Mouse Stories

Mouse Stories

Welcome to the Top 23 Mouse Stories, a delightful collection of enchanting tales carefully curated for children to read online. We have compiled these bedtime stories for your little ones to enjoy both in English and with engaging pictures to hold their attention. As a helpful resource, all stories are available as free online PDF downloads, making them easy to print and share with friends and family. This fun and educational assortment is perfect for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, as well as EYFS toddlers.

Mouse stories have enthralled children for generations, encouraging their imaginations to roam free while exploring moral lessons and values through entertaining and delightful tales. These timeless classics and contemporary gems provide an important opportunity to spark learning, instill the love for reading, and nurture a creativity that extends beyond story time. The collection features easy-to-read aloud stories, from short narratives to longer, more detailed accounts, appealing to both boys and girls. Mouse stories have proven their popularity over the years, with famous examples including fairy tales, bedtime classics, and recent favorites that have warmed hearts and created unforgettable memories. Curl up with these captivating mouse stories to create a magical and memorable night time routine for your little ones as they fall asleep, dreaming of the wonderful worlds that await them within these pages.

Top 23 Mouse Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Sandman: The Sandman is a story about a magical character who visits children in their dreams and takes them on adventures. The Sandman visits a little boy named Hjalmar every day and tells him different stories, such as turning his bedroom into a beautiful garden, taking him on a boat ride, and allowing him to attend a mouse wedding. On the seventh night, the Sandman introduces Hjalmar to his brother, Death, who will take children on adventures based on their report card. Downloads of the story are available as a PDF file for offline reading or printing.
  2. Battle of Frogs and Mice: The story is about King Puff-jaw of the Frogs who holds a party but receives news of strange little men coming to drink the lake. He sends soldiers who discover that the men are friendly guests from the neighboring country of Mice. However, during their travel to the frog castle, the mice drown due to a snake attack, and King Gnawler vows to avenge his son’s death by going to war against the frogs. The frogs and mice battle, and King Puff-jaw kills King Gnawler and takes his crown as an insult, leading to a full-scale mice carnage. The lobster king intervenes, and a peace agreement returns the mice to their kingdom on land, while the frogs rule the water.
  3. Belling the Cat: The story is about a group of mice who call a meeting to discuss how to protect themselves from their enemy, the cat. A young mouse suggests hanging a bell around the cat’s neck to hear her coming, but an old mouse points out the problem of finding someone to bell the cat. The story highlights the importance of finding practical solutions to problems rather than just discussing ideas. A downloadable ebook version is available.
  4. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria receives a Nutcracker from her godfather, Dr. Drosselmeyer. When her jealous brother damages the Nutcracker, Maria takes care of it. Later that night, strange things happen; mice start attacking her and her toys, but her Nutcracker springs to life to fight the Mouse King. Maria falls and hits her head, and she wakes up to assume it was all a dream. The next night, however, the Mouse King returns, demanding Maria’s Christmas treats. The Nutcracker, now transformed into a prince, appears and kills the Mouse King with a sword. He then takes Maria on a journey to the Land of Sweets, where he is revealed to be a prince in disguise. Despite her parents’ disbelief, Maria is convinced that her journey and rescuer were real.
  5. The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse: In this fable, a Town Mouse visits her cousin, the Country Mouse, and eats a simple meal. The Town Mouse invites the Country Mouse to come to the city with her, promising luxuries and delights beyond her imagination. However, when they reach the city, they are frightened by a cat and dog and are unable to enjoy the feast on the dining room table. The Country Mouse quickly decides to return to her simple life and the security that comes with it in the countryside.
