Stories About Loyalty

Stories About Loyalty

In the bustling world of modern childhood, filled with games, gadgets, and TV shows, the charm of a good bedtime story remains timeless and invaluable. As the night falls and the hustle of the day starts to quiet down, storytime holds a special place in the heart of every child. This is when they dive into fantastic realms, exploring moral lessons, meeting famous characters, and experiencing extraordinary adventures, all from the safety of their cozy beds. To make these magical moments more accessible, we’ve assembled an online collection of the 12 best stories about loyalty for kids to read.

Our free, printable PDF stories are specially curated to foster learning and to spark the imaginations of boys and girls alike. Whether you’re a parent, a preschool teacher, an early years professional, or an older sibling looking for captivating tales to tell to your younger counterparts, our selection has you covered. These stories are designed to suit the varying attention spans of toddlers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. They range from short, easy-to-read tales for the youngest audience to slightly longer, classic ones for more mature listeners.

In this digital age, we understand the importance of multiple formats to cater to different learning styles. This is why our collection includes not only text with beautiful, colorful pictures but also audio versions for read-aloud sessions, providing a fun way to improve English language skills. All of these stories can be easily downloaded and used at your convenience, creating an inviting atmosphere for a peaceful sleep after a day of learning and play.

The theme of these tales centers around one of the most significant virtues – loyalty. Each story, be it a timeless fairy tale or a lesser-known gem, embeds this moral within its plot. Loyalty, the act of being reliable and faithful, is a crucial value for children to grasp from their early years. Learning about loyalty through these enchanting narratives helps children understand the importance of trustworthiness and steadfastness in relationships. By witnessing loyalty in action within these tales, children are encouraged to adopt this virtue in their own lives.

Incorporating storytime into the bedtime routine is more than just a fun activity. It’s a stepping stone for kids to expand their world, to empathize with diverse characters, and to instill lifelong values such as loyalty. Join us as we explore this collection of stories that promise to make each night time an educational journey filled with wonder and wisdom.

Top 12 Stories About Loyalty:

  1. The Wonderful Dog And The Miraculous Cat: Once upon a time in Fairyland, an old wizard found himself banished from the wizarding school by the enraged headmaster, Wizard Zidoc. Seeking solace, the wizard stumbled upon an empty cottage owned by Fairy Jocapa and decided to make it his new home. One day, the wizard encountered a farmer about to abandon his dog and cat due to financial constraints. Feeling compassionate, the wizard bought the animals and used his magical abilities to educate them in various subjects. When the dog and cat became highly learned, they expressed their desire to explore the world. The wizard instructed them to deliver twelve months’ rent to Fairy Jocapa, who lived with her cousin, the King of the Land of the Flowing Rivers. Accomplishing their task, the dog and cat journeyed through kingdoms, garnering fame and accolades for their intelligence. Eventually, they arrived at the enchanted castle of the green-faced king, seeking a solution to break his curse. Learning that their old enemy Zidoc was responsible for the enchantment, the dog and cat disguised themselves and infiltrated Zidoc’s castle. They managed to outwit the evil wizards and engage them in a chaotic fight. Just when the situation seemed dire, the old wizard appeared, bringing an end to the battle with his powerful magic. The castle collapsed, burying Zidoc and Serponel. With Zidoc’s defeat, the enchantment on the king was lifted, and a joyous celebration ensued. The wizard, accompanied by the dog and cat, returned to the palace, where they all lived happily ever after.
  2. The Adventures Of Florian: In a tale of bravery and love, a widow’s daughter named Isabella, raised by her father to be skilled in horseback riding, swimming, and fencing, disguises herself as a boy named Florian to seek work in the city. Florian encounters a black knight known as the wizard of the Black Rock and decides to accompany him to his castle, despite warnings of demons inhabiting it. Florian serves the wizard faithfully for years until he desires to explore the world. Before parting ways, the wizard gifts Florian a necklace for protection, a key to open any door, and a sphere to guide him. Florian then finds employment with Prince Florizel of the Twelve Towers, falling deeply in love with him. On a journey, Florian’s golden bird necklace warns him of enchanted objects that would harm the prince. However, they are eventually tricked by a wicked witch who turns everyone in the company to stone, except Florian and Florizel. The witch transports her castle and garden to the other side of the world. Florian uses the sphere to navigate to the castle and rescues Florizel, who was imprisoned by the witch. The witch attempts to transform them, but Florian’s necklace protects Florizel while Florian is turned into a hare. With the help of the wizard, Isabella (Florian’s true identity) defeats the witch, regaining her human form. Florizel, recognizing Isabella’s loyalty, proposes to her, and they marry, living happily ever after.
  3. The Frog Prince: a princess loses her golden ball in a pond and a frog offers to retrieve it in exchange for friendship and companionship. Initially dismissing the frog’s request, the princess takes the ball and forgets about her promise. However, the persistent frog arrives at the palace and reminds her of their agreement. Reluctantly, the princess fulfills her promise, allowing the frog to join her at the table and even in her bed. But to her surprise, when she throws the frog against the wall in frustration, it transforms into a handsome prince whom she falls in love with. Their love is solidified when loyal servant Hendrik, who had three iron bands around his heart due to his prince’s curse, feels them break upon witnessing the prince’s transformation. The prince and princess, accompanied by Hendrik, embark on a journey back to the prince’s kingdom, experiencing love and joy along the way.
  4. The Golden Bird: a king’s tree bearing golden apples is mysteriously losing its fruit. The king assigns his three sons to guard the tree, but only the youngest son succeeds in catching the culprit—a golden bird. The prince presents the golden feather to the king, who then desires to possess the bird. The eldest and second sons set out on failed quests, but the youngest son, guided by a wise fox, obtains the golden bird, golden horse, and rescues the princess from the golden castle. However, his deceitful brothers betray him and leave him trapped in a well. With the help of the faithful fox, the prince survives and ultimately reveals his identity to the king and princess. The wicked brothers are punished, and the prince and princess live happily ever after. As a final act of redemption, the prince frees the fox from its enchantment, and they all find true happiness.
  5. The White Doe: a queen’s wish for a child is granted by fairies, but a neglected fountain fairy curses the princess to live in darkness until her fifteenth year. When a prince falls in love with the princess through a portrait, deceitful imposters and wicked plans lead to the princess transforming into a white deer and fleeing into the forest. With the help of her loyal bridesmaid and encounters with the prince, the princess’s curse is temporarily lifted at night, allowing her to communicate and form a connection with the prince. Eventually, their love overcomes the curse, and they are reunited, leading to a joyful marriage. The story ends with forgiveness and the release of those who had caused harm.
  6. Graciosa And Percinet: Princess Graciosa finds herself at the mercy of the wicked Duchess Grognon, who tricks the king into agreeing to marry her. With the help of a fairy prince named Percinet, Graciosa navigates a series of challenges set by Grognon, always receiving assistance from Percinet at the most crucial moments. However, Graciosa’s love for Percinet is tested as she strives to save herself from the duchess’s cruel intentions. Ultimately, Percinet’s unwavering love and support lead to Graciosa’s escape and their reunion in a magical fairy castle, where they marry and live happily ever after.
