Stories Of Luck

Stories Of Luck

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 14 Stories of Luck for children of all ages! These stories are the perfect bedtime reads that can be enjoyed online or downloaded in pdf format for free. Our printable, educational, and entertaining short stories are designed to engage and delight kids from preschool to elementary school age. With beautiful pictures and easy-to-read text, our fun, engaging, and best-loved stories are sure to capture the hearts of girls and boys as they venture into the world of learning and reading.

These Stories of Luck are essential in helping children develop their language and comprehension skills while also kindling their passion for reading. The famous classic fairy tales compiled in this collection have been carefully selected to encompass inspiring good morals, which can be discussed and learned by young children during their early years and beyond. Our stories are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, as well as elementary students learning English as a second language.

So, get ready for a delightful story time session with our collection of luck-filled tales, accompanied by captivating pictures and audio that will make reading aloud an enchanting and memorable experience. Discover the longer classic stories that have enchanted children for generations while also introducing them to new and exciting tales of luck and fortune. Prepare to be transported into a magical world filled with awe, excitement, and wonder as you embark on these adventures just before you fall into a night of sweet dreams and endless imagination. Happy reading!

Top 14 Stories Of Luck for kids to read online:

  1. Hans in Luck: The story is about a man named Hans who quits his job and receives a large piece of gold from his boss as a reward for his loyal service. Along the way to visit his mother, he makes trades with several people that lead to unexpected outcomes. He trades the gold for a horse, then the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig, the pig for a goose, and finally the goose for a rock. When the rock falls into a well, he is delighted to be free of its weight and continues his journey home.
  2. Pippo: An old beggar gives his sons a sieve and a cat before he goes to prison, allowing the eldest son to make money with the sieve while the youngest initially complains about the seemingly worthless cat. However, the cat starts stealing fresh fish and bringing it to the king as a gift in the name of the younger son. The king becomes curious about the owner of the cat and eventually meets the younger son, offering him a feast and a wife in exchange for discovering the secret to his immense wealth. The cat tricks the king’s servants into believing that all the land in Lombardy belongs to the younger son, resulting in the king paying for his royal wedding and giving him a big dowry. However, the younger son forgets about how the cat helped him and the cat ultimately leaves him, calling him a loser who relies on others.
  3. The Happy Prince: A little swallow decides to rest at the feet of a golden statue of a prince with blue sapphire eyes and a red ruby sword. The swallow finds that the prince’s tears are streaming down his face, and he asks the prince why he’s crying. The prince tells the swallow that he lived in a castle and was known as the Happy Prince. But now, as a statue, he sees all the misery of the town and cries every day. He asks the swallow to help people in need, and the swallow obliges. The prince implores the swallow to stay with him and keep him company, and the swallow agrees until it falls into a deep sleep and dies. The prince and the swallow reunite happily in heaven.
  4. The Golden Goose: In this story, a youngest and seemingly dumb son named Simpleton sets out to chop some wood, but along the way, he meets a gnome and shares his food and drink with him. As a reward, the gnome tells him to chop down an old tree and find luck between the roots. Simpleton does so and finds a goose with golden feathers, but as he travels with it, everyone who tries to pluck a feather from the goose gets stuck to it. Simpleton eventually arrives at a city, where the king promises him his daughter’s hand in marriage if he can complete impossible tasks, but with the help of the gnome, Simpleton completes them all and marries the princess.
  5. The Milkmaid And Her Pail: In the story, a milkmaid plans for the future as she walks with a pail of milk on her head. She imagines selling the milk, buying eggs, hatching chicks, selling them, and buying a new dress for a fair. But as she tosses her head in pride, she spills the milk and loses everything she hoped for, learning a lesson about the dangers of counting one’s chickens before they hatch.
  6. The bad little goblin’s New Year: In this New Year’s story, a horrid goblin named Midnight played pranks on birds, rabbits, and squirrels. Eventually, he was chased into a tree hole and then found himself in a cellar in a house with children. Instead of teasing them, he became their helpful friend and secretly drank milk left out for him. On New Year’s Day, he transformed into a golden flame and danced with the children in front of the fireplace. He brought joy to the animals and wood creatures outside, too. The children considered it like Happy New Year every day with the happy spark of the goblin around.
