Stories About Perseverance

Stories About Perseverance

Welcome to the Top 20 Stories About Perseverance for kids to read online! This fantastic collection of tales is perfect for children who enjoy bedtime stories, as it offers free pdf files that are easy to download and print, making story time fun and educational. Each short story is designed to be told with picturesque illustrations and engaging content that will captivate young minds. Best of all, our audio options in English make the stories accessible for children of all learning styles.

Stories About Perseverance teach important moral lessons that will resonate with boys and girls alike, regardless of where they are in their early years of education – from preschool and kindergarten to elementary students and beyond. These timeless tales are essential for toddlers and children in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework, as they reinforce the importance of never giving up, even when faced with challenges or setbacks. By reading these classic stories aloud, parents and educators can provide a secure and enjoyable night-time routine that encourages children to learn and grow in a fun and engaging way. Our collection, which features famous fairy tales and longer stories from various countries and cultures, is perfect for sparking a lifelong love of reading in children, promoting creativity, and nurturing the development of solid moral values. So, let’s dive into this exciting world of perseverance and enjoy these tales together during story time, before you tuck your little ones in for a good night’s sleep.

Top 20 Stories About Perseverance for kids to read online:

  1. Little Thumbling: The story is about Little Thumbling, the youngest of seven sons of a poor woodcutter’s family. When there was no food left, the parents left the children in the forest to look for help. Little Thumbling left a trail of pebbles to guide them back home. The children were then taken far into the forest and left again, but Little Thumbling had no chance to mark the way home. They stumbled upon a giant’s house and were offered food and shelter. The giant wanted to eat them, but Little Thumbling tricked him and sent him home with seven-league boots. Little Thumbling brought back gold from the giant’s house, and the parents were overjoyed to see Little Thumbling again. The giant regretted his actions and vowed never to eat another child again.
  2. The Thorny Road of Honour: The story highlights the struggles of famous historical figures and how they persisted in realizing their dreams, even amidst ridicule and opposition. It features Socrates, who favored philosophical inquiry, Ferdowsi who wrote the Book of Kings on the history of ancient Persia and ended up in trouble with the king, Salamon de Caus who died in a madhouse but whose steam engine eventually came to life, Joan of Arc, the French heroine who fought for her country and was later canonized, and other examples of individuals who followed the thorny path of honor to achieve their goals. The story showcases their courage and dedication and encourages readers to be strong and pursue their own ambitions for the potential for eternal glory.
  3. The Wild Swans: The story is about a king with eleven sons and one daughter, Elize. When he marries an evil queen, Elize is sent away, and her brothers are cursed to become swans. After many trials, Elize discovers a way to break the curse, but she must make jumpers from nettles without speaking a word and is subsequently locked up for witchcraft. On the day of her execution, she finishes making the jumpers, and her brothers become human again, saving her from death.
  4. Jack and the Beanstalk: The story is about Jack, a curious and daydreaming boy who traded his cow for magic beans. Despite his mother’s anger, he planted the beans, and they grew overnight into a tall beanstalk that led him to a castle inhabited by a giant. Jack was tasked with retrieving a chicken and a harp, both of which were magical, from the castle. Jack managed to take the items but was discovered, and a chase ensued. In the end, Jack defeated the giant, returned to the castle, and reclaimed his family’s castle and possessions. The story teaches the lesson that if you believe in magic, it will come true.
  5. The Old Woman and Her Pig: A poor woman buys a pig at the market but it refuses to cross a steep hill. She asks for help from various animals, but none of them are willing to help her. She then approaches a series of non-living things but they also refuse to assist her. Finally, she meets a cat who agrees to help her if she gets the cat some milk. She manages to get milk from a cow by giving it some hay. The cat then kills a rat, which gnaws the rope so that the butcher can kill the ox for meat, burn the stick, extinguish the fire, slap the dog, bark at the pig, and finally get it across the hill.
  6. Watt and the kettle: This is a story about James Watt, a little Scotch boy who loved to experiment with steam as a child. He grew up to become interested in steam and its power, realizing that it could be used for driving engines. After many years of experimenting, he came up with a plan to improve the engines, leading to major improvements in their efficiency. Steam is now used to drive trains, ships, mills, factories, and is considered a useful servant. The story includes a download link for an eBook.
  7. Unstoppable: The Tale of a Determined Cheerleader: The story is about a girl named Noa who is a talented cheerleader with a bright future. During a practice, she falls and breaks her neck, leaving her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite her grief, Noa remains determined to get better, working hard with physical therapists and coaches to regain her independence. She eventually tries out and makes it back onto the cheerleading team, inspiring her teammates with her positivity and dedication. Though she still has bad days, Noa has found a supportive community to help her along the way.
  8. Saving The Mill: A group of brave firefighters in Maplewood rush to put out a large fire at an old mill on the edge of town, but struggle when their fire hydrant malfunctions and they risk running out of water. One firefighter comes up with the idea to draw water from a nearby pond with a special pump, which successfully puts out the fire after several long and hard hours. The people of Maplewood are grateful to the firefighters for their bravery and dedication, hailing them as heroes. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  9. The Arctic Explorer: A sailor with a great curiosity heard about the frozen land to the north and gathered a team of skilled men to build a sturdy ship and set off on a treacherous journey. After months they reached the edge of the Arctic, a barren wasteland of snow and ice. They explored the land, encountered the indigenous Inuit people, and learned how to survive in the extreme cold. Adventure and discovery awaited them, from seeing polar bears and aurora borealis to facing the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia. They navigated the arctic with the Inuit’s help and left with enduring memories of their journey. An ebook is also available for download.
