Stories About Princes

Stories About Princes

Welcome to our specially curated list of the top 42 stories about princes that have been captivating children’s hearts and imaginations for generations. Available for you to read online, these stories are perfectly suited for bedtime or story time, designed to transform night time into a magical journey of learning and fun.

Ranging from good, classic fairy tales to more contemporary narratives, each story is famous in its own right, meticulously selected to make up the best collection that promises a delightful experience for your kids. They span across the age spectrum, encompassing toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school students. This ensures that no young prince or princess will be left out of this royal literary adventure.

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to access a vast library of stories from around the world. And what could be more enchanting than tales of brave and kind-hearted princes? But we know that as parents or caregivers, it’s often challenging to sift through countless stories and find the ones that are just right. We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying these stories with your children.

These narratives, complete with pictures, are available in both short and longer formats, offering variety to cater to different attention spans and reading levels. Many of these stories also come in audio format, allowing children to listen to the tales read aloud, which can further enhance their learning and linguistic skills. Additionally, they are easy to download in a convenient PDF format, making them printable for offline reading or storytelling sessions away from the screen.

Each tale in this free online collection has been chosen not just for its charm but also for its educational value. They weave enchanting stories while simultaneously teaching valuable life lessons, incorporating morals that will foster character growth in young minds.

So grab your royal crowns, and prepare for a journey into far-off kingdoms and grand palaces where brave princes embark on thrilling adventures. And remember, every prince or princess needs their beauty sleep, so these stories are designed to gently usher your children off to the Land of Nod after their exciting escapades.

Rest assured, we’ve ensured that this collection caters to every child’s interest, making bedtime or any story time an exciting, educational, and magical experience. Happy reading!

Top 42 Stories About Princes

  1. The Prince and the Silver Horseshoes: In this enchanting tale, a poor prince sets out on a quest to rescue a princess trapped in a tower atop a treacherous mountain. With the help of his wise black horse and a pair of magical silver horseshoes, the prince overcomes the challenges posed by a wicked witch and her crafty cat. He outwits them, reaches the princess, and together they make a triumphant return to the kingdom. The prince’s bravery and determination win him not only the hand of the princess but also the admiration of the king, ensuring a happily ever after.
  2. The Travels Of Prince Flamingo: Mrs. Old Turtle, the wise and aged turtle, recounts the extraordinary journey of Prince Flamingo. Born with white wings amidst a community of pink flamingos, Prince Flamingo was rejected and treated poorly due to his unique appearance. With the guidance of Mrs. Old Turtle, he embarked on a quest to find his true place in the world. Enduring hardships and encountering helpful creatures along the way, Prince Flamingo reached the Emperor’s palace, where he was revered and given a position of honor. Reunited with Mrs. Old Turtle, the tale of Prince Flamingo’s love for a princess awaits the next chapter of their wondrous adventures.
  3. The Violets Of The Princes: Little Marianne, confined to her bed due to illness, discovers a talking violet that tells her the story of the Merciful Brothers. Born into a troubled kingdom, Prince Purple and Prince Krip are mistreated by their father and stepmother. Banished and imprisoned, they escape and embark on a journey of compassion and kindness, selling magical violets that bring joy to all who possess them. Returning to their kingdom in disguise, they help the poor and teach the queen the value of remorse and redemption. Inspired by their story, Marianne learns the importance of patience, kindness, and making her own world a loving and happy place. She tends to her garden, shares her flowers, and spreads happiness throughout her village, creating a small kingdom of her own.
  4. The Story of George and the Dragon: In a time long ago, a wicked fairy exchanged the baby prince of England with her own ugly fairy baby. The stolen prince, named Georgos, was raised by a kind ploughman. As he grew up, Georgos became George and set out to become a knight. He joined the Faerie Queen’s court and eventually left to fight for Una, a beautiful lady in need of a champion. Along his journey, George fell under the spell of a wicked witch named Fidessa, but with the help of Una’s dwarf, he discovered the truth and escaped her clutches. After facing many trials and tribulations, George ended up imprisoned by a fearsome dragon. With the aid of Una and the magical properties of a healing spring, George emerged victorious, slaying the dragon and saving a kingdom. In the end, George and Una were joyfully wedded, celebrating their triumph and love.
