Stories About Humility

Stories About Humility

Welcome to our curated selection of the nine best stories about humility for kids to read online. This beautiful collection of both classic and contemporary tales has been specially chosen to inspire children with the virtues of humility. These tales not only engage the children at bedtime but also help them learn valuable lessons for their everyday life. From short stories to tell during a quick night time read to longer narratives perfect for a weekend story time, these tales will surely hold your kids’ interest.

Available as free PDF downloads, these stories can easily be printed out for offline reading, turning your living room into a mini-theater. A fun, educational journey awaits your children, and what’s more, these tales are accompanied with colorful pictures that will surely ignite their young imaginations. They’re suitable for boys and girls alike, making these tales a versatile tool in your storytelling arsenal.

We understand the importance of language development during the early years, which is why each story comes in easy-to-understand English. Also, for those preschool and kindergarten children who love to listen more than they love to read, we’ve got you covered! Each story comes with an audio version, perfect for read aloud sessions during story time or for letting them fall asleep to the gentle narration of these good, moral stories.

From famous fairy tales to lesser-known gems, these humility-themed stories are excellent learning resources for elementary students, EYFS toddlers, and even older kids. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to start teaching children about virtues like humility. These stories gently remind children that everyone has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and that it’s okay not to be the best at everything. True success lies in recognizing your own value and respecting the value of others.

So, parents, guardians, and teachers – gear up to download this magnificent collection of the best stories about humility. Create memorable bedtime moments, instil lifelong lessons, and nurture your children’s moral growth – all while making learning fun. The kids are sure to love them, and we bet you will, too. Enjoy exploring this specially curated collection together!

Top 9 Stories About Humility:

