Farm Animal ABC

A is for Alpaca.

Alpacas have wool so fine and neat,
In the mountains, they’re a sight so sweet.

B is for Beef Cattle.

Beef cattle’s strength, in herds so grand,
Sustains the farms, feeds the land.

C is for Chicken.

Chickens peck, and in the coop, they lay,
Eggs for our breakfast every day.

D is for Duck.

Ducks waddle and in ponds, they play,
Laying eggs in a hidden place away.

E is for Emu.

In Australia’s sun, they stand so proud,
Their calls are soft, yet sound so loud.

F is for Fox.

Fox in the field, sleek and sly,
Under the moon, quietly they pry.

G is for Goat.

Goats climb hills with ease and grace,
Their milk and cheese fill up our plate.

H is for Horse.

Horses gallop, horses trot,
On farms, they work a lot.

I is for Indian Runner Duck.

Indian Runner Ducks, tall and sleek,
For bugs and snails, they eagerly seek.

J is for Jersey Cow.

Jersey cows, with eyes so brown,
Give creamy milk in every town.

K is for Kunekune Pig.

Grazing grass, under the sun,
KuneKune pigs have all the fun.

L is for Lamb.

Lambs in the field, under the farmer’s care,
Grow strong and healthy in the fresh air.

M is for Mouse.

In the barn, a mouse sneaks in,
Searching grain, with a tiny grin.

N is for Nubian Goat.

Nubian goats, with ears so long,
On the farm, they sing their song.

O is for Ox.

In the field, the oxen toil,
Plowing soil for springtime’s spoil.

P is for Pig.

Pigs at the trough, eating with delight,
On the farm, they’re a common sight.

Q is for Quail.

In the field, quails peck and roam,
Finding seeds, the farm’s their home.

R is for Rabbit.

Grazing on carrots, lettuce, and beet,
Rabbits make the farmyard complete.

S is for Sheep.

Sheep’s wool grows, thick and neat,
At the farm, it鈥檚 a warm, soft treat.

T is for Turkey.

In the barnyard, turkeys gobble,
With each step, they wobble and hobble.

U is for Upland Goose.

Upland Geese, in fields they roam,
In wild flocks or farmstead home.

V is for Vendeen Sheep.

Among the flock, Vendeens stand tall,
With wool that’s prized, they grace the stall.

W is for Welsh Pig.

With coats so coarse, and ears upright,
Welsh Pigs on the farm are a joyful sight.

X is for Xilingol Horse.

On the steppe, where eagles soar,
Xilingol Horses gallop and explore.

Y is for Yak.

By the yak, the farm is blessed,
Providing wool, milk, and all the rest.

Z is for Zebu.

With their large ears flapping away,
Zebus cool themselves in the heat of day.

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