Love ABC

A is for Affection, a warm hug, and a kiss, Sweet words to a friend that we sometimes miss.

B is for Bonding, with smiles so wide, Friendship and love standing side by side.

C is for Cuddles, shared with a friend, A comforting gesture that shows love till the end.

D is for Darling, so sweet and so bright, Love fills our hearts, making everything right.

E is for Empathy, understanding how others feel, It’s a kind of love that is so very real.

F is for Friendships, pure and strong. We fill each other’s hearts with song.

G is for Giving, a gift from your heart. Every loving story, that’s where they start.

H is for Heart, where love will reside. In everyone’s chest, it beats with pride.

I is for Inseparable, like leaves and a tree, love grows strong, for all to see.

J is for Joy, the happiness we share. When you’re near, it’s in the air!

K is for Kindness, a gift from above. Sharing and caring that grows with love.

L is for Laughter, loud and bright, When you love, every day feels light.

M is for Memories kept in our heart, Love makes it special from the very start.

N is for Nurturing, tender and sweet, Love brings growth that can’t be beat.

O is for One, because we’re all the same, Love will connect us, like links in a chain.

P is for Presents, wrapped with care, They are symbols of love that we share.

Q is for the Quilt, made by Grandma with love. Hugging it tight, feels like a warm, friendly dove.

R is for Roses, red and divine, Given with love, to say you’re mine.

S is for Sharing, a smile or a snack, It’s giving a little and getting much back.

T is for Trusting, it’s part of the deal, It’s how we know, love is indeed real.

U is for Understanding, a gift so rare, With love, we give it, showing how much we care.

V is for Valentine, sent as a dove. An expression of love, from the heart’s alcove.

W is for Wishes, sent from above, Signed with a heart, sealed with love.

X is for “XOXO”, we show our love so. Hugs and kisses, to everyone we know.

Y is for Yearning, to see those we miss. Love means wanting to give them a hug or a kiss.

Z is for Zinnia, a flower which can say, I love you in a beautiful, simple way.

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