Stories about birds

Stories about birds

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 53 Stories about birds for kids to read online! These stories are perfect for children of all ages, whether it’s bedtime or simply a storytime during the day. This amazing collection is available in a downloadable, printable PDF format, which means you can easily enjoy these stories with your kids anywhere and without any hassle. The best part is that all of these stories are available absolutely free of charge!

Each of these carefully selected stories comes with beautiful pictures, making the reading experience even more captivating and enjoyable. What’s more, many of these tales come with an easy-to-follow audio narration, so your children can also listen to the stories being read aloud in English.

These stories are not only fun but also educational, as they provide an excellent opportunity for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students to explore the wonderful world of birds. These stories are designed to capture the imaginations of boys and girls alike, making them perfect for both a fun night time read and an engaging learning resource for EYFS toddlers.

The stories in this collection range from short, easy-to-read tales for the youngest audience, to longer, more classic stories that provide a great reading experience for older children. From famous fairy tales to lesser-known gems, this collection ensures that every child has a good story to read for a perfect bedtime sleep.

Reading stories about birds can open up an exciting new world for young children, showing them the beauty of our feathered friends and the unique characteristics of different species. These stories not only entertain but also instill valuable moral lessons that children can carry with them throughout life. So, dive into the magical world of storytime with this amazing collection of bird stories and create unforgettable memories with your little ones, as you nurture their love for reading and learning.

Top 53 Stories about birds for kids to read online:

  1. The Nightingale: In this story, a wealthy emperor in China hears about a nightingale’s enchanting voice and sends his servants to find it. Once found, the nightingale is asked to sing for the emperor every evening and becomes a beloved fixture in the palace. However, when the emperor receives a golden bird that can also sing, he forgets about the nightingale. Eventually, the golden bird breaks down and the emperor becomes deathly ill. It is only the nightingale’s singing that can save him, and he promises to listen to the bird every day and become a better ruler. The story teaches a lesson about the power of true beauty and the emptiness of material possessions.
  2. The Wild Swans: This is a story about a king with eleven sons and a daughter named Elize. When the king marries an evil queen, she casts a spell on the eleven princes, turning them into wild swans. Elize goes on a mission to find her brothers and is advised to make eleven jumpers out of nettles to break the curse. Despite being captured by the king and imprisoned, Elize manages to finish ten jumpers. On the day of her execution, the swans come to protect her, and she manages to finish the final jumper, breaking the curse.
  3. How The Birds Got A King: The story tells of a time long ago when humans could understand bird language. The birds lived free and happy lives until the cuckoo proposed they needed a king. The birds agreed and decided the one who could fly the highest would be king. The eagle won, but a small bird without a name who had hidden between the eagle’s wings, flew even higher and declared himself king by trickery. Angry, the birds made a new decree stating the one who could poke the deepest hole in the ground should be king. The small bird found a mouse hole, tricked the birds, and was killed for it. The owl who was meant to guard the bird fell asleep, letting it escape. The bird now hides during winter shouting “The king, am I!” and is known as the Winter King.
  4. The Rose-Tree: The story is about a girl with golden hair who is mistreated by her stepmother. After the stepmother kills her and the father unknowingly eats her heart, the girl’s little brother buries her remains under a rose tree. When the rose tree blooms, a bird with a beautiful voice sings a song revealing the truth about the girl’s demise. The bird trades a pair of red shoes, a gold watch, and a millstone for the opportunity to sing the song repeatedly. Eventually, the bird drops the millstone on the stepmother, crushing her to death.
  5. The Eagle and the Jackdaw: In this story, an Eagle takes a lamb and the Jackdaw foolishly thinks it can also do the same thing. It jumps on a ram, but its claws get tangled in the wool and it can’t fly away. The Shepherd catches the Jackdaw and clips its wings. The Shepherd’s children find it funny and ask what it is, to which the Shepherd responds that it’s a Jackdaw, but if asked, the Jackdaw would call itself an Eagle. The story highlights the dangers of overestimating oneself and the importance of being humble.