  6. The Lion And The Mouse: In this short story, a lion spares the life of a mouse who promises to repay him someday. The lion thinks it’s amusing that a mouse could ever help him, but later when the lion is trapped in a hunter’s net, the mouse comes to his rescue by gnawing through the ropes that bound him. The lion learns that even a small creature like a mouse can help someone in need. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  7. The Mice And The Weasels: The story is about the constant battle between the Weasels and the Mice, in which the Weasels always emerge as victorious and eat the Mice for dinner. The Mice hold a council and decide to appoint numerous generals and commanders, who dress specially to distinguish themselves and prepare the mouse army for war. They challenge the Weasels, who accept eagerly and attack the mice army. However, the Mouse leaders cannot escape because of their head dresses and they all end up being eaten by the Weasels.
  8. The Cat, The Cock, And The Young Mouse: A young mouse tells his mother about his first adventure where he encountered two creatures. He describes one as a terrible monster, with raw red meat on its head, and the other as a pretty, gentle, and good-looking creature. The mother mouse teaches her son that the gentle creature he saw was a cat in disguise and the terrible monster was a harmless bird. The mother warns her son to never judge people by their looks and to be thankful for his narrow escape.
  9. The Cat And The Old Rat: The story is about a cat who is so watchful that the mice hardly dare to show themselves. One day, the cat hangs himself on the shelf, pretending to be dead, in order to catch the mice off guard. The mice fall for the trick and celebrate the death of the cat, but the cat suddenly springs to life and catches them. Later on, the cat rolls in flour and waits for the mice in the flour bin, but an old rat warns the mice of the danger. The story highlights the importance of being cautious and wise to avoid falling into traps.
  10. Alice in Wonderland: the pool of tears: In this excerpt from a classic story, Alice suddenly grows very tall, but is unable to reach the door to the garden and cries until she shrinks back down again and falls into a pool of tears. She encounters a mouse in the pool, and tries to make conversation with it but offends it by mentioning her cat; however, the mouse eventually agrees to talk to her on the shore and explain why it hates cats and dogs. The text ends with a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  11. Alice in wonderland: A Race: In the story, a group of wet and cross animals and birds tries to get dry. The Dodo suggests a race, and they all run until they’re dry. The Dodo declares them all winners and they receive prizes, including Alice who hands out cakes. When the Mouse refuses to tell its sad tale, Alice mentions her cat, causing the birds to scatter. Feeling sad and lonely, Alice thinks about her cat and bursts into tears.
  12. The cat and mouse in partnership: In this story, a cat and a mouse decide to live together and store a pot of fat for the winter. The cat persuades the mouse to let her be godmother to different fake kittens, leaving the mouse to guard the pot each time. However, the cat keeps returning to eat the fat until it is completely gone. When the mouse discovers what has happened, the cat eats her too. The story ends with the moral that this is just how the world works.
  13. The forest friends and the January thaw: Four forest friends, Finn the Fox, Will the Wolf, Barbie the Butterfly, and Matilda the Mouse, eagerly waited for the arrival of spring. When the signs of spring arrived, they went to explore the forest and enjoyed the new growth. However, they decided to have one last winter adventure, hiking up a mountain for a picnic and snowball fight. As the sun set, they gathered around a campfire, recounting their winter adventures and realizing that they could always rely on their strong bond of friendship. An ebook is available for download.
  14. The Story of Miss Moppet: The story is about Miss Moppet, a kitten who hears a mouse and tries to catch it. The mouse makes fun of her and Miss Moppet accidentally hits her head. She then sits by the fire looking ill, and the mouse watches her from the top of the cupboard. Miss Moppet suddenly jumps on the mouse, ties it up in a duster, and tosses it around. However, the mouse escapes through a hole and dances on top of the cupboard. The story is available for download as an ebook or printable PDF.
  15. The Tale of Two Bad Mice: The story is about two mischievous mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca who sneak into a doll’s house to steal food. However, everything they try to eat is either too hard or too glued to the plates. In their frustration, they destroy the dinner and even the house itself. But, in the end, Tom Thumb redeems himself by leaving a sixpence in one of the doll’s stockings as payment for the damage, and Hunca Munca tidies up the doll’s house every morning.
  16. Santa Claus and the Mouse: On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus visited a house and was surprised to find a little mouse awake and watching him as he filled the children’s stockings. The mouse suggested fitting in one more thing, and when Santa challenged him, the mouse gnawed a small hole in the stocking and claimed he had put in one more thing. As a reward, Santa promised the mouse a Christmas cheese, and he could prove the story by showing the stocking with the hole the mouse had gnawed through. An ebook (PDF) version of the story is available for download.
