Stories About January

Stories About January

As the new year dawns and the month of January unfurls its winter charm, children across the world huddle indoors, cherishing the warmth of home and the magic of a good story. In some parts of the world, this month is laden with snow, turning landscapes into winter wonderlands. In others, January signals the peak of summer, with days filled with sunshine and outdoor adventures. But regardless of the weather outside, the tradition of bedtime stories remains a favorite activity for children everywhere, offering a world of imagination and a gentle, comforting transition into sleep.

Our collection features the 10 best stories about January for kids to read online. With a click, you can download them for free, either as a pdf file or as a printable version. Ranging from short and simple tales for toddlers and preschool children, to slightly longer narratives for kindergarten and elementary students, there’s a perfect bedtime story for every child in this assortment.

These stories are written in easy, accessible English and come with vivid pictures to captivate the young readers. They are ideal for story time, to read aloud, and even include audio options for those who prefer to listen. Classic fairy tales mingle with new favorites, presenting girls and boys with a diverse range of characters and plots that are not just fun and engaging, but also subtly educational.

Whether it’s learning about the fall of the first snowflake in colder climates or understanding the importance of applying sunscreen in summer locales, these tales are rooted in the realities of January, fostering awareness of the changing world around us.

For our youngest audience, the early years foundation stage (EYFS) children, the stories are simple yet impactful, instilling moral values and promoting early learning. The illustrations accompanying each story ensure that even if the kids are not ready to read independently, they can still enjoy the visual narrative.

These online bedtime stories are more than just tales to tell at night. They are interactive learning tools, stimulating the curiosity and enhancing the cognitive development of your child. They serve as a free, downloadable, and ready-made library for those cozy winter nights or summer evenings, sparking joy, inspiring dreams, and transporting young minds to exciting, new realms.

So, let’s get ready for story time. Settle down under a blanket, select a story from our top 10 collection, and embark on a January adventure like no other. Because, as all of us who love stories know, every bedtime story is the beginning of a dream.

Top 10 Stories About January:

