The Goat and the Ram

Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who had a Goat and a Ram. One day, the man said to his wife, “Listen, let’s get rid of the Ram and the Goat. I’ll tell you why. They keep eating all our corn, and there’s nothing left for us.”

So he said to them, “Get out of here, Goat and Ram, and never show yourselves near my fence again.”

The Goat and the Ram grabbed a bag and set off. They walked and walked until suddenly, in the middle of the field, they saw the head of a wolf.

They picked up the wolf’s head, put it in their bag, and continued on their way. They walked and walked until they suddenly saw a fire burning.

They said to each other, “Let’s go there and spend the night so that the wolves can’t eat us.”

But when they arrived there, they saw something surprising. It was the wolves themselves cooking porridge. So they said, “Good evening, dear friends, and enjoy your meal!”

And the wolves replied, “Good evening, Mr. Goat and Mr. Ram. We’re just cooking porridge. Come and join us, and then we’ll eat you both up.”

The Goat became afraid, and the Ram began to tremble on his legs. Then the Goat started to think. He thought and thought and thought. Finally, he said, “Come here, Mr. Ram, let’s look at that wolf’s head in the bag.” The Ram took the wolf’s head out of the bag. Then the Goat said, “No, not this one. Get the bigger one.” The Ram gave him the same head, but the Goat said, “No, not this one either. Give me the biggest one of all.”

The wolves watched and thought that the Ram had a bag full of wolf heads. And all the wolves thought to themselves, “Well, these are nice guys, but I’d better leave.” The first wolf said to the other wolves, “I’ve enjoyed your company, brothers, but the porridge doesn’t seem to be cooking well. I’m going to get some wood for the fire.” As he walked away, he thought to himself, “You are all in trouble.” And he never returned.

The second wolf thought about how he could escape. He said, “It’s very funny. Our friend went to get wood, but he hasn’t brought any wood, and he hasn’t come back. I think I’ll go and help him.” The wolf ran away and never returned.

The third wolf was the only one left. Finally, he said, “I’d better go after them. What are they doing all this time?” As soon as he left, he ran and didn’t look back.

The Goat and the Ram were happy. They ate the porridge and then set off. Meanwhile, the three wolves had regrouped, and they said, “Look at us, why were we all scared of a goat and a ram? After all, they’re not stronger than us. Let’s go after them.”

But when they arrived at the fire, there was no sign of the Goat and the Ram. The wolves started to chase them and finally saw the Goat and the Ram sitting in a tree. The Goat was on a high branch, and the Ram was on a lower one.

The Ram trembled with fear so much that he fell down on top of the Wolf. At the same time, the Goat called from above, “There he is! Bring me the biggest wolf’s head of all.” The Wolf became terrified. He thought that the Ram had jumped on him. You should have seen how fast the Wolf ran away!

And the other two Wolves? They chased after him!