Stories About Magic

Stories About Magic

Welcome to the Top 56 Stories About Magic for kids to read online! This magical collection is specially designed for children, offering a captivating world filled with enchantment, adventures, and lessons for bedtime reading and beyond. These stories are available in various formats, including pdf, free online reading, downloadable printable versions, and even audio, making it easy for both parents and kids to enjoy these enchanting tales together. The stories in this collection range from short stories to longer classic tales with pictures, perfect for storytelling sessions and read-aloud moments with your little ones.

Stories about magic have always been a favorite among children because they spark the imagination and transport them to a world where anything is possible. They help kids escape the everyday and experience the unlimited potential of their minds. These stories also inspire creativity and make learning and education fun, fostering a love for reading in early years. Perfectly tailored for preschoolers, kindergarteners, EYFS, toddlers, and elementary students, these stories cater to kids of all ages, girls and boys alike.

The magic within these stories often comes with a moral lesson or valuable character-building element, ensuring that kids are not only entertained but also inspired and enriched with life-skills they can carry with them long after they close the magical pages. So, it’s time to dim the lights, snuggle up together, and fall into the whimsical world of magic, where fairies, wizards, and talking animals come alive. Get ready for unforgettable nights and story times, sparking curiosity and wonder in the hearts of children everywhere. Happy reading!

Top 56 Stories About Magic for kids to read online:

  1. Brother and Sister: The story is about two siblings, Brother and Sister, who run away from their abusive stepmother. In the forest, they encounter a series of enchanted springs, but Sister prevents Brother from drinking water that would transform him into a wild animal. They eventually find an empty house to live in and Brother is turned into a deer. The king discovers Brother’s exceptional ability to escape the hunts, and Sister falls in love with him, granting them passage into the castle. The evil stepmother is eventually discovered, condemned, and Brother turns back into a human. They lived happily ever after in the castle.
  2. One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes: A woman with three daughters favors her youngest daughter, who has three eyes, and despises her middle daughter, who has two eyes, because she looks like everyone else. When a wise woman gives the middle daughter a magical goat that provides endless food, she shares it with her sisters, but they are jealous and have the goat killed. The goat’s burial place becomes a wondrous tree with silver branches and golden apples. Only the middle daughter can climb the tree and pick an apple for a passing knight who’s so impressed by her beauty that he takes her to his castle and they get married. The tree follows her to the castle and becomes bigger and more beautiful. When her two sisters come begging for food, she forgives them and gives them shelter.
  3. The Tinderbox: A soldier on his way home meets a witch who shows him a tree with three doors, behind each of which is a chest guarded by a dog. The soldier is given an apron to put the dogs on and helps the witch find her tinderbox, but decides to keep it for himself after she refuses to let him have it. With the tinderbox, he can summon the dogs and get money whenever he wants. The soldier meets a beautiful princess locked up in a castle and with the help of the dogs, they fall in love and plan to marry. But the king and queen find out and throw the soldier in prison, planning to execute him the next day. The soldier promises a boy money to fetch his tinderbox, and with the help of the dogs, he kills the king and queen and becomes the new king, marrying the princess.
  4. The Travelling Companion: The story is about Johannes, who, after his father’s death, went on a journey and met a travelling companion. Together they face many challenges, including solving three riddles to win the hand of an evil princess. With the help of the companion, Johannes succeeds and marries the princess, who is under a spell that the companion lifts before disappearing.
  5. Jack and the Beanstalk: The story is about a poor farmer’s son named Jack, who upon exchanging his old cow for magic beans, plants them in hopes of them being magical. To his surprise, the beans grow overnight and reach high in the clouds leading him to a castle owned by a giant who has killed the previous owner, a brave knight. Jack was informed by a fairy that he could reclaim the castle belonging to his father, but he would need to retrieve two items from the giant, a chicken that lays golden eggs and a talking harp. After enduring days of chores, Jack successfully retrieves the items and kills the giant by chopping down the beanstalk, at which point the fairy helps Jack regain his rightful place as the son of a brave knight.
  6. The Adventures of Florian: The story follows Isabella, who after her father’s death disguises herself as a boy named Florian to find work. Florian ends up serving a wizard living in a castle causing many adventures to come his way. Florian ends up leaving the wizard and finding employment with a prince, Florizel, who he falls in love with. After the couple and their company experience various enchanted objects, Florizel and Florian are turned into stone by a wicked witch. Florian saves Florizel and defeats the witch with the help of the wizard and his sister Isabella. Florizel marries Isabella and they all live happily ever after.
