The Dark Isn’t Scary

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Anand. He had one fear that held him back: the dark. Anand was afraid of the unknown, and he didn’t know what was hiding out there in the darkness. He always felt a shiver run down his spine when the sun went down, and he would quickly run to the safety of his bed, where he would pull the covers over his head.

Anand had a friend in his garden, an owl named Whoot. Whoot was a wise old owl who had lived in the garden for many years. He often saw Anand running away from the dark and asked him why he was so afraid. Anand told Whoot about his fear of the unknown and how he wished he could see better at night.

Whoot listened patiently and then said, “Anand, I have a problem too. During the day, my vision is bad. I can hardly see the mice and bugs that I need to catch for food. Maybe we could help each other out.”

Anand thought about this for a moment and then said, “What do you mean, Whoot? How could we help each other out?”

Whoot explained his idea to Anand. “What if we swapped eyes? I could give you my night vision so that you can see better at night and you could give me your day vision so that I can see better during the day. That way we both get what we want.”

Anand thought about this for a moment and then agreed to the plan. That night, he closed his eyes tightly and Whoot plucked out his eye. It was a little bit painful, but Anand knew it was for a good cause. Whoot then gave Anand his night vision eye.

With his new night vision, Anand explored the darkness and was amazed to discover that there was nothing scary out there. He could see the beautiful stars in the sky, the fireflies fluttering around, and even the small insects crawling on the ground. He was no longer afraid of the dark and was grateful to Whoot for helping him overcome his fear.

However, during the day, Anand found that he missed the beautiful colors of the flowers, the blue skies and the green leaves of the trees. He also found that he was easily disturbed by the bright sunlight. He realized that, while the night was beautiful in its own way, he still loved the day just as much.

Whoot, on the other hand, was having a difficult time during the day. He found that the animals he hunted like bugs and mice could see him coming, and he got interrupted by humans who came to the garden during the day. He missed the quiet of the night and the ease of hunting.

After thinking about this for a day, they decided to swap back their eyes. The operation was the same and both Whoot and Anand were happy with the trade. Anand was happy to see the colours of the day and Whoot was happy to be able to hunt at night again.

From that day on, Anand was no longer afraid of the dark, and he also learned to appreciate the day.