Stories About Owls

Stories About Owls

Owls have forever inspired awe and curiosity, with their wide, mysterious eyes, silent wings, and nocturnal habits. These intriguing birds are not just the icon of wisdom but also an exciting topic that sparks children’s imagination. For parents and educators alike, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the 11 best owl stories for kids that can be read online.

This exciting collection, free to download and enjoy, ranges from short stories for a quick read aloud session to longer, classic tales for those leisurely bedtime story nights. Each story is available in PDF format, making them easy to print and share during story time or as a part of an early years learning program. Plus, many of these stories come with vibrant, captivating pictures, further stimulating the young minds.

From toddlers exploring the world of picture books to elementary students developing their reading skills, these stories cater to all ages. With options to either read or listen to an audio version, these tales can also serve as a useful educational resource for children learning English.

The stories in our selection cover a wide range of themes, from fun-filled fairy tales where owls go on magical adventures to more profound narratives that impart a moral or two. They can be read aloud at preschool or kindergarten, or downloaded for a quiet bedtime story, helping your little ones fall asleep with dreams filled with wise, fascinating owls.

Some of these tales have become famous, beloved by boys and girls alike, and have been a staple of bedtime rituals. Our list includes not just these classic favorites, but also some lesser-known gems that are just as good.

Whether you are a parent looking to enrich your child’s learning experience or a teacher seeking a fun, engaging way to introduce your EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) students to literature, this assortment of owl stories is a fantastic resource.

Remember, there’s something special about owls that makes them a captivating subject for children’s stories. Their distinctive hooting sounds, the way they fly noiselessly in the night, their unique ability to turn their heads almost all the way around— all these aspects make owls a symbol of mystery and wonder in the animal kingdom.

So, why not leverage this fascination to foster a love for reading and learning in children? Sit back, download your free story, and let your kids dive into the world of owls — an engaging journey that promises a blend of fun, education, and the right amount of thrill for your bedtime tales.

Top 11 Stories About Owls:

  1. How The Bluebird Was Chosen Herald: In a land filled with questions, a curious boy named Arthur ventured into the woods and encountered the Wise-and-Wonder-Man, the spirit of the woods who held all the answers. As Arthur sat on a hillside, the Wise-and-Wonder-Man emerged from a tree, dressed in a suit adorned with silver bells. Astonished, Arthur asked about the significance of the bluebird as the first bird of spring. The Wise-and-Wonder-Man shared a tale of how Springtime, one of the four spirits of the year, sought a herald to carry his colors and play the fife. After a committee of birds failed to decide, they consulted the wise owl, who deemed the bluebird as the best choice. From that day forward, the bluebird became the herald of spring, singing “Spring-is-here” from tree branches.
  2. The Owl And The Grasshopper: The Owl, who sleeps during the day and hunts at night, becomes cross and irritable, particularly when her sleep is disturbed. One day, a Grasshopper, with its loud and raspy song, disturbs the Owl’s slumber. The Owl, unable to punish the Grasshopper due to her poor daytime vision, cleverly entices the Grasshopper into her den by complimenting his singing and offering him a divine wine, supposedly from Olympus. The naive Grasshopper, flattered and intrigued, ventures into the Owl’s den, where the Owl promptly pounces on him and consumes him, underlining the cunning nature of the old Owl and the gullibility of the Grasshopper.
  3. Judge Owl’s Cleverness: Mr. Raccoon has lost his bright tin spoon, suspecting Mr. Crow to be the thief. Seeking help from the wise Mr. Fox, they devise a plan to have Judge Owl settle the matter. Mr. Fox arrests Mr. Crow, who vehemently denies the theft, challenging them to find the spoon on him. Judge Owl cleverly notices that the real thief would be missing tail feathers, causing Mr. Crow to inadvertently reveal his guilt. Faced with the truth, Mr. Crow reluctantly retrieves the spoon, while the woodland creatures marvel at Judge Owl’s intelligence. In the end, Mr. Raccoon and Mr. Fox discuss the cunning of Judge Owl, acknowledging his cleverness in solving the case.
  4. Little Bo-Peep: a kind and beautiful girl, loses her sheep when the mischievous Bellwether leads them deep into the woods. Bo-Peep searches tirelessly, encountering unhelpful people and a frightening encounter with an old woman and her son. Just when hope seems lost, a friendly owl guides her to an enchanted place where the fairy queen punishes the sheep by taking away their tails. With the owl’s guidance, Bo-Peep retrieves the tail of the leader and swings it over the owl’s head, transforming her into a princess. In gratitude, the princess grants Bo-Peep a cottage, and the sheep remain loyal to their beloved owner.
  5. The Owl And The Cat: In a faraway land, an Owl and a Cat embark on a whimsical journey across the sea in a pea-green boat. They bring honey and money, serenading each other under the twinkling stars. Determined to be married, they set sail for a year and a day, discovering a wood where a Piggy-wig possesses a ring on its nose. They acquire the ring, get married by a Turkey, and celebrate with a joyful feast. As the sun sets, they dance on the sandy shore under the moon’s enchanting light, forever bound by love and friendship, ready to continue their magical adventures together.
  6. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan, initially skeptical of the tales about a forest where animals could speak, find themselves lost in the woods. They encounter various talking animals, including an owl, blue jays, bears, rabbits, and squirrels, each showing them hospitality and introducing them to their adorable offspring. Hulda and Nathan marvel at the creatures’ charm and find themselves engaged in conversations about the beauty of the babies. Finally, guided by their new friends, they reach the edge of the woods but sadly cannot find the path back to the enchanted forest. Nevertheless, they cherish the memories and hold onto the hope of one day rediscovering the magical realm of talking animals.
  7. The Baby Snow Owl: In a cozy nest on the tundra, a baby snow owl grows under the loving care of his parents. Reluctantly, he is encouraged to leave the nest and face the world on his own. With a mixture of sadness and anger, the young owl begins his journey, gradually realizing that his parents were guiding him towards independence. As he grows and learns the ways of survival, his parents continue to support and teach him. Equipped with a thick coat of feathers and fluffy slippers, the baby owl perseveres and eventually masters flight and hunting techniques. With the guidance of his parents, he becomes strong and ready to face the challenges of the arctic winter.
  8. The Dark Isn’t Scary: Anand, a young boy, had a fear of the dark due to the unknown it held. An owl named Whoot, who lived in Anand’s garden, noticed his fear and proposed a solution: they would swap eyes. Anand agreed, and Whoot plucked out one of his own eyes to give to Anand, granting him night vision. With his newfound ability, Anand discovered the beauty and lack of fear in the darkness. However, he realized he missed the vibrant colors of the day and Whoot struggled during daylight hours. They decided to swap their eyes back, both appreciating the unique qualities of day and night. Anand conquered his fear of the dark, embracing both periods with a newfound appreciation.
  9. Dr. Dolittle And Too-Too The Owl Hear Something (16/21): After their adventures with the sharks, the doctor and his animal companions sail back home on the ship with three red sails. Curiosity strikes when they discover a locked door on the ship, speculated to hold the pirates’ treasure. As they search for the key, the owl Too-Too insists that someone is inside, prompting the doctor to investigate. Despite the doctor’s skepticism, the owl’s acute hearing convinces them that someone is indeed in distress. Determined to help, the doctor resolves to break open the door and find out what is wrong with the person inside. The animals scramble to find an ax for the doctor, ready to uncover the mystery behind the locked door.
  10. Mr. Owl And His Caller: Mr. Owl is repeatedly awakened by a tapping sound at his door, but each time he opens it, he finds no one there. Confused, Mr. Owl eventually discovers Mr. Woodpecker outside his house, tapping away. Mistaking the side of the house for the door, Mr. Owl invites Mr. Woodpecker in, even though he is sleepy and it is dark in his home. After a brief visit, Mr. Woodpecker departs but returns to tap on the house again. This time, Mr. Owl confronts him and learns that Mr. Woodpecker is tapping to find insects in the house. Realizing that his tree home is indeed infested with bugs, Mr. Owl decides to find a new home to avoid constant disturbance. He moves to a nearby barn, while Mr. Woodpecker remains unaware that his tapping drove Mr. Owl away, believing the owl has simply disappeared.
  11. Mrs. Robin And The Signboard: Mrs. Robin discovers a sign nailed to a tree but cannot read it. She enlists the help of other birds, but they either claim they can’t read or make up false interpretations. Finally, Mrs. Robin turns to Mr. Owl, who promises to read the sign when it is dark. However, Mrs. Robin falls asleep before Mr. Owl arrives. Mr. Owl secretly reads the sign, which reveals that birds are protected from being shot in the woods. The next day, Mrs. Robin scolds Mr. Owl for not coming, but he claims he did. When Mrs. Robin learns the truth from Jack Sparrow, she confronts Mr. Owl for not telling her about the sign earlier. Mr. Owl explains that he only shares information when asked and wonders what the sign said.

In conclusion, this collection of the 11 best owl stories online presents a unique blend of entertainment and education, providing children an exciting journey into the world of these fascinating birds. From short and sweet stories perfect for preschoolers to longer, classic tales loved by elementary students, these free, printable, and downloadable tales with beautiful pictures offer a remarkable tool for learning, and imparting moral lessons. Available in both read and audio versions, these stories cater to all young readers and listeners, making learning English a delightful experience. As the night time falls, make use of these timeless tales as your chosen bedtime stories, enriching your child’s dreams with wisdom, adventure, and the charm of the intriguing owls. From famous fairy tales to unheard gems, these stories are sure to captivate, educate, and entertain your kids, making their story time truly unforgettable.