Bunny Stories For Kindergarten

Bunny Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Top 100 Bunny Stories For Kindergarten.” This read aloud collection, conveniently compiled in user-friendly PDFs, promises to take our young, budding readers on thrilling adventures featuring our favorite furry friends – bunnies! Bunny stories hold a particular charm for kindergarteners as they are full of warmth, mirroring the snug safety of their own homes. These stories serve an incredibly important role in their early formative years.

We believe that kindergarten is the ideal stage for children to begin developing an enriched vocabulary, as well as hone their listening and comprehension skills. In these Bunny Stories, all characters, plotlines, and themes have been carefully crafted to cater to this crucial period of educational growth. More importantly, our bunny-themed tales are brimming with fun and giggles, ensuring that learning never becomes a chore. The endearing journeys of our bunny protagonists create an environment that nurtures empathy, understanding, and kindness in young minds. Children might find bunny stories particularly appealing due to their soft, cuddly appearance and their oftentimes mischievous pranks seen in the stories. The book also fosters a love for nature and animals, initiating an early appreciation for our environment.

Each tale has been curated to not only entertain but also to provide valuable life lessons. Listening to these stories read aloud, the charm of the world of bunnies will captivate young minds making every storytime a cherished experience. Engage with your little ones, and let their imagination run wild through the wondrous meadows of bunny tales, right here in our “Top 100 Bunny Stories For Kindergarten.”

Top 100 Bunny Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit: In this story, four little rabbits named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter live with their mother. They are told not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden because their father had a bad experience there. However, Peter, who is naughty, disobeys and sneaks into the garden. He eats vegetables and gets into trouble with Mr. McGregor. Peter manages to escape and finds his way back home, but he loses his jacket and shoes in the process. Finally, he is put to bed and given medicine by his mother. The story teaches children about the importance of listening to instructions and the consequences of disobedience.
  2. Winnie the Pooh: Stuck at Rabbit’s House: Winnie-the-Pooh, also known as Pooh Bear, gets stuck in Rabbit’s house after trying to visit him. Rabbit and his friends try to pull Pooh out, but he keeps getting stuck. Christopher Robin reads to Pooh to pass the time, and after a week, they finally manage to free him. Pooh continues his walk through the forest, while Christopher Robin affectionately calls him a “silly old bear.” You can download the ebook (PDF) to read offline or print using the link provided.
  3. The Velveteen Rabbit: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful velveteen rabbit who was loved by a little boy. The rabbit lived in the toy cupboard and yearned to become real. With the help of a wise old horse and the love of the boy, the rabbit’s wish came true. He became real and joined the other rabbits in the forest. The story teaches children about the power of love and the importance of being true to oneself. You can download the ebook of “The Velveteen Rabbit” to read offline or print for your class.
  4. The Adventures Of Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane: Uncle Wiggily and his muskrat friend Nurse Jane go on an adventure in the woods. They find a picnic table with food, but it belongs to a family of bears. The bears try to scare Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane, but they end up getting covered in lemonade. Uncle Wiggily then uses sticky paper to catch the bears, and they have a tickle fight. Later, they visit the Squiggle Bugs and have more adventures, including swinging on a hammock and sailing on a lake. They encounter some scary animals but manage to escape. Eventually, they build a playhouse for some animal children and save themselves from the Heavy Hippo and the Skillery Scallery Alligator. The story ends happily with everyone safe and enjoying a game of baseball.
  5. The Hare and the Tortoise: Once upon a time, a hare made fun of a tortoise for being slow. The tortoise challenged the hare to a race, and the hare agreed, thinking it would be an easy win. They asked a fox to be the judge. The race began, but the hare got so far ahead that he took a nap. Meanwhile, the tortoise kept going and reached the finish line. When the hare finally woke up and ran, he realized that the tortoise had already won. The story teaches us that being slow and steady can lead to victory. You can download an eBook of this story to read offline or print.
  6. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: In this educational story, a little rabbit named Benjamin Bunny goes on an adventure to visit his relatives who live in a wood. Along the way, he encounters Mr. McGregor and his wife, and together with his cousin Peter, they navigate through the garden, hide from a cat, and eventually find their way back home. The story teaches about friendship, problem-solving, and the importance of family. You can download the ebook or print version of the story for offline reading or classroom use.
  7. The Little King’s Rabbits: In this story, the little king wakes up to find that his pet rabbits are missing. He promises to give anyone who finds them whatever they ask for, even his crown. Many people, including princes, princesses, and hunters, search for the rabbits but have no luck. Finally, the gardener’s daughter, Peggy, follows some tracks and discovers the rabbits happily eating cabbage leaves in an old woman’s garden. Peggy is rewarded with two rabbits of her own, showing that sometimes the simplest solution is the best. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  8. The Rabbit’s Bride: In this story, a rabbit keeps eating a woman’s cabbages, and she sends her daughter to chase it away. But the rabbit convinces the girl to come with him to his rabbit-hutch. Once there, he asks her to cook for his wedding guests, who turn out to be other animals. The girl feels lonely and tricks the rabbit by making a straw figure dressed like her. When the rabbit realizes he’s been tricked, he becomes sad and leaves. The story teaches about the consequences of being dishonest and the importance of standing up for yourself. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  9. Grandmother Rabbit’s Story: Patty Rabbit was unhappy with her storybook because it only had stories about boy rabbits. She wanted a story about a little girl rabbit. So her grandmother told her a story about Susie Rabbit who made a doll out of a carrot and lettuce. But Susie ended up eating the doll because she was hungry. Patty loved the story so much that she asked her grandmother to have it printed in a book, and that’s how you get to read it now.
  10. Uncle Wiggly on the Flying Rug: One day, Nurse Jane and Uncle Wiggily were trying to carry a new rug home in the wind. But the wind was so strong that it blew Uncle Wiggily’s hat off and lifted the rug and Nurse Jane into the air. Uncle Wiggily let go of his hat to save Nurse Jane, and they both ended up floating on the rug. As they sailed through the air, they saw Mrs. Twistytail, a pig, being blown by the wind too. Uncle Wiggily called to her to fall on the rug and help them land safely. Mrs. Twistytail did just that, and they all landed safely on the ground. It was quite an adventure! You can download a free ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  11. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies: This story is about the Flopsy Bunnies, who love to eat lettuce. They have a large family and sometimes have to borrow cabbages from Peter Rabbit. One day, they find a heap of lettuces and eat so much that they fall asleep. Mr. McGregor, a farmer, accidentally covers them with lawn mowings and takes them home, thinking they are vegetables. The bunny parents and their friend, Thomasina Tittlemouse, save the bunnies and teach Mr. McGregor a lesson. The story highlights the importance of family, resourcefulness, and kindness. You can download the ebook or print version of the story using the links provided.
