Stories About Running Away

Stories About Running Away

Escape into a world of adventure, learning, and fun with our curated collection of the best stories about running away, designed especially for children! We understand the thrill of curiosity that leads our little ones to envision stories of breaking free and venturing into the unknown. But while running away in reality can be dangerous, it can be an exciting and educational theme in stories for kids. It provides a safe space to explore feelings of independence and self-reliance, and introduces important moral lessons about responsibility, understanding, and the true meaning of home.

Our bedtime collection includes a fantastic range of both short and longer stories perfect for night time reading or a cozy story time during the day. These narratives, replete with captivating pictures and engaging characters, are ideal to read aloud to your children, sparking their imaginations and fostering their love for reading.

Geared towards early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, our compendium spans a variety of genres, from classic fairy tales to good old-fashioned fables, catering to the tastes of both girls and boys. Some are famous stories we’ve all grown up with, others are new additions bound to become bedtime favourites. All stories emphasize English language learning while keeping it easy and enjoyable, offering valuable lessons in an accessible format.

We’ve also considered the needs of our youngest readers. For toddlers in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) bracket, we’ve included a selection of simplified narratives, making it easy for them to grasp the essential themes and morals.

What’s more, every story in our collection is available for free online. You can download them as printable PDFs or enjoy the accompanying audio read-aloud versions. Listen to the stories together or let your child enjoy them independently; either way, they’re bound to fall in love with reading.

Stay tuned to explore the excitement, the fun, and the valuable lessons in each tale, designed to accompany your children into a peaceful sleep while teaching them about the complexities of life. Enjoy the journey as these engaging narratives unfold, and remember – the best part about running away in a story is always coming back home!

Top 10 Stories About Running Away:

