Stories About Kings

Stories About Kings

Welcome to the Top 50 Stories About Kings for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for children of all ages, from preschool to elementary students, who are looking for entertaining and educational bedtime stories. These wonderful tales can be enjoyed in various formats, such as free pdf downloads, printable with pictures, easy-reading online versions or catchy audio stories in English. Our carefully curated selection will appeal to both boys and girls, focusing on moral, fun, and classic stories featuring kings from traditional fairy tales to modern adventures.

Reading stories about kings can contribute significantly to the learning experiences of toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten students, and eyfs children in their early years. These narratives often bring excitement and vivid imagination to storytime, as young minds explore the magical world of royalty, courage, and wisdom. Kings in these stories embody leadership, bravery, compassion, and the occasional folly that young readers can learn from. By sharing these delightful stories at night time or during read-aloud sessions, kids will not only enhance their reading and listening skills but will also learn valuable life lessons about empathy, problem-solving, and decision-making. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of Stories About Kings, and make bedtime an unforgettable adventure for your little ones.

Top 50 Stories About Kings for kids to read online:

  1. King Trushbeard: A king’s arrogant daughter ridicules every man who wants to marry her, and her father punishes her by forcing her to marry the first beggar who comes to the door. Her new husband takes her outside the castle and shows her what it’s like to live in poverty, but the princess learns valuable lessons about humility and hard work. Later, at a ball, she is surprised to find that her husband is actually King Thrushbeard, whom she had mocked before. He forgives her and they have a true wedding celebration, and the princess never makes fun of anyone else again. An ebook (PDF) download is available on the website.
  2. How The Birds Got A King: The story tells of a time when humans could understand birds, but that changed when the cuckoo suggested that birds needed a king. The birds agree to decide on a king by seeing who can fly the highest, and the eagle wins until a small bird with no name, hidden under its wings, flies higher and declares itself king. The other birds are angry and decide the king should be the one who can poke the deepest in the ground. The small bird declares himself king again by tricking the other birds and is punished by being trapped in a mousehole. The owl is appointed as a guard but falls asleep, allowing the small bird to escape. The small bird is now known as the “Winter King.”
  3. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: The story begins on Christmas Eve when Maria and her brother are playing in their playroom. Their godfather Drosselmeyer brings a Nutcracker doll, which Maria loves. Frederic, however, is jealous and breaks the Nutcracker’s jaw. Before bedtime, Maria puts the Nutcracker to bed. Later that night, she wakes up and sees an army of mice and the Mouse King. The Nutcracker comes to life and leads a battle against the mice with the help of Maria’s other toys. The Nutcracker and the toys win, and Maria falls asleep. The Nutcracker comes to life again and takes Maria to the Candy Kingdom. When Maria wakes up, she wants to keep the Nutcracker, but a few years later, Dr. Drosselmeyer’s nephew takes her to the Candy Kingdom, and she marries him.
  4. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: The story is about a group of frogs who wished for a king and got a log as their ruler. At first they were relieved, but soon became bored, using the log for diving and complaining about their government. Jupiter then sent a Crane to be their king, who ended up eating them. The frogs then begged Jupiter to remove the Crane and he chastised them for their foolishness, stating that they only had themselves to blame for their misfortunes. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  5. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: This is a story from northern Europe, about the spirit in the ice named Uller and his wife Skadi, who were patron gods of winter sports and hunting. They had six daughters who were powerful giantesses and often visited by a young giant fairy named Vuur. When Vuur finally married them all, they turned into one and had a child named Stoom, who was mischievous and loved to cause trouble but could also be harnessed for useful tasks like driving ships and locomotives if treated properly. The story ends with the message that everyone is glad to have Stoom as a good servant and friend all over the world.
