Easter Stories For Kindergarten

Easter Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome to the enchanting world of Easter stories for kindergarten! As we turn the pages together, we will embark on delightful journeys rich with the joys of springtime, colorful Easter eggs, the playful Easter Bunny, and much, much more. These stories, carefully tailored to our little ones, are intended to be read aloud, fostering an interactive and engaging learning experience. The beautiful aspect of these stories is that they are available free online, making them easily accessible to everyone, anywhere.   

The importance of Easter stories for kindergarten cannot be overstated. These vibrant tales not only foster a love of reading from a young age, but they also help teach about different traditions and values associated with the Easter holiday. Fun and engaging stories featuring the Easter Bunny, intricate Easter egg hunts, and joyful spring festivals spark imagination, prompt curiosity, and nurture empathy in kindergartners. With each beautifully illustrated tale, children will learn about sharing, kindness, the joy of giving, and the miracle of life, all while strengthening their language and listening skills. The engagement and delight on their faces as they anticipate the Easter Bunny’s antics or marvel at the unique designs on Easter eggs, make these stories a hit. So come, let us dive into these charming anecdotes and create magical Easter memories that kindergartners will treasure forever.

Top 8 Easter Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Easter bunny’s lost chocolate eggs: In a magical forest, the Easter Bunny accidentally loses all the chocolate eggs he was supposed to hide for Easter. Upset and afraid that Easter will be ruined, the Easter Bunny meets a kind little boy who offers to help him find the lost eggs. Together, they go on an adventure, overcoming obstacles and meeting different creatures in the forest. With the boy’s help, they find all the eggs and save Easter. The Easter Bunny and the little boy become good friends and continue to hide the eggs together every year, bringing joy and happiness to children in the magical forest.
  2. The pink and blue eggs: In this story, Old White Hen sees two eggs, one pink and one blue, and wonders who laid them. The other hens deny laying the eggs, and they go to investigate. They find the eggs on the farm-house table and the chicks want to see them too. The hens worry about the eggs being put in their nests, but it turns out they were just Easter eggs for the farmer’s daughter to play with. The hens had worried for nothing! You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  3. The Funny Easter Bunny: In this story, Mother Tiny-Tail is sad because she has no eggs for Easter. But then Funny Bunny comes along and helps her get eggs by going on a little adventure. He asks different animals for help, and they each have a special task for him to complete. Funny Bunny works hard and gets everything he needs to fill his market basket with eggs. He brings them back to Mother Tiny-Tail, and she is so happy. She hides the eggs for the Tiny-Tails to find on Easter morning. Funny Bunny gets a special sugary egg from the Little Hill Men as a thank you for his kindness. He is a very helpful and kind Easter Bunny.
  4. The Happy Egg: Once upon a time, there was a Mother Hen with seven eggs. One of the eggs was special – a happy egg that rolled, jumped, and made cheerful sounds. Mother Hen and Father Rooster were curious about what would hatch from this egg. After 21 days, the eggs began to crack, and six yellow chicks emerged. But the happy egg held a surprise – a chick with a rainbow-colored plumage. The other chicks became jealous and tried to paint themselves, but it turned into a mess. Fortunately, Mother Hen laid more eggs, and the chicks decorated those instead. Keep an eye out during Easter, and you might find one of these colorful eggs! You can also download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  5. The Easter Rabbit: In this story, the forest is waiting for Lady Spring to arrive, but Jack Frost and the North Wind are causing trouble. Mother Maple and Dame Oak are eager for Lady Spring to come and tell Jack Frost to leave. Finally, Lady Spring arrives with her companion Merry Sunshine, and they bring fresh grass, green leaves, and beautiful flowers to the forest. Lady Spring wants to send a message to the children in the city, but she needs a messenger. Bunny Rabbit volunteers, and Lady Spring gives him a basket filled with moss, wild flowers, and colored eggs. Bunny hops from house to house, leaving a nest with flowers and eggs for each child. On Easter morning, the children find the nests and realize that Bunny Rabbit was Lady Spring’s messenger. They are excited to announce that Spring has arrived.
  6. The Lily Sisters: Once upon a time, three little sisters lived in a beautiful palace with a kind nurse named Dame Nature. They all had work to do for the Great King, but one of the sisters was always unhappy and didn’t want to wait for the King’s rewards. The other sisters and their friends tried to help her, but she was stubborn. Eventually, the Great King rewarded the two good sisters with beautiful robes and crowns, while the unhappy sister faded away. A little girl named Ruth visited the sisters and shared the story of Easter, spreading joy and love.
  7. Easter brunch at school: Suzie is excited about Easter at school. All the children draw tickets and prepare an Easter brunch for the child they drew. Suzie chooses delicious buns and Nikki’s favorite bread toppings at the bakery. They decorate an Easter basket together, and the next day Suzie gives it to Nikki. Nikki is happy and they have a wonderful brunch with their classmates. They sing songs, play games, and even get to go home early. Suzie is thrilled with the celebration and tells her mom it was the best Easter ever.
  8. Easter fun with family: This heartwarming story is about a boy named Mick who eagerly looks forward to his family’s annual Easter weekend on his uncle and aunt’s farm. Mick’s excitement grows as he joins his cousins in delightful activities such as feeding baby chicks, playing Easter games like egg toss and races, and participating in a messy but fun egg painting contest. The highlight of their weekend is a delicious Easter brunch followed by a cookie decorating competition and a thrilling chocolate egg hunt. Although Mick feels sad when it’s time to leave, he takes comfort in the thought that they will have just as much fun next year. The story emphasizes the importance of family bonding, creating cherished memories, and celebrating the joy of Easter together.

In conclusion, these top 8 Easter stories for kindergarten children offer a delightful blend of fun, education, and Easter spirit. The enchanting tales take the young readers on a magical journey, filled with hidden Easter eggs, adorable bunnies, and important life lessons. These stories not only entertain but also ignite the imagination, foster a love for reading, and help to understand and appreciate the joy and message of Easter. These charming online reads are sure to become beloved Easter traditions for the little ones, adding a dash of excitement and wonder to their Easter holiday.