  5. The Prince And The Ogre’s Castle: In a kingdom longing for an heir, an old King and Queen seek the help of holy Lamas to grant them children. However, their prayers go unanswered until a wicked Ogre, disguised as a Lama, offers a solution. The King agrees to the Ogre’s conditions, and soon miraculous offspring are born to the royal couple, the mare, and the dog. When the time comes for the Ogre to claim his share, the youngest Prince, horse, and dog are handed over. Little do they know that the Ogre’s castle holds dark secrets and treacherous tasks. With the guidance of a captive Princess, the Prince embarks on a mission to outwit the Ogre, free the castle’s victims, and ultimately bring about the Ogre’s downfall.
  6. The Invisible Prince: Once upon a time, the king of a great land had a dispute with a goblin. As fate would have it, the king emerged victorious from the argument, which made the goblin so angry that he left the kingdom and set out to find an opportunity to harm his enemy. Meanwhile, as the goblin bided his time, the king and queen, who had been childless for a long time, became proud parents of a baby boy. However, during the presentation ceremony, an invisible form fluttered in and made the baby disappear, leaving behind an invisible prince. The king sought the help of the Wise Man of Pansophia, who revealed that only the stolen spell-dispeller could break the enchantment. The thief who had stolen it was the Master Thief of the Adamant Mountains, and so the king and the invisible prince embarked on a journey to retrieve the spell-dispeller. After years of collecting and returning stolen treasures, the Master Thief found the spell-dispeller in his secret museum. With the charm remover, the invisible prince regained his visibility and was crowned as the rightful king, dethroning the wicked Marquis. The kingdom rejoiced, and the people lived happily ever after.
  7. Prince Hyacinth And The Dear Little Princess: Once upon a time, there was a king who fell in love with a princess under a spell that prevented her from marrying. To break the curse, the king had to stand on the tail of the princess’s cat, but the cat always eluded him. One night, while the cat slept, the king finally succeeded, but it transformed into an evil wizard who cursed the king’s future son with an excessively long nose. When the prince was born, his nose was indeed enormous, but he was raised to believe that long noses were a mark of beauty and greatness. As he grew older, the prince fell in love with the dear little princess, but the wizard snatched her away before they could marry. Determined to find her, the prince embarked on a journey and encountered an old fairy who made him aware of his own nose’s length. This realization allowed the prince to see his faults and his nose gradually shrank in size. He rescued the princess and they lived happily ever after.
  8. The Three Princes And Their Animals: In this tale, three princes each receive a cub from different animals they encounter while on a hunt. The animals grow up and become loyal companions to the princes. The eldest prince, accompanied by his step-sister, encounters a castle inhabited by robbers. With the help of the animals, they defeat the robbers and claim the castle as their own. However, the step-sister is persuaded by a captured robber to betray her brother. The prince manages to escape with the animals’ help, leaving his step-sister behind. He then embarks on a series of adventures, including rescuing a princess from a dragon and encountering an old witch. Eventually, he reunites with his brothers and they all return to the city as heroes. The princes marry princesses and live happily ever after.
  9. The Dolphin’s Bride: In this enchanting tale, a poor beggar girl named Nitta finds herself homeless and hungry after being turned out by her unkind aunt. As she sits by the ocean, crying, a talking dolphin offers her a home at the bottom of the sea. Intrigued by the proposition, Nitta agrees to go with the dolphin and is transported to a magnificent underwater mansion. The dolphin reveals that he is actually a prince under a witch’s spell and that Nitta’s bravery and compassion have broken the curse. They fall in love and are married, living happily ever after in their magical castle.
  10. The Silent Princess: In ancient Turkey, a pasha’s son becomes infatuated with the idea of the silent princess after an encounter with an old woman. Years later, when the prince falls gravely ill, he confesses the story to his father who permits him to search for the silent princess. Despite the danger and previous failed attempts, the prince is determined to make the princess speak. With the help of a nightingale, he engages in a riddle contest and a series of stories to provoke a response from the princess. Eventually, her hidden voice is revealed, and the prince wins her hand in marriage. They live happily ever after with their children, and the old woman finds joy in taking care of them.
