Stories About Baking

Stories About Baking

Welcome to the Top 16 Stories About Baking for kids to read online! This delightful and educational collection of bedtime stories is perfect for children of all ages, from toddlers to preschool and kindergarten, all the way to elementary students. Make story time even more magical with these engaging tales, available in a variety of formats to suit every need. You can read our stories for free online, or download them as a pdf for easy printing, creating your very own collection of printable stories. For those little ones who prefer to listen, our audio stories are just the thing, narrated in captivating English by talented storytellers. Our tales are brimming with pictures, making them fun and easy to follow while encouraging a love for reading in both girls and boys.

Baking stories are an excellent way for kids to learn about teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and the joy of making something from scratch. Reading or listening to these imaginative tales will inspire children to engage in their own baking adventures, all the while fostering their learning and development in their early years. Whether it’s a classic fairy tale or a modern bedtime story, these stories are both entertaining and meaningful, often teaching valuable life lessons or morals. So snuggle up, settle in, and enjoy a good night’s sleep after a fun-filled evening of stories about baking with your little ones – it’s the perfect way to end the day with our educational and engaging collection!

Top 16 Stories About Baking for kids to read online:

  1. Uncle Wiggily makes a cherry pie: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, sets off to find his fortune, leaving behind a generous family who offered him a fortune. He eventually arrives at a cave in the woods and meets a sick hedgehog who longs for cherry pie. Uncle Wiggily offers to make him one and teaches him how to prepare cherries properly. While they are baking the pie, an old circus dog arrives, and they all share the delicious pie, which makes the dog feel better. Uncle Wiggily and the circus dog stay the night and enjoy more cherry pie the next day.
  2. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a cozy bakery in the forest, Ginger the gingerbread man is famous for his secret recipe. When a jealous fox named Rupert tries to steal his recipe, he ends up with a decoy and is caught red-handed by Ginger and his friends. Rupert is ashamed and runs away, never to bother them again, and Ginger and his friends celebrate their victory. The story ends with the recipe safely guarded and the forest friends happy and enjoying a batch of delicious gingerbread cookies. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  3. The Tasty Oliebollen Revolution: In a small Dutch town, children were preparing for the biggest event of the year – the Oliebollen contest. While the organizers were strict about adhering to specific regulations, the children got creative, adding different flavors and touches to their Oliebollen. Although the judges initially refused to taste the non-traditional creations, they ultimately relented and declared them delicious, allowing the contest to become a lot more fun and tasty in the future. A book in PDF format is available for download.
  4. The Strawberry Shortcake: The story tells of a little boy named Ben who picks wild strawberries for his mother’s strawberry shortcake, whilst his cousin caps the berries. Father comes home and nobody mentions the dessert, until the children surprise him by revealing it on the table. It is a heartwarming story about family, hard work, and the simple pleasures in life.
  5. The Johnny Cake: Ava is asked by her grandmother to make a johnny cake for breakfast. However, she is unable to find the necessary meal to make it and is sent on a journey to find it. Ava faces multiple obstacles to obtain the meal, but persists in her efforts. Through hard work and persistence, she is ultimately able to make the johnny cake for her grandmother.
  6. Nero at the Bakery: A baker meets a little girl who asks for a fresh loaf of bread. As she is leaving, a big dog walks in with a basket in its mouth. The baker realizes Nero, the dog, has come to buy bread and puts the money in the cash drawer. He gives Nero a fresh loaf of bread wrapped in paper, and the dog happily leaves with it. The girl follows the dog and sees it entering a house where a woman is waiting for it. She goes back home and tells her family about the clever dog who bought bread from the bakery, which surprises them.
  7. Baking birthday cookies: The story is about a boy named Milo who loves baking birthday cookies with his mother on his birthday every year. The tradition makes him feel special and happy. Milo wakes up on his birthday to find his mother waiting for him in the kitchen with all the ingredients ready. They bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies together, decorate them, and make a huge batch to share with friends and family. Milo feels grateful for his mother’s love and the special bond they share. He knows that this tradition will always hold a special place in his heart. The story ends with a link to download the ebook.
  8. The Pumpkin Giant: In the story, there was a very bad giant called the Pumpkin Giant who enjoyed eating anything that was fatty and caused destruction everywhere. People were afraid of him and the king even reinforced his throne in fear of an attack. The king offered to make anyone a knight who would bring him the giant’s head. One day, a man named Patroclus and his son, Aeneas, threw a large potato into the mouth of the Pumpkin Giant, causing him to choke and die. Patroclus and Aeneas chopped off his head and presented it to the king, but the king forgot to make Patroclus a knight. Later, the man’s family discovered that the Pumpkin Giant’s head tasted sweet and delicious, and they turned it into cakes. The king discovered the cakes and rewarded Patroclus. The whole family moved to the royal palace and eventually, Aeneas married Princess Ariadne Diana.
