The Fruit Smoothie Party

Once upon a time, in a kitchen, not too far from here, a group of fruits were having a party. There was a juicy orange, a plump banana, a sweet strawberry, and a ripe mango. As they danced and sang, they noticed a blender sitting on the counter. “What’s this?” asked the orange.

“It’s a blender,” replied the banana. “We can use it to make a smoothie!”

The fruits were excited at the prospect of trying something new, so they decided to give it a go. The orange, banana, strawberry, and mango all squeezed themselves into the blender.

As the blender whirred and whirled, the fruits began to combine and mix together. The orange added a burst of citrus flavour, the banana added a creamy texture, the strawberry added a touch of sweetness, and the mango added a tropical twist. When the smoothie was finished, the fruits were amazed at how delicious it was. They had never tasted anything like it before.

They were excited to share their discovery with the kids from the house, so they quietly poured themselves into a cup and waited. The children woke up and came to the kitchen to get breakfast. They saw the cups with the colourful juice standing there and tasted it. They loved it! But their mom and dad thought it was a tad too sweet.

So the fruits started experimenting with different combinations of flavours and textures. They even invited vegetables, nuts and oatmeal to join their party, and together they made the most amazing smoothies the kitchen had ever seen. The whole family loved their new breakfast. The fruits were very happy, so from that day on, the fruits made smoothies all the time.

They loved surprising the kids every morning with a new, yummy smoothie to start their day of right!