  7. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria receives a Nutcracker from her godfather Dr. Drosselmeyer, but her brother breaks it. That night Maria wakes up to find herself in the middle of a battle between the Nutcracker and an army of mice led by the Mouse King. After the Nutcracker emerges victorious, he takes Maria to the Candy Kingdom to thank her for helping him. Despite nobody believing her tale, Maria cherishes the Nutcracker and later, Drosselmeyer’s nephew returns to marry her and they live happily ever after in the Candy Kingdom.
  8. The tears of princess Prunella: The story is about a princess who wants a playmate but finds every candidate boring until she sees deaf Robert. They become playmates, but Robert is sad because he cannot hear all the sounds. The princess says Robert should come to the city because the forest is quiet, but Robert says the forest sounds are better. He leaves, looking for a way to hear everything and meets a fairy girl who tells him what to do to become a ‘real sweet boy.’ Robert manages to perform a brave, foolish, and wise deed and returns to the princess, heals her finger, and finally hears her crying, earning the title of a ‘real sweet boy.’
  9. The kite that went to the moon: Tom makes the biggest kite in the village, but it won’t fly. The other children tease him, so he and his friend Anna set off to find somebody who can help them. They meet a little old man who gives them a magical cake, and an elf who takes them to the moon where they meet the Lady of the Moon. Eventually they make it back home on the kite, proving that it can fly to the moon after all.
  10. Batcha and the dragon: The story is about a shepherd named Batcha who discovers a magical cave filled with snakes. He becomes trapped inside but is eventually released after making a promise not to reveal the secret entrance. When he returns to his village, he realizes that he has been gone for months and his wife believes him dead. The story takes a turn when a wizard forces Batcha to break his promise and reveal the secret entrance, unleashing a powerful dragon that carries him into the sky. Batcha is eventually rescued by God after calling upon a skylark for help.
  11. Zlatovlaska with the golden hair: In the story, a king who can talk to animals sends his cook Yirik to find Princess Zlatovlaska and bring her back to marry him. Yirik completes three tasks with the help of animals and finds the princess, bringing her back to the king. However, the king then kills Yirik, and Zlatovlaska brings him back to life with the Water of Death and Life. When the king stabs himself to try to become young again, Zlatovlaska finds out that he should have used the Water of Death first. Yirik becomes the new king and marries Zlatovlaska, living happily ever after.
  12. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty little goblin named Midnight who enjoys playing mean pranks on animals. One day, he meets a group of children who become his friends and treat him kindly. When the log he sleeps in is thrown into a fire, he emerges as a golden flame and spreads joy and happiness to everyone he meets, including the animals he had once tormented. Eventually, he becomes known as the friendly flame who brings happiness to all on New Year’s Day.
  13. The good sea monster: On a rocky island, a sea monster with a large mouth helped sailors stay clear of dangerous rocks during storms, but the sailors believed he was a cruel monster and feared him. One night, the monster rescued a little boy named Ko-Ko, who soon discovered that the monster was a kind friend. Ko-Ko helped the monster by moving useful objects from the monster’s insides to their cave and discovered that the monster was, in fact, a talking man under a witch’s curse. Ko-Ko wished for the curse to be lifted, and the monster transformed into an old sea-god, who gifted the children with a beautiful garden, a castle, and a life on the enchanted island.
  14. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: The story is about the fairy Uller, patron of winter, and his wife Skadi, a huntress, and their six daughters, who are all powerful giantesses. When they grow up, they attract the attention of a young giant fairy named Vuur, who loves destruction. He delays in choosing which daughter to marry until it’s too late, and all six sisters merge into one, named Regen. When their child, Stoom, is born, it has the power of fire and mischief, but also the potential to be harnessed as a useful servant. The story teaches the importance of treating powerful things properly, or they can become destructive.
  15. Alice in Wonderland: Down the rabbit hole: In this story, Alice sits on a bank with her sister before chasing a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. She falls through the hole and sees strange things on her way down until she lands at the bottom. She finds a tiny key to a small door but realizes she has left it on a stand she can’t reach. After drinking a potion and nibbling on some cake, she shrinks and grows to various sizes and finally gets the key, only to find the door is too small for her to get through.
