Stories About Being Afraid Of The Dark

Stories About Being Afraid Of The Dark

Embarking on a nocturnal adventure, we bring you a selection of the eight best stories for kids dealing with the common fear of the dark. This comprehensive collection is perfect for children everywhere, helping to soothe their bedtime jitters, teaching them that the night time doesn’t have to be scary, but can be a portal to enchanted tales and magical experiences. These stories, ranging from short and sweet to longer, more intricate narratives, are filled with wonderful characters and important moral lessons designed for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Our charming selection of online tales features both classic and contemporary stories, some of them as famous as the fairy tales handed down through generations. Each story is carefully chosen to resonate with boys and girls alike, making story time a fun, inclusive, and educational experience.

These stories are designed to help kids overcome their fear of the dark, illustrating that darkness can be a setting for adventure and mystery, rather than something to dread. Reading these tales at bedtime can be an effective learning tool, gently guiding children to understand the difference between imaginary and real threats, and showing them that even in darkness, there is always light.

The stories are available to read online, with interactive pictures and easy-to-follow English text, making them appropriate even for early years and toddlers. To make it even more convenient, the stories can be downloaded in PDF format, making them printable and easily accessible for offline reading as well. For those little ones who prefer listening to stories or for parents who want to involve themselves more in their child’s reading journey, these stories also come with an audio option for a read aloud experience.

This collection of stories is free, because we believe in the power of storytelling as an essential part of children’s growth and development. By helping children face and understand their fears through stories, we encourage them to embrace the dark as part of the natural world, and not something to be afraid of.

So, as the leaves fall and night arrives earlier, it’s time to settle down with a good story. Whether you’re a parent looking to help your child deal with their fear of the dark, or a teacher planning the next story time session for your EYFS students, this list is a treasure trove of stories that will provide entertainment, education, and comfort to your children. Turn the page, download your first story now, and let the magical journey into the night begin.