  9. King Alfred and the Cakes: The story is about King Alfred of England who had to flee from his enemies to a forest, where he entered a cottage and asked for rest. A woman living there offered him some supper but asked him to look after the cakes. While he was lost in thought about his land and poor people, he forgot about the cakes, and they burned. The woman scolded him, not realizing he was the king. But when her husband came and told her they had just scolded the king, she became very frightened, and begged for forgiveness. The king forgave her, saying he would forgive her if she forgave him for spoiling the supper, and they parted on good terms.
  10. Sweet Porridge: A poor girl receives a magic pot that cooks sweet porridge with a simple command. Her mother uses it while she’s away and cannot stop it, causing the porridge to overflow into neighboring homes. The girl saves the day by using the magic word to stop the pot from cooking. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  11. Sunflowers and Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: The story is about a little girl named Lottie who wanted to do something special for her caring and loving mother on Mother’s Day. She decided to create a sunflower garden and bake a delicious strawberry shortcake for her mom. Lottie enlisted the help of her friends and they all worked together to make the surprise a success. On Mother’s Day, Lottie surprised her mom with breakfast and a beautiful sunflower. The two spent the day together enjoying the sunflower garden and the strawberry shortcake. Lottie and her friends made celebrating Mother’s Day in their magical sunflower garden a cherished tradition.
  12. Uncle Wiggily Goes Berry Picking: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat go on a walk to find his fortune. While they’re on their journey, they come across a little old lady who tells them where Uncle Wiggily can find his fortune. But before they can leave, they agree to get berries to make a pie for the lady. While they are picking berries, a wolf attacks them, but a red monkey comes to their rescue and saves them from the wolf. They give the berries to the old lady, who makes a pie as a thank you.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose: In this story, animal land is suffering from a lack of rain that may spoil Nurse Jane’s garden and ruin the prospect of strawberry shortcake. Uncle Wiggily decides to act by going up in his airship to find rain, but the clouds are dry. While searching, he stumbles upon some puppy dogs with a water hose who are watering their garden, and Uncle Wiggily decides to buy a hose for Nurse Jane’s garden. Finding refuge from the heat, he waters the garden, cools off a horse, and receives a cake of ice that provides comfort during the night. The end of the story shows that the hose worked as well as the rain but also reminds us to be kind to ice-wagon horses.
  14. The Gingerbread Rock: The story is about two poor children, Hans and Lisbeth, who go to the woods at night to look for food and stumble upon a Gingerbread Rock. They discover that the rock is actually a house made of gingerbread and meet an old man who lives inside. After eating some of the gingerbread, they feel guilty and offer to bake more and repair the damage they caused. The old man turns out to be a wizard and reveals that the children’s evil uncle had hidden their parents’ wealth in his cellar. The children are happy ever after and grateful for their good fortune. The story ends with the children promising to remember the kind old man whenever they eat gingerbread.
  15. The Oat Cake: The story is about an oat cake that didn’t want to be eaten and instead set out to see the world. It rolled into various places, causing chaos and escaping the people who tried to catch it. The oat cake thought it would find a peaceful place to sleep, but it fell into a fox’s hole and the fox ate it.
  16. Robin Redbreast’s Cherry Pie: A Robin Redbreast is demanding that his wife makes him a cherry pie, but cherries aren’t in season yet. Despite her protests, he insists on having the pie, saying that his mother used to make it at this time of year. The wife, seeking advice from an older bird, decides to make the pie with unripe cherries and serves it for dinner. After eating it, Robin becomes seriously ill and the doctor is called. The doctor scolds Robin for his foolishness and insists that no mother ever makes cherry pie before its time. Robin apologizes to his wife and promises to never find fault with her cooking again. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is available for offline reading or printing.

In conclusion, these captivating Top 16 Stories About Baking for kids not only delight young readers but also spark their creativity and open up an enchanting world full of flavors, colors, and textures. As children embark on these delightful adventures alongside endearing characters, they develop an appreciation for the art of baking and learn important life lessons such as teamwork, patience, and perseverance. Each story richly weaves in elements of fun, friendship, and problem-solving, turning them into memorable experiences that will inspire kids to create their own magical moments in the kitchen and beyond.