  1. Cinderella: a kind-hearted girl named Cinderella endures mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her mother. Despite her hardships, Cinderella remains faithful to her mother’s words and never complains. With the help of a magical hazel tree and a little white bird, Cinderella obtains a beautiful dress and attends a royal ball, capturing the attention of the prince. However, she must flee before her identity is revealed. The prince searches for her with a lost shoe as the key, and when Cinderella tries it on, it fits perfectly. Recognizing her, the prince takes Cinderella to his castle, and they marry, living happily ever after.
  2. King Trushbeard: a princess with a haughty and critical nature ridicules every suitor who comes to court her. Fed up with her behavior, her father forces her to marry the first beggar who arrives at the castle. The beggar, who turns out to be a disguised musician named King Thrushbeard, takes her to a modest cottage where she must learn to do household chores and sell pots and pans at the market. When she fails and ends up working as a kitchen maid, she attends a royal ball in rags and is recognized by King Thrushbeard. He reveals his true identity and forgives her, marrying her and teaching her a lesson in humility. From that day forward, the princess is changed, never mocking or ridiculing others again.
  3. Dick Whittington And His Cat: a poor orphan boy named Dick Whittington dreams of going to London. He gets the opportunity when he walks beside a chariot headed to the city. Upon arriving in London, Dick finds himself hungry and homeless. He takes refuge in front of the house of a wealthy merchant named Fitzwarren, who offers him a job in the kitchen. Despite mistreatment from the chef, Dick finds kindness from the lackey and becomes friends with Alice, Fitzwarren’s daughter. Dick’s life improves when he acquires a cat that helps him get rid of the rats and mice in his attic. Later, Fitzwarren gathers everyone to invest in a lucrative ship trade, but Dick has no money. Alice contributes, and Dick reluctantly gives up his beloved cat as his share. Disheartened, he leaves and sits on a stone in Highgate. Hearing the bells of Bow Church telling him to return and become Lord of London, Dick goes back. Meanwhile, the ship reaches Barbary, where the crew is invited to a feast plagued by rats and mice. The captain offers his cat, and as it chases the pests away, the king and queen reward them with gold. Back in London, the captain tells Fitzwarren of their success, and the majority of the fortune goes to Dick. With his newfound wealth, Dick transforms his appearance and desires to marry Alice. They wed, and Dick becomes Lord and mayor of London, using his wealth to benefit the city and living happily with Alice and their children.
  4. The Four Musicians: four musicians stumble upon an old castle on their way back from the inn. Inspired by the atmosphere, they decide to play a song for the ghostly count who supposedly haunts the ruins. A mysterious gray little man appears and gives each musician a beech branch, instructing them to take it home for their children to enjoy the beech nuts. Three of the musicians scoff at the gift and discard their branches, believing their children won’t appreciate beech nuts. However, the bass player keeps the branch as a keepsake in his bass. The next day, his children inform him that the beech nuts are too hard to eat, but when he examines the branch, he discovers that it has transformed into real gold. The other musicians, hearing of this miraculous turn of events, search in vain to find their discarded branches, regretting their hasty actions.
  5. The Shepherd Of Clouds: Giles and Phyllida, a young couple living in a cottage on a great plain, find themselves in a mystical adventure. Giles becomes the servant of the Shepherd of Clouds, responsible for unlocking and releasing the clouds to create the weather. However, when a threat of war arises from the Robber King, Giles seeks to warn his people. With the help of the cloud bowl and a powerful storm, he drives away the robbers and becomes hailed as a king. Giles and Phyllida live happily ever after, ruling over the people of the plain.
  6. The Worthy One: After the death of a poorly ruling king, his four sons quarrel over the crown. The king’s advisors and wise men propose that the Worthy One, who avoids their father’s crimes and confesses the most, should become the king. The first three princes eagerly list numerous sins committed by their father, hoping to secure the throne. However, the fourth prince refuses to speak ill of his father, expressing his regret and loyalty. This act of integrity and filial love convinces the advisors and wise men that he is the Worthy One, and they declare him the rightful king.
  7. The Rival Firefighting Planes: two fire fighting planes named Hawk and Scooper competed to be the hero of the fleet. Their desire to outdo each other led them to take dangerous risks, but a rescue mission gone wrong forced them to realize the consequences of their actions. Saved by a rescue team, Hawk and Scooper were scolded by their operator and learned the importance of being cautious and considering the impact of their behavior. With a newfound understanding, they put their egos aside and worked together as a team, becoming the best fire fighting planes in the land, focused on their mission to save lives and protect the community.
  8. Father Frost: Natasha, a kind-hearted girl, suffers mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsisters. When her stepmother devises a plan for Natasha to marry Father Frost, she finds herself alone in the freezing forest. As Father Frost approaches, Natasha shows unwavering kindness and warmth, leading him to transform her appearance and bless her with valuable treasures. Her father is astonished upon finding her safe and adorned the next morning. However, when her stepsisters exhibit cruelty towards Father Frost, they are left to freeze, teaching their mother a lesson. Natasha’s life takes a positive turn, as she meets a kind man and they live happily ever after.
  9. The Brook And The Water Wheel: a conversation unfolds between a brook and a water wheel in a gristmill. The brook marvels at the wheel’s continuous work and expresses its own preference for the freedom of flowing through fields and woods. The wheel, however, finds joy and contentment in its purposeful labor, grinding corn into flour. It acknowledges the brook’s beauty but asserts its satisfaction with its place in the dim mill chamber. The wheel embraces its role, finding fulfillment in serving the farmer and providing sustenance for others. Its commitment to its nature and the harmony it finds in its surroundings make it content and unwavering in its choice to stay and work.

In wrapping up, this amazing collection of the nine best stories about humility serves as an incredible resource to teach children the value of modesty, respect, and understanding in a fun and engaging way. Whether it’s a short bedtime read or a longer story time session, these narratives, available as free PDF downloads and with accompanying pictures and audio, cater to the varied learning styles and preferences of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students. From classic fairy tales to contemporary tales, each story has been carefully chosen to instill this valuable lesson in your child’s heart. So tuck your little ones in.