  7. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In this heartwarming Christmas story, we meet Granny Goodyear and Little Gretchen, who live in a small log hut on the edge of a great forest in Germany. Despite facing poverty, they manage to make their meager existence a happy one. Gretchen dreams of owning toys for Christmas, but Granny informs her that they cannot afford any. Still, Gretchen remains hopeful and puts her wooden shoe out on Christmas Eve, hoping it would be filled with a present from Santa Claus. She wakes up to find a small bird who needed their help, and throughout the day, Gretchen spreads happiness by bringing the forest’s joy to an old, sick man and playing with the toys of other fortunate kids. At night, Gretchen asks Granny if there is anything more lovely than Christmas, and Granny replies that there is nothing more beautiful than the festival to such loving hearts as hers.
  8. Blanca and Rosalinde: In this story, an old woman’s kindness towards a stranger is rewarded by a sorceress who grants her daughters their wishes – the elder becomes a queen and the younger marries a farmer. However, the queen becomes unhappy and seeks refuge with her sister on their farm, where she learns that true happiness comes from a peaceful and contented life. The sorceress appears again and reveals that the queen’s unhappiness was punishment for not giving the old mother a few plums. The queen decides to stay on the farm and never returns to the palace again. An ebook can be downloaded for this story.
  9. Sunshine Stories: In this story, the Wind, the Rain, and Sunshine argue over who gets to tell a story. Sunshine eventually gets her turn and tells the story of a swan that brings good luck to everyone it touches. The swan’s golden feather turned into a pen, bringing riches to a supercargo, a leaf turned into a book, inspiring a shepherd boy to seek knowledge, a golden egg hatched into a dear little baby swan, bringing rings of fortune to a poor family’s four sons, and a piece of amber brought happiness to a poor fisherman and his wife. The Wind and the Rain find the story boring, but those who have heard it say, “Now the story is over.”
  10. The Turnip: In this story, a poor gardener grows an unusually large turnip, which he gifts to the king and for which he receives wealth and prosperity. His jealous rich brother then tries to replicate his luck but ends up hiring thugs to kill him. When a student passes by, they hear the gardener in a sack claiming to gain wisdom. The student is curious and asks to be in the sack but is instead tricked and left hanging from a tree. The story highlights the dangers of jealousy and greed and the importance of being content with what one has.
  11. The Happy Family: The story follows two old snails living in a forest of burdock, who believe they are the most important creatures in the world because a castle was built for them where they could be cooked and placed on a silver platter. They have a “normal” snail as their child, whom they raise as their own but who never grows or fattens up; they also try to find a wife for him with the help of ants and mosquitoes. Eventually, they bring him a wife who lives on a nearby gooseberry bush. The old snails give the newly-weds the whole forest as an inheritance and crawl into their houses to sleep. The young couple becomes the masters of the forest, but they are never cooked or placed on silver platters, and they think the castle must have collapsed and all the humans died.
  12. The Master Mariner: A fisherman saves the life of the King of the Caves of the Sea and is rewarded with a talisman that brings him luck. He becomes a successful master mariner and falls in love with the beautiful princess of Silkland. However, he accidentally buys a bag containing a storm instead of wind, and his ship is attacked by pirates on their way to Silkland. He is thrown overboard, but his talisman activates, calling upon the King of the Caves of the Sea to rescue him. The storm hits the pirate ship, and the master mariner saves the princess and returns her safely to Silkland. He marries her, and everyone rejoices.
  13. Intelligence and Happiness: In this story, Intelligence and Happiness meet. Intelligence refuses to give way to Happiness, but when Happiness convinces Intelligence to enter a farmer’s son, Vanek, he uses his newfound intelligence to become a successful gardener. Vanek uses his intelligence to make the king’s garden beautiful and, when he makes the princess speak again, he is promised her hand in marriage. The king goes back on his word, Vanek is arrested, and Happiness takes his place in his head. However, the princess convinces the king to uphold his promise, and Vanek and the princess get married. In the end, Intelligence always makes room for Happiness whenever they meet.
  14. The Bogey-Beast: The story is about an old, poor, and cheerful woman who finds a big black pot full of gold pieces in a ditch. She is excited and starts planning how to spend her riches. But as she takes breaks from dragging the heavy pot, she realizes that the contents keep changing from silver to iron, then to a stone that turns into a Bogey-Beast. Despite her disappointment, the woman remains cheery and considers herself lucky to have seen the creature all to herself.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Stories of Luck showcase the incredible power of fortuitous events that can change lives in surprising and delightful ways. These tales not only entertain and inspire young readers but also teach valuable lessons about gratitude, believing in oneself, and embracing the unexpected twists and turns that life has to offer. By sharing these stories, children are reminded that a little bit of luck, combined with hard work and resilience, can make all the difference in achieving their dreams and overcoming challenges. So, immerse yourself in these magical stories and remember to always keep an eye out for your own lucky moments, as they might be just around the corner!