  12. Little Bun Rabbit: In this story, a little girl named Dorothy makes friends with a shy bunny. The bunny tells Dorothy about his life in the forest and how he watches for Santa Claus on Christmas. He shares his experience of visiting Santa’s castle and seeing how toys are made. The bunny also mentions how Santa Claus always remembers him and wishes him a merry Christmas. After their conversation, the bunny quickly disappears when he hears the farmer’s dog approaching. Dorothy hopes to meet the bunny again and hear more of his adventures.
  13. The Happy Hare Seeks The Weather Man: In this story, the Happy Hare meets the Croaking Crocodile who worries about the weather. They decide to find the Weather Man for help. Along the way, they meet other animals with different weather preferences. When they finally meet the Weather Man, he orders all kinds of weather, creating a mix of rain, sunshine, hot, and cold. The animals realize that they can be happy no matter the weather and decide to have fun together. If you ever notice a day with changing weather, it might be because the animals visited the Weather Man. You can also chat with the Croaking Crocodile. The Happy Hare teaches us that we don’t need to worry about the weather, and it’s always good to have a chat with the Weather Man.
  14. Homeless Hare: In this educational story, a homeless hare encounters a funny fox in the woods. Despite warnings from objects in the fox’s den, the hare decides to stay for dinner. However, the fox tries to attack the hare, causing chaos and eventually fleeing when hunters arrive. The hare learns the importance of having true friends in times of need. Kindergarten teachers can find a free downloadable PDF of this story to use offline or print for their students.
  15. Mr. Fox cuts the Cottontails: Mr. Fox wants his wood animal friends to like him, so he invites them to a dinner at his house. All the animals save their appetites for the feast, but two rabbits named Jimmie and Susie Cottontail are late because they had their own dinner. As they enter the woods, they are chased by Mr. Dog and seek refuge in Mr. Fox’s house. The dinner is ruined, and Mr. Fox is upset. He decides to never invite the Cottontail family again because their tails can be easily followed by Mr. Dog. The story teaches about the consequences of being careless and the importance of making wise choices. Kids can listen to the audio or download the ebook to enjoy the story.
  16. The tale of the fierce, bad rabbit: This story is about a fierce bad rabbit who wants a carrot but doesn’t ask politely. He takes the carrot from a nice gentle rabbit and scratches it. Later, a man with a gun mistakes the bad rabbit for a bird and shoots at it, but only finds an empty bench. The good rabbit peeks out of its hole and sees the bad rabbit without a tail or whiskers. It’s a cautionary tale about being polite and the consequences of bad behavior. You can download the ebook or print version of the story to read offline or in the classroom.
  17. The White Fur Coats: In this story, Bennie and Bunny Rabbit wake up to find snow outside. They are excited to play in the snow wearing their white fur coats. But their mother tells them not to throw snowballs at anyone or they will have to put on their gray coats and stay indoors. At first, they follow the rules and have fun playing with snowballs. But when they see Jackie Rabbit, who is very proud, they can’t resist and throw snowballs at him. Jackie gets angry, and their mothers make them all wear gray coats as punishment. They have to stay inside most of the winter, only going out occasionally. So, if you see a little rabbit with a gray coat in the woods, it might be Bennie, Bunny, or Jackie, or another rabbit whose white coat was taken away as punishment. You can also download the ebook version of this story to read offline or print.
  18. Happy Hare: In this educational story, the Happy Hare loves dressing up and having fun. But when he meets the Funny Fox, things take a tricky turn. The Funny Fox tricks the Happy Hare and even takes a slice off his ear! The Happy Hare learns an important lesson about being cautious and not trusting others too easily. The story includes a catchy little song that teaches kindness towards animals. It’s a great story for kindergarten teachers to share with their students, promoting values of trust, caution, and compassion towards animals. You can also download the ebook version to read offline or print.
  19. Jack Rabbit and Mr. Turtle: In this story, it has been raining a lot and the woods are flooded. Jack Rabbit is stuck on a rock and hungry. His friend, Mr. Turtle, comes along and offers to help. Jack Rabbit is surprised because he thought Mr. Turtle was too slow. But Mr. Turtle tells Jack Rabbit that he can swim and has helped others in a flood before. He even saved one of Jack Rabbit’s ancestors! So, Jack Rabbit gets on Mr. Turtle’s back, and they make it to dry land. Jack Rabbit realizes that he was wrong to make fun of Mr. Turtle, and he promises to always remember the kind turtle who saved his life.
  20. Uncle Wiggily And Lulu’s Hat: In this adorable story, Uncle Wiggily sets out on a adventure to deliver pie to Mrs. Wibblewobble. Along the way, his hat gets knocked off and ruined. Luckily, he meets a kind tailor bird who fixes his hat. Later, Uncle Wiggily comes across Lulu Wibblewobble, who can’t go to a party because her hat is ruined too. Uncle Wiggily helps her make a new hat out of fern leaves. Lulu’s hat becomes a hit at the party, and all the animal girls want one just like it. You can download the ebook to read this heartwarming story and learn about friendship, creativity, and problem-solving.
  21. How the Rabbit Lost His Tail: Once upon a time, there was a jealous cat who stole the rabbit’s long tail. The rabbit didn’t mind, and he happily traded the stolen tail for a knife, then the knife for a basket, and the basket for lettuce. The rabbit discovered that he loved lettuce more than his tail, and he was happy without it. That’s why rabbits no longer have long tails, but it doesn’t bother them because they enjoy eating delicious lettuce, which makes them very happy!
  22. The Easter bunny’s lost chocolate eggs: In a magical forest, the Easter Bunny loses all the chocolate eggs he was going to hide for Easter. He meets a kind little boy who offers to help find the eggs. Together, they go on an adventure and overcome challenges, encountering different animals along the way. With the little boy’s help, they find all the eggs and save Easter. From then on, the Easter Bunny and the little boy become friends and continue to hide the eggs together every year. The story teaches children about friendship, perseverance, and the importance of helping others.
  23. The Easter Rabbit: In this story, Lady Spring is eagerly awaited by the forest creatures and the children. Jack Frost and his brother, North Wind, make the forest cold and barren, but Lady Spring and her companion, Merry Sunshine, bring warmth and new life. Lady Spring sends Bunny Rabbit to deliver a special message to the children, and they receive a beautiful nest with wildflowers and colored eggs, signaling the arrival of Spring. The children celebrate joyfully, knowing that Bunny Rabbit was Lady Spring’s messenger.
  24. The Mad March Hare: The Mad March Hare is a story about a hare who is very excited in the springtime. He calls his friends, the bear, the beaver, and the monkey, to join him in his lively antics. They all have fun together, but the hare is also a bit sad because he sees how easily children get mad. So, they decide to write a story and a song asking children to be gentle and not get angry. The visitors say goodbye to the hare, and soon children all over the world learn the song and enjoy the story. The hare becomes very happy, and together they all whistle and sing instead of getting angry. There are free downloads available of the ebook to read offline or print.