  1. Brother And Sister: After enduring mistreatment from their wicked stepmother, Brother and Sister decide to escape their unhappy home. As they journey through a forest, the stepmother’s magic taints the water, transforming anyone who drinks from it into a wild animal. Brother resists drinking until unbearable thirst drives him to take a sip, turning him into a deer. Sister attaches a golden ribbon around his neck and guides him deeper into the woods. They find solace in an empty house until the king’s hunting party discovers Brother, wounded him, and overhears his words. The king visits Sister, falls in love, and takes her to his castle with Brother. However, the stepmother plots Sister’s demise, but the king intervenes, leading to the stepmother’s execution. As a result, Brother transforms back into a human, and they all live happily ever after.
  2. The Oat Cake: In this humorous tale, two oat cakes are made by the farmer’s wife, and one of them expresses a strong desire to avoid being eaten. Despite its protests, the first oat cake is devoured by the hungry farmer. The second oat cake escapes and embarks on an adventurous journey, encountering various characters who try to catch it but fail. The oat cake eventually meets its end when it falls into a fox’s hole and is quickly consumed. In the end, the oat cake realizes that it would have been better off being eaten by the farmer, as its quest for freedom led to an equally inevitable fate.
  3. How They Ran Away: Two little boys decide to run away to the woods and become hunters. Armed with bows and arrows, they set off on their adventure, planning to catch squirrels and snare woodchucks for food. As they journey deeper into the forest, they encounter various challenges, including losing their lunch and getting lost themselves. Despite their struggles, they manage to catch a woodchuck and a thrush but soon realize the consequences of their actions. Eventually, they are found by a search party and reunited with their worried mothers. The boys learn valuable lessons about the consequences of their actions and the importance of appreciating and respecting nature.
  4. Lafayette: This story follows the adventures of a French poodle named Lafayette, or Fay for short. Fay witnesses a dog chasing a cat and unexpectedly finds himself rooting for the dog. Inspired by this, he yearns to go out and chase the cat himself, feeling dissatisfied with his own appearance. Fay eventually escapes from his home and embarks on a journey where he meets a dog named Tige. They form a bond and share experiences, including a confrontation with a dog guarding a pile of bones. When Fay is caught and brought back home, Tige refuses to leave his side and is eventually welcomed into their household. Fay learns the value of friendship and the importance of having a loving home, and Tige finally receives a more distinguished name.
  5. The Runaway Princess Of Winter Sleep Town: In a town where the citizens slept through the winter, Princess Theolette decided to run away and experience the winter world for herself. She embarked on an adventurous journey, encountering snowstorms, skating on frozen lakes, and attending a ball held by the Snow Fairy. However, her winter escapade came to an end when she was captured by robbers and locked in a tower. With the help of a brave student, she escaped and returned to her kingdom. But when no one believed her story, she began to doubt if it was all a dream. Eventually, a royal visitor arrived, revealing that the student was actually Prince Florimond, her true love. The two were married and lived happily ever after, with Theolette becoming the Princess of the North.
  6. Part 2: My Father Runs Away: On the island of Wild Island, the animals faced difficulty crossing a wide river until a baby dragon with a injured wing arrived. The animals saw this as an opportunity and began training the dragon to carry passengers across the river. However, they treated the dragon poorly and made him work tirelessly. The cat, who became friends with the dragon, shared this story with my father, who became determined to rescue the mistreated creature. Together with the cat’s help, my father planned the rescue mission and secretly prepared for the journey to Wild Island. Packed with supplies and hidden behind a rock in the park, my father embarked on a ship to rescue the dragon.
  7. The Three Runaways: Mr. Dog and Mr. Tom Cat meet outside Mr. Dog’s house, both feeling sad and mistreated. Mr. Tom Cat was driven out of his house by the cook, who claimed he was too fat and well-fed to catch mice, despite his past accomplishments. Meanwhile, Mr. Dog was scolded by the master for failing to catch a fox in the hen-house, leading to the belief that he was old and useless. Frustrated and hungry, they decide to run away together. Along the way, they encounter Mr. Rooster, who had been criticized by the master for not being caught by the fox. Feeling unappreciated, Mr. Rooster joins their journey. In the woods, they share stories to distract themselves from their hunger. Mr. Dog talks about his raccoon-hunting skills, Mr. Rooster shares his experience with a tin rooster, and Mr. Tom Cat tells of his failed attempts to catch a clever mouse named Tip. As they return home, their grievances forgotten, they find solace in each other’s company.
  8. The Half Chick: In this tale, a peculiar chicken named Medio Pollito is born with only one leg, one wing, one eye, and half a head and beak. Despite his physical limitations, Medio Pollito is adventurous and eager to explore the world beyond his farm. Disregarding his mother’s warnings, he sets off on a journey to Madrid to see the King. Along the way, he encounters a stream, a fire, and the wind, all of whom ask for his help. However, Medio Pollito refuses, citing his own importance and his single-minded pursuit of reaching the King. When he finally arrives at the palace, he is caught by the cook and thrown into a pot of soup. The water, fire, and wind, whom he had ignored earlier, each take their turn punishing him. Eventually, he is blown onto a church spire in Madrid, where he remains as a reminder of his selfishness and disregard for others.
  9. Allerleirauh: In this fairy tale, a King’s wife becomes gravely ill and, on her deathbed, asks him to remarry a woman as beautiful as she was. However, no woman in the world matches her beauty. The King’s daughter, who resembles her mother, falls in love with her father, but this is forbidden. With the help of a Protective Fairy, the daughter sets a seemingly impossible task for her father to make three magnificent mantles. As the King succeeds in making them, the daughter flees, disguising herself as a servant called Donkeyskin. She works in an inn until a neighboring King discovers her at a ball. Despite her attempts to hide her true identity, the King recognizes her through a series of tests involving soup and household items. Eventually, the King proposes to Donkeyskin, and she agrees, but she also helps her father find a new wife. In the end, both the daughter and the King find happiness and live happily ever after.
  10. Donkeyskin: In this enchanting tale, a king and queen have a magical donkey that produces gold coins as droppings. When the queen passes away, the king’s grief drives him mad, and he believes his daughter, the princess, is his queen. The princess seeks help from her godmother, who advises her to ask the king for impossible things, including dresses in the colors of the weather and the skin of the beloved donkey. Surprisingly, the king fulfills her requests. The princess disguises herself as Donkeyskin and finds refuge on a farm. She alternates between wearing beautiful dresses and her donkey skin. The prince falls in love with her through a keyhole and falls ill from lovesickness. He requests a cake from Donkeyskin, who hides her beauty under the skin. The prince discovers her true identity and they marry, with the king and queen’s blessings. The king recovers his sanity and remarries, and the kingdom celebrates their joy.

In conclusion, these stories of running away provide children with a thrilling, safe adventure that not only entertains but also instills valuable lessons. Our online collection offers diverse, accessible content for kids of different ages, ensuring that every story read is a step towards fostering a love for reading, language, and learning. Whether enjoyed as a bedtime narrative, a shared read-aloud experience, or a self-explored escapade, these tales are more than just stories—they are tools to teach, inspire, and create cherished memories. So let’s turn the page together and embark on a journey, because every adventure ultimately leads us back home—stronger, wiser, and ready for tomorrow’s story time. Happy reading!