A Feast For The Mice

I am going to tell you about Mr. Gray Mouse’s feast. There were biscuits of all sorts and soft cream cheese—such cheese as mice had never had before. Their mouths and paws were covered with it, and one of the little children mice said:

‘Let’s not wipe off our whiskers. We can do that later on when we may be getting hungry again—perhaps after we’re in bed.’ So all the children mice had very sticky mouths and whiskers. But the big mice said:

‘Let the children have a good time, for this is a real party.’ And Mr. Gray Mouse was very much pleased that all his guests were having such a good time.

When the party was over and it was time to go home, Mr. LongTail Mouse said, ‘I’m getting tired of our present home. Let’s all have a change. I have been looking at new homes for a little time to be ready in case we ever wanted to move, and I know of a fine one.’

‘Let’s go,’ said Grandpa Gray Mouse. ‘I never believe in living in one home too long. That’s why I’m such an old mouse and have lived so much longer than most. I keep changing homes—and I fool the cats!’

So all the mice went to a new home, for they knew in a short time after the feast they had just had that a cat would be invited to the house to live!