  10. The Champions of the Ice: A group of young friends who loved to play ice hockey lived in a small village nestled in the mountains and decided to enter a big ice hockey tournament held in the city. The final game was against the best team in the entire league, and it quickly became clear that this was going to be a closely contested match. Both teams were evenly matched, and the game remained scoreless for the first two periods. But the friends worked hard and played with all their heart and soul, driving the puck down the ice and taking shot after shot on goal, until one of their teammates managed to get the puck past the opposing team’s goaltender. They emerged victorious, lifting the trophy high above their heads, and became known as the champions of the ice hockey tournament.
  11. The Discontented Pendulum: The story is about an old clock that suddenly stops working, and each part of the clock disputes being the cause of the stagnation. The pendulum eventually confesses to being the sole cause and explains that they are tired of ticking. The other parts of the clock argue that they all have a duty to perform and need to keep going. The pendulum realizes their mistake and agrees to continue their duty, and the clock begins to work again. The moral of the story is that everyone has duties to perform, and a moment will always be given to do them.
  12. The Johnny Cake: The story tells of a little girl named Ava who tries to make a johnny cake for her grandmother. However, she faces a string of obstacles as she attempts to get the meal required to make the cake. She runs from place to place looking for meal, and even has to plow a cornfield before the farmer can sow the grains. After much hard work and persistence, Ava finally manages to get the meal and make the johnny cake for her grandmother.
  13. The lonely crawler: The story is about a cockroach who has lived for ages and is the last of his kind. He is a resilient and lonely creature, but one day he finds a moth who becomes his best friend and they explore the world together, witnessing important events. They are both amazing creatures despite their reputation as dirty pests and their friendship gives meaning to Cockroach’s life. When the moth dies, Cockroach is grateful for their friendship and the bond they shared.
  14. The bird with nine heads: A king’s daughter is kidnapped by a bird with nine heads and taken to his cave, where a young man finds her. He agrees to help free her, but instead of taking her up first, he insists on waiting until she’s safe. She gives him half of a pin and a silken kerchief for saving her, but he’s left behind in the cave when the other man pulls her up. He finds a dragon and his son inside the cave, and with the son’s help, he escapes to the dragon’s castle under the sea. In gratitude, the dragon gives him a flask capable of conjuring anything, and the young man returns home in a succession of increasingly extravagant rides. The king’s daughter refuses to marry anyone who cannot bring her the other half of her token, and when the right young man finally does return, they live happily ever after.
  15. The Little Engine That Could: This story is about a heavy train that needs to be pulled up a hill, and the superintendent of the yard is unsure if any of the engines can do it. He asks several engines, but only the smallest and newest one thinks it can. As it climbs the hill, it repeats the phrase “I think I can” to stay motivated, and eventually reaches the top. It then proudly declares “I thought I could” as it coasts down the other side.
  16. Mrs. Elephant’s Moonlight Dance: In this story, the animals in a forest decide to have a dance competition, with the prize being awarded to the best dancer. Mrs. Elephant, Mrs. Kangaroo, and Mrs. Leopard all compete, but it is Mrs. Elephant’s beautiful dance that wins her the prize. The story shows that determination can take you anywhere and encourages readers to keep practicing.
  17. The Black Bowl: In this story set near Kyoto, there is a poor girl who wears a big black wooden bowl on her head, concealing her beauty and making people mock her. After her mother’s death, she goes out to find work and is eventually hired by a kind farmer. He treats her well, and when his son returns from the city and falls in love with the girl, they marry. On their wedding day, the bowl on her head explodes with a loud noise, and a rain of jewels falls to the ground. But the groom sees no beauty in them, only in his bride’s eyes.
  18. A Narrow Escape: The story follows two young bees, Buz and Hum, as they venture out to collect honey for the first time. While Hum sticks to the advice of an older bee and stays close to the hive, Buz’s curiosity pushes her to fly farther and explore new areas. She finds herself in trouble after falling into a pond but is eventually rescued by a floating stick. The experience teaches her the importance of taking advice and being mindful of the risks outside the safety of the hive.
  19. Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail: In this story, a monkey and a rabbit made a contract- the monkey was to kill all the butterflies, and the rabbit was to kill the snakes. The monkey played a trick on the rabbit, and to get his revenge, the rabbit asked for help from his strong friend, the armadillo. The rabbit and the armadillo later got back at the monkey, and the monkey was left without a tail. The monkey went through various obstacles to get his tail back from a cat. The story ends with the monkey getting his tail back, being happy again, and guarding his tail.
  20. Why Dan The Lion Grows White: A story is told of Mr. Dan De Lion who awakes to find Miss Daisy growing near him. He proposes to her repeatedly, but she keeps putting him off, distracted by the beauty of her surroundings. Eventually, Dan grows old and bald from waiting so long. When Miss Daisy finally takes notice of him again, she rejects him upon realizing how old he has become. The story explains that this is why Dandelions grow old and white-haired. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.

In conclusion, the Top 20 Stories About Perseverance showcases inspiring tales of determination, resilience, and the unwavering will to succeed. These stories teach children the invaluable lesson that no challenge is too great, no dream too lofty, and no goal too distant, as long as one remains steadfast in their pursuit. By reading these engaging narratives, young readers can learn from the diverse range of characters who overcome obstacles and face adversity with courage. Ultimately, these stories serve as a powerful reminder that with perseverance, belief, and hard work, anything can be achieved and dreams can be turned into reality.