Stories About The Moon

Stories About The Moon

Welcome to Stories About The Moon, a delightful collection of bedtime tales that will transport you and your little ones to a world of lunar wonder. This enchanting anthology, perfect for toddlers, kindergarten, first grade, and EYFS children, features a range of short stories from diverse cultures, all centered around the mesmerizing moon. Each tale is filled with rich cultural heritage, ancient mythology, and captivating characters, making it an ideal read aloud experience for parents and children alike.

Our selection of stories includes timeless classics and lesser-known gems from various cultures, including English, Chinese, Aboriginal Australian, Indigenous, and Japanese. With tales of moon goddesses, princesses, dragons, and old stories handed down through generations, there’s something to captivate every young listener.

Some of the enchanting stories you’ll find within our collection include:

  1. The Kite That Went To The Moon: A whimsical tale about a magical kite that transports a curious child to the moon, where they encounter the ancient moon goddess and embark on a thrilling adventure.
  2. How The Moon Got Her Face: A charming story from Chinese mythology, exploring how the moon, once plain and featureless, came to have her beautiful, serene face, thanks to a selfless act of love.
  3. The Lovely Moon: A tender tale of two lovers, separated by distance, who find solace and connection under the watchful gaze of the moon. This English story showcases the power of love to bridge any distance.
  4. How Sun, Moon And Wind Went Out To Dinner: A captivating Aboriginal Australian story that recounts how the Sun, Moon, and Wind, each with their own unique personalities, went on an unforgettable adventure together.
  5. The Moon Princess: A tale from Japanese mythology featuring a beautiful moon princess who descends to Earth, spreading joy and wonder wherever she goes.
  6. Arceus and the Dragon: An Indigenous story where the mythical creature Arceus and a fierce dragon engage in an epic battle, ultimately shaping the landscape of the moon.

Our Stories About The Moon collection aims to inspire a sense of curiosity and awe in your children while teaching them the importance of cultural diversity and shared heritage. The tales within these pages will spark their imagination and create lasting memories as they drift off to sleep under the silvery glow of the moon.