  16. The Raven: In this story, a queen loses patience with her restless daughter and wishes her to be turned into a raven. The wish comes true, and the baby girl flies into a dark forest where she is stuck in the form of a bird. A man hears her cries and learns of her story, and she tells him how to free her from the enchantment. The man has to be careful not to eat or drink anything from an old woman in a house he must seek, stand on a pile of grass, and wait for her. But the man eats and drinks and falls asleep, failing to meet the girl in a cart driven by horses. She leaves a loaf by his side, along with a ring and letter, telling him to come to the golden castle of Stromberg if he changes his mind. The man eventually sets out to do so and gets help from three robbers with magical items. He finally reaches the girl and sets her free, and they plan to marry.
  17. The plate of pancakes: The story is about a little boy named Karl who wants to take some pancakes to his father who’s at work. His mother allows him to go but warns him about the Enchanted Wood where fairies and goblins live. Karl gets distracted by blackberry bushes and ends up being late and frustrated. However, his grandmother advises him to say something before he enters the forest if he’s ever given a warning. The following day, Karl sets out to deliver the pancakes and is faced with temptations along the way but he remembers his grandmother’s advice and makes it to the mill in time. From then on, Karl always remembers to say “no” if someone tries to stop him in the Enchanted Wood.
  18. The Magical Christmas Tree: This is a story about a magical Christmas tree in a forest that asks children to share their most precious belonging in exchange for something special. The tree rewards those who are honest and punishes those who lie. A poor girl who offered a toy elf she made herself was rewarded by finding her house surrounded by toys, while an older lady who offered a picture of her missing son was reunited with him. However, a young man who lied about his most precious belonging was punished by having to live with a boy he disliked. As Christmas arrived, the forest was filled with joy, and the tree shone brightly, symbolizing the magic and wonder of the season.
  19. The Little Skater Who Could: The story is about a little girl named Lily who dreams of becoming a figure skater and loves the grace and beauty of gliding across the ice. Though she finds it hard to stay on her feet, her determination and the motivation from an ice fairy helps her believe in herself and trust her instincts. She becomes a champion in the end, reminding herself that sometimes letting go and trusting yourself is all it takes to achieve your dream.
  20. The Fantastic Journey to School: The story is about a boy named Leo who takes a magical journey to school on a bus driven by Mr. Jones. One day, while on their way to school, the bus suddenly turns into a magical vehicle that can fly. The children go on a fantastic adventure, visiting various wonderful places and finally reaching a land of sweets and candies. The bus safely delivers the children to school and they can’t wait to go on another magical ride with Mr. Jones.
  21. The mighty waterfall and the rainbow dinosaur: In a forest community of animals near a powerful waterfall, a new dinosaur named Deedee arrives and is welcomed into the group. However, even though the waterfall is beautiful, they warned her not to come near it due to its strength. But Deedee was curious and decided to explore the waterfall. As she entered behind the waterfall, she discovered her skin wasn’t thick and dark green as she thought, rather it was just covered with dirt. The falling water washed the dirt away and revealed her beautiful, glittery rainbow skin. The other animals were amazed by this discovery, and from that day, Deedee the glittery rainbow dinosaur lived happily ever after with her newfound friends.
  22. Go Away, Monster!: The story is about a little boy named Elijah who is scared of the dark and afraid of monsters. One day, a fairy gives him a magic wand to make the monsters and scary sounds go away. With the help of the wand, Elijah is able to overcome his fears and finally sleep soundly at night. The story emphasizes the power of imagination and the ability to conquer fears. The article also provides a link to download the story as a PDF file.
  23. How Finn McCool became the leader of the Fianna: This is a story about Finn, the fair one, who becomes the leader of the Fianna of Ireland. He is the son of Cumhal, who was defeated and killed by the Clan Morna, a tribe within the Fianna. Finn’s mother hides him in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where he is trained to hunt, fish, and throw a spear. He becomes a well-known warrior, and after saving Tara from a goblin, he is made captain of the Fianna. He rules until he dies in battle.