  6. King Frost and King Winter: In this story, King Winter is a wealthy king who lives in a strong palace near the North Pole. He has many little fairy servants who are often cross and spiteful and seldom do any kind actions. One day, King Winter sees leaves covered with gold and precious stones, which had been spread by King Frost to make the trees more beautiful. King Winter wants all the gold for himself and orders his servants to collect it all. When they return to the palace, they discover that the bags are filled with brown leaves instead of gold. Angry at the loss, King Winter decides to attack King Frost’s palace that night, but his fairies are poorly armed and are defeated by King Frost’s servants. King Winter tries to escape but is caught and has his magic cloak stolen from him. When he returns home, he finds the forest decorated with broken spears, darts, and white feathers, making it almost as bright as before the gold and ruby leaves were taken.
  7. King Midas: In this story, a peasant named Gordius is prophesied to produce the next ruler of Phrygia by arriving at the palace in an ox cart. Gordius and his wife come to the palace, leaving their son Midas there, and his ox cart becomes the famous Gordian Knot that everyone believes can only be untied by the next ruler of all Asia. Midas later becomes King of Phrygia and is granted by Bacchus the gift of turning anything he touches to gold with a touch, but it turns out to be a curse that almost kills him due to his starving, greedy ways. Bacchus helps save him, and Midas decides to live a humble life away from wealth and worship the goat-footed god Pan.
  8. The Good Little Mouse: A queen is imprisoned in a tower by a vengeful king who killed her husband. She is to be killed after giving birth to her child. A fairy visits the queen and helps her save the baby. Years pass, and the princess is discovered in the custody of a cruel fairy. With the help of a good fairy and a mouse, the princess is freed and marries a handsome prince. The cruel king and his son kill each other in a fight, and the new couple becomes queen and king, ruling over a joyful kingdom.
  9. The Strange Witch of Willowweed: The Strange Witch of Willowweed is a story about a princess who seeks the bravest boy in the world. She is locked up in an enchanted forest, waiting for the brave boy to find her. Kit the Coward comes looking for advice from the witch, who tells him to find a reason to fight, and he eventually finds the princess and falls in love with her. They get married, and the witch goes back to her pink cottage on top of the hill to wait for the next person seeking her advice.
  10. The Ram: In this story, a princess named Miranda tells her father she likes the color white and has a dream where he serves her water from a golden pitcher. Her father becomes angry and orders her to be killed, but she is saved and falls in love with a cursed ram who was once a king. Miranda attends her sisters’ weddings in secret, but when the king realizes who she is, he apologizes for his cruel decision and makes her the queen. However, Miranda breaks her promise to return to the ram quickly and finds him dead at the palace gates. The story teaches that even if you are a princess, life does not always go as planned and the greatest setbacks often happen when you think you have what you always wanted.
  11. The One Hundredth Princess: The story is about a king who spends his days hunting animals. The Green Enchantress, who watches the Royal hunting parties with great sadness, decides to enchant the king, so he can understand the animals’ pain. When they meet, she wears a green gown, and they start talking about their respective environments. To the king’s surprise, he realizes that he doesn’t know much about the forest. As they become friends, the Green Enchantress casts a spell on the king that does not work. She then seeks help from a wise wizard to become a real princess to be able to attend palace parties. She goes to the palace as a kitchen maid and eventually wins the king’s heart. The story ends with the king giving up hunting leading to overall happiness in the kingdom.
  12. The Ice King: In a village by a river, the Ice King brings a long winter, covering the land with snow and freezing the river. When the ice doesn’t melt and the villagers fear the Ice King’s presence, a young man decides to confront him. He breaks the ice and demands the Ice King leave, who vows to return. The young man prepares a wigwam and a fire in anticipation of the next winter. When the Ice King returns, the young man courageously burns a fire hot enough to drive him away, defeating him for good, and ending the winter’s tyranny. The winter never lasts longer than three moons from then on.
  13. The Frog Princess: In this story, an old king with three sons wished to pass on his kingdom to the son who married a worthy queen. The eldest two sons quickly found wives through shooting arrows from a tower, which guided them to their destined women. However, the youngest prince’s arrow landed under a leaf where a frog claimed the prince would marry her. The frog provided the prince three carpets for a queen contest, and the third was the most beautiful. The next test was for the women to undergo and the frog told the prince she would have a carpet ready. After the frog’s magical song, seven young court ladies appeared and got the frog a beautiful carpet. The prince’s father wanted to see the women who made the carpets, but the frog told the prince what to say. The frog’s princess form was revealed and when it was time for the third test, the prince broke the spindle when the princess transformed into one. They lived happily ever after.
