Christian Stories

Christian Stories

As night time gently descends and stars twinkle into existence, children across the world eagerly anticipate the cherished tradition of bedtime story time. It is a moment where parents, caregivers, or educators cradle young minds in an envelope of imagination, guiding them on wonderful journeys of learning and discovery. From fairy tales to fables, every story we tell our kids helps shape their understanding of the world. Yet, finding the right stories that are not just entertaining but also enriching can often be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this article, a collection of the 8 best Christian stories for kids to read online.

Designed to be engaging, these online Christian stories offer a blend of fun and moral teachings, serving as an educational tool for parents and teachers alike. Available in easy-to-understand English, these stories cater to children in their early years of learning – preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary students, and even toddlers in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Whether you’re seeking a short tale to tell in a pinch or a longer classic to engage for an extended read aloud session, our collection has got you covered.

These stories are more than just good reading materials; they are powerful instruments for imparting Christian values, helping children grow not just in knowledge, but also in faith and character. These tales are free to read and come with beautiful, colorful pictures that will surely capture the children’s attention, making learning about Christianity an enjoyable experience.

What’s more, these stories aren’t just for bedtime. They can also serve as a useful resource for homeschooling or church Sunday school lessons. And for those who prefer a more interactive storytelling experience, we’ve also included stories with audio components for an engaging read aloud session.

All the Christian stories in our selection are available for free online, with a download option so you can easily have them at your fingertips. They are also printable, allowing you to create your own physical collection, perfect for those unplugged story times or when screen time needs a little breather.

From famous Christian stories that have stood the test of time to modern adaptations that speak to today’s kids, boys and girls alike will find a story that resonates with them. Whether it’s the fascinating parables of Jesus, tales of the saints, or imaginative narratives rooted in Christian teachings, each story is aimed at making bedtime not just a prelude to sleep but a moment of spiritual nurturing.

Join us on this journey of faith-filled storytelling, where the timeless teachings of Christianity are weaved into tales that children will treasure. Watch them fall in love with reading, and more importantly, watch them grow in their understanding and appreciation of their faith. So, get ready to explore, download, and read aloud from our handpicked list of the best Christian stories for kids to read online.

Top 8 Christian Stories:

  1. The Happy Prince: In a city, a little swallow encounters a golden statue of a prince. The prince, known as the Happy Prince, is crying because he can see the suffering and misery of the town from his elevated position. The prince asks the swallow to help those in need by giving away the precious jewels adorning his statue. The kind-hearted swallow agrees, sacrificing its own well-being to aid the poor, a sick boy, a hungry writer, and a girl in trouble. As the winter approaches, the swallow stays by the prince’s side, sharing stories and witnessing the prince’s generosity. Eventually, the swallow falls into a deep sleep and dies, touching the prince’s heart. God sends an angel to bring the swallow and the lead heart to heaven, declaring that they will live happily ever after in paradise.
  2. The Little Match Girl: On a freezing cold evening, a poor little girl, barefoot and hungry, wanders through the snow with a bundle of unsold matches. Seeking warmth, she lights one match and experiences visions of comfort and joy—a warm stove, a feast, a Christmas tree, and her beloved grandmother. Desperate to keep the visions and her grandmother with her, she lights all the matches. The girl and her grandmother ascend to a heavenly realm, leaving behind a lifeless body. While the world sees a frozen girl, unaware of the beauty she experienced, she and her grandmother begin the new year in joyful heavens, forever freed from cold and hunger.
  3. The Star Money: Once upon a time, a poor and pious little girl, left with nothing but the clothes on her back and a handful of bread, embarked on a journey, relying on God’s goodness. Along the way, she selflessly gave away her bread, hood, coat, and dress to those in need. When she had nothing left but her shirt, she encountered a dark forest and a child who asked for it. Thinking she could give it away in the darkness, she did so willingly. As a reward, stars fell from the sky, transforming into real pieces of money—Star Talers. The girl collected the money in her new shirt made of the finest linen and became wealthy for the rest of her life.
  4. The Child of Maria: In a large forest, a woodcutter and his wife, burdened by poverty, gave their three-year-old daughter to Maria, the mother of Baby Jesus, who promised to care for her in Heaven. As the girl grew older, she was given keys to twelve doors in Heaven but forbidden to open the thirteenth door. Curiosity got the better of her, and she glimpsed the Holy Trinity behind the door. In her awe, her finger touched the Heavenly fire, turning it to gold. Ashamed, she lied about her disobedience. Maria discovered the truth and banished her, leaving the girl stranded in the wilderness with a gold finger and a mute tongue. The girl was eventually found by a king, who brought her to his castle and fell in love with her. Despite the queen’s inability to speak, they married and had children. Each year, Maria took one of their newborns to Heaven, as the queen refused to confess her transgression. Eventually, the queen was wrongfully accused of eating her own children and sentenced to death. On the stake, her remorse led her to confess her sin, and miraculously, she was saved by Maria, reunited with her children, and granted eternal happiness.
  5. The Loveliest Rose In The World: In a kingdom, a powerful queen who cherished roses fell ill, and a wise doctor declared that only the most beautiful rose in the world could save her. People searched far and wide, but none could find the right rose until a young mother claimed her baby’s smiling face was the most beautiful rose she had seen. Others suggested roses on the queen’s cheeks and a blessed baby, but they were not the one. Finally, the queen’s son read a story of sacrificial love, and the queen’s face transformed, as she saw the most beautiful rose of love emerge from the pages. It brought happiness and eternal life, ensuring that those who saw this rose would never truly die.
  6. The Easter Story: In ancient Israel, Jesus, the Son of God, taught people about God’s love and performed miracles. Although many believed in him, the leaders felt threatened and conspired against him. Jesus entered Jerusalem to cheers but was arrested, tried, and sentenced to crucifixion. His followers were devastated, but three days later, they discovered an empty tomb and encountered the risen Jesus. He explained that his death forgave their sins and symbolized hope and new life. Christians worldwide celebrate Easter to commemorate this story, reminding themselves that in the face of despair, there is always the possibility of hope and renewal through Jesus.
  7. The Christmas Story: In the town of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph welcomed the birth of their son, Jesus, in a humble stable. Shepherds visited them, sharing news of an angelic message proclaiming the arrival of a savior. The shepherds marveled at the baby lying in the manger and spread the joyful news to others. As Jesus grew, he showed compassion, taught about love and forgiveness, and performed miracles. One Christmas, he fed a hungry village by multiplying a small amount of food. The villagers celebrated with gratitude, forever remembering the miraculous gift. From that point on, Christmas became a time to honor Jesus’ birth and embrace the love and joy he brings to the world.
  8. The Three Kings And The Giant: In the enchanting land of Spain, a cherished holiday called the Three Kings brought excitement to children each year. On the eve of January 5th, children took to the streets with pots and pans, creating a loud commotion to scare away a giant who tried to obstruct the guiding star. The noise, unbearable to the giant due to his sensitive ears, forced him to retreat. With the giant gone, the children eagerly awaited the arrival of the Three Kings, who traveled in a splendid procession. The Three Kings visited every house, delivering gifts to well-behaved children. In the capital, a special feast took place, featuring the King’s Cake, a crown-shaped treat with a hidden toy symbolizing Baby Jesus. The holiday filled the air with joy and unity as families shared in the magic of the season, creating cherished memories.

In conclusion, storytelling is a magical and powerful tool that not only soothes children to sleep but also shapes their minds and hearts. Our handpicked collection of the 8 best Christian stories for kids to read online is a testament to this power, blending fun, educational, and moral teachings in an easily accessible format. From the preschooler to the elementary student, every child can find a story here to kindle their interest, fostering both their love for reading and their understanding of Christianity. Available for free online, these printable stories — whether famous classics or modern narratives — offer a faith-filled voyage into the world of Christian teachings. So, invite your children for story time, download these tales, and let the timeless stories of faith inspire their dreams and their lives.