  25. Rabbit Has a Busy Day, and We Learn What Christopher Robin Does in the Mornings: In this story, Rabbit wakes up feeling important and goes on a mission to find out what Christopher Robin does in the mornings. He asks his friends Owl, Pooh, and Piglet, but no one knows. Finally, Eeyore tells them that Christopher Robin is learning and becoming educated. The animals in the forest realize that Christopher Robin is going to school.
  26. Why The Bear Sleeps All Winter: Once upon a time, there was a little Brother Rabbit who lived in the woods. He was very hardworking and collected food for the winter. However, there was a mischievous old Bear who always bothered him. One day, Brother Rabbit asked his woodland friends for help. Together, they tricked the Bear by trapping him in a log. The Bear slept through the entire winter and when he finally woke up, he was surprised to see that spring had arrived. From then on, the Bear slept every winter while Brother Rabbit and his descendants enjoyed a peaceful season. You can download the ebook of this story for free.
  27. Uncle Wiggily And The Pine Tree: Uncle Wiggily Longears, a kind rabbit, goes on an adventure to bring an apple dumpling to Grandfather Goosey Gander. Along the way, he meets a woodpecker tapping on a pine tree for sap. Suddenly, a bad bear appears and threatens to eat Uncle Wiggily. However, the bear gets stuck to the sticky sap on the tree, allowing the rabbit to escape safely. Uncle Wiggily is grateful to the pine tree for saving him, and he continues his journey to deliver the dumpling. The story teaches children about kindness, friendship, and problem-solving. They can also download a free ebook of the story.
  28. Uncle Wiggily And Susie’s Dress: Once upon a time, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane were at home when they heard a noise at the front door. It was Susie Littletail, who invited Uncle Wiggily to a party. But Susie fell into a mud puddle and ruined her new dress. Uncle Wiggily had a clever idea to make her a new dress out of birch tree bark. With the bark dress on, Susie went to the party and had a great time. They didn’t encounter any bears or foxes, so the popgun wasn’t needed. Everyone at the party loved Susie’s unique dress.
  29. Uncle Wiggily And Tommie’s Kite: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is asked to run an errand and help build a kite with Tommie Kat. They go to the store, buy diamond earrings for Nurse Jane, and then make the kite. While flying the kite, Uncle Wiggily falls asleep and gets pulled by the kite string. Just as he is about to be taken away by a babboon, the wind blows the kite, taking the babboon instead. Uncle Wiggily and Tommie make a new kite and have lots of fun. You can download the story as a PDF.
  30. Uncle Wiggily And Johnnie’s Marbles: On a warm spring day, the animal boys and girls gathered in the woods to play marbles. Uncle Wiggily, the bunny gentleman, watched them as they played. When it was time for the boys to go home, Johnnie realized he had to go to the store for bread. Uncle Wiggily decided to join him for a walk and some adventure. As they walked, a strong gust of wind blew Uncle Wiggily’s hat away. Johnnie chased after it, leaving Uncle Wiggily to play marbles by himself. Uncle Wiggily rediscovered his love for the game and was shooting marbles when he encountered a grumpy bear. The bear threatened to eat Uncle Wiggily, but before he could, Uncle Wiggily asked for one more shot at the marbles. He aimed at the bear’s nose and hit it, causing the bear to run away in pain. Uncle Wiggily was then reunited with his hat and was proud of his marble-shooting skills.
  31. Uncle Wiggily And Billie’s Top: Uncle Wiggily, the kind rabbit, meets Billie, a squirrel boy. They talk about what they would buy with five cents. Uncle Wiggily would buy stamps and a postcard to write letters, while Billie wants a spinning top. Uncle Wiggily decides to buy the top for Billie, and they go to the store together. After playing with the top, a bear appears and threatens to take them away. However, the bear becomes distracted by the spinning top and laughs so hard that he leaves them alone. Uncle Wiggily reveals that he bought the top for Billie all along, and they both enjoy playing with it. [Note: This is a summary of a story featuring Uncle Wiggily, a character from children’s literature.]
  32. Uncle Wiggily And The Puff Ball: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk in the woods and his housekeeper, Nurse Jane, asks him to bring back cream puffs from the bakery. While Uncle Wiggily is resting, a weasel steals the cream puffs and replaces them with puff balls. When Uncle Wiggily returns home, he unknowingly gives the puff balls to an alligator who sneezes when he eats them. The sneezing saves Uncle Wiggily from being eaten. In the end, Uncle Wiggily gets real cream puffs and safely returns home. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  33. Uncle Wiggily And The Beech Tree: Uncle Wiggily is asked by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to go to the store and buys some groceries. On his way, he sees a bear scratching a beech tree, and he realizes that the tree will die if the bear continues. Uncle Wiggily scares the bear away by throwing a stone and shouting loudly. Later, when Uncle Wiggily returns to the tree, the bear tries to attack him, but the tree saves him by dropping sharp beech nuts on the bear’s nose. Uncle Wiggily thanks the tree and safely returns home. This story highlights the importance of protecting nature and shows children the value of helping others.
  34. Uncle Wiggily And The Birch Tree: Uncle Wiggily Longears, a nice old rabbit, comes across the hollow stump school where the lady mouse teacher is cleaning the blackboards. She asks for help because the squirrel boys forgot to do it. Uncle Wiggily volunteers to clean the boards himself while she rests. As he hums a little tune, the squirrel boys return and offer to help. After cleaning the boards, they all head home, but a fox appears and chases them. They try to escape by crossing a bridge over a pond but find it collapsed. Just when it seems hopeless, a birch tree offers its bark to make a boat. They sail away to safety, thanks to the helpful tree. The story ends with the promise of more adventures to come.
  35. Uncle Wiggily And The Butternut Tree: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to the store to get some butter for supper, but when he returns to his house, he discovers that it’s missing. With the help of his friend, Grandpa Whackum the beaver, they find out that Toodle and Noodle, the beaver boys, took the butter to grease a log for sliding. Uncle Wiggily forgives them, but now he needs more butter for Nurse Jane. Luckily, a butternut tree offers to help by dropping some nuts that can be squeezed to get butter. Uncle Wiggily takes the butternuts home, and Nurse Jane says the butter is delicious. The beaver boys learn their lesson and Uncle Wiggily solves the butter problem with the help of a kind butternut tree.
  36. Uncle Wiggily And The Horse Chestnut: “Uncle Wiggily and the Horse Chestnut” is a story about a kind rabbit named Uncle Wiggily who helps a thirsty horse chestnut tree and her little pony trees. Uncle Wiggily brings them water when they can’t find any and they are very grateful. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is in trouble, the strong horse chestnut tree and the pony trees come to his rescue and scare away a bad bear. This story teaches children the importance of helping others and the value of friendship. You can download the ebook to read offline or print it for free.
  37. Uncle Wiggily And The Green Rushes: Once upon a time, Uncle Wiggily the rabbit was walking in the woods and came across two squirrel boys who couldn’t go to school because their sister had the measles. Uncle Wiggily decided to take them for a walk in the woods, where they found a mud turtle stuck on his back. Uncle Wiggily helped him and in return, the turtle gave him some green rushes. Although the squirrel boys thought they were useless, Uncle Wiggily explained that the rushes can be used as a scrubbing brush. They then met Mother Goose, who needed a scrubbing brush for her dirty kitchen. Uncle Wiggily gave her the green rushes, which worked perfectly to clean her kitchen. The squirrel boys realized that green rushes are actually useful after all.
