Stories About Jealousy

Stories About Jealousy

Welcome to the Top 25 Stories About Jealousy for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for children of all ages to enjoy during bedtime, story time, or any time they want to get lost in a world of imagination. These stories are available in various formats such as pdf, free to download, printable, and even in audio for children who love listening to captivating tales. This online treasure trove will make learning and exploring the theme of jealousy both educational and enjoyable.

Each short story is designed to tell a gripping tale filled with pictures for better visualization, making it easy and fun for kids to follow along. Our selection of the best, classic, and famous stories revolves around the theme of jealousy, which is an important aspect to discuss with children to help them understand and manage their emotions better. Both boys and girls, from toddlers to preschool and kindergarten age, will love these magical adventures and will be eager to share them with their friends.

These stories offer valuable moral lessons and touch upon relatable situations that children face in their early years. Perfect for elementary students and adhering to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines, our collection will provide hours of delightful storytelling that kids will fall in love with. So, get your little ones ready for a night of entertaining, thought-provoking stories about jealousy, an emotion they will undoubtedly encounter in their growing lives, and let them explore the wonderful world of reading and learning!

Top 25 Stories About Jealousy for kids to read online:

  1. Snow White: A queen wishes for a child with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. Her wish comes true with the birth of Snow White but after the queen’s death, Snow White’s beauty becomes a source of jealousy for the new queen. The queen orders Snow White to be killed but the hunter can’t bring himself to do it and leaves her in the forest. Snow White comes across a cottage where seven dwarfs live and they welcome her. The queen tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple and she seemingly dies, but a prince comes and revives her. The story ends happily with Snow White marrying the prince.
  2. Little Claus and Big Claus: In this folk tale, there are two men with the same name, Big Claus and Little Claus. Big Claus owns four horses and Little Claus only has one, but on Sundays, Little Claus borrows Big Claus’s horses to plough his land and deceives the public into thinking he has five. One day, Big Claus beats Little Claus’s horse to death, and Little Claus sells its hide in town. While spending the night at a farm, Little Claus tricks the unsuspecting farmer into believing his horsehide sack contains a magician who can produce food and drink and a sexton who looks like the devil. The farmer agrees to buy the “magician,” so Little Claus returns home rich. When Big Claus learns of Little Claus’s wealth, he kills his horses and tries to sell their skins but fails. Furious, Big Claus tries to drown Little Claus but unknowingly swaps him with an old drover who finds Little Claus’s sack containing his own near the river. Little Claus gains a herd of cows and meets Big Claus, who again tries to kill him but ends up drowning himself in the river.
  3. Father Frost: A stepmother and her two daughters mistreat a young girl named Natasha, the daughter of her new husband, leaving her to freeze in the forest as part of a plan to have her marry Father Frost. However, when Father Frost arrives, he rewards Natasha with gems and beautiful clothes for her kindness while punishing the cruel stepdaughters. Later, Natasha marries a kind man and lives happily ever after. An ebook download is also available.
  4. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: Two old men, Upstream and Downstream, lived by the river. Upstream was selfish and nasty, while Downstream was friendly and generous. One day, both men put a fishtrap in the river, but only Downstream’s trap was full of fish. Downstream discovered a little dog inside a willow root who soon became a big, strong animal and led the old man to a pot of gold. When Upstream borrowed the dog, he was mean to the animal and the dog led him to a pot of trash instead of gold. Upstream killed the dog, but Downstream and his wife gave him a beautiful grave. A willow branch on the grave grew into a big tree, and when Downstream cut it down and made a mortar, the rice doubled in the amount. When Upstream burned the mortar, Downstream showed the tree’s blossoms to the king and was awarded beautiful clothing. Upstream became jealous, stole some of the ashes and tried to do the same, but he was arrested and imprisoned for life.
  5. The Rose-Tree: This story is about a kind man with two children, one with his first wife and the other with his second. The girl is beautiful and loved by her brother but hated by her cruel stepmother who orders her to buy candles. On her way back, a dog takes the candles, and she returns three times to buy more candles, but the dog takes them every time. Her stepmother then cuts off the girl’s hair and cooks her heart, which her father unknowingly eats. The boy saves his sister’s heart and buries it under a rose tree, where a bird sings a song revealing the stepmother’s evil deed, resulting in her death. The boy and his father are rewarded with gifts from the bird.
  6. The Peacock: The story is about how the Peacock became confident and proud because of his beautiful feathers, which were a gift from Juno. However, he became envious of the Eagle’s ability to fly and tried to lift off the ground, but his heavy feathers prevented him from doing so. The story reminds readers of the consequences of outward appearance and how it can distract from important characteristics, such as strength and ability.