  24. Peter Pan: In this story, Wendy Darling tells her brothers Michael and John stories about Peter Pan every night. Mr. and Mrs. Darling go to a party one evening, and Peter Pan comes to their house to retrieve his shadow; Wendy and her brothers fly away with him to Neverland. The children have many adventures in Neverland, but they become homesick, causing tensions between Wendy and Peter Pan. Meanwhile, Captain Hook kidnaps the children, but Peter Pan and Tinkerbell rescue them. They eventually return home and are lovingly adopted by their parents.
  25. The Princess and the Sorcerer’s Spell: This is a story about a princess named Matilda who falls in love with a neighbouring prince named William during springtime. However, a wicked sorcerer casts a spell on Prince William, causing him to forget his love for Matilda. Determined to save her true love, Matilda embarks on a journey through a dangerous forest, where she is aided by animals. She eventually breaks the sorcerer’s spell with a spell of her own, and she and Prince William live happily ever after.
  26. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: This story follows an old wizard who teaches at a wizarding school in Fairyland. After a disagreement with the head of the school, the old wizard is banned from entering the school. He chooses to live in a cottage and takes in a stray dog and cat, teaching them all known languages, history, mathematics, dancing, and how to apply magic. Eventually, the dog and cat become so learned that they travel around the world and earn numerous honors. They eventually reach the castle of the King of the Land of the Flowing Rivers, whose face and body are bright green due to a spell. The dog and cat go to Zidoc’s castle in disguise to find a way to break the spell and end up in a chaotic magic fight. In the end, the old wizard helps lift the spell and the celebration held in honor of this event leads to a happy ending.
  27. Blanca and Rosalinde: The story is about a kind old woman living in a village with her two daughters. While the youngest is helpful and friendly, the eldest is selfish and grumpy. One day an old woman comes by, and though the old mother is grateful for their hospitality, Blanca grudgingly gives away some plums from the garden. The old woman turns out to be a sorceress who rewards their kindness. She transforms Rosalinde’s egg into a gift of prosperity and success, but Blanca only becomes Queen to punish her selfishness. Blanca is unhappy in her position and returns to her sister’s farm, where she learns happiness lies in simplicity.
  28. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: This is a story about a king who falls in love with a princess who is under a curse that she cannot marry anyone. The king finds out that he can break the curse by standing on the tail of the princess’s cat, but the cat transforms into an evil wizard who curses the king’s future son with a long nose. The story follows the life of the prince with a long nose who believes that it’s a sign of great beauty until he meets a fairy who teaches him the value of self-awareness. He later falls in love with the sweet little princess but is thwarted by the same wizard who initially cursed him. The fairy helps him rescue the princess and teaches him an important lesson about self-love and self-awareness.
  29. The White Cat: The story is about a king who wants one of his sons to take over the kingdom but he doesn’t want to choose who it will be. He instructs them to find the smallest and most beautiful dog, and whoever finds it will inherit the throne. The youngest son befriends a white cat and goes on adventures with her. She helps him complete the challenges the king sets for them. Eventually, the white cat asks the prince to cut off her head with a sword and out comes a beautiful princess. They get married, and everyone lives happily ever after.
  30. Graciosa and Percinet: Once upon a time, there was a kind and obedient princess named Graciosa, living with her father, the king, and his ugly and mean duchess, Grognon. During a hunt, the duchess arranged a meeting with the king and showed him her vast amount of wine barrels, which unexpectedly contained gold and jewels, interest in marrying the king followed. In exchange for the kingdom, Grognon demanded full control over Graciosa, which the king agreed to. Graciosa was sent to live in fear, but with the help of a fairy prince named Percinet, who loved Graciosa, she survived all challenges and married Percinet happily ever after.
  31. The Six Swans: A king, lost in a forest, encounters a witch who promises to guide him home if he agrees to marry her daughter. Reluctantly, he agrees, but after the wedding he hides his seven children from his previous marriage in a castle. When his new wife discovers the secret, she turns his children into swans. Only the daughter remains. She leaves and spends six years sewing six shirts made of aster flowers in order to break the spell. When she is about to be burned at the stake, six swans appear and she throws the shirts over them, freeing her brothers. The evil stepmother is punished, and the family is reunited in peace.