  14. King Lear: King Lear wished to divide his kingdom among his three daughters but first asked them to express their love for him. His eldest daughters Goneril and Regan exaggerated their love while his youngest daughter Cordelia, who truly loved him, refused to flatter him. Lear, disappointed, banished Cordelia and divided his kingdom between the other two daughters. However, he soon realized his mistake as Goneril and Regan treated him poorly. Lear lost his kingdom and sanity and wandered into the wilderness, accompanied by his loyal court jester and disguised servant. Cordelia, now Queen of France, came to his rescue with her army but was ultimately betrayed by her sisters. In the end, Lear and Cordelia died tragically, highlighting the consequences of familial betrayal and the importance of genuine love.
  15. The boy with the moon on his forehead: This story is about a king who had six queens but no children. He set out to find a new wife and found a poor woman with a beautiful daughter. The king married her and gave her a golden bell, telling her to ring it when the child was due. When the other queens convinced her to ring the bell early, the king got angry and did not come when the child was actually born. The queen was thrown out of the palace, and the midwife took the twin babies away and replaced them with puppies. The twins were miraculously saved and grew up in the city. When the boy went on a dangerous journey to get a flower, he revealed his true identity to the king, who then punished the six queens and restored the seventh queen’s honor. The twins lived happily ever after with the king’s approval.
  16. King Kojata: The story is about King Kojata and his promise to give something to a monster in return for his freedom after his beard got trapped in a well. The king almost forgot about his promise until a man with green eyes claimed his son. Prince Milan, the son, fled to the underworld and was tested by the king there to perform impossible tasks. He received help from Hyacinthia, one of the thirty daughters of the king of the underworld. They escaped the underworld and went to a beautiful city, where the prince forgot about Hyacinthia because of a kiss from a child. Hyacinthia turned into a flower and got picked up by an old man. When the prince was getting married, the flower-turned-girl baked the wedding cake and left two doves there, which reminded the prince of all that he had forgotten. The prince and Hyacinthia reunited and lived happily ever after.
  17. The Royal Oak: The story tells of an oak tree in Shropshire known as the “Royal Oak” where King Charles II once hid after his father was beheaded and he was declared unfit to rule. With the help of some woodcutters, he disguised himself as a laborer and climbed the oak tree to avoid being captured by opposing forces. After facing more dangers, he managed to escape to France dressed as a servant, carrying the hopes of three kingdoms on his back. The end of the article includes a link to download an ebook of the story.
  18. The Winter’s Tale: The story is about King Leontes of Sicily, who becomes jealous and orders his servant to poison his best friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia. Polixenes and his loyal advisor, Camillo, flee to Bohemia, while Leontes throws his wife, Queen Hermione in prison. Hermione gives birth to a daughter while in prison, but Leontes orders the baby to be abandoned. Years later, the abandoned baby, Perdita, is found and falls in love with Prince Florizel of Bohemia. After many twists and turns, it is revealed that Perdita is actually the lost daughter of Leontes and Hermione. The story concludes with forgiveness and reconciliation between the characters, including Leontes and Hermione, who is revealed to be alive and reunited with her husband.
  19. The Turnip: In this story, a poor soldier-turned-gardener grows a gigantic turnip and gives it to the king out of respect. The king rewards him with great wealth, which makes the soldier’s rich brother jealous. The brother tries to outdo him by giving the king valuable gifts but fails. Out of jealousy, he hires thugs to kill his brother but is foiled when a passing student helps the captive brother. In the end, the student is tricked into the sack of wisdom, and the gardener becomes even wiser after his experiences.
  20. The Golden Touch: The story is about a king named Midas who is obsessed with gold and wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. However, he soon realizes that his gift brings him only misery as he accidentally turned his own daughter into a golden statue. A stranger tells him how to undo his gift by washing away the effects of the golden touch, bidding him to jump into the river. After he successfully undoes the damage, Midas learns a valuable lesson and becomes wiser, having eyes only for the valuable treasures around him.