  7. The Monkey And The Camel: At a celebration, the Monkey impresses the animals by dancing gracefully. The Camel becomes envious and joins in, but his clumsy dancing embarrasses him. When he almost kicks King Lion, the animals become outraged and send the Camel away. The story concludes with refreshments consisting of the Camel’s hump and ribs being served to the animals. A downloadable version of the story is available in PDF format.
  8. The Stinky Flower: In this story, a group of blowflies and a rafflesia plant form an unlikely partnership. The blowflies are usually scorned by other insects for their preference for rotting flesh, but when they encounter the pungent scent of the rafflesia plant, they find a mutual benefit in working together. The blowflies lay their eggs on the plant, and in return, the plant provides them with a safe place to do so. The blowflies are no longer jealous of other insects, and they proudly feed on the largest flower in the world.
  9. The windflower’s story: The story is about a little Windflower in a garden who is thought to be quiet by her companions. They start to discuss her and wonder if she is a deep thinker or hiding her ignorance. The Windflower reveals that her real name is Anemone, but she prefers to be called Windflower because Wind fell in love with them and opened their blossoms. The Windflower tells them that she comes from a numerous and beautiful family and some of her sisters are purple and blue, but she is the plainest of them all. The Wind came to take her away, and her friends wonder what is between the Windflower and the Wind. The story is available to download in PDF format.
  10. Graciosa and Percinet: This tale is about a king who agrees to marry the wicked duchess Grognon for her wealth and gives her control over his kind and beautiful daughter, Graciosa. Graciosa is helped by a fairy prince named Percinet. She endures several impossible tasks and is even thrown into a hole by Grognon but ultimately finds happiness with Percinet in the fairy kingdom after her death.
  11. Princess Rosette: The story begins with the birth of Princess Rosette, and the fairies’ predictions foretell misfortunes for her brothers and a love affair that will lead to their death. Consequently, the king and queen lock her up in a tower for life, but her brothers eventually free her. On seeing a peacock in the castle garden, she declares she will marry only the King of the Peacocks, leading her brothers on a long journey to find him. Meanwhile, a plot unfolds against the princess, and she is thrown off a ship mattress into the sea, only to miraculously survive with the help of a kind old man. While searching for the intruder who has been taking his food, the King of the Peacocks finds Princess Rosette, falls in love with her, and forgives her brothers and those who plotted against her.
  12. Mrs. Elephant’s Moonlight Dance: In a forest at night, under the moonlight, the animals gather around a pond on which beautiful lilies floated. They decide to hold a dance competition with a prize, and all the animals prepare for it. Mrs. Elephant, who had always been called clumsy, decides to practice in secret and comes up with a beautiful dance. At the dance competition, Mrs. Elephant wows the audience with her majestic dance and wins the prize. She reminds everyone that determination can take them anywhere. An ebook download link is also provided.
  13. King Lear: The story tells of King Lear’s plan to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, based on how much they love him. His first two daughters flatter him with insincere words, while his youngest, Cordelia, tells the truth that she loves him according to her duty. This angers the king, and he disowns her, causing a chain of unfortunate events that lead to the downfall of his kingdom and family. In the end, Lear realizes Cordelia’s true love and meets a tragic end.
  14. The boy with the moon on his forehead: In this story, a king with six queens who could not bear him children seeks a new wife. He overhears a poor woman’s daughter saying that she will bear twins – a son with the moon on his forehead and the stars on his palms and a beautiful daughter. The king marries her, but when the other queens convince her to ring a golden bell twice “just to see,” he threatens not to come when it’s actually time for the child’s birth. When the seventh queen gives birth to the twins, the six queens have the boy and girl removed and replaced with puppies. The midwife takes the twins to a potter who pretends to be their father and raises them as his children. The boy and girl grow up and eventually cross paths with the king, who recognizes the boy’s identity by the light that shines on his forehead. The king then learns of the queen’s mistreatment, executes the six queens, and restores the seventh queen and her children to their rightful place.
  15. The Rose Elf: In this story, a tiny elf named the Rose Elf lives inside the most beautiful rose in a garden. One night, he gets locked out of his home inside a rose and decides to sleep in a flowerpot containing a rose given to a boy by his lover. The boy is later killed by the Angry brother of the girl, who is grieving the loss of her lover by the rose. The girl finds the boy’s head and plants it in the flowerpot with the jasmine twig. The Flower Souls and the Rose Elf spread the message about the murder; the Flower Souls take revenge for the murdered lover, and the Rose Elf tells the Bees about the crime. The Angry brother is killed, and the story of the tragic love and the murder is spread throughout the land.
  16. Why the Sea is Salt: In this old tale, a poor brother receives a piece of bacon from his rich brother on Christmas Eve. He decides to trade the bacon for a hand mill that produces unlimited amounts of food. When the rich brother learns of the hand mill, he becomes jealous and eventually obtains it for himself. However, he does not know how to use it properly and floods his kitchen with fish soup. The poor brother receives the hand mill back, uses it to build a farm covered in gold plates, and eventually sells it to a sailor who drowns when the hand mill grinds too much salt, leading to the sea being salty to this day.