  11. The Frog Prince: In this enchanting tale, a king’s daughter loses her golden ball in a pond and is approached by a talking frog who offers to retrieve it for her. In exchange, the frog asks to become her friend and companion, promising to eat from her plate and sleep in her bed. Though the princess initially agrees, she soon forgets her promise and leaves the frog behind. However, the persistent frog finds his way to the princess’s home and demands that she honor her word. Reluctantly, she complies, and as the frog eats and sleeps with her, he transforms into a handsome prince. The grateful prince, accompanied by his loyal servant, Hendrik, sets off to his kingdom in a splendid carriage. Along the journey, the bands around Hendrik’s heart, forged in his despair during the prince’s frog state, break as he rejoices in his prince’s restoration.
  12. The Water of Life: In this enchanting tale, an old and ailing king is in need of the water of life to cure him. His three sons set out in search of this magical water, each driven by their own ambitions. Along their journeys, they encounter a dwarf who bestows them with guidance and gifts. The youngest son, kind-hearted and humble, proves to be the true hero as he successfully retrieves the water of life and saves three kingdoms along the way. However, his jealous older brothers conspire against him and replace the water with seawater, leading to their father’s continued illness. The youngest son is wrongly accused but is ultimately saved by a hunter who reveals the truth. Reunited with his father, he embarks on a quest to marry the princess, facing a test of character to prove his worthiness. With his genuine heart, he triumphs and becomes the ruler of the kingdom, while his deceitful brothers face their own fates.
  13. Greta And The Black Cat: In this heartwarming story, a woodsman named Peter discovers a baby girl in a bundle while working in the forest. He brings her home to his wife Martha, who is reluctant to care for the child. Nevertheless, the baby, named Greta, grows up alongside Peter and Martha’s son, Robert, but is treated as a servant by Martha and even by Robert as he grows older. One day, when Greta is ordered by Robert to chop wood but is unable to do so, she runs away and encounters a black cat with a wounded paw. Greta helps the cat, who reveals himself to be a prince cursed by a witch. The prince guides Greta to a hidden cave where a good fairy resides. They expose the witch’s secrets and transform the prince back into his human form. The grateful prince and Greta fall in love and marry, living happily ever after while sharing their newfound wealth with Peter, who had always shown kindness to Greta.
  14. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: In the kingdom of India, Sultan had three sons – Houssain, Ali, and Ahmed – who all desired to marry their beautiful cousin, Princess Nouronnihar. To decide which prince would be allowed to marry her, the sultan devised a plan. He sent each prince on a journey to find the most unique and valuable item. Houssain acquired a flying rug that could transport him instantly, Ali obtained an ivory tube that allowed him to see things up close, and Ahmed purchased a plastic apple with healing powers. When the brothers discovered Nouronnihar was gravely ill, they used their gifts to save her. However, the sultan, impressed by all three gifts, decided to hold an archery contest to determine the winner. Ahmed shot his arrow the farthest, but the arrow disappeared. In order to find it, the sultan chose Ali as the winner, and Ali married Princess Nouronnihar.
  15. Prince Sneeze: In this delightful tale, a king and queen host a grand christening party for their newborn son, Prince Rolandor. However, an incident involving a missing strawberry cake leads to the wrath of the fairy Malvolia, who curses the prince with uncontrollable sneezing. To protect him, the prince is sent to live in a tower on the Golden Mountain. As he grows up, the prince longs to see the world and embarks on a journey with his loyal poodle companion, Poldo, to find the missing words of Malvolia’s enchantment. With the help of a giant from the North Pole, they discover the condition for breaking the curse: the prince must find someone brave enough to marry him. Eventually, an enchanted princess agrees to marry him, and when the prince sneezes during their wedding, the curse is broken, restoring beauty and happiness to the kingdom. The prince and his bride live happily ever after.