  32. Jorinde and Joringel: In this fairy tale, a young couple, Jorinde and Joringel, get lost in a forest and end up too close to an old fairy castle. The fairy turns Jorinde into a bird and keeps her in a cage in the castle. Desperate to save Jorinde, Joringel sets out to find a magical flower that can break the spell. After much searching, he finds the flower and manages to free Jorinde and all the enchanted birds in the castle. They live happily ever after.
  33. The Strange Witch of Willowweed: The Strange Witch of Willowweed is a story about a friendly witch who lived in a pink house on top of a hill and helped people with her spells. One day, Princess Winsome approached the witch to seek advice on how to find the bravest boy in the world. The witch suggested that the princess be locked up in an enchanted forest, where only the bravest boy would come looking for her. Meanwhile, a boy named Kit the Coward came to the witch seeking a reason to fight. The witch advised him to ask King Hurlyburly for a job as a commander and declared war on King Topsyturvy. However, Kit refused to fight without a good reason, which led to an apology note and the cancellation of the war. Later, while searching for the princess, Kit met a girl who didn’t know she was the princess. They went on an adventure through the enchanted forest and were eventually married, accepting the strange witch’s advice that it’s what they believe about themselves that matters, not what others think.
  34. Rubezahl: This is a fairy tale about Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains, who falls in love with a beautiful princess named Emma. He kidnaps her and keeps her in a magnificent castle, but Emma is unhappy. Rubezahl gives her a magic wand that can transform turnips into anything she wants, but her new friends fade away. Emma then sends a message to her beloved through a magpie, and he rescues her on a horse made from a turnip. Rubezahl becomes angry and disappears. Emma marries her beloved, and Rubezahl becomes known as “turnip counter.”
  35. The Maker of Rainbows: In a poor village, a strange old man with a device that looked like a knife sharpener and old umbrellas arrived on a dreary November day. He charmed the children and turned a tear into a rainbow, an old woman into a beautiful young girl, and a barren field into a wheat field. The villagers followed him when he said that he knew where the pot of gold was, only to find that he had vanished. However, the children never forgot the rainbows he created.
  36. The Courteous Prince: A Prince falls in love with a girl who is not of his rank, but the King disapproves and separates them. The Prince becomes lost while hunting and seeks refuge in a deserted lodge, where a ghostly woman arrives and asks him to make a bed of heather for her. The Prince obliges and she leaves, but the next morning, his lost love is waiting for him. She explains that she was under an evil spell that only courtesy could break, and the Prince’s actions broke the curse. They return to the palace and are happily married.
  37. Princess Miranda and Prince Hero: This story is about Princess Miranda, who lived on a green island with her ladies-in-waiting. Many princes wanted to marry her, but she refused them all and remained alone. One day, the evil king Kosciey kidnapped her and put a spell on everyone in the kingdom, causing them to fall into a deep sleep. The story follows Prince Hero, who sets out to save the princess by finding a way to kill Kosciey. He succeeds in defeating the king with an enchanted egg, freeing everyone from the spell. The prince and princess get married, along with the ladies-in-waiting and their beloved officers, and they all live happily ever after.
  38. The Frog Princess: In this fairy tale, the youngest prince shoots his arrow that lands under a leaf where a frog looks at him with steady eyes. The frog tells the prince that she will be his wife, leadings to a series of tests set by the king to determine which daughter-in-law is fit to be queen. Eventually, the prince discovers that the frog is actually a princess, but by breaking a promise he made to her, she flees as a duck. Finally, he finds her, breaks the curse, and they live happily ever after.
  39. The Elf Knight: In this story, an old nursemaid tells a beautiful maid named Janet a tale about Elf Land. She warns her not to visit the moorland on the edge of her father’s estate, where the Elf Knight Tam Lin haunts and where people fall under his enchantment. However, Janet decides to go anyway, and soon she meets Tam Lin. He tells her that he needs her to help him become human again and escape from the grip of Elfland. The maiden agrees to do so, and they make a plan to escape on Halloween night when the Fairy Queen and her knights ride into the countryside. Janet executes the plan with courage and finally succeeds in freeing Tam Lin from the power of the fairies. They get married and live happily ever after.