  38. Uncle Wiggily And The Bee Tree: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, goes on an adventure and saves a bee from drowning. In return, the bee takes Uncle Wiggily to her hive tree, where he gets a delicious box of honey. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is caught by a bear, he leads the bear to the bee tree, and the bees sting the bear, saving Uncle Wiggily. The story teaches about the importance of helping others and the sweet rewards that come from kindness.
  39. Uncle Wiggily And The Dogwood: Uncle Wiggily, the kind rabbit gentleman, goes for a walk in the woods and is asked by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady, to return a thimble to Mrs. Bow Wow, a dog lady. On his way, Uncle Wiggily meets Mrs. Bow Wow, who is worried because her puppy dog boys, Jackie and Peetie, have not come home from school. Uncle Wiggily offers to find them and discovers that they were chased by foxes. With the help of a talking dogwood tree, Uncle Wiggily scares away the foxes and safely brings the puppy dogs back home. The story emphasizes kindness, bravery, and the importance of helping others. Free ebook downloads are available.
  40. Uncle Wiggily And The Willow Tree: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, is excited to go on vacation with his muskrat housekeeper, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. They move to a hollow stump bungalow in the woods and Uncle Wiggily sets out for a walk. However, two bad alligators try to capture him. Uncle Wiggily quickly uses a piece of willow wood to make a whistle and blows it loudly, scaring the alligators away. He realizes it’s a good thing he learned how to make whistles when he was a boy.
  41. Uncle Wiggily And The Wintergreen: Uncle Wiggily visits the squirrel boys, Johnnie and Billie Bushytail, who aren’t having any fun. Billie is in a bad mood because he couldn’t go out to play with his brother and the other animal boys. But Uncle Wiggily takes him for a walk in the woods, showing him the beauty of nature. Along the way, Billie’s tooth starts to ache, but Uncle Wiggily finds wintergreen leaves that help soothe the pain. Billie realizes that the woods are more interesting and helpful than he thought. They have fun together until it’s time to go home. Free ebook downloads of the story are available.
  42. Uncle Wiggily And The Slippery Elm: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk in the forest and meets Dr. Possum, who shows him a slippery elm tree. Uncle Wiggily then comes across Jillie and Squeaky, two little mice who are sad because there’s no snow to sled down the hills. Uncle Wiggily decides to create a slide using the bark from the slippery elm tree, and the mice have a fantastic time sliding down the tree. This story teaches children about problem-solving and finding creative solutions to make their dreams come true.
  43. Uncle Wiggily And The Sassafras: Uncle Wiggily, the bunny uncle, is feeling sick with the Spring fever. Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy calls in Dr. Possum, who suggests that Uncle Wiggily needs fresh sassafras. Reluctantly, Uncle Wiggily goes to the woods to dig up the sassafras root. There, he encounters the bad old fox who tries to capture him. However, Uncle Wiggily tricks the fox into pulling up the sassafras root, causing the fox to fall over and allowing Uncle Wiggily to escape. With his adventure, Uncle Wiggily forgets all about his Spring fever.
  44. Uncle Wiggily And The Pulpit-jack: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk in the woods and helps a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant that is stuck under a stone. The plant thanks him and promises to help Uncle Wiggily in return. Later, when Uncle Wiggily’s grocery bundle catches on fire, the Jack-in-the-Pulpit offers water from its pitcher to put out the fire. Uncle Wiggily is grateful for the help and is able to save his bread and crackers.
  45. Uncle Wiggily And The High Tree: In this educational story, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a kind rabbit gentleman, buys a new tall silk hat for Easter. He asks Nurse Jane if it looks good on him, and she agrees. However, he needs to cut larger holes in the hat for his ears to fit through. Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk in the woods and meets his friend, Grandfather Goosey Gander. They talk about cornmeal and fried ice cream carrots. Grandfather Goosey admires Uncle Wiggily’s hat and wants to try it on. As he leans over to look at himself in the water, a gust of wind blows the hat into a tall tree. Uncle Wiggily and Grandfather Goosey try different ways to retrieve the hat, including asking the wind to blow it back and asking the tree to shake it down. Finally, they realize they need help from the squirrel boys or Toodle Flat-tail, the beaver. Toodle uses his strong teeth to cut down the tree, but the tree begs for the wind to blow so it can shake the hat loose. The wind comes back, and the hat falls safely to the ground. Everyone is happy, and the tree is relieved it didn’t have to be gnawed down. The story ends with links to a free downloadable PDF of the story.
  46. Uncle Wiggily And The Peppermint: In this story, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy asks Uncle Wiggily to go to the store to get peppermint for her indigestion. But when he gets to the store, it’s closed! Luckily, Uncle Wiggily discovers a peppermint plant in the woods and with the help of a cow lady, he squeezes out the peppermint juice. On his way back home, a mean bear tries to attack Uncle Wiggily, but when the bear tastes the strong peppermint juice, he runs away because it’s too spicy. Uncle Wiggily then gives the peppermint juice to Nurse Jane, and her indigestion is cured. This story teaches us that peppermint is not only good for candy but can also scare away bears!
  47. Uncle Wiggily And The Worms: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, has an adventure with a red monkey who can’t whistle. They come up with a plan so that the monkey can learn to whistle without anyone laughing. Later, Uncle Wiggily meets an angleworm who warns him about an alligator. The worm and his friends help Uncle Wiggily escape from the alligator by tying knots around its tail and legs. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and safely hops away.
  48. Uncle Wiggily And The Beetle: This story is about Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, and his friend, the red monkey. They go on an adventure together, but the monkey has to leave suddenly because his brother is in trouble. Uncle Wiggily continues on his own and encounters a wolf who steals his crutch. Luckily, a helpful black beetle comes to his rescue and retrieves the crutch from the wolf. They escape safely, and Uncle Wiggily is grateful for the beetle’s assistance.
  49. Uncle Wiggily And Kittie Kat: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on a journey to find his fortune, but he gets scared by an alligator and becomes ill. A kind little cat named Kittie Kat finds him and takes care of him, making him feel better. Uncle Wiggily is grateful for her help and they continue their journey together. This story teaches children about the importance of kindness and taking care of others.
  50. Uncle Wiggily And Jennie: Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat travel together, hoping to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. They meet a helpful turtle who helps them climb a hill and a goldfish who helps them cross a river. They then come across a little house where Jennie Chipmunk lives. Jennie takes care of an elderly squirrel and does all the housework. Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat offer to help, and together they gather nuts and have tea. When a fox tries to get in, Jennie scares him away with a waving brush. Impressed with Jennie’s cleverness, Uncle Wiggily and Kittie continue on their journey.