  16. The Little Singing Frog: In this heartwarming tale, a poor winemaker and his wife long for a child and are blessed with a daughter, who happens to be a frog. They lovingly call her the Little Singing Frog, but hide her away from the world due to their shame. One day, a young prince hears her beautiful voice and becomes determined to marry her. Despite her frog appearance, the prince’s love for her singing convinces him of her worth. The prince’s father, the czar, holds a competition where the brides must present a flower. The Little Singing Frog asks for a snow-white rooster and a golden gown from the sun to accompany her to the palace. Arriving on the rooster in her golden gown, she astonishes everyone and wins the admiration of the czar with her wheat stalk, symbolizing her humility and understanding of true value. The little frog girl, once hidden and ashamed, marries the prince and takes her place beside him on the throne.
  17. The Enchanted Elm: In this magical tale, a prince finds himself transformed into an elm tree after angering an old witch. Unable to communicate with humans, he forms a bond with birds and trees. Every midsummer evening, the King of the Trees visits the forest, and the prince pleads for help. Although the king cannot assist, he promises to find someone who can. Meanwhile, a kind-hearted girl seeks solace under the shade of the elm tree and catches the prince’s attention. When the girl learns that the lumberjacks plan to cut down the tree, she devises a plan to save it. With her bravery and a little help from the King of the Trees and a powerful wizard, the prince is restored to human form. Grateful, he marries the girl, and they live happily ever after.
  18. The Queen Of Lanternland: In this enchanting story, a young prince gets lost in the mountains and finds himself in the underworld of Lanternland. There, he meets the beautiful Queen, who is destined to marry the powerful wizard Dragondel. The prince, deeply in love with the queen, disguises himself as a kitchen boy and sets out to prevent the wedding. With the help of a black cat, he acquires a golden little hand, a talisman that controls the deadly whirlpool surrounding Dragondel’s castle. On the day of the wedding, the prince swaps the talisman, causing the wizard’s ship to be swallowed by the whirlpool. He rescues the queen and they marry, living happily ever after.
  19. The King’s Son And The Ogress: In this story, a prince goes hunting with his Vizier but gets separated and finds himself lost in the desert. He encounters a weeping princess who has been abandoned by her people, and out of pity, he offers her a ride on his horse. They arrive at ruins where the princess reveals herself to be an ogress and plans to feed the prince to her children. Fearing for his life, the prince prays to God for protection. Miraculously, the ogress is moved by his prayer and departs from him. The prince returns to his father, the King, and exposes the treacherous Vizier’s plot. The Vizier is subsequently executed.
  20. The Story Of Conn-Eda: In the kingdom of Ireland, Prince Conn-eda is despised by his stepmother, Queen Durfulla, who schemes to eliminate him so her own son can inherit the throne. Seeking the advice of a sorceress known as the hen-wife, who is actually a princess named Carlleach, Queen Durfulla is instructed to send Conn-eda on a perilous quest to obtain three treasures from the Water King’s kingdom. With the help of a shaggy black horse, Conn-eda faces fiery serpents, a flaming mountain, and other challenges. Ultimately, he succeeds in freeing the Water King’s brother from a spell, acquiring the treasures, and returning home. Upon his return, Queen Durfulla meets her tragic end, and Conn-eda marries Princess Carlleach, living happily ever after with their newfound love and the blessings of the Water King.
  21. Princess Rosette: Once upon a time, a king and queen had two sons and a daughter named Rosette. On the day of Rosette’s birth, the fairies made a prediction that she would bring misfortune to her brothers and that a love affair would cost them their lives. Troubled by this prophecy, the queen sought advice from a hermit who suggested locking Rosette in a high tower for her entire life. As fate would have it, the king and queen fell ill and passed away, leaving the eldest son as the new king. He and his brother freed Rosette from the tower, and she declared that she would only marry the King of the Peacocks. Determined to find him, the brothers embarked on a journey, eventually reaching the land of the King of the Peacocks. However, a wicked governess conspired to replace Rosette with her own daughter. In a cruel twist, Rosette was thrown into the sea on a mattress, but miraculously, she floated ashore. With the help of an old man and her loyal dog Frisk, Rosette survived and eventually made her way to the King of the Peacocks. Despite the governess’s deception, the king fell in love with the true princess and married her. Meanwhile, the brothers and the wicked conspirators faced their judgment but were ultimately forgiven. The tale concludes with a joyous wedding celebration and a happily ever after for all involved.
