Stories About Farm Animals

Stories About Farm Animals

Welcome to the Top 22 Stories About Farm Animals for kids to read online, a carefully curated collection designed to engage and entertain children of all ages. Our team understands that bedtime stories play a crucial role in nurturing a love for literature in young minds. That’s why we’ve gathered together these delightful farm animal tales, available in pdf, free to download, printable, and with easy-to-read text that’s perfect for your own story time. Packed with fun, educational, and entertaining stories, this collection is perfect for early years, preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, toddlers, and eyfs.

Each story has been handpicked for its engaging characters, moral lessons, and engrossing narrative to ensure a fun learning experience for both girls and boys. This diverse range of tales features renowned classics and lesser-known gems, with some even boasting whimsical illustrations to further captivate young imaginations. With both short and longer stories to choose from, this compilation caters to children’s varying attention spans and bedtime routines.

Our user-friendly collection also offers audio and read aloud options, allowing children to improve their English language skills while engaging with these delightful tales. The charming assortment of stories about farm animals serves as an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about the world around them while providing a comfortable night time ritual to help them drift off to sleep.

These tales serve as more than just an entertaining pastime; they play a pivotal role in creating lasting memories and fostering a love of reading that will stay with your child throughout their lifetime. Dive into the enchanting world of farm animal adventures and let your children explore the boundless realm of their imagination with these delightful bedtime stories.

Top 22 Stories About Farm Animals for kids to read online:

  1. The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf: In this story, a bored shepherd boy repeatedly plays a trick on the villagers by shouting “Wolf! Wolf!” and then laughing at their frantic response. Eventually, a real wolf attacks the sheep, but when the boy cries out for help, the villagers do not believe him and the wolf kills many of the sheep. The story teaches the lesson that lying has consequences and that honesty is always the best policy. An ebook version of the story is available for download in PDF format.
  2. The Sheep And The Pig: A shepherd captures a fat pig from the meadow where his sheep were pastured. The pig squeals and struggles to escape, alarming the sheep. When one sheep asks the pig why he’s making such a fuss, the pig replies that the shepherd only wants their wool, whereas he wants her bacon. The story highlights the different roles and values assigned to livestock by humans, and the humor in the pig’s reaction. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Grass is Always Greener: In this story, a sheep named Wooly becomes bored with his life in a meadow and sets off for the big city to make a name for himself. He soon finds a job and thinks he has made true friends, but he later discovers that they have been taking advantage of him. Disappointed, Wooly returns to the meadow where he realizes that true happiness can be found in the simple pleasures of life.
  4. Animal Farm: A group of mistreated animals on a farm plot a revolution to overthrow their cruel human owner, and they succeed. The pigs become the leaders and initially work hard to treat all animals equally. But one pig, Napoleon, becomes power-hungry and starts to take advantage of the others, introducing a new law that some animals are more equal than others. The farm becomes worse than before, and the other animals realize they have been tricked. They need to come up with a plan to fix the situation.
  5. Farm Animal Preschool: The story is about a group of young animals who are excited to start preschool. They get into mischief at first, but eventually settle down and learn new things. They bond with their new teachers and fellow classmates, and look forward to going back the next day. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  6. How Patty Gave Thanks: The animals in a barn are snug and warm on a cold November night when they discuss how a little girl named Patty gave them thanks and gifts that day. Patty thanked the cow for her milk, the horse for rides, and the sheep for wool. The hens were also given corn and thanks for their eggs. The animals were happy and grateful for Patty’s kindness and thanked her for making their day special.
  7. Christmas in the Barn: In this story, Johnny sees two Christmas trees being delivered but realizes one of them was meant to be a surprise from his father. He decides to use the extra tree to create a Christmas feast for his pets with hay, bones, vegetables, and even a trumpet performance. Johnny and his family admire the joy that the pets experience while celebrating Christmas. The story emphasizes the importance of sharing and generosity towards those who bring us joy and love.
  8. A Wise Old Horse: This is a story about a wise old horse named Solomon who had been shod badly by the blacksmith. The next day, his owner found the gate of the field open and Solomon missing. However, the owner suspected that Solomon might have tried to get out himself and when they investigated they found teeth marks on the gate. Later, the owner discovered that Solomon went to the blacksmith and indicated that the shoe was pinching him. The blacksmith took the shoe off, sorted it out, and put it back on. Solomon was then found back in the field eating happily.
  9. The Story The Milk Told Me: In this short story, the narrator drinks a glass of milk and asks where it came from. The milk tells a story of being in a bottle in a distribution centre, before coming from a ‘bossy cow’ in the countryside where it was once grass. The milk explains that when it is consumed, it changes into rich, red blood to make the body grow strong and healthy. The narrator thanks the cow, drinks the milk, and shares the story.
  10. Spring on the farm: The story is about a special spring event held on a beautiful farm where all the baby animals born on the farm are shown off to the world. Farmer John and his family work hard to make sure everything is just right before the big day. Children from all over come to the event and learn about the different baby farm animals, including lambs, piglets, and chicks. They also learn about the hard work put in by farmers during the spring season to plant crops and take care of their animals. At the end of the day, the children leave feeling grateful for the experience and already looking forward to the next spring event.
  11. The Eatyoup: A young male duck named Dicky Duck was wise and caught many insects and worms that made his younger duck brothers envious. One day, Dicky swam towards a forest and came across Mr. Fox, who desires to snack on a plump duck. The Fox tricked Dicky into getting close to him by pretending to be an Eatyoup animal looking for a wise friend. Dicky narrowly escaped being caught, but he flew back to the farm and told the other animals about the Eatyoup animal, which he believed to be the Fox. Dicky became much more cautious after the incident.
  12. The Old Grey Hen: The Old Grey Hen is tired of her daily routine of scratching the ground for worms and laying eggs only for them to be taken away. She meets with other animals on the farm, including the Greedy Turkey and Mrs. Duck, and they commiserate about their unfulfilling lives. The Old Grey Hen decides to stop laying eggs and only scratches the ground minimally, becoming a burden to the other animals. Farmer Johnson notices and decides to eat her for dinner. The Greedy Turkey and Mrs. Duck speculate about her happiness after leaving the farm, but the Old Grey Hen had found satisfaction in making others unhappy.
  13. The Three Piglets: The story is about three little pigs named Browny, Whitey, and Blacky who each build a different house to live in. Browny builds his house with mud, Whitey with cabbage, and Blacky with bricks. The Fox tricks Browny and Whitey by pretending to be their friend and takes them to his den, but Blacky outsmarts the Fox by hiding in a kettle and boiling him alive when he tries to eat him. In the end, Blacky saves his siblings and they all live happily ever after, learning valuable lessons about cleanliness and greed.
  14. The pink and blue eggs: In this story, the farm animals discuss who could have laid two unusual eggs – one pink and one blue. They decide that they don’t want them in their nests, but when they go to investigate, they discover that the eggs are actually fake Easter eggs for a child to play with. The hens have a good laugh at themselves for all their worrying and arguing.
  15. A Barnyard Talk: Various animals on a farm argue over who is the most important. The cock believes he wakes up the children and is the most important because of it, but the hen reminds him that she lays the eggs which make the pancakes that the children love. The cat argues that she catches the rats and mice that would eat the children’s food, and the dog claims that he guards the house day and night. The farmer reminds them that they are all important and useful, and feeds each of them. They all become happy and satisfied and stop arguing.
  16. The Lost Chicken: A mother hen, Mrs. Crackle, is desperately searching for her lost chicken, Peepsie, who has wandered away from the farm. She searches the orchard and the fields with the help of other animals, including a barn cat, a robin, and a duck. Eventually, she meets a little girl who has found Peepsie and brings him back. From then on, whenever Peepsie goes missing, the little girl helps Mrs. Crackle find him.
  17. Peewee’s Lesson: The story is about a little chicken named Peewee who admires his world and enjoys his life. One day, Peewee almost drowns while playing with his duck friends in the water, but his mother saves him and reminds him to embrace his strengths and stay on dry land, as each animal has its unique abilities. Peewee learns his lesson and feels loved and safe with his mother, ready to explore and make new friends.
  18. The Story of Speckle: This story is about a hen named Speckle who has been taking care of her eggs in a wooden box in the barn for 21 days. She sits on the eggs all day, waiting for them to hatch, and despite being offered food and water, she refuses to leave her nest. When the chicks finally hatch, Speckle is overjoyed and proud as she leads her brood around the farm and teaches them about the world with the help of a kind little girl and a friendly barn swallow.
  19. Cockyloo: The story is about a hen and her ten chicks in the barnyard. The good chick, Cockyloo, became the king of the farmyard after their father, the rooster, died. His brother, Peck, was jealous and tried to harm him, but Cockyloo always looked out for his sisters and was loved by everyone. He even saved the henhouse from robbers, and his likeness was chosen to be the new weather vane for the courthouse. In the end, he sacrificed himself to save his family from a hawk.
  20. The King of the Barnyard: The story is about a group of barnyard animals discussing the idea of having a king. The donkey is the only one who insists on having a king to bring dignity to the yard, while the others prefer things the way they are. Eventually, the animals agree to make the donkey king, and they create a throne and a crown. However, when the donkey asks for pages to wait on him, the cat and the dog refuse, leaving the donkey alone. He realizes that he has become the laughing-stock of the barnyard and that trying to elevate himself above the others has backfired.
  21. The Barn Dance: The story tells about the first barn dance, where the farm animals decided to have a party and chose the barn as the perfect venue for their dance. They built an orchestra in the hayloft and left ample space on the floor for the dancers. During the dance, the animals formed pairs and had fun until the grand entrance of the peacock that overwhelmed the other animals with his grandeur, causing them to leave the barn in pairs.
  22. The Wedding Breakfast: Old Granny Quack announces that Miss Penny Hen is getting married to Mr. Rooster, but Mr. Fox plans to attend the wedding to catch a chicken for dinner. Mr. Crow, knowing Mr. Fox’s plan, tricks him by revealing they have already eaten breakfast and lures him away from the party. Later, Mr. Fox dresses up as a scarecrow to scare Mr. Crow, but Mr. Crow realizes it is a trick and flies away.

In conclusion, these top 22 stories about farm animals offer an entertaining and educational experience for kids, taking them on a journey through the lives of various farm animals. Through these delightful tales, children can explore the friendships, adventures, and valuable life lessons that these adorable creatures share. Each story showcases relatable themes, such as love, courage, teamwork, and the importance of kindness and empathy. Ultimately, these stories not only spark the imaginations of young readers but also inspire a new-found appreciation for these amazing animals and the beautiful world of the farm.