  1. The Twelve Months: Once upon a time, there was a woman who favored her own daughter, Holena, over her stepdaughter, Marushka, because Marushka was more beautiful. Holena and her mother treated Marushka poorly, making her do all the housework while they enjoyed a life of idleness. However, Marushka remained kind and hardworking, growing even more beautiful each day. Fearing that Marushka’s beauty would overshadow Holena’s when suitors came, the stepmother plotted to get rid of Marushka. She sent her into the snowy mountains to find violets in winter, strawberries out of season, and red apples in the snow. Miraculously, each time Marushka encountered the Twelve Months, who used their powers to provide her with what she sought. Meanwhile, Holena’s greed led her to confront the Twelve Months herself, and she perished in the harsh winter. Marushka inherited the cottage and married a farmer, living happily ever after.
  2. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: Old Mother Bear is worried about her four naughty bears and wonders how she can have a happy new year. Fairy See-It-All helps the bears learn important lessons. Boxer learns to be on time, Drowsy-Head learns to go to bed, Bruin learns to pick up after himself, and Bright Eyes learns to be polite. After a year of learning and growing, the four bears return home, bringing happiness to their mother and spreading happiness throughout the town as children also learn these important lessons, resulting in a truly happy new year for everyone.
  3. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: The village children are excited about New Year’s Day and plan to blow horns to celebrate. Uncle Wiggily Longears, a bunny rabbit, overhears a poor boy named Jimmy who doesn’t have a horn and decides to help him. Uncle Wiggily gets the horns from Billie Wagtail, a goat, and with the help of Nurse Jane, transforms them into New Year’s horns. He secretly leaves the horns on Jimmy’s doorstep, and the boy and his sister joyfully blow them at midnight, joining in the celebration with the other children in the village. They believe Santa Claus left the horns for them, and everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year.
  4. The Forest Friends And The January Thaw: Four friends, Finn the Fox, Will the Wolf, Barbie the Butterfly, and Matilda the Mouse, eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring in the forest. They witness the signs of spring in January and express their excitement for the new season. They explore the forest, observing the melting snow, blooming flowers, and chirping baby birds. Despite their excitement, they decide to have one final winter adventure by playing in the snow and sledding down the mountain. They enjoy their time together, sharing laughter and stories around a campfire, appreciating the strong bond of their friendship. As they fall asleep, they feel grateful for each other’s companionship and know they can rely on one another in any future challenges.
  5. The Polar Bear Plunge Day: In the snowy land of Canada, a polar bear named Puddles learns about a special tradition called “Polar Bear Plunge Day,” where humans jump into icy waters on New Year’s Day. Excited to join in the fun, Puddles invites his polar bear friends, but they decline out of fear of humans. Undeterred, Puddles attends the event alone, causing people to panic and flee. Despite feeling sad, Puddles decides to take the plunge anyway. He starts enjoying himself in the water, and a group of brave friends realizes Puddles’s friendly nature and joins him. Soon, everyone on the shore follows suit, and they all have a great time. Puddles makes new friends and is invited for hot cocoa and cookies. Returning home, Puddles shares his experience, and the polar bears decide to join the tradition the following year, starting a new tradition among themselves.
  6. The Importance Of Soup Joumou On New Year’s Day: Junior and Roseline, siblings of Haitian heritage living in the United States, have a cherished New Year’s Day tradition of preparing squash soup with their family. As they grow older, their parents share the story behind the Haitian tradition of eating soup joumou on New Year’s Day. In the past, soup joumou was forbidden to the Haitian people under French rule, as it was considered a luxury only for the wealthy. However, upon Haiti’s independence, soup joumou became a symbol of freedom and equality. Junior and Roseline realize the significance of the soup and continue the tradition, passing it on to future generations. They celebrate their Haitian heritage and remember the sacrifices made by their ancestors, always coming together to prepare the soup and share stories on New Year’s Day.
  7. The Misbehaving Monkey’s New Year Resolutions: Moki, a misbehaving monkey from Bali, overhears tourists talking about their New Year’s resolutions and decides to join in the tradition. He learns that most people fail to keep their resolutions and understands the importance of setting small, measurable goals. Moki sets three resolutions to become a helpful monkey: showing tourists around the island, helping them navigate the traffic, and bringing them fruit from the jungle. He achieves his goals by making friends with a family and giving them a tour, guiding a tourist to wear a helmet and potentially preventing an accident, and offering a banana to a hungry toddler. As weeks go by, Moki becomes known as the kindest and most helpful monkey on the island, and he takes pride in keeping his resolutions. Moki learns that with determination and hard work, any resolution can be achieved.
  8. The New New Year’s Eve Traditions: Adam’s family has had a tough year, but as the end of the year approaches, Adam wants to cheer them up and start a new tradition for New Year’s Eve. He learns about different traditions from around the world and selects five that are easy to do and won’t cost much money. The family eats grapes for luck like the Spanish, hangs onions for prosperity like the Greeks, leaps off their chairs to banish evil spirits like the Danes, jumps over waves for wishes like the Brazilians, and ends the year by making and eating oliebollen like the Dutch. On New Year’s Eve, they gather together and joyfully participate in these traditions, bringing positivity into the new year and wishing each other a happy new year.
  9. The January Blues: Mindy was feeling down on Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. However, as she noticed the small changes in the weather signaling the arrival of spring, her mood began to lift. She realized that even on gloomy days, there are signs of hope and happiness. Mindy decided to find ways to cheer herself up, such as baking a pie, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. As she embraced the joys of winter, her bad mood disappeared, and she felt a sense of joy and gratitude. Mindy learned that no matter the weather, there is always something to be grateful for.
  10. The North Sea Flood Of 1953: The 1953 flood disaster, known as the Watersnoodramp, struck the Netherlands on January 31st, 1953, caused by a severe storm that breached the dikes. The provinces of Zeeland, South Holland, and North Brabant were heavily affected, with large areas experiencing extensive flooding. Due to the late evening timing of the disaster, warnings were not received in time, and many government offices were closed. The flood resulted in a death toll of 1,835 people, widespread damage to property, infrastructure, and agriculture. The disaster led to the initiation of the Delta Works, a project aimed at protecting the country from future floods, completed in the late 1990s. The event left a lasting impact on Dutch society and culture, with its memory passed down through generations and commemorated annually on January 31st.

In closing, our curated collection of the 10 best stories about January offers a delightful mix of educational and entertaining tales suitable for children of all ages. They provide an enchanting way for kids to learn about the world and the unique characteristics of the month of January, irrespective of their geographical location. These free, downloadable, and printable stories, available to read online, are the perfect companions for bedtime or any time, instilling a love for reading, nurturing imagination, and encouraging sweet dreams. So, whether it’s snowflakes or sunshine that grace your January days, remember that a good story is always a click away. From short tales for toddlers to longer narratives for elementary students, there’s a perfect story awaiting every child in our collection, making story time an adventure that never ends.