  40. The Tempest: The story portrays Prospero, Duke of Milan, who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and sent out to sea with his three-year-old daughter Miranda. They reached an island plagued with witchcraft, where Prospero learned magic and freed the spirits trapped in tree trunks, enslaving them in turn. After years on the island, Antonio sailed by with King Alonso of Naples and Prospero exacts his revenge through magic, leading them to shipwreck. His daughter falls in love with Alonso’s son, Ferdinand, and Prospero enforces hard labor on him before permitting the two to wed. Prospero forgives his enemies and breaks his magic staff, and Ariel is set free. Prospero returns to his duchy, a happy man.
  41. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: In this Halloween story, a mischievous elf named Twinkling Feet trips his partner causing all the other dancing elves to fall and get hurt. Twinkling Feet’s face suddenly turns sad, and he complains of feeling strange. The elves discover that he has lost his smile, a critical component of elfin happiness. To find his smile before midnight, Twinkling Feet seeks help from the Happy Little Witch and Jack O’Lantern. The solution lies in a tiny creature that enters Twinkling Feet’s mouth, making him laugh and find his smile once again. The story ends with the Little Fiddler reminding Twinkling Feet to always keep an eye on his smile while dancing.
  42. The Frogs and the Fairies: A group of young frogs decide to explore the valley next to their pond, but their grandfather advises them to stay home. Ignoring his warning, the frogs go out and find a party of fairies and fireflies. However, the fairies are angry that the frogs planned to eat the fireflies and punish them by removing one toe from each of the frogs’ front paws. The frogs return to the pond, where their grandfather reminds them that they should have listened to his warning.
  43. King Kojata: This is a story about King Kojata and his queen who desperately wanted a baby. During his travels, the king meets a monster in a well who makes a deal with him: the king must give the monster something he knows nothing about in exchange for his freedom. Later, the king forgets about the deal and has a son, Prince Milan. Years later, the prince meets a monster who reveals the king’s forgotten promise. The prince sets out on a dangerous journey to fulfill the debt, meeting a beautiful girl named Hyacinthia along the way. She helps him complete the monster’s tasks and they fall in love. However, a curse causes the prince to forget her after kissing a child at a wedding. Hyacinthia eventually turns into a flower, but the prince eventually remembers and they reunite. They live happily ever after.
  44. Buttercup: In this story, an old woman and her son Buttercup live with their dog Goldtooth. When a witch comes to their home with a bag of silver items she wants to give to Buttercup, he crawls into the bag and ends up being carried away by the witch. But clever Buttercup always finds a way to outsmart the witch, and eventually kills her and her family with the help of a stone and a root from a pine tree. Buttercup collects the witch’s gold and silver and lives richly for the rest of his life.
  45. The Tell-Tale Goblin: This is a story about a little fairy who secretly goes to the river to meet her lover, a handsome young man who rises from the water. A goblin watches and plans to tell the Fairy Queen, hoping to get a new red jacket as a reward. However, the River God catches the goblin and gives him a silver hat in exchange for his silence. The goblin eventually tells the secret to the Queen, but he gets turned into a spiky silver thistle as punishment. The little fairy lives happily ever after with her River God, while the goblin lives the rest of his life unloved and alone.
  46. Dr. Dolittle: Medicine and Magic: In this story, the animals help Dr. Dolittle escape from prison by turning Prince Bumpo into a golden prince with a magic potion created by the doctor. Although the animals play a prank on the prince, they feel sad leaving behind their friends in Africa. As they set sail, they are guided by millions of swallows, making their way back home safely.
  47. Dr. Dolittle and the Prince: After saying goodbye to thousands of monkeys, Dr. Dolittle and his pets find themselves lost in a dense forest. They accidentally walk into the king’s palace backyard and are captured by the king’s men. Polynesia, the parrot, and Chee-Chee, the monkey, come up with a plan to help Prince Bumpo turn into a golden prince using Dr. Dolittle’s knowledge of medicine and magic. The plan works, and the doctor and his animals are freed from prison, ready to continue their journey home.
  48. The Revenge of the Gnomes: In this story, the Fairies throw a party and invite the Goblins but forget to invite the Gnomes, angering them. The Fairies use beautiful decorations and tableware for the party, but the Goblins are greedy and ruin everything. The Gnomes capture the Goblins, and the Queen Fairies reluctantly help rescue them. The Goblins also demand breakfast, and when the Fairies refuse, they get chased away with magic wands. A PDF version of the story is available for download.