  21. King Alfred and the Cakes: In this story, King Alfred hides in a forest while fleeing from enemies and asks a woman in a small cottage if he can come in. She asks him to watch the cakes baking while she works, but he forgets and burns them. The woman scolds him until her husband recognizes the king and they apologize to each other. The story ends with the king forgiving the woman for scolding him and offering to forgive her if she forgives him for burning the cakes. An ebook download link is also provided at the end.
  22. Dr. Dolittle meets the King: In this story, Doctor Dolittle arrives at the king’s palace in Africa but is refused permission to travel through the land. The king fears that Dolittle will exploit his land for resources like previous foreign visitors. The king imprisons the doctor and his animal friends in a dungeon, but Polynesia the parrot, who can imitate voices, tricks the king into letting them go. The parrot threatens to make him and his people sick unless they are released. The king is tricked, and Dolittle and his team escape. The story ends with the king feeling angry that he had been fooled.
  23. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: In this story, the newly crowned king of Denmark seeks advice from his council on finding a wife. One counselor suggests Hilda, the beautiful daughter of King Hagen of Ireland, but negotiations with Hagen are dangerous. Yarl Wate and his companions are sent to court Hilda, but King Hagen becomes angry when they try to take her. There is a battle, but eventually, peace is made, and Hilda and the king of Denmark are married, with Hagen’s blessing.
  24. The Worthy One: After a King dies, his four sons fight over the crown. The King’s advisors and wise old men of the people suggest that only the Worthy One, who confesses to and avoids the most crimes committed by the deceased King, can become the new King. The first three princes confess to a growing number of sins committed by the former King, while the fourth refuses to speak ill of his father and keeps all the sins silent. The advisors and wise men name him the Worthy One, and he becomes the new King.
  25. The Jellyfish and the Monkey: This is a Japanese fairy tale about a Dragon King of the sea who falls in love with a Dragon Princess and gets married, but she falls ill and the only cure is a live monkey’s liver. The King sends his servant, a jellyfish, to bring back a monkey. The jellyfish convinces a monkey to come with him, not knowing if he has its liver, and on the way back to the palace, the monkey tells the jellyfish that he left his liver behind. The jellyfish returns empty-handed and is punished by having his shell removed, turning him into the soft creature we know today.
  26. Donkeyskin: This is a story about a princess whose father, the king, became obsessed with marrying her after his wife passed away. The princess’s godmother advised her to ask the king for impossible things, such as a dress the color of the weather and the skin of his special donkey. However, the king managed to provide them all, causing the godmother to advise the princess to leave the palace. She found work on a farm and used her godmother’s magic wand to alternate between beautiful dresses and her donkey skin. The prince of the land saw her through a keyhole and fell in love. When he later became sick from love, the princess baked him a cake and accidentally left her ring in it, leading to the prince searching for her and eventually finding her on the farm. They fell in love and the king and queen gave their blessing for the marriage.
  27. The Harvest of King Winter: King Winter asks the Snow Fairies and Frost Fairies what they have done to make people happy, and they report their recent activities. King Winter then proposes to leave a “harvest” that can continue to exist after winter ends. With the help of Mr. North Wind and the Frost Fairies, they create a thick layer of ice on rivers and lakes that people can harvest to cool food or make ice all year round.
  28. Allerleirauh: In this story, a King promises his dying wife that he will remarry someone as beautiful as her. After a long search, the King falls in love with his own daughter, who is also as beautiful as her mother. The daughter runs away with the help of a Protective Fairy and uses magical cloaks to disguise herself while she works as a kitchen maid in an inn. The King discovers her true identity and they get engaged, but the daughter is still homesick. She returns home and her father agrees to bless her engagement with her fiance and marry a new queen. They all live happily ever after.