  7. The Rose-Tree: a kind-hearted girl with beautiful golden hair becomes the target of her evil stepmother’s jealousy and cruelty. After a series of unfortunate events involving stolen candles and her stepmother’s malicious actions, the girl’s life takes a tragic turn. Her heart is cooked and eaten by her oblivious father, but her devoted brother saves her heart and buries it under a rose tree. As spring arrives, a white bird with a mesmerizing voice perches on the rose tree, singing a haunting song that reveals the stepmother’s wicked deeds. Through a series of encounters with different craftsmen, the bird obtains treasures in exchange for repeating its song. Finally, the bird returns home and brings justice upon the stepmother, using a millstone to end her life. The story highlights the power of loyalty, justice, and the haunting beauty of a bird’s song. 
  8. The Boy And His Dog: In a peaceful village embraced by nature’s beauty, a young boy named George and his faithful dog Rover embark on a daily mission to locate and bring home their cows. The idyllic pasture, adorned with vibrant grass and a meandering brook, offers the cows ample nourishment and respite. Whenever George grows weary from searching for the cows, Rover springs into action, swiftly finding them and skillfully guiding them back to the cottage. Rover’s loyalty extends beyond herding, as he is a cherished friend to George, their bond exemplifying the strength of companionship. Together, George and Rover embrace their role as caretakers, cherishing the splendor of their rural existence and proving that love and teamwork conquer all.
  9. The Bird Boy: In a kingdom ruled by a king and queen, the queen longed for a son with wings. When her wish is granted, the king, misguided by an evil advisor, locks the queen and the winged baby in a tower. Saved by a spirit of the ocean, the queen is transformed into a large gray bird, while the baby is taken in by a kind-hearted prison guard. Years later, the bird boy becomes a playmate to Princess Rosabella and their bond grows strong. However, their peaceful lives are disrupted when an evil sorcerer, Malefico, takes over the kingdom and plans to execute them. With the help of a flock of gray birds, the rightful heirs defeat Malefico and restore peace to the kingdom, allowing the bird boy and Rosabella to marry and rule happily ever after.
  10. The Squirrel Family: In the forest, the Squirrel family lived happily in a beautiful tree. Betty and Budge, the squirrel siblings, loved playing with their cousins. However, when autumn arrived and the leaves changed colors, they realized it was time to collect nuts for the approaching winter. Their parents worked diligently, but Budge found it hard to contribute and often fell asleep. As the family collected nuts, Budge became distracted and ended up trapped by two boys who wanted him as a pet. Missing his family, Budge managed to escape and returned home, worried about being welcomed back. To his joy, his family embraced him warmly and celebrated his return. From then on, Budge learned the value of hard work and became the hardest worker in the forest.
  11. The Winter’s Tale: In the kingdom of Sicily, King Leontes and King Polixenes were best friends until Leontes became consumed by jealousy, believing his wife Hermione loved Polixenes more. Leontes ordered his servant Camillo to poison Polixenes, but Camillo warned Polixenes and they fled to Bohemia. Leontes imprisoned Hermione and their son died of sorrow. Hermione gave birth to a daughter in prison, but Leontes ordered the baby to be abandoned. The baby, named Perdita, was found by a shepherd who raised her. Years later, Perdita fell in love with Florizel, Polixenes’ son. When their secret relationship was discovered, they sought refuge in Sicily. There, Leontes realized Perdita was his lost daughter and was reunited with his wife, who had been hidden by a loyal friend. The play ends with forgiveness and reconciliation as Leontes and Hermione embrace, and Perdita and Florizel marry, bringing joy and happiness to all.
  12. The History Of The Young King Of The Black Islands: Once upon a time, a young prince, imprisoned in the Black Islands, shares his story with the Sultan. He recounts how his father, the king, died, and he married his cousin, the queen. However, their once harmonious relationship turned sour when he discovered her secret affair. The prince feigned sleep and overheard her conversation with her ladies, revealing her treacherous actions. Enraged, he followed her and witnessed her meeting with her lover. In a fit of rage, he killed the man and confronted the queen. She retaliated by transforming him into a half-marble, half-human statue and destroying their kingdom. The queen then visits him daily, inflicting punishment and professing her love to the statue. When the Sultan learns of the prince’s plight, he devises a plan to seek revenge. With the Sultan’s assistance, the prince returns to his original form, and they execute their plan, ultimately killing the sorceress and restoring the kingdom to its former glory. Grateful, the prince becomes the Sultan’s adopted son and heir, and they return triumphantly to the Sultan’s capital, where they are warmly welcomed. The fisherman, who initially discovered the prince’s predicament, is rewarded with great wealth.

In conclusion, our curated collection of the 12 best online stories about loyalty provides an engaging and educational tool for instilling this fundamental virtue in children. These printable, free-to-download tales, available in both text and audio formats, offer an interactive learning experience for kids of all ages, from toddlers to elementary students. We invite parents, educators, and children alike to dive into this magical world of timeless tales, cultivating the spirit of loyalty during the peaceful, intimate hours of bedtime. Let these enchanting narratives inspire our children and spark conversations about loyalty, nurturing their emotional growth and preparing them for a lifetime of meaningful relationships.