  22. The Three Sisters: In a land where luck favored one and misfortune plagued others, a woman named Nella stood out as the embodiment of good fortune. Blessed with beauty, grace, and success in all her endeavors, Nella’s sisters and even her own mother became consumed by jealousy and plotted to kill her. Meanwhile, an enchanted prince fell deeply in love with Nella and devised a secret passage between their dwellings to spend time together. However, when her sisters discovered the arrangement, they sabotaged the passage, causing the prince to injure himself gravely. Desperate to save him, Nella disguised herself as a beggar and overheard an ogre and ogress discussing the only cure—magical fat possessed by the ogres themselves. Nella bravely ventured to their abode, vanquished the ogres, and acquired the life-saving fat. She used it to heal the prince, but he remained devoted to the mystery woman he loved. In a twist of fate, Nella revealed her true identity, and they were joyfully married. As a fitting punishment, Nella’s wicked sisters met a fiery demise, ensuring that evil would never escape without retribution.
  23. Riquet With The Tuft: In this enchanting tale, a queen gives birth to an ugly baby boy named Riquet with the Tuft. Despite his appearance, a good fairy assures the queen that Riquet possesses a beautiful personality, wit, and intelligence. In a neighboring kingdom, the queen has twins – a beautiful but dumb daughter and an extremely ugly but intelligent daughter. Over the years, the attention shifts from the beautiful eldest to the clever youngest princess. However, the eldest meets Riquet in the woods, and his charm and humor make her laugh. Impulsively, she agrees to marry him, which leads to a transformative experience. Riquet grants her his cleverness, and she gains the ability to say interesting things. As suitors vie for her hand, the princess realizes her forgotten promise to Riquet and seeks him out, embracing his kind and smart nature. She uses her gift to make Riquet the most gorgeous man, and they marry, celebrating their unique love.
  24. Why The Sea Moans: In this captivating tale, Princess Dionysia longs for companionship and finds solace by the sea. When she expresses her loneliness, the sea responds and a kind sea serpent named Labismena emerges. They become dear friends, but as Dionysia grows older, Labismena reveals that their time together must come to an end. Labismena advises Dionysia on how to avoid marrying an old king by making specific demands for dresses of various colors. Dionysia escapes on a ship built by Labismena and finds herself on an island. She takes a job as a maid but yearns to attend a festival. Wearing magical gowns, Dionysia enchants the prince who falls in love with her. However, she must hide her identity. When the prince discovers her true self, they marry, but Dionysia forgets to fulfill her promise to Labismena. The sea serpent remains trapped, and her mournful moan echoes in the sea.
  25. The Origin of Rubies: In this enchanting story, a prince becomes captivated by the allure of adventure and sets sail on a ship he finds abandoned at sea, much to his mother’s dismay. During their journey, they encounter a vortex and the prince discovers rubies floating in the water. He keeps one as a secret treasure. When they arrive in the capital city, the king’s daughter is mesmerized by the ruby and demands more. The prince embarks on another perilous journey to find the source of the rubies, which leads him to an underwater palace and a beautiful young woman whose head is separated from her body. The prince accidentally reunites her head and body, and they fall in love. They escape together, gathering rubies along the way. Upon their return, the prince marries the woman from the ocean, but in order to fulfill the king’s daughter’s desires, he agrees to marry her as well. The story concludes with a happily ever after as both couples find love and happiness.
  26. The Sea King And The Magic Jewels: In this beloved Japanese tale, Prince Blushing-Red-Rice-Ears marries Princess Bright-Blooming-Like-the-Flowers-of-the-Trees, despite her father’s anger. They have two sons, Prince Fireflash and Prince Fire Fading. Prince Fireflash is a skilled fisherman, while Prince Fire Fading is a hunter. When they exchange their luck and Prince Fire Fading loses his brother’s fishing hook, he embarks on a journey to the palace of the Sea King. There, he meets the Jewel Princess, falls in love, and they marry. However, tragedy strikes when Prince Fading Fire glimpses his wife’s true form and she disappears into the sea. They exchange songs of love, but their separation becomes permanent.
