Modern Witches

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there were six charming little witches, each wearing a unique peaked cap that matched her personality. Every witch had a name inscribed on her cap, a reflection of her special magical gift.

The first witch was named Good Health. She was very modern and loved to do magic that brought health and well-being to everyone she met. “I’m a very modern witch,” she would often say with a twinkling smile, “I love to scatter seeds of health on every corner, and I strive to build better bodies. Now you see why they call me Good Health!”

The second witch was named Industry. Always busy, she loved to make things work. Her magic was special – she could inspire anyone to work diligently and happily. With her around, no one would ever feel lazy. “I am the witch of industry,” she would proudly say, “I make the wheels of life go—hum! I believe in the gift of hard work, and I bring it to everyone I meet.”

Safety First was the name of the third witch. She had an important job of protecting everyone, especially the children, while they played. She was constantly on the lookout for danger, teaching everyone the importance of safety. “I am the witch of Safety First,” she would declare, “I guard all the boys and girls. Remember, it’s important to stay away from dangerous places, like the busy street.”

The fourth witch was a true patriot and loved her country deeply. Her name was Patriot. She taught children about the love for their homeland, respect for its laws, and the beauty of its banner. “I am a patriotic witch,” she would say with a gleam in her eye, “I teach about the love for our country, about our glorious banner that must fly high in the azure sky.”

Storyland was the magical realm of the fifth witch. She had a knack for spinning the most delightful tales about fairies, knights, and elves. “I am the witch of storyland,” she would announce, her voice brimming with excitement, “And I rule the enchanting stories. If you want to know more about me, just pick up a book and dive into my realm.”

The sixth witch was the happiest of them all, named Cheerfulness. Her magic was to make everyone smile and feel happy, and she did it brilliantly. “I am the witch of cheerfulness,” she would say, her eyes sparkling with joy, “I make you smile and smile; remember, your work always feels lighter if you’re happy.”

Together, the six little witches danced, laughed, and weaved their magic, spreading good health, industriousness, safety, patriotism, stories, and cheerfulness wherever they went. And so, they bowed, promising to continue their mission, and disappeared into the magical realm from where they had come.