  17. The Twins with the Golden Stars: Three sisters, Anna, Stana and Laptitza, go to pick strawberries in the forest and meet the son of an emperor, who chooses Laptitza to marry. Each sister makes a promise of what they would give to their husband, and Laptitza promises two sons with golden hair and a golden star on their forehead. When she gives birth to the twins, the wicked empress steals them in the night and replaces them with two puppies. Laptitza is locked up, and the emperor marries the daughter of the wicked empress. The true cradles of the twins turn into fish, and they are found and raised by a fisherman. The twins grow quickly in age, strength, and wisdom and eventually meet their father, who reunites with Laptitza and punishes the wicked empress.
  18. Cockyloo: In this story, a hen hatches ten chicks who run around the farm, but the black chick, Peck, is mean and jealous of his brother, Cockyloo. When the two chicks are grown, the farmer makes Cockyloo king of the farmyard and Peck gets kicked out. He befriends a fox, who tricks him into revealing how to get into the hen-house and steals food. However, Cockyloo saves the hens from the fox, and later catches robbers breaking into the farm, by crowing loudly, even though it endangers him. As a reward for his bravery, people make a weather-cock based on Cockyloo’s likeness, and when he eventually dies, he is remembered for his bravery.
  19. Hyacinthus: This is a story about a young and handsome prince named Hyacinthus, who was loved by the people of Sparta and the gods of Olympus, especially Apollo and Zephyrus. One day, during a game of discus, Zephyrus, who grew jealous of Apollo’s bond with Hyacinthus, blew a gust of wind to change the discus’s course, striking the prince and killing him. In honor of his memory, Apollo turned him into a beautiful flower called the hyacinth. The flower became a symbol of love and friendship.
  20. The plaid trousers of Mr. Raccoon: In this story, Mr. Tim Raccoon’s red-and-green plaid trousers make everyone in the woods envious, especially Mr. Fox who believes himself to be the smartest and nattiest fellow until Tim’s trousers came along. Mr. Fox attempts to get his hands on the trousers by offering Tim various goods and services, but Tim refuses every time. One day, Mr. Fox discovers a recipe to wash wool garments and decides to sabotage Tim’s trousers by painting his rocking chair with fresh paint so that Tim would accidentally sit on it and dirty his trousers. Mr. Fox then offers to wash Tim’s trousers but purposely ruins them by boiling them, causing them to shrink and become too small for Tim to wear.
  21. The Theft of the Fairies’ Wands: The story is about the Goblins and Gnomes stealing the wands of the Fairies in order to gain power, but their plan is foiled by the Fairy Queen who cleverly retrieves the wands and teaches the Goblins and Gnomes a lesson about their wrongdoing. In the end, the wands are returned to the fairies and the goblins and gnomes are instructed to seek the fairies’ forgiveness by the Queen.
  22. How the Goblins Were Out-Tricked: The fairies and goblins are not friends as the goblins are jealous of the fairies’ power. When the fairies plan a revel, the goblins hide beneath the flowers. They plan to jump out when the fairies arrive and scare them away. However, the quick-witted fairies and their queen transform the goblins into stone. The sun and moon miss the flowers, so the fairies set out to restore them to their original forms. When the goblins return, the fairies punish them for their wicked ways. Finally, the sun wakes up to a dell filled with beautiful flowers.
  23. The Uninvited Guests: Mr. Crow is upset when he is not invited to a dinner at the Four-Footed Club. He decides to seek revenge and tricks Mrs. Skunk and her family into attending the dinner, knowing they will not be welcome. When they arrive, the other guests are uncomfortable but pretend to be friendly. Later, Mr. Crow convinces Mr. Dog to visit the dinner, and he scares all the guests except for the skunks, who use their natural defense mechanism. Mr. Crow is pleased with himself for paying off two debts at once and considers himself a “clever fellow.”
  24. The King’s Servant: The story is about a King who had a favourite servant named Muccio, and the other servants were envious and plotted to get rid of him. They paid an old witch to turn him into a cat, then a lion, and finally a dragon, hoping that the King would get tired of all these pets. However, the King loved each animal and provided them with lavish accommodation. When he discovered the truth, he forgave the servants but made them work for Muccio as punishment.
  25. The Fairy Queen’s Jewels: A group of mischievous elves decide to steal the Queen fairy’s jewels, but after searching in vain they follow the fairies and watch as they drop their jewels all over the fields. The elves cannot find the jewels and return home empty-handed, not realizing that the flowers in the field are the fairies’ jewels.

In conclusion, the Top 25 Stories About Jealousy for kids display an array of fascinating tales that emphasize the importance of overcoming jealousy and envy while embracing the values of fairness, kindness, and empathy. These stories provide valuable life lessons and teach kids to appreciate their own uniqueness while celebrating the achievements and happiness of others. By reading these enjoyable tales, children will not only be entertained but will also gain the tools needed to navigate their emotions and develop strong, healthy relationships with their peers, siblings, and friends.