman witnesses a divine vision and is filled with awe. The story ends with a beautiful rainbow appearing over the field.
  2. Under the Willow Tree: Two children, Joanna and Knud, play together under a willow tree, and they are told a story by a candy man about two gingerbread figures who fall in love but never speak to each other. Years later, Knud becomes a shoemaker and Joanna becomes a famous singer in Copenhagen. Knud is determined to confess his love to Joanna, but when he finally sees her again, she reveals that she is engaged to someone else. Devastated, Knud leaves and embarks on a journey north. Exhausted, he falls asleep under a willow tree and has a dream where he reunites with Joanna and the gingerbread couple, but he never wakes up and freezes to death.
  3. The Child of Maria: A poor woodcutter’s daughter is taken to Heaven by a woman claiming to be the mother of baby Jesus. The girl is given twelve keys to open doors in Heaven, but she disobeys and opens the thirteenth door, turning her finger to gold. She is cast out of Heaven and lives in a wilderness until she is found by a king and becomes queen. When she denies opening the forbidden door, her children are taken from her. Eventually, she confesses and is forgiven, and her children are returned to her.
  4. Little Boy Blue’s Toys: This story is about a little boy named Little Boy Blue and his loyal toy dog and brave tin soldier. Every night, the little boy would leave them on a wooden chair and go to sleep, imagining their adventures together. But one night, the boy fell into a deep sleep, and years passed while the toys patiently waited for his return. Despite the passage of time, their friendship and loyalty remained unwavering. The story teaches the enduring power of true friendship.

In conclusion, the Top 4 Stories About Angels effectively convey astounding tales of divine intervention, exhibiting kindness, love, and protection from heavenly beings. Each story, while unique in its narrative, centers on the themes of faith, morality, and the belief in the unseen but always felt presence of angels. These stories are likely to inspire young readers, instilling beneficial values and fostering hope, empathy, and courage in their youthful hearts. An enjoyable online read, these angel stories beautifully exemplify that we are never truly alone, and sometimes, the assistance we receive comes from heavenly realms.