  27. The Bird Boy: In this enchanting tale, a queen who adores birds gives birth to a baby boy with wings. However, the king is filled with suspicion and locks the queen and her child in a tower. When the queen tries to protect her son from a prison guard, she falls into the sea but is transformed into a large gray bird by a benevolent ocean spirit. The prison guard, unable to harm the child, takes him to live with a charcoal burner family. Years later, the bird boy is discovered by a king and queen who bring him to their castle. As he grows up with their daughter Rosabella, they become close friends. When Malefico, an evil advisor, threatens the kingdom, the bird boy and his loved ones are captured. However, a swarm of birds, guided by the bird boy’s transformed mother, saves them and reveals his true identity as the rightful king. With Malefico defeated, the bird boy becomes king and marries Rosabella, living happily ever after.
  28. The Yellow Dwarf: In this tale, a demanding princess named Bellissima is feared by potential suitors due to her ruthless nature. The queen, desperate to find a husband for her daughter, seeks the advice of the Fairy of the Desert, who demands that the princess marry the Yellow Dwarf. Reluctantly, the queen agrees to the dwarf’s request. When the princess discovers the promise, she is devastated but chooses to honor it rather than face a gruesome fate. However, she falls ill with grief. In a twist of fate, she meets the King of the Gold Mines, who sweeps her off her feet and offers her genuine love and happiness. On their wedding day, the Desert Fairy intervenes, insisting that the princess must marry the Yellow Dwarf. Chaos ensues, and the princess is kidnapped by the dwarf while the king is taken by the witch. The king cleverly manipulates the Desert Fairy into setting him free and escapes with the help of a mermaid. He sets out to rescue the princess but faces numerous challenges along the way. Ultimately, tragedy strikes as both the king and princess die, transformed into palm trees forever whispering their love.  
  29. The Good Little Mouse: In a land where a king and queen were loved by their people, a jealous neighboring king attacked and killed the friendly king. The queen, taken captive, was locked in a tower and expected to give birth to a girl. A fairy, who had previously visited the queen, assured her that everything would be okay. The king demanded the child’s gender prediction, and the fairy said it would be a girl. The queen, given only three peas and bread each day, shared her last pea with a mouse who magically provided her with food. When the baby was born, the mouse revealed itself as a fairy and took the child to safety. Years later, the princess was forced into an unwanted marriage, but the mouse-turned-fairy aided her in escaping. Eventually, the cruel king and his son killed each other, and the princess married a prince, living happily ever after.
  30. Hyacinthus: In the kingdom of Sparta, the young prince Hyacinthus was adored by both the people and the gods. Apollo and Zephyrus, in particular, held a special fondness for him. One fateful day, Apollo invited Hyacinthus to play a game of discus, but Zephyrus, consumed by jealousy, intervened and changed the discus’s course. Tragically, the discus struck Hyacinthus, leading to his untimely death. In grief, Apollo transformed Hyacinthus into a beautiful purple flower, the hyacinth, as a symbol of their eternal bond. The story of Hyacinthus and the hyacinth flower serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love and friendship, even amidst the whims of the gods.
  31. Rubezahl: the Spirit of the Giant Mountains, lived deep within the mountains, overseeing the Dwarfs and Earth Sprites who worked diligently under his command. Curiosity led him to disguise himself as a servant and experience life among humans. However, he encountered ungrateful bosses and unjust figures, which disheartened him. But everything changed when he saw the beautiful Princess Emma, daughter of the King. Rubezahl, captivated by her, used his magical powers to bring her to his underground castle. Despite his attempts to make her happy, Emma remained melancholic. When he presented her with a wand to create friends out of turnips, she found solace but realized her friends withered over time. Disappointed, she confronted Rubezahl, and he promised to bring new turnips. However, after a long absence, Emma’s heart was already captivated by Prince Ratibor, and she planned her escape. She transformed a turnip into a horse and fled to meet her beloved prince. Rubezahl, in his rage and loss, tried to find her but failed. He vanished into the depths, earning the nickname “Turnip Counter.” Emma and Prince Ratibor celebrated their wedding and lived happily ever after. The tale of Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains, became known far and wide.