  6. The Farmer And The Stork: In this story, a group of Cranes invites a simple and innocent Stork to a newly planted field, where they end up trapped in a net set by the farmer. The Stork pleads with the farmer to spare him because he is not a thief and belongs to an honest family, but the farmer refuses and punishes him along with the Cranes. The story highlights the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the importance of being careful with the company we keep.
  7. The Birds, The Beasts, And The Bat: The story tells the tale of a war between the Birds and the Beasts, which was sparked by various acts of violence and persecution. During the war, the Bat family remained neutral until they saw the Birds were winning and then switched sides to support them. When the Beasts ultimately emerged victorious, they punished the Bats for their deceit by banning them from their society. The story carries a moral lesson that deceitful behavior can result in ostracism and exclusion from society.
  8. The Fox And The Stork: The story is about a fox who invites a stork to dine with him, but serves soup in a shallow dish that the stork cannot eat while the fox eats it easily. The stork, in turn, invites the fox to dine with him and serves a fish dinner in a jar with a narrow neck that only the stork can reach. The fox learns not to play tricks on others because he may receive the same treatment himself. A downloadable ebook in PDF format is available.
  9. The Eagle And The Kite: In this story, an Eagle is sad because she cannot find a mate who can provide for her. A Kite offers to marry her and boasts that he is stronger than the Eagle and can carry away an Ostrich. The Eagle accepts his proposal but is disappointed when he only brings back a tiny Mouse. When she confronts him, he admits he would have said and promised anything to win her.
  10. The Peacock: The story tells how the Peacock got its beautiful feathers, which were a gift from Juno. However, the Peacock’s desire to fly again was not possible because the weight of his feathers held him down. Despite his beauty, he became oppressed and limited, unlike other birds who had the freedom to fly. The story is accompanied by a downloadable eBook in PDF format.
  11. The Crow And The Pitcher: The story is about a thirsty crow who finds a pitcher with some water in it. The pitcher’s neck was too narrow for the crow to drink from, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t reach the water. The crow then had an idea and gathered some pebbles to drop inside the pitcher, gradually raising the water level until he could finally drink from it. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  12. The Vain Jackdaw And His Borrowed Feathers: In this story, a Jackdaw sees a group of royal Peacocks in all their glory and imagined that if he dressed like them, he could fit in with their society. He found some castoff feathers of the Peacocks and stuck them among his own black plumes. However, the Peacocks soon saw through his disguise and drove him away, plucking away the borrowed feathers and also some of his own. When he returned to his former companions, they also drove him away as punishment for his previous superior airs. The story highlights the danger of vanity and the importance of being true to oneself.
  13. The Heron: In this story, a heron is searching for breakfast along the bank of a stream. Despite the abundance of fish, the heron is too picky and rejects several options. Eventually, the fish swim out of reach, and the heron is forced to settle for a tiny snail.
  14. The Ant And The Dove: A Dove sees an Ant struggling in a brook and drops a blade of straw to help it reach the bank. Later, the Ant saves the Dove from being killed by stinging a man who was about to throw a stone at it. There is a downloadable ebook version of the story available.
  15. The Farmer And The Cranes: In this fable, a farmer plants seeds in his field while a group of cranes watch. Once the farmer leaves, the cranes start eating the seeds but the farmer returns with a sling and tries to scare them away. When this doesn’t work, the farmer resorts to using stones to kill some of the cranes. The cranes learn their lesson and stop visiting the farmer’s field.
  16. The Lark And Her Young Ones: In this story, a mother lark and her babies live in a field of wheat. The young larks become scared when they hear the farmer talking about bringing in his friends to harvest the wheat, knowing that they will be in danger. Their mother reassures them and tells them to wait until the farmer decides to do the work himself. When he does, they fly away to safety. The story highlights the importance of independence and not relying on others to solve problems.
  17. The swallow and the crow: The story is about an argument between a Swallow and a Crow regarding their plumage. The Swallow boasts about the beauty of its feathers, while the Crow counters that the Swallow is not around in winter when the Crow enjoys itself the most. No title is given, and there is a link to download an ebook in PDF format.