  51. Uncle Wiggily And The Monkey: Uncle Wiggily and his friends, Peetie and Jackie Bow-Wow, realize they left their grasshopper friend behind. They go back to find him, but he is buried under a pile of dirt caused by a scared bear. Peetie and Jackie dig carefully and rescue the grasshopper, who is unharmed but a bit frightened. They continue their journey and come across a big box in the woods. Uncle Wiggily enters, thinking it may lead to his fortune, but it turns out to be a trap. Thankfully, a red monkey comes to the rescue and reveals it’s his house. They spend time together, and the monkey tells stories. Uncle Wiggily and his friends have a fun time before continuing their adventures.
  52. Uncle Wiggily And The Helpful Butterfly: In this story, Uncle Wiggily visits a red monkey who lives in a quiet house in the woods. The monkey explains that he became red after accidentally splashing raspberry juice on himself while making ink. Uncle Wiggily falls ill with a fever, and his friends search for ways to cool him down. A helpful butterfly with big red and yellow wings acts as an electric fan and sings cool songs, eventually curing Uncle Wiggily. The story teaches children about friendship, problem-solving, and the importance of staying cool when sick.
  53. Uncle Wiggily And Buddy Pigg: Uncle Wiggily and the red monkey are on an adventure to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. The monkey suggests looking up trees, so they search different trees but don’t find any treasure. When the monkey throws pine cones down from a tree, they accidentally hit a bear. The bear gets scared when Buddy Pigg, a guinea pig, whistles, thinking it’s a man calling for dogs to attack him. The monkey safely comes down from the tree, and they continue their journey.
  54. Uncle Wiggily And Munchie Trot: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and his friend, the red monkey, go on an adventure to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. The monkey wants to learn how to whistle, but even standing on his head or hanging from his tail doesn’t help him. Uncle Wiggily realizes that the monkey can’t whistle because he doesn’t have a tail, but instead of cutting it off, the monkey decides to hire a parrot to whistle for him. They continue their search for the fortune and meet a little boy squirrel with a broken leg. Uncle Wiggily and the squirrel are both too injured to walk, but along comes Munchie Trot, the strong pony boy, who carries them to safety. They spend the night in a house the monkey built in the woods. The next day, they continue their search for the fortune. You can download the free ebook (PDF) of this story to read offline or print.
  55. Uncle Wiggily And The Parrot: Uncle Wiggily and his friends wake up in the morning and have breakfast together. The squirrel boy is worried about going home, but Munchie Trot offers to give him a ride on his back. Uncle Wiggily decides to accompany them for a while. Along the way, they come across a green parrot who can whistle. Uncle Wiggily thinks the parrot can help scare away bears that might harm the monkey. They all have lunch and search for Uncle Wiggily’s lost fortune. At night, a fox tries to attack Uncle Wiggily, but the parrot scares it away by whistling and making noise. They all go back to sleep, happy and safe. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  56. Uncle Wiggily And Peetie: In this story, Katy the little white cat feels happy after sleeping in a hollow stump with Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper. She decides to go back home to her worried mama. Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper continue their search for fortune but don’t find anything. They stop by a spring to eat and rest, and the grasshopper suggests digging for gold there. Uncle Wiggily starts digging and hears the grasshopper warn him about an approaching alligator. Before he can escape, the alligator appears and threatens to eat him. Just in time, Peetie Bow Wow, the puppy dog, scares the alligator away, saving Uncle Wiggily’s life. Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper thank Peetie and continue their journey, even though they didn’t find a fortune. The story includes a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  57. Uncle Wiggily And Jackie: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, Peetie Bow-Wow, and a grasshopper are on a journey to find Peetie’s grandpa’s house. Along the way, they encounter a scary bear who wants to eat them. But just in time, Peetie’s brother Jackie arrives and scares the bear away with a wooden gun. Jackie then leads them to their destination. This story teaches about the importance of bravery, family, and helping others. You can download a PDF of the story to read offline or print.
  58. Uncle Wiggily And The Sunbeam: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the kind rabbit gentleman, is walking in the woods when he hears a little voice crying for help. He discovers a woodland flower struggling to grow because a stone is blocking its path. Uncle Wiggily lifts the stone, allowing the flower to grow and blossom. The grateful flower explains that it needed the sunbeam’s warmth to fully bloom. Later, when a fox tries to steal Uncle Wiggily’s groceries, the sunbeam saves the day by shining in the fox’s eyes, causing him to sneeze and allowing Uncle Wiggily to escape. The story highlights the importance of helping others and the transformative power of warmth and kindness.
  59. Uncle Wiggily And The May Flowers: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Jimmie Wibblewobble go for a walk in the woods to gather May flowers for their teacher. They find yellow violets, white violets, bluebells, and even a Jack-in-the-pulpit. But just as they are about to reach the school, a bad cat appears and wants to scratch Uncle Wiggily’s ears. Jimmie offers his own ears instead, but Uncle Wiggily insists on taking the cat’s scratch. Luckily, Jimmie scares the cat away with a dog-tooth violet, and they all return home safely. You can also download the eBook to read the story offline or print it out.
  60. Uncle Wiggily And The Potatoes: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and the red monkey set off on an adventure to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. Along the way, they come across a field of potatoes and decide to roast them for lunch. While enjoying their meal, they accidentally throw a coconut into a prickly briar bush, which awakens a skillery-scalery alligator. But Uncle Wiggily saves the day by throwing hot roast potatoes into the alligator’s mouth, making it run off in search of iced water. The red monkey is grateful and they continue their journey together.
  61. G’s Garden Grumble: In the heart of Alphabetville, there was a letter named G who loved gardening. One day, a mischievous rabbit named Remy came into G’s garden and started eating the plants. G made a deal with Remy to grow a special patch of greens just for him in exchange for not eating the geraniums. They became friends and enjoyed their playful interactions in the garden. The story teaches kids about friendship and compromise. You can download an ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  62. Uncle Wiggily On A Raft: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, is on a journey to find his fortune. As he says goodbye to the bird family who helped him, they sing a sweet song wishing him happiness. Then, Uncle Wiggily comes across a tree with a hole and tries to find gold inside, but two owls scare him away. Next, he needs to cross a river and cleverly builds a raft using planks and sticks. However, a water rat threatens to take his cherry pie. With the help of a kind bird, Uncle Wiggily makes a sail out of his handkerchief and escapes from the rat and safely reaches the other side. Exciting adventures await Uncle Wiggily as he continues his journey towards finding his fortune.
  63. Uncle Wiggily In A Boat: Uncle Wiggily is disappointed when he realizes that the golden field he saw is actually a field of golden rod flowers. However, a small ant suggests that maybe the flowers will turn into gold if he waits long enough. Uncle Wiggily realizes it’s just a flower, but still appreciates its beauty. He then encounters a giant’s little boy who invites him to slide down a smooth rock. They have fun, and Uncle Wiggily continues on his adventure. He eventually finds a boat on a lake and gets in. Inside the boat, there is a box with a sign that says not to open it. Uncle Wiggily starts rowing and suddenly a little black bear comes out of the box. The bear threatens Uncle Wiggily, but the rabbit cleverly distracts him with cherry pie and escapes to safety. Uncle Wiggily continues searching for his fortune, but the story ends without revealing if he finds it.