  32. The Spindle, The Shuttle, And The Needle: In this story, a girl is left orphaned and taken in by her godmother, who teaches her the art of spinning, weaving, and sewing. When her godmother passes away, the girl continues to work diligently, using her inherited skills to sustain herself. Meanwhile, the son of the King seeks a bride who is both poor and rich. He encounters a rich girl who tries to impress him but remains unimpressed. On the other hand, he observes the poor girl spinning in her cottage and is captivated by her modesty and industry. The girl’s tools, the spindle, shuttle, and needle, mysteriously come to life, guiding the prince to her cottage. Recognizing her as both poor and rich, the prince proposes, and they marry in a grand wedding. The tools are honored and kept in the palace treasury.
  33. The White Cat: In a kingdom ruled by a king with three sons, the king announces that one of them will inherit the throne. To determine the future king, he assigns them a task: to find the smallest and most beautiful dog. The youngest prince encounters a magnificent castle inhabited by a graceful white cat who can speak. The cat aids him in completing the task and later helps him with two more challenges: finding the finest fabric and marrying the most beautiful princess. Eventually, the white cat reveals her true form as a princess cursed by fairies, and the prince marries her. In the end, they all live happily ever after, with each brother receiving a kingdom and finding their own happiness.
  34. Diamonds and Toads: In a tale of two sisters, the eldest is unpleasant and arrogant, while the youngest possesses beauty and kindness. The girls’ mother despises the youngest, treating her poorly and forcing her to fetch water from a distant fountain. One day, a disguised fairy approaches the kind-hearted girl at the fountain and is met with genuine kindness. In return, the fairy gifts her the ability to speak flowers and diamonds. When the girl returns home and shares her newfound ability, her mother sends the eldest daughter to the fountain as well. However, the rude sister encounters the disguised fairy and responds with rudeness, resulting in a curse that makes her speak snakes and toads. The kind sister is sent away by her mother but is discovered by a prince who falls in love with her. They marry and live happily ever after, while the eldest sister meets a tragic end.
  35. The Whirlwind: Princess Ladna, beloved by Prince Dobrotek, is carried away by an ugly dwarf magician who was rejected by her. The dwarf takes her to a magnificent palace, where she discovers an invisible cap that renders her unseen. She teases the dwarf and escapes to a garden, where she lives for some time. Meanwhile, Prince Dobrotek embarks on a quest to rescue her, aided by a magical horse. He defeats the dwarf and giant, but when he finds Princess Ladna, he is tragically killed by a rival suitor. The horse revives him with the Water of Life and instructs him to awaken the princess with the dwarf’s beard. He succeeds and returns to the kingdom, where they are married and live happily ever after.
  36. The Little Mermaid: Deep beneath the sea, the littlest mermaid yearned to explore the world above. On her fifteenth birthday, she caught sight of a handsome prince on a ship, but when a storm struck, she saved him from drowning and watched as he was rescued by others. Determined to be with him, she sought the help of a sea witch and traded her voice for legs, enduring excruciating pain. The prince took her in and cared for her, but he fell in love with another and married her. Heartbroken, the mermaid’s sacrifice transformed her into a daughter of the air. Now she had a chance to earn an immortal soul by performing good deeds for 300 years.
  37. Rapunzel: In a village neighboring a wicked witch, a man and his pregnant wife yearned for the delicious rapunzels growing in the witch’s garden. Caught attempting to steal them, the witch offered the man the rapunzels in exchange for their unborn child. Bound by his promise, the couple handed over their daughter, Rapunzel, when she was born. As Rapunzel grew, the witch imprisoned her in a tower deep within an abandoned forest. However, a prince heard her enchanting voice and visited her every day, eventually promising marriage. With the help of Rapunzel’s golden hair, the prince climbed the tower until the witch discovered their secret. Enraged, she cut off Rapunzel’s hair and banished her. But fate brought them together again when the prince, blinded by the witch, found Rapunzel and their children in the forest. Their tears restored his sight, and they returned to the prince’s kingdom, living happily ever after.