  18. The peacock and the crane: In this story, a proud peacock boasts about his colorful feathers to a humble crane. The crane challenges the peacock to fly with him towards the sun, but the peacock refuses and stays grounded. The story teaches a lesson about the dangers of pride and vanity. An ebook download link for the story is also provided.
  19. Sparrow’s search for the rain: The story is about a girl who rejected many suitors because they had small minds and weren’t interesting to her. The young men of the village were angry and asked Whirlwind, a great man, for help. He banished the girl’s father, who went to the Chief to file a complaint. Upon hearing this, the Chief banished Whirlwind but Rain, who was blind and needed Whirlwind’s help, also left with him. The village was left without wind and rain. Fox and Bear couldn’t find them, so the Chief turned to the birds. Little Sparrow found Rain and Whirlwind in a cave, where they slept. Sparrow woke them up and brought them back home. They returned and the land flourished again. Sparrow was rewarded, and the tribe vowed to never harm Sparrows.
  20. The Silent Princess: In ancient Turkey, a prince who loved to play with no useful activity threw a pitcher three times belonging to an old woman. As punishment, the old woman made him fall in love with the silent princess. Years later, the prince fell seriously ill, and the only cure was to find the silent princess. He found her but could not make her speak until he used a nightingale to tell her riddles. Over three evenings, the nightingale asked the prince riddles to which the princess would break her silent vow and answer. Eventually, the prince and princess married and lived happily ever after with many children, while the old woman who punished the prince was happy looking after them.
  21. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In a small log hut in Germany lived an old woman and a little girl named Granny Goodyear and Little Gretchen. They were poor and could not afford Christmas gifts, so Gretchen hoped someone would give her a present. Her grandmother thought it unlikely, but Gretchen put her wooden shoe outside, hoping for a surprise. The next morning, she found a little chickadee hiding in the shoe and took him in. Although poor, Gretchen made the most of her Christmas day by bringing green boughs to an old man and enjoying other children’s presents without any envy. At bedtime, Gretchen asked her grandmother if there was anything more lovely than Christmas, and she replied, “No, my child, not to such loving hearts as yours.”
  22. Prince Winter: In the story, the Prince of Winter is a strong and wild old man with cold eyes who reigns over the kingdom with great satisfaction. All living beings are terrified of him, and he hates all the birds and trees that defy him. He uses his power to create snow and freeze rivers to prove his dominance over the land. However, when the Prince of Spring arrives in the valley with his flute, Winter’s reign comes to an end and the valley rejoices. The story highlights the power struggle between Winter and Spring and how Spring ultimately triumphs over Winter.
  23. The Raven: A queen’s restless daughter is transformed into a raven after the mother wishes for it. The raven encounters a man who promises to set her free. She instructs him to visit her in a garden and wait for her for three consecutive days without eating or drinking, and he fails. She later leaves him bread, meat, and wine and a ring of hers engraved with her name and a letter telling him to find her in the golden castle of Stromberg. The man goes on a long journey to find the castle but eventually teams up with three robbers who offer him a stick, a cloak, and a horse. When he reaches the castle, he uses the stick to open the door, throws the ring into the princess’s cup, and removes the cloak to reveal himself. The princess recognizes him and they are happily married the next day.
  24. Alice in wonderland: A Race: In the story, Alice meets a group of wet and cross animals who are trying to figure out how to get dry. The dodo suggests a race to dry off, which they all agree to. After the race, the dodo announces that they have all won and must be given a prize. When Alice hands out cakes to everyone, the mouse suggests that she should have a prize as well, and the dodo gives her a thimble. The group then asks the mouse to tell them why it hates cats and dogs, but it sadly declines and disappears. Alice talks about her cat Dinah which causes some animals to flee, and she becomes sad and lonely. The story ends with Alice hearing the patter of feet, hoping that the mouse has returned to tell its tale.
  25. The Seed that Became a Mistletoe: A small seed wanted to grow into a beautiful mistletoe, so it stuck to a bird’s feathers and was taken to the largest tree in the forest. The seed attached to the tree, grew into a large branch, and was admired by animals and humans alike. People began using it as a decoration and love birds kissed under it.