  49. The Teakettle: In this story, a saintly priest purchases a teakettle that turns out to be enchanted and transforms into a badger. The badger entertains people and helps the kettle-mender become rich, but eventually leaves to become a sacred treasure at a temple. The story highlights the power of illusion and the importance of treating all objects with respect.
  50. Little Bo-Peep: Little Bo-Peep falls asleep, and her wild sheep follow their leader deep into the woods. When she wakes up, she can’t find them and goes on a search, meeting rude people until she finds an owl who tells her that he was the princess she needed to help, and in turn, she can get her sheep back. Each sheep is unfailingly connected to their leader, who is often absentminded or foolish, so the other animals get lost in following him. Eventually, with the owl’s help, Bo-Peep gets her sheep back and is gifted a beautiful cottage and becomes friends with the owl.
  51. The Water Nymph in the Pond: In this folktale, a miller meets a water nymph who promises him wealth and happiness in exchange for “something young” that comes into his house. When his wife gives birth to a son, the miller regrets his promise but becomes rich again. Years later, the son becomes a hunter and falls in love, but he dies after washing his hands in the pond near his house, and the Water Nymph takes him away. His wife dreams of a way to bring him back and, with the help of an old woman, uses a golden comb, flute, and spinning wheel to call him back from the pond. The couple is finally reunited and lives happily ever after.
  52. Diamonds and Toads: This is a folktale about a poor, kind-hearted girl who meets a fairy disguised as a beggar and receives a gift of diamonds and flowers that come out of her mouth whenever she speaks. Her cruel and greedy sister is sent to try to receive the gift as well, but her rude behavior earns her a curse from the fairy, turning every word she speaks into a snake or a toad. The kind girl is eventually discovered by a prince who falls in love with her and marries her, while her sister becomes so hated that she dies alone in the forest. The story teaches the importance of kindness and good manners.
  53. Sweet Porridge: A poor girl is given a magic porridge pot by an old woman in the forest. The pot cooks sweet porridge by itself when the girl says, “Cook, little pot, cook,” and stops when she says, “Stop, little pot.” However, the girl’s mother takes advantage of the pot and doesn’t know the magic word to make it stop. The porridge overflows and fills the entire town, causing fear and chaos. When the girl returns and says the magic word, the pot stops. The story ends with people having to eat their way back into their homes through the sweet porridge. An ebook download is also available.
  54. The White Doe: The story is about a queen who wishes for a daughter and is granted her wish by fairies but later punished by the Fountain Fairy for ingratitude. The daughter is locked in a tower until she is fifteen years old and is then promised in marriage to a prince. However, she is turned into a white deer by a wicked plan and runs away. The prince falls in love with the deer and cares for it until it is revealed to be the princess, and they are married. The story ends with the release of the imprisoned princess’s enemies, as per her request.
  55. The Queen of Lanternland: A young prince, while on a journey to explore, finds himself lost and carried away by a waterfall into the underworld. He meets the beautiful Queen of Lanternland, who is being forced to marry the evil wizard Dragondel. The prince and the queen fall in love, but the prince cannot prevent Dragondel from coming to take the queen away. However, with the help of a black cat, the prince manages to switch a magical talisman with a fake one and save the queen from the wizard. They marry and live happily ever after.
  56. The Magic Bonbons: The story is about a chemist, Dr. Daws, who sells bonbons that have magical powers to make people talented in various areas such as singing, dancing, poetry, kickboxing, and piano playing. A young woman named Claribel Sudds buys the bonbons and becomes a successful actress by using them. However, one box of bonbons is accidentally taken by another woman, Bessie, who shares them with her guests. Chaos ensues as each bonbon’s power is unleashed on the guests, causing them to sing, dance, and kickbox uncontrollably. One of the guests, a senator, steals the last bonbon, leading to a strange and embarrassing sequence of events. In the end, Claribel’s fame grows, and the senator is caught by her accusing him of stealing her bonbons.

In conclusion, the Top 56 Stories About Magic is an enchanting collection that will captivate the imagination of young readers, whisking them away to realms filled with whimsical creatures, spellbinding adventures, and the awe-inspiring power of magic. These tales not only entertain, but also impart valuable life lessons, fostering empathy, creativity, and resilience in young minds. As children dive into this enchanting world, they will be reminded of the endless possibilities that exist within their own imaginations and that the true magic lies in their ability to dream, create, and believe in the wonder that surrounds them.