  64. Uncle Wiggily And The Eel: Uncle Wiggily is walking on the beach in the rain when he discovers a tin pan. He starts beating on it and a slippery eel appears. The eel shows Uncle Wiggily how slippery it is, and they have a friendly chat. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is digging in the sand, a hungry fox tries to sneak up on him. But just in time, the eel warns Uncle Wiggily, and the fox ends up sliding off the eel and into the ocean. Uncle Wiggily is grateful to the eel for saving him.
  65. Uncle Wiggily And The Fiddler: Uncle Wiggily, the old gentleman rabbit, is walking on the beach when he meets a hungry snail. Uncle Wiggily shares his leftover cherry pie with the snail and in return, the snail tells him about a grand dance of sand fleas that will have gold and diamonds. Uncle Wiggily goes to the dance but realizes there is no music. He meets a fiddler crab and a drum fish who help provide music for the dance. Although Uncle Wiggily doesn’t find his fortune, he is happy to have helped the sand fleas have a great time. The story is available as a free downloadable ebook.
  66. Uncle Wiggily And Kate-did: Uncle Wiggily and the grasshopper are searching for gold and diamonds, but they keep getting things thrown at them. They discover it’s a voice saying “Katy did!” But when they find Katy, she insists she didn’t do it. They hide from a fox and vow to solve the mystery of who is bothering Katy. They all sleep safely in a hole. The story teaches problem-solving, kindness, and friendship.
  67. Uncle Wiggily And Katy-didn’t: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and his friends find themselves trapped in a hole underground. Someone has filled up the front door with dirt, and they can’t get out. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a clever plan to dig a new door at the back of the hole. As they make their escape, they encounter a little green bug that keeps saying “Katy did” even though she didn’t throw any nuts. Another bug comes to Katy’s defense and says “Katy didn’t.” The two bugs argue back and forth, but Uncle Wiggily assures Katy that she has friends who will always believe in her. They find a safe place to sleep and continue their search for Uncle Wiggily’s fortune the next day. You can download the PDF version of the story for free.
  68. Uncle Wiggily And The Fox: Uncle Wiggily Longears is an old gentleman rabbit who loves going on adventures. In this story, he sets out to find his fortune, but gets caught in the rain. He uses a toadstool as an umbrella, but it doesn’t stop raining. Uncle Wiggily sings a song to make the rain stop, but it doesn’t work. He then finds a pile of what he thinks is gold, but it turns out to be carrots. He meets Mr. Groundhog, who lets him take as many carrots as he wants. Uncle Wiggily finds a cave to sleep in, but a fox tries to catch him. Quick-thinking Uncle Wiggily throws carrots at the fox and scares him away. He then sleeps peacefully and dreams about Santa Claus and ice cream popcorn balls. The story can be downloaded as an ebook for offline reading or printing.
  69. Uncle Wiggily And The Bird’s Nest: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is being very careful so that a fox doesn’t catch him. He helps a bumblebee escape from a spider’s web and then discovers a nest of hungry little birds. At first, Uncle Wiggily is afraid they are hornets and he might get stung, but he realizes his mistake and helps the birds by giving them food. Later, when a snake threatens the birds, a bumblebee comes to their rescue and Uncle Wiggily and the birds are very grateful. The mother bird offers to help Uncle Wiggily look for his fortune. You can download the ebook to read offline or print if you’d like.
  70. Uncle Wiggily And A Big Rat: In this story, Uncle Wiggily gets a special song from the little birds he helped save. They sing about how he is good and kind and they hope he finds lots of treasures. The birds invite Uncle Wiggily to stay with them, but there is no room in their small nest. So they help him make a tent with sticks and cloth. Uncle Wiggily has a delicious supper with the birds and then they all go to bed. In the middle of the night, a big rat with a lantern tries to harm Uncle Wiggily and the birds. But Uncle Wiggily bravely scares the rat away with his crutch and saves the day. The story has a happy ending, and you can download the ebook for free to read it offline or print it out for your students.
  71. Uncle Wiggily’s Auto Sled: Uncle Wiggily Longears and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy are trying to drive up a steep, icy hill in their auto. But the wheels keep slipping, and they can’t make it up. Uncle Wiggily tries going up the hill backwards, but that doesn’t work either. Just when they’re about to give up, two doggie boys named Jackie and Peetie come along and offer their sleds to help. The sleds are tied to the front wheels of the auto, creating an “auto sled.” But the back wheels still won’t grip the ice. Luckily, Mr. Prickly Porcupine Hedgehog comes by and suggests attaching his sharp quills to the back wheels. This gives the wheels enough traction, and they are finally able to conquer the hill. As they drive away, they leave the Pipsisewah and Skeezicks, two bad characters, behind. The story ends happily, with Uncle Wiggily and his friends safe and sound. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about problem-solving, teamwork, and persistence.
  72. Uncle Wiggily And The Snow Fort: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the bunny rabbit gentleman, goes on an adventure with his rabbit and squirrel friends. They encounter the bad Pipsisewah, Skeezicks, and a fox who try to catch them. Uncle Wiggily leads the animals to safety by running, crossing a frozen brook, and making a snow fort. They defend themselves by throwing snowballs until the bad animals retreat. The animals celebrate their victory by hoisting a flag and bandaging Uncle Wiggily’s hat. The story highlights teamwork, bravery, and problem-solving skills. (Note: The paragraph doesn’t include the information about free downloads at the end as it is not relevant to the educational aspect of the story for kindergarten teachers.)
  73. Uncle Wiggily Breaks The Rules: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a bunny, visits a school to teach the animal boys and girls how to be good. However, Uncle Wiggily gets into trouble himself when he gets distracted and plays tricks on the other students. He ends up in the punishment seat and the corner. But when a bad alligator comes into the classroom, Uncle Wiggily saves the day by sneezing chalk dust in the alligator’s face and scaring him away. The mouse teacher forgives Uncle Wiggily because he saved them from the alligator.
  74. Uncle Wiggily And The Pie In The Snow: Uncle Wiggily is asked by Nurse Jane to deliver a hot snow pudding to Mr. Bow Wow, who is feeling a little sick. On his way, Uncle Wiggily is joined by Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow, who offer to help. However, they soon realize that a Wolf is chasing them because he wants the pudding. They manage to stay ahead of the Wolf until the pudding accidentally hits him in the face, causing him to run away. They encounter more challenges along the way, including a Bob Cat and a Skillery Scallery Alligator, but the doggie boys use their cleverness to outsmart them. Finally, they safely deliver the pudding to Mr. Bow Wow’s house, where they all enjoy the snowy adventure.