  38. Kate Crackernuts: In a kingdom where a king and queen had a daughter named Anne and the queen’s daughter, Kate, was jealous of Anne’s beauty. The queen sought to harm Anne, but her plans failed. Kate, enraged by her stepsister’s misfortune, embarked on a journey with Anne to seek their fortune. They arrived at a king’s castle where Kate volunteered to watch over the sick prince at night. She followed him to a magical hall where fairies danced, and she secretly observed the prince. On subsequent nights, Kate obtained a wand and a chicken that could restore Anne’s beauty and heal the prince. Eventually, both sisters married the princes, leading to a happily ever after for all.
  39. The Adventures of Florian: Isabella, a noble girl left in poverty after her father’s death, disguises herself as a boy named Florian and seeks employment. Florian accepts a job as a servant to a wizard known as the Wizard of the Black Rock, despite warnings of demons in his castle. Over the years, Florian proves loyal and brave. When Florian decides to explore the world, the wizard gifts him a necklace, a key, and a sphere. Florian joins Prince Florizel’s company and falls in love with him. During their journey, Florian’s magical necklace warns of danger, saving them from enchanted objects. However, the wicked witch kidnaps the prince and transforms everyone else into stone. Florian embarks on a quest to rescue Florizel, using the key to unlock numerous doors and finally reaching the witch’s castle. With the help of the wizard, Florian frees Florizel, but Florian is turned into a hare. Defeating the witch, the wizard restores Florian’s human form, revealing Isabella’s true identity. Florizel marries Isabella, and they live happily ever after.
  40. The Swineherd: A handsome prince falls in love with the emperor’s daughter and sends her a beautiful rose and a melodious nightingale. However, the princess is unimpressed and rejects the prince’s gifts, finding them dirty and strange. Undeterred, the prince disguises himself as a swineherd and takes a job at the emperor’s castle. He creates a miraculous pot that plays a charming tune and a rattle that produces beautiful music. The princess desires these items and agrees to pay the price of kisses. The emperor discovers their secret exchange and banishes them. The prince reveals his true identity but refuses to marry the princess, realizing her shallow nature. Heartbroken, the princess is left alone in the rain, regretting her choices.
  41. The Snake Prince: An old woman living in poverty discovers a deadly snake inside her brass pot, but instead of biting her, it transforms into a magnificent necklace. She sells the necklace to the king, who later marries her to be the nurse of his son. The prince and the princess marry, but the princess learns that the prince was enchanted and turned into a snake. Determined to break the spell, she follows the snake’s instructions and confronts the queen of the snakes. The next day, the prince returns to human form, and they live happily ever after as king and queen.
  42. Princess Dido and the Prince of the Roses: Princess Dido escapes from her attendants in the forest and discovers a small key. Using the key, she enters a magical castle surrounded by beautiful gardens filled with roses. As she explores the castle, she comes across different halls adorned with opals, crystals, and gold, each filled with roses of various colors. Finally, she reaches the hall of red, pink, and white roses, where she encounters a handsome prince who reveals that he has been searching for a princess who loves his roses as much as he does. Princess Dido agrees to stay and live with the Prince of Roses in the enchanted Castle of Roses, bringing them both eternal happiness.

As we draw the curtains on our enchanting compilation of the top 42 prince stories to read online, we hope that this collection has truly transported you and your young ones to magical kingdoms, enchanting forests, and faraway lands. Each tale, whether a classic fairy tale or a more modern narrative, has aimed to whisk you away on an exciting adventure, provide a good dose of fun, and ultimately nurture a love for reading and storytelling.

From tales perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, to narratives suited for kindergarteners and elementary school students, this collection has aimed to cater to various age groups and reading levels. And whether you’ve chosen to read them aloud, listen to the audio versions, or print the PDFs for offline reading, we trust these stories have made bedtime a much-anticipated event, turning night time into an educational escapade.

Beyond the thrill of these tales, the morals woven into each story provide valuable life lessons, subtly guiding your children’s character development. It’s our firm belief that stories, particularly those involving brave and kind-hearted princes, can be powerful tools in teaching children about courage, kindness, honesty, and perseverance.

So, as we bid you goodnight, remember that the world of stories is boundless. This collection is just the start of your children’s journey into the world of literature. May each tale spark their imagination, fuel their dreams, and inspire a lifelong love for reading. Here’s to many more nights filled with magical prince stories, sweet dreams, and the joy of learning. Until the next tale unfolds, happy reading!