  26. The great birthday cake mystery: A little girl named Madison was excited about her fifth birthday party in the park. However, when it was time to blow out the candles, her birthday cake had disappeared. She found a family of birds that had taken it and started eating it. Madison decided to play games instead of being upset. Later on, the birds returned with gifts for her, including a cupcake with candles on it. Madison was grateful for the kind birds and made a wish.
  27. The Baby Snow Owl: A baby snow owl grows up in a cozy nest on the tundra, but after only three weeks, the baby owl’s parents tell him that it is time for him to leave. The little snow owl reluctantly leaves the nest and learns how to survive on his own. With the hard lessons and guidance of his parents, he grows bigger and stronger until he is ready to take on the world. The story is available for download in eBook (PDF) format.
  28. Lisa and the Birds: The story is about Little Lisa, a curious child who asks a bird where it finds food, where it sleeps, where it drinks, and how the birds survive in winter. The bird answers all her questions patiently, telling her about the abundance of nature and the resourcefulness of the birds. The story ends with a message of kindness and compassion towards all creatures. An eBook version of the story is available for download.
  29. The Crane Express: The story is about six little birds who want to go to Africa to try the worms there, but they can’t fly that far, so they wait for someone to carry them. A fish and a sheep both refuse to help them, but they learn about cranes that come every year and carry small birds to Africa. Finally, they spot a flock of cranes flying overhead and hop on the back of a heavily-laden fourth crane to begin their journey across the sea. The story ends with many other little birds flying to the shore to take passage on the Crane Express.
  30. Bird Thoughts: The story is about a bird who lived in a small house and thought the world was small and round. The bird then moved to a nest where it thought the world was made of straw, until it decided to explore beyond the tree and discovered that the world was actually made of leaves. As it flew further and saw more new things, it wasn’t sure how the world was made anymore, and neither did its neighbors. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  31. The Fantail Pigeon: A little white fantail pigeon feels useless because she can’t do anything special like the other animals on the farm. She seeks the advice of the wise owl but is disappointed when he merely states she is foolish and must make the best of it. Feeling sad, she meets the clever old drake who tells her that everything has a purpose in the world, including her, and reminds her of her pretty white tail. The little pigeon thanks the old drake, tidies herself up, and makes her mistress happy by greeting her the next day.
  32. Pearl and her pigeons: This story is about a little girl named Pearl who loves her pet pigeons named Dot and Phil. Pearl likes to let them fly outside and play with other birds, and they even have baby birds together. Pearl takes care of them by feeding them and giving them fresh water. She enjoys watching them and listening to the mother pigeon coo to her babies.
  33. The Constant Dove: The story is about a white dove named Daisy, who meets a busy little bird named Nuthatch while sitting on the eaves of the house. Daisy asks Nuthatch what he will do when the cold weather comes and the bugs are gone, and in turn, Nuthatch asks Daisy what she will do when the frost stings. Daisy responds by saying she will wait patiently for someone to feed her while Nuthatch prepares to fly south for the winter. Despite Nuthatch’s disbelief in Daisy’s plan, she remains calm and content with her situation. The story ends with a download link to an eBook version.
  34. A True Pigeon Story: A story about a pair of pigeons who showed remarkable foresight by constructing a fence of sticks at the entrance of their dovecote after witnessing their neighbors’ baby bird falling out of their dovecote. The thoughtful action ensured that their own babies were safe from falling out, demonstrating the intelligence and caregiving instincts of these birds. An ebook PDF can be downloaded from the website.
  35. The Dark Isn’t Scary: The story is about a little boy named Anand who is afraid of the dark and wishes he could see better at night. An owl named Whoot suggests that they swap eyes so that Anand can have night vision and Whoot can see better during the day. Anand discovers that the darkness isn’t scary after all and Whoot finds that he misses the quiet of the night. They eventually swap back their eyes and both learn to appreciate the beauty of both night and day. The story can be downloaded as an ebook in PDF format.