  75. Uncle Wiggily And The Snow Drops: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, is asked by his niece, Susie Littletail, to go with her to the woods to pick flowers for a school project. They find many different flowers, including snowdrops, which are white and round like snowballs. Susie doesn’t think they’re pretty, but Uncle Wiggily likes them and picks some to take home. On the way back, they encounter a monkey who wants to pull their tails. But Uncle Wiggily tricks the monkey by pretending the snowdrops are real snow, making him think it’s too cold to continue. They safely escape and realize that the snowdrops saved them from having their tails pulled.
  76. Uncle Wiggily And The Hazel Nuts: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit gentleman, decides to take a stroll in the forest with his umbrella. Along the way, he meets Johnnie, a squirrel boy, who is searching for hazel nuts. They decide to look for hazel nuts together. However, they encounter a bear who starts chasing them. Luckily, they find a hazel nut bush and hide under it. Johnnie cleverly asks the bush to drop the nuts on the bear, scaring him away. Uncle Wiggily and Johnnie safely return home, while the bear’s nose remains sore. Download the ebook for offline reading or printing.
  77. Uncle Wiggily And The Phoebe Birds: Uncle Wiggily is on a journey to find his fortune but all he’s found so far is an old penny whistle and some acorns that he can’t eat. He tries to enter a red flannel bag, thinking it’s a circus tent, but a wise ant warns him that it’s actually a hungry alligator’s mouth. Thankful for the ant’s help, Uncle Wiggily continues on his way and hears a voice calling “Phoebe! Phoebe!” He follows the voice and discovers a family of Phoebe birds who sing “Phoebe” as their way of calling. They invite him to dinner and he enjoys chocolate cake with candied carrots on top.
  78. Uncle Wiggily In The Bear’s Den: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a friendly rabbit, goes on an adventure and accidentally falls into a bear’s den. The bear wants to eat Uncle Wiggily, but luckily, the second cousin to Grandfather Prickly Porcupine comes to the rescue and saves him. They both escape before the bear can harm them. It’s a thrilling and exciting story that teaches kids about friendship and bravery.
  79. Uncle Wiggily And The Chickie: Uncle Wiggily and his friend, the porcupine, are on a journey to find Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. Along the way, they encounter a locust, a dangerous snake, and a lost chickie. They help the chickie find her mother and protect her from a fox. The rabbit and porcupine become friends with the chicken family and continue their travels. This story emphasizes kindness, friendship, and problem-solving skills.
  80. Uncle Wiggily And The Wibblewobbles: Uncle Wiggily, a kind old rabbit, was sleeping under a clump of ferns in the woods. A bluebell flower promised to wake him up if any danger came near. As the flower started to fall asleep, a sneaky alligator approached Uncle Wiggily. Luckily, the flower woke up just in time and alerted the rabbit. Uncle Wiggily escaped and met three lost duck children with injuries. He helped them, fought off a hawk, and led them home to their aunt. They were grateful to Uncle Wiggily and invited him to stay for supper.
  81. Uncle Wiggly And The Bluebell: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is searching for his fortune. He asks animals and flowers if they know where it is, but no one can help him. Finally, he meets a little bluebell flower who can’t help him find gold, but she offers him a place to sleep. When Uncle Wiggily gets lost in the woods, the bluebell’s bell guides him back to safety. The story teaches children about perseverance and the importance of seeking help when they need it. For additional learning, you can download the ebook version of the story.
  82. Uncle Wiggily And The Berry Bush: Uncle Wiggily Longears, a kind rabbit, is about to leave his friends. They ask him to stay, but he has to keep looking for his fortune. As he travels, he comes across a hole that he thinks is a gold mine, but a rat scares him away. Then he finds a glittering stone, hoping it’s gold, but a wushky-woshky creature chases him. Uncle Wiggily opens his valise and scatters his lunch to distract the wushky-woshky, but it keeps chasing him. Finally, a berry bush helps Uncle Wiggily by letting him hide inside, and the wushky-woshky is scared away. Uncle Wiggily stays safe and has berries for breakfast the next day.
  83. Uncle Wiggily And The Cowbird: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and a cat go on an adventure in the woods. They meet a robin bird who is upset because a lazy cowbird has laid eggs in her nest. Uncle Wiggily and the cat help the robin by climbing up the bush and throwing out the cowbird’s eggs. They save the robin’s little birds from being bothered by the cowbird. The cowbird tries to attack them, but Uncle Wiggily scares her away. They all work together to protect the little birds and their nest. You can download the ebook for free to read offline or print.
  84. Uncle Wiggily And The Tailor Bird: After helping a robin with her eggs, Uncle Wiggily and the cat want to see the eggs hatch. But they have to go on their own adventures. They come across the cowbird again, who has left her eggs in the cat’s house. The cat refuses to hatch them, so the cowbird takes the eggs to the monkey. Uncle Wiggily continues his journey and encounters a wolf who tears his coat. He meets a tailor bird who repairs the coat with grass thread. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and helps the bird. The story emphasizes problem-solving, kindness, and adventure.
  85. Uncle Wiggily And The Crawly Snake: Uncle Wiggily and the elephant set off on an adventure in search of Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. It gets hot, and the elephant sprays water on them to cool down. The elephant goes to get ice cream cones, but Uncle Wiggily is grabbed by a snake, mistaking it for the elephant’s trunk. Just in time, the elephant saves Uncle Wiggily and they enjoy ice cream cones together. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach about friendship, helping others, and being cautious. The story is available as a free ebook for offline reading or printing.
  86. Uncle Wiggily And The Water Lilies: Uncle Wiggily, a kind old rabbit, helps a cat find her lost white kitten named Snowball. Uncle Wiggily searches high and low, even enlisting the help of a crow, but he can’t find Snowball. Feeling sad, he picks some water lilies to bring back to Snowball’s mother. The next morning, they discover that Snowball had been sleeping inside one of the water lilies all along. Everyone is overjoyed to be reunited with Snowball. The story teaches the importance of perseverance and kindness.
  87. Uncle Wiggily And The Lightning Bug: Uncle Wiggily, a kind and brave rabbit, is looking for a cool place to rest on a hot day. A little yellow bird guides him to a shady spot in the woods where he can take a nap. As Uncle Wiggily sleeps, the bird sings a lullaby. However, a savage hawk threatens the bird, and she flies away, forgetting to wake the rabbit. Uncle Wiggily eventually wakes up in the dark and encounters a fox or bear. Luckily, two lightning bugs come to his rescue, lighting the way and scaring off the predator. With their help, Uncle Wiggily finds a safe place to spend the night. In the morning, he continues his travels, grateful for the bugs’ assistance.
  88. Uncle Wiggily And The Lost Chipmunk: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is hungry and can’t find any food, but then he meets some kind ants who give him a delicious breakfast. After eating, Uncle Wiggily finds a shiny penny, but instead of keeping it, he discovers a lost chipmunk who is crying because she can’t find her way home or her precious penny. Uncle Wiggily helps her and gives her the penny, showing kindness and generosity. They find her home and Uncle Wiggily stays with her family for the night. The story teaches children about helping others, sharing, and the importance of kindness. It is available as a free downloadable ebook.