  17. The Good Little Mouse: In this story, a queen is imprisoned in a tower by a cruel king, who plans to kill her after she gives birth to a child. A fairy tells the queen that her child will be a girl, and the king demands the fairy’s prediction. The queen is given three peas and a piece of bread daily and spends her days spinning woolen threads. One day, a mouse appears and eats the queen’s food, but later rewards her with a feast. The queen weaves a basket and a strong thread to lower the child from the tower, but a cruel fairy steals the baby. Years later, the baby, now a beautiful princess, is found by a good fairy and reunited with her mother and they become queen and princess. They bring joy to the land, and the cruel king and his son meet their demise.
  18. The Little Thief in the Pantry: In the story, a little mouse named Greywhiskers disobeys his mother’s warning to stay away from the people in the house and ends up getting caught in a trap while trying to steal cheese. The cook plans to drown him, but a little girl named Ethel shows compassion and releases the mouse. Greywhiskers returns home safely and learns his lesson to never disobey his mother again.
  19. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Queen of the Field Mice: In this story, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and Dorothy are heading towards the road of yellow brick when the Woodman saves a little grey field mouse from a Wildcat and earns the gratitude of the Queen of all the Field Mice. When they inform the mice about the sleeping Cowardly Lion, they offer to help by pulling him out of the poppy bed where he was asleep. The Woodman makes a truck, and the mice pull it and rescue the Lion. Dorothy thanks the mice, and they offer to help in the future if needed.
  20. The Bashful Earthquake: A story about an Earthquake who was careless and bumped into things, causing destruction. He felt regretful and ashamed, but eventually came across a Dormouse nest in a wheat field and apologized for disturbing its rest. However, before he could finish speaking, the Earthquake disappeared, leaving the Dormouse grumbling and going back to sleep. The story is accompanied by illustrations and a downloadable PDF ebook.
  21. How the Mice Caught The Cat: In the story, Gray Mouse and Whiskers wonder why Cat doesn’t catch them but instead lets them run around the pantry. They observe Cat as she helps herself to cream and meat left out. The two mice eventually figure out that Cat steals food at their expense and then lets them take the blame for all the missing treats. One day, they take revenge by trapping Cat’s tail, which results in her being scolded by the maid for not catching the mice. The mice find it amusing when the trap hangs from Cat’s tail, and they laugh as she tries to get it off.
  22. The Milk-White Horse and the Prince: A magical, enchanted prince is sent by fairies to rescue a princess who is being held captive by three monsters in a mountain house. The prince transforms himself into a mouse to get past the monsters and speaks to the princess, telling her to meet him at the window at midnight. At midnight, the prince returns on his milk-white horse to whisk the princess away, but the monsters spot them and charge. The prince turns them to stone and the princess is reunited with her grateful parents, who invite the prince to marry their daughter and live happily ever after in the castle.
  23. The Moonlight Sail: A family of field mice decide to move into a house for the summer as they think it will provide more benefits for their children. While making their way to the house, they come across a puddle which they mistake for a pond and decide to have a moonlight sail. However, they become becalmed and are spotted by a cat who offers to help them get to the other side of the pond by rolling stones into the water. The wise father mouse realizes the cat’s true intentions and hatches a plan to escape. The family eventually manages to escape by running into a hole under the steps of the house and the father mouse politely thanks the cat for her assistance.

In conclusion, these top 23 mouse stories for kids offer a delightful collection of tales designed to entertain, educate, and inspire young readers. Each story features lovable characters, creative plots, and valuable life lessons that resonate with children of all ages. As youngsters embark on these adventures alongside their courageous and clever mouse heroes, they will not only enhance their reading skills but also cultivate their imagination, empathy, and understanding of the world around them. With such a diverse and captivating curation of mouse stories, this collection is sure to become a cherished reading experience for years to come.