My Dear Little One

My dear little one, I remember so clearly when you danced inside my tummy. The moment you let out your first little cry, took your very first wobbly step, and spoke your first precious words.

My dear little one, you’ve grown so much. You can play all by yourself and have fun with your friends too.

My dear little one, my heart swells with pride for you. You’re a small wonder in this vast world, and I wish to protect you from any harm.

My dear little one, If I could, I’d keep you near me always, but sometimes I ponder if you still need me around.

My dear little one, sometimes you find me annoying when I remind you to wear a coat or to be cautious at the park. In those moments, I wonder, do you still hold love for me?

But then, my dear little one, it’s as if you can feel my worry. You embrace me, pick a lovely flower, or create a beautiful drawing.

With each tender gesture, my heart fills with warmth, and you must know that I will love you forever and ever.