  36. A Monkey Objects To Criticism: The story tells of a monkey who shivered in the cold while a bird rested comfortably next to it. When the bird questioned this, the monkey responded with a threat, and proceeded to destroy the bird’s nest and its young, revealing the monkey’s selfish and destructive nature. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  37. The Six Swans: A king lost in a forest meets a witch who will guide him out if he marries her daughter. The king agrees and is led to his castle. He hides his seven children from a previous marriage in a secret castle in the forest. The queen discovers the castle using a magical ball of yarn and turns the children into swans. The youngest child was not home and survives. She sets out to rescue her brothers and must sew six shirts out of aster flowers and not speak or laugh for six years. The king finds her and marries her, but his mother accuses her of being a cannibal. The queen is sentenced to death, but her brothers return as swans, and she throws the shirts over them, and they turn back into men. They reunite with the queen, and the wicked stepmother is punished. The family lives happily ever after.
  38. Jorinde and Joringel: In this fairy tale, Jorinde and Joringel fall in love and get separated when Jorinde is turned into a nightingale by an evil fairy living in a castle. Joringel cannot move or speak until the fairy takes away the nightingale. He spends his life searching for Jorinde until he finds a magical flower that breaks the spell. He frees Jorinde and many other birds who were under the spell, and they live happily ever after.
  39. Little Sleepyhead: The story begins with a little child sleeping peacefully in his bed. Despite the Clock ticking, Birds singing, and Roosters crowing, the child continues to sleep. Eventually, the sun shining on his face wakes him up, and he calls out for his Mama. However, he doesn’t know that the sun woke him up, and no one knows who woke the little child up.
  40. A Valentine’s Gift for the Princess: A young prince seeks the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a neighboring princess. He first chooses a diamond heart but returns it when he realizes it lacks value. Then he chooses a heart-shaped cake, but it becomes too heavy to carry and impractical as a gift. Finally, he discovers a small, white dove that sings beautifully despite being blind, and the princess cherishes it as the best gift of all.
  41. The travels of Prince Flamingo: This story is about a young white flamingo named White Wing who is shunned by his family and ostracized by his community due to his unusual color. With the help of Mrs. Old Turtle, White Wing embarks on a journey to find his true purpose and ends up becoming an advisor to the emperor as Prince Flamingo. The story highlights themes of acceptance, perseverance, and finding one’s place in the world.
  42. Why the Stork loves Holland: This story is about how the Stork has a special love for Holland, where it feels at home among the windmills and dikes. The Stork makes its nests on roofs and church towers, and it catches frogs, mice, worms and insects in the meadows to help keep the populations of these animals in check. In Holland, the Stork is also called “the bringer of good luck,” and it is warmly welcomed by people who believe that where nesting birds are on the roof, babies will be in the house. The story explains how centuries ago, the Dutch fairies invited the Storks from Africa to Holland to control the frog population, and it describes how the Storks loved Holland for its good weather and food availability.
  43. Dame Cricket’s Story: Mrs. Cricket wakes up her ten little crickets as the sun is setting. The crickets don’t want to get up because they don’t want to sing all night. Mrs. Cricket tells them a story about their ancestors who sang during the day, but their singing had become weak. They found out that their family was being eaten by birds, so they decided to sing at night and sleep during the day to avoid being caught. The little crickets finally get ready to sing, understanding the importance of following their family tradition. An ebook download link is provided.
  44. The Day Thief and the Three Birds: In the story, a Day Thief is hungry and seeks advice from three different birds: a crow, a magpie, and a sparrow. The crow advises him to dig, the magpie advises him to beg, and the sparrow advises him to steal. The Day Thief chooses to follow the sparrow’s advice and tries to steal but gets caught and ends up in prison. Afterward, he realizes he should have followed the crow’s advice to dig instead. A downloadable PDF version of the story is also available.