Top 8 Stories About Being Afraid

  1. Lucas And The Dark Forest: In a forest, young boy Lucas loved everything about his home except the dark, which terrified him. However, one day, while playing, he found himself far from his cottage as night fell. Though scared, Lucas recalled his familiarity with the forest during the day and his realization that darkness too held its own beauty. Determined to be brave, he embarked on the journey home, discovering the twinkling stars, the radiant moon, and the peaceful sounds of nature. Overcoming his fear, Lucas arrived at his cottage, forever changed. From then on, he embraced the night, appreciating the newfound beauty and wonder that awaited him.
  2. Conquering The Dark: Once upon a time, little girl Mila experienced a devastating loss when her mother passed away. Grief-stricken, Mila’s imagination began to play tricks on her, filling her nights with terrifying visions and sleepless anxiety. Desperate for a solution, she sought help from a therapist who helped her understand the root of her fear and process her emotions. Through therapy, Mila learned to accept her feelings, cherish her mother’s love and memories, and find the strength to confront her fear of the dark. With her mother’s spirit guiding her, Mila discovered the power of love and found peace in her dreams, allowing her to finally rest and face each night with courage and gratitude.
  3. Go Away, Monster!: In this tale, young Elijah battles his fear of the dark with the help of a magical solution. Plagued by terrifying thoughts of monsters lurking in his room, he struggles to sleep and becomes exhausted during the day. However, a dream encounter with a fairy changes everything. Armed with a magic wand, Elijah learns to banish his fears by uttering the words “GO AWAY” accompanied by the relevant creature, from monsters to ghosts and even burglars. With his newfound confidence, Elijah regains his energy, finds peaceful nights, and joyfully embraces each day with a renewed sense of bravery.
  4. The Magical Sleepover With Bobby: In this enchanting story, young James overcomes his fear of the dark with the help of his loyal and mischievous dog, Bobby. Despite his parents’ efforts, James struggles to find comfort at bedtime, haunted by imaginary fears. One fateful night, Bobby sneaks into James’ room and provides the warmth and companionship needed to lull him into a deep sleep. In his dream, James and Bobby embark on an extraordinary adventure to the moon, exploring its wonders and encountering friendly lunar creatures. They narrowly escape a looming asteroid and return home safely, sharing their magical tale with James’ delighted parents. Inspired by their dream journey, James finds solace in bedtime, knowing that amazing adventures await him in his dreams alongside his beloved Bobby. Each morning, he wakes up with joy and anticipation, eager to share his incredible nocturnal escapades with his parents.
  5. The Dark Isn’t Scary: young Anand overcomes his fear of the dark with the help of his wise friend, Whoot the owl. Anand’s fear stems from the unknown lurking in the darkness, and he often seeks the safety of his bed at night. Whoot, observing Anand’s struggles, proposes a unique solution: they exchange their eyes so Anand can have night vision, while Whoot gains better vision during the day. With Whoot’s night vision, Anand discovers the beauty and wonder of the nighttime world, realizing there was nothing to fear. However, as Anand misses the vibrant colors of the day and Whoot encounters challenges during daylight hours, they ultimately decide to swap their eyes back. Anand learns to appreciate both the night and the day, while Whoot regains his hunting prowess. Together, they find courage, understanding, and a deeper appreciation for the world around them.
  6. The Monster Tea Party: young Mia conquers her fear of monsters under the bed with a surprising twist. Despite her parents’ efforts to reassure her, Mia couldn’t shake the belief that monsters lurked in the shadows. Determined to help her daughter overcome her fear, Mia’s mother organizes a tea party under the bed, where Mia comes face-to-face with the friendly and kind-hearted monsters. She learns that the monsters are responsible for creating the creaky sounds and shadows to help children fall asleep, serving as a bedtime performance. With this newfound understanding, Mia embraces the monsters as friends and witnesses their magical nighttime performance. From that moment on, Mia is no longer afraid of the monsters under the bed and falls asleep peacefully, knowing they are there to bring her comfort and ensure a sound sleep.
  7. Benny The Scared Bat: In the depths of a dark and spooky forest, a young bat named Benny overcomes his fear of the dark. Haunted by his mother’s scary stories, Benny has always avoided flying at night, feeling ashamed and held back. Determined to conquer his fear, Benny takes flight one fateful night and discovers the beauty and wonder that the darkness holds. He encounters glowing fireflies, twinkling stars, and even befriends a family of owls. Benny realizes that the shadows were mere figments of his imagination and that the night is as breathtaking as the day. Filled with a newfound sense of freedom and liberation, Benny becomes “Benny the Brave” and embraces nightly adventures with confidence and courage, earning the admiration of his fellow bats.
  8. Night Watchman And The Kitten: In this tale, security guard Mark battles his fear of the dark while working the night shift at a warehouse. Despite his dedication, Mark’s imagination conjures up terrifying scenarios in the darkness, hindering his ability to do his job effectively. Determined to overcome his fear, he takes small steps such as using a flashlight and bringing a radio for comfort. One night, during a patrol, Mark discovers a trapped kitten in a storage room. The presence of the tiny feline fills him with warmth and companionship, erasing his fear. Mark adopts the kitten as his companion, and with their bond, he gains the confidence and courage to face the darkness. Mark becomes known as a fearless security guard, admired by the warehouse staff, and continues his night shift duties with his trusted companion, never again plagued by the fear of the dark.

In conclusion, these eight stories about being afraid of the dark are more than just bedtime tales – they are educational tools and a source of comfort for kids grappling with their fear of the night. As they journey through these stories, children will learn to navigate their fears, empowering them to embrace the beauty and mystery of the dark. Whether you’re reading aloud, listening to the audio, or flipping through the printable PDFs, each story in this free online collection offers an immersive experience that caters to all learning styles. So, as the stars twinkle in the night sky, let’s turn off the lights, snuggle under the covers, and allow the power of storytelling to guide our little ones into a peaceful and fearless sleep.