Stories About Positivity

Stories About Positivity

As the sun sets and the night sky unfurls, a magical time known as bedtime arrives for children all over the world. Bedtime is more than just a precursor to a good night’s sleep; it’s a special occasion, a night time ritual that is often adorned with enchanting tales and fables, perfect to lull kids to sleep. We understand the importance of this ritual, which is why we have assembled a collection of seven of the best stories about positivity for kids to read online. This outstanding assortment of both classic and modern tales aims to combine fun and learning, weaving a web of educational enchantment before children venture into their dreamland.

These stories are available in various formats – as easy-to-read text, complete with captivating pictures, and as downloadable PDFs, so you can keep them handy for offline story time as well. Want to make it even more immersive? For auditory learners, or simply to give your voice a break, we have included free audio versions to be read aloud. These not only enhance the storytelling experience but also encourage children’s listening skills and imagination.

Our selection covers short and longer stories, providing just the right variety for boys and girls of different age groups and reading levels. From famous fairy tales that have been delighting generations to new favorites, we have curated a collection that is bound to become a staple of your child’s night time routine.

What makes these stories truly unique, however, is their focus on positivity. They have been chosen with a purpose, each one carrying a good moral that encourages learning and growth. Whether it’s the power of friendship, the importance of kindness, or the magic of self-belief, every story holds a valuable lesson for your child to absorb.

So, without further ado, grab your cozy blankets and get ready for story time. With this free online treasure trove of printable bedtime stories, a memorable reading experience awaits you and your little ones. Let the pages flicker in the soft lamplight as positivity-filled adventures unfurl, creating beautiful dreams and peaceful sleep.

Welcome to our digital library of bedtime tales – an online haven where fun meets learning, and the simple act of reading becomes a cherished memory in the hearts of children.

Our 7 Favorite Stories About Positivity

  1. The Little Engine That Could is a beloved children’s story that exemplifies the power of optimism and perseverance. The tale follows a small engine faced with the daunting task of pulling a heavy train up a steep hill. Despite doubts from larger, more powerful engines, the little engine musters the courage to believe in itself and repeats the mantra, “I think I can, I think I can.” Through unwavering determination and a positive mindset, the little engine triumphs, demonstrating to readers of all ages the transformative impact of self-belief and the unwavering power of positivity. Its timeless message serves as a reminder that with the right attitude, anything is possible.
  2. Hans In Luck: The story of Hans and his series of trades highlights the power of positivity in the face of adversity. Despite initially carrying a heavy lump of gold, Hans maintains an upbeat attitude and engages in trades that lead to unexpected outcomes. Each time a challenge arises, Hans embraces the situation and finds a silver lining. From trading the gold for a horse, then a cow, and later a pig, he embraces the opportunities presented to him. Even when warned about the stolen pig, Hans remains grateful and trades it for a goose. Eventually, he loses his burdening rock but finds joy in its absence. Through his unwavering optimism, Hans demonstrates the transformative nature of positive thinking and how it can shape one’s journey towards happiness and fulfillment.
  3. Unstoppable: The Tale Of A Determined Cheerleader: The story of Noa is a powerful testament to the unwavering strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of positivity. Despite a devastating accident that left her paralyzed, Noa refused to let her circumstances define her. With sheer determination and an unyielding positive attitude, she embarked on a journey of rehabilitation and self-discovery. Through hard work and the support of her physical therapists and coaches, Noa defied all odds and regained her strength, ultimately making a triumphant return to the cheerleading team. Her remarkable journey not only inspired her teammates but also serves as a reminder to us all that with resilience, a positive mindset, and a supportive community, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way and live a fulfilling life.
  4. The Fisherman And The Genie: is a timeless tale of optimism and resourcefulness. The story follows a humble fisherman who, through a stroke of luck, frees a powerful genie from a magical bottle. Instead of seeking personal gain or revenge, the fisherman approaches the situation with a positive outlook and demonstrates wisdom and kindness. Despite the genie’s initial wrath, the fisherman remains calm and utilizes his wit to outsmart the genie, ultimately securing his freedom and the preservation of his own life. This captivating story highlights the transformative power of positivity, showing that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, a positive mindset coupled with cleverness can lead to remarkable outcomes.
  5. The True Spirit Of Christmas: The story of Sophia’s Christmas dinner beautifully illustrates the power of shifting perspective and finding joy in simplicity. Faced with the financial reality that threatened to ruin her dream dinner, Sophia learns a valuable lesson about the true spirit of Christmas. Through the guidance of a kind stranger, she realizes that the love and togetherness of her family are the most important elements of the holiday season. With humility and a positive mindset, Sophia transforms her plans and invites her family to a modest gathering in her small house, where everyone contributes a dish and a thoughtful present. In doing so, Sophia creates a cherished tradition that highlights the joy of shared experiences and the significance of genuine connections. This heartwarming story reminds us all that the true magic of the holidays lies not in extravagant displays, but in the love and happiness we find in the presence of those we hold dear.
  6. Little Gretchen And The Wooden Shoe On Christmas Morning: The heartwarming tale of Granny Goodyear and Little Gretchen embodies the true essence of Christmas and the power of a loving heart. Despite their modest means, the two live with kindness, gratitude, and a positive outlook. As Christmas approaches, Gretchen’s anticipation for presents is met with Granny’s skepticism due to their financial constraints. However, Gretchen remains hopeful, believing in the kindness of others and the possibility of surprises. On Christmas morning, their humble expectations are exceeded when they discover a little bird seeking shelter in Granny’s wooden shoe, becoming a symbol of unexpected joy and blessings. Through acts of kindness, such as sharing pine boughs with the sick man by the mill, Gretchen and Granny find the true meaning of Christmas lies in love, togetherness, and appreciation for the simplest of gifts. Their hearts filled with gratitude, they recognize that the beauty of Christmas resides in the genuine connection and the warmth of a loving heart.
  7. The New New Year’s Eve Traditions: Adam’s uplifting spirit and determination to bring positivity to his family’s New Year’s celebration despite a tough year demonstrates the power of creating new traditions. With limited resources, Adam takes inspiration from different countries’ traditions showcased on TV and devises a unique plan. Each tradition symbolizes luck, prosperity, banishing evil spirits, and making wishes, with affordable and easily accessible elements. As the clock strikes midnight, Adam’s family enthusiastically participates in eating grapes, leaping off chairs, hanging onions above the door, jumping waves, and savoring homemade oliebollen. Through this joyful and inclusive celebration, Adam reminds his family of the power of togetherness, resilience, and the ability to create happiness even in challenging times.

In conclusion, our handpicked collection of the seven best online bedtime stories about positivity for kids is the perfect end to a day filled with learning and adventures. Whether you choose to read aloud, download the free PDFs for offline reading, or listen to the audio versions, these stories ensure that the last lesson of the day is one filled with positivity and joy. From classic fairy tales to newer stories, each one presents a good moral in an engaging and educational way, catering to boys and girls of all age groups. So as the day gives way to night, and the stars twinkle high above, allow these stories to take your child on a magical journey of learning and dreaming, imparting the invaluable gift of positivity, one bedtime story at a time.