  45. Dr. Dolittle and Too-Too the Owl hear something: After going on an adventure with his animal friends and being rescued by friendly sharks, Dr. Dolittle and his companions explore a pirate ship they stumble upon while sailing home. They search for the key to a mysterious padlocked room and the owl Too-Too hears someone inside. Despite the doctor’s initial skepticism, they eventually hear the sound of tears falling. Dr. Dolittle decides to chop a hole in the door to see who is inside and what’s wrong.
  46. Dr. Dolittle meets the King: In the story, Doctor Dolittle arrives in Africa and is imprisoned by the king who refuses to let him pass through his lands. The Doctor’s parrot, Polynesia, escapes and tricks the king into releasing them by pretending to be Doctor Dolittle and threatening to make him and his people sick. The king realizes he has been tricked but it is too late, as the Doctor and his animals have already escaped.
  47. The Daisy: The story is about a Daisy, which grows outside a mansion and is content and happy despite being small and despised. The Daisy learns to appreciate the beauty of the world around it, including the noble flowers in the garden, the warm sun, and the beautiful bird singing overhead. The bird visits the Daisy, bringing it happiness until it is captured and put in a cage. The Daisy is also trapped in the cage with the bird, unable to offer comfort or help. When the bird dies, the boys bury it and toss the patch of grass with the Daisy on to the street. No one remembers the little flower that had loved the bird so much.
  48. The Bird Boy: This story is about a queen who gives birth to a baby boy with wings and is locked away in a tower with him by the king following a rumor started by a bad advisor. The queen tries to protect her son when a prison guard comes to kill him but tumbles out the window and is transformed into a large gray bird by a good spirit of the ocean. The prison guard takes the baby to his family, who raise him until, as a young adolescent, he becomes the playmate of the queen’s daughter. When Malefico takes over the kingdom and imprisons the former king and his family, including the bird boy, a swarm of large gray birds led by the bird boy’s mother saves them from death. The soldiers accept the bird boy as their rightful king, and he marries the queen’s daughter, living happily ever after.
  49. Marianna: A wicked nobleman rebels against the king, kills him and forces the queen to flee into the forest, leaving her baby princess with an old dwarf. The queen dies, and the dwarf raises the girl as his own, but she decides to leave and find out who she really is. On her journey, Marianna heals the sick with her crystal bottle of healing water. Eventually, she arrives in a kingdom, which unbeknownst to her, belongs to her father, who had been usurped by his brother and a wicked wizard. The wizard plans to use Marianna to kill the sickly prince and make her the murderer. However, a yellow bird sees everything and saves the day. Marianna becomes queen, marries the prince, and the yellow bird happily returns to the land of the elves.
  50. Jack and Jenny Sparrow: The story is about a sparrow who was forced to leave a public park because he woke up earlier than the other birds and started chirping. The sparrow refused to leave, stating he had done nothing wrong. The other birds attacked him and his mate, forcing them to leave. They struggled to find a place to stay and almost got caught by a cat. However, they were eventually welcomed by a little girl who fed them and even got a new bird-box installed in her garden for them.
  51. Little Yellow-Wing: A group of children go on a walk to see a brook that has overflowed due to a storm. While playing by the water, they discover a half-drowned bird that they take back to their home to care for it. They name him Yellow-Wing and nurse him back to health. After realizing that it would be cruel to keep him in a cage, they decide to take him back to the brook and try to find his family. They eventually succeed in reuniting him with his mother and learning a valuable lesson about the importance of kindness towards animals.
  52. Child and bird: This story is about a beautiful bird named Birdie who lives in a lush green forest. One day, a young girl tries to entice Birdie with material possessions like silver dishes and diamonds. However, Birdie teaches the girl the value of simplicity and finds that nature provides its own beauty and comfort. The girl learns to appreciate the simple things in life and the beauty of nature.
  53. The Sandpipers: The story is about a teacher who shows children a picture of a Sandpiper and explains that its long legs are for wading. The Sandpiper family is described as living near the beach and being fairly anti-social. One day, while they were playing, they saw some men coming with guns and, in an effort to distract them from his family, Papa Sandpiper pretended to be injured and led the men away. Once he was sure they were a safe distance away, he ran back to his family, and they all went back to the beach to play.