Animal ABC

A is for Ant.

Ants gather food without rest,
working together, they’re the best.

B is for Bear.

Bears lumber through the woods so deep,
before winter comes, they’ll eat and sleep.

C is for Cat.

Cats purring softly, a sign of peace,
in their company, all troubles cease.

D is for Dog.

Dogs wag their tails, happy and bold,
loyal friends, more precious than gold.

E is for Elephant.

Elephants, with their trunks so long,
in the herd, they’re mighty and strong.

F is for Fox.

Foxes, cunning and quick, with eyes so keen,
in the forest, seldom seen.

G is for Giraffe.

Giraffes, with necks reaching high,
eating leaves, touching the sky.

H is for Horse.

Horses run with mane unfurled,
galloping freely, around the world.

I is for Iguana.

Iguanas bask in sunny delight,
on warm rocks, from morning till night.

J is for Jaguar.

Jaguars prowl, so sleek and fast,
in the jungle, they’re unsurpassed.

K is for Kangaroo.

Kangaroo, a sight to see,
hopping around, wild and free.

L is for Lion.

Lions, with their manes so grand,
rule over the savannah land.

M is for Monkey.

Monkeys gather, a noisy troop,
in the forest, they swoop and loop.

N is for Narwhal.

Narwhals glide, with grace and might,
in the polar night, a wondrous sight.

O is for Owl.

Owls hoot in the dead of night,
with eyes so wide, they see without light.

P is for Penguin.

Penguins, together they huddle,
warmth to find, in unity, they’re kind.

Q is for Quokka.

Quokkas smile, with joy so wide,
on Aussie islands, they reside.

R is for Rabbit.

Rabbit, gentle and so shy,
in the grass, it’s hard to spy.

S is for Snake.

Snakes, mysterious and misunderstood,
in nature’s balance, they’re good.

T is for Tiger.

Tiger, spirit of the wild,
in nature’s realm, a precious child.

U is for Urchin.

Urchin, in the sea’s deep blue,
with spiny arms, a hidden view.

V is for Vulture.

Vultures circle in the sky,
on warm currents, they fly high.

W is for Whale.

Whale, giant of the sea,
in its grace, a sight to see.

X is for X-ray fish.

X-ray fish, a marvel of the sea,
in their beauty, we agree.

Y is for Yak.

Yaks, with thick coats, against the chill,
in the snow, they stand still.

Z is for Zebra.

Zebras, in the grasslands, they roam,
in Africa, their home.

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