  89. Uncle Wiggily And The Busy Bug: In the story, Uncle Wiggily and the Busy Bug, Uncle Wiggily and the black cricket travel together and bring joy and laughter to everyone they meet. They make a sick boy with a toothache feel better by telling funny stories. The boy’s toothache goes away and he wishes Uncle Wiggily and the cricket could stay with him forever. Although they can’t stay, the cricket stays for a while and helps other boys with toothaches. Uncle Wiggily continues his journey and eventually meets a bug called the Busy Bug. The Busy Bug is always busy cleaning her house and offers Uncle Wiggily a place to stay for the night. Uncle Wiggily saves the Busy Bug from two owls who want to eat her by pretending a broom is a gun. The owls are scared and fly away, and the Busy Bug sleeps peacefully.
  90. Uncle Wiggily And The Big Dog: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, meets an elephant who ran away from the circus because he didn’t get enough peanuts. They become friends and the elephant plays music for Uncle Wiggily. They spend the night with a monkey and the next day continue their journey together. Uncle Wiggily gets scared by a big dog and falls into a lake, but the elephant saves him by sucking up all the water. They all enjoy ice cream cones and become even closer friends. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  91. Uncle Wiggily And The Peanut Man: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure with an elephant. They come across a tree with a robin’s nest and eggs. The elephant accidentally pulls up the tree, but he quickly puts it back and saves the nest. They continue their journey and encounter obstacles like a mountain and a river. The elephant helps them by making a tunnel and a bridge. However, the elephant gets sick from drinking too much ice water. Uncle Wiggily searches for a doctor and meets a hot-peanut-man who cures the elephant with his roasted peanuts. They continue their travels together. You can download the ebook of the story for free.
  92. Uncle Wiggily And The Bitter Medicine: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit gentleman, visits the dog lady and her sick puppies, Jackie and Peetie. Jackie has to take bitter medicine but refuses to do so. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a clever idea – he asks Jackie to pretend to take the medicine so he can draw a picture of him being brave. But as Jackie opens his mouth in surprise, he accidentally swallows the medicine for real. He gets better and doesn’t need Dr. Possum to give him the medicine. The story teaches the importance of taking medicine even if it doesn’t taste good.
  93. Uncle Wiggily And The Milkman: In this story, Uncle Wiggily meets some toads who are learning to hop. He saves them from a big cow and stays with them for dinner. The next morning, their milkman doesn’t come, so Uncle Wiggily gets milk from a kind cow to feed the hungry toads. Later, the milkman apologizes for being late. Uncle Wiggily continues his journey to find his fortune. Download the ebook to enjoy the story offline or print it for your classroom.
  94. Uncle Wiggily And Jack-in-the-pulpit: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure in search of treasure. He meets a tricky alligator and a dangerous wolf along the way. Luckily, a friendly flower called Jack-in-the-pulpit comes to his rescue, hiding him from the wolf. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and continues his journey. The story teaches children about being cautious and relying on help from others. You can download a free eBook of the story to read offline or print.
  95. Uncle Wiggily And Buttercup: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, is on a journey to find his fortune. He almost falls into a hole, but a cat warns him that a dangerous snake lives there. Uncle Wiggily is disappointed but shares his honey sandwiches with the cat. They find a buttercup flower and turn milk into butter to enjoy with their sandwiches. They have a feast and scare away a mean alligator. Uncle Wiggily and the cat continue their adventure together. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it. Enjoy!
  96. Uncle Wiggily And The Sky-cracker: Uncle Wiggily, a kind old rabbit, goes on an adventure in the woods. He finds a sparkling dewdrop and saves a bee from a snake. But then he accidentally grabs onto a sky-cracker that shoots into the air! Uncle Wiggily is scared that it will explode and hurt him, but a friendly bumble bee helps him. The bumble bee gets two sparrow children who catch Uncle Wiggily in a basket and bring him safely back to the ground. Uncle Wiggily spends a fun Fourth of July with his new friends.
  97. Uncle Wiggily And The Yellow Bird: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears is traveling through a forest when he falls into a trap. But he’s not alone – he meets a yellow bird who is also trapped. Uncle Wiggily uses his sharp teeth to gnaw down a tree and free the bird. In return, the bird helps him retrieve his valise from a hole. They both escape before some bad boys and a man can catch them. You can download the ebook version of the story for free to read offline or print.
  98. Uncle Wiggily And The Sunfish: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, helps Mrs. Wren take care of her new birdies while she goes to the store. The birdies get hungry, and Uncle Wiggily tries to comfort them with a song, but they keep crying. Uncle Wiggily goes to find food for them and accidentally catches a sunfish instead of a pot of gold. The sunfish tells Uncle Wiggily to feed the birdies worms and flower seeds, which helps them fall asleep. When Mrs. Wren returns, she thanks Uncle Wiggily and he continues on his journey to find his fortune.
  99. Uncle Wiggily And The Puppy: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit gentleman, visits his doggie friends who have a new puppy. The puppy is so small that Uncle Wiggily can hardly see him. The doggie boys try to show Uncle Wiggily the puppy’s cute blue eyes, but their mother tells them to stop. Then, Mrs. Bow Wow, the mother dog, has to leave the house. Uncle Wiggily stays behind to take care of the puppy. Suddenly, an alligator appears outside the kennel and threatens Uncle Wiggily. But when Uncle Wiggily feeds the puppy some water from a magical bottle, the puppy grows really big and scares away the alligator. Uncle Wiggily then gives the puppy more water to shrink him back to his normal size. Everyone is happy in the end. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  100. Uncle Wiggily And The Lory: Once upon a time, the alligator wanted to catch Uncle Wiggily, but the bunny always managed to escape with the help of Alice and her friends. The spider offered to help the alligator by trapping Uncle Wiggily in a strong web. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily encountered the Lory bird, who was looking for something hard to sharpen his beak. Uncle Wiggily gave him some hard boiled eggs, and the Lory bird was grateful. Later, Uncle Wiggily fell asleep and the spider trapped him in the web. Just as the spider was about to call the alligator, the Four and Twenty Tailors, led by Alice, arrived and freed Uncle Wiggily with their scissors. The Lory bird also arrived, ready to bite the spider or the alligator, but the Tailors had already saved the day. The story teaches children about kindness and friendship, as well as the importance of helping others.

In conclusion, the “Top 100 Bunny Stories for Kindergarten” provides a generous collection of heartwarming, fun, and educational tales featuring our fluffy, furry bunny friends. Each story adds a sprinkle of joy, imparts a valuable lesson, and nourishes the young reader’s imagination. With a unique blend of adventure and friendship, the bunny tales are not only designed to cultivate kindness, honesty, and courage in kids, but also to stimulate their love for animals and nature. It’s indeed a delightful trove of tales that kindergarteners would treasure online.