  29. The Treasure Castle: A hunter comes across a trapped dwarf who tells him about a treasure in a castle and warns him not to go into the tower. The hunter follows the dwarf’s advice, gets the treasure and becomes rich. However, the king finds out and has him imprisoned. The king and his cohorts later steal the treasure but are transported to another castle by an explosive bell. They are tried and sentenced by the dwarf king and bird judge to menial and lifelong jobs, while the hunter is crowned king. The treasure is still in the castle, waiting to be found but beware of the tower.
  30. The Lost Half Hour: The story is about a foolish young man named Bobo who is sent out into the world to find a lost half hour. As he travels, he encounters various challenges and obstacles, but with the help of some newfound wisdom and a magical pair of clogs, he is ultimately able to complete his quest and return home a hero. Along the way, he also helps others, including a man who has lost his reputation, a man who has lost his temper, and a king whose daughter has been kidnapped by a dragon. In the end, Bobo marries a kind kitchen maid named Tilda and lives happily ever after.
  31. The City Under the Sea: The story is about a merchant who was commanded by the king to find the Emerald of the Sea. His two eldest sons attempted to find it first, but didn’t return. The youngest son set out to find it as well, with the help of a witch. He found it in the underwater world where he met his two brothers and their wives, who had forgotten their past lives and loved ones. He broke the spell and restored their memories with the help of the youngest daughter of the king of the underwater world. They all returned home, and the youngest son used the emerald’s power to free his father from the king’s prison and overthrow the king. Eventually, the two older brothers are crowned king and are forced to spend half a year each ruling aboveground and underwater, respectively. The youngest son marries the Sand Witch’s niece.
  32. The seven ravens: A man had seven sons and a daughter, who was weak and small but pretty. When they went to christen her, the sons lost the water pitcher, and the father became angry and wished them to be turned into ravens. His wish was granted, and the daughter grew up without knowing about her brothers until one day when she overheard people talking about them. She decided to find them, but when she reached the glass mountain where they lived, she realized she needed a piece of wood to open the castle door and she had lost it. She cut off her little finger to use as the wood piece and freed her brothers from the curse.
  33. Richard and Blondel: The story is about Richard I, King of England, who was imprisoned in a foreign land after winning battles and gaining much honour. One day, he heard his old friend Blondel singing beneath the window of his prison cell. Blondel had searched for his lost master and told the people where to find him. Richard was set free and returned to England. The story can be downloaded as a PDF ebook to read offline or print.
  34. The Little King’s Rabbits: In this story, the little king’s white rabbits with pink eyes and pink ears go missing, and everyone in the kingdom searches for them. Despite the efforts of soldiers, hunters, and servants, they cannot be found. However, the gardener’s daughter Peggy follows some clues to an old woman’s cabbage patch, where she finds the rabbits happily munching on cabbage leaves. Peggy is rewarded by the little king, who offers her anything she wants, and she asks for a white rabbit of her own and receives two.
  35. Kate Crackernuts: A queen becomes jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty and seeks the help of a henwife to ruin it. The henwife tells the queen to send the girl to fetch eggs without eating anything on the way for three days, and each time Anne fails to follow the directions and eats, the henwife gives a different message to tell the queen. On the third day, the queen goes with Anne and witnesses her head being replaced with a sheep’s head. Anne’s stepsister, Kate, saves the day by going on an adventure with a sick prince, using a wand and a magical chicken to make him well. In the end, the sick prince marries Anne while Kate marries his brother.
  36. Solomon and the Bees: In this story, Queen Sheba visits King Solomon’s kingdom to test his wisdom with an intriguing challenge. She holds two wreaths of flowers, one real and one artificial, and asks the king to identify the true one. As the king struggles, he notices bees outside and realizes that they are drawn to the real flowers. By observing and appreciating the world around him, King Solomon outsmarts the queen and proves his wisdom once again. The story teaches us to find valuable lessons in even the smallest details of life.
  37. How the Speckled Hen Got Her Speckles: The story is about a little white hen who found a letter and decided to deliver it to the king. On her journey, she met a friendly fox, a grateful river, and a grateful fire who all wanted to accompany her. When the hen delivered the letter, the king was angry at the sight of the dirty paper and ordered her to be thrown out into the royal poultry yard. The fox, who was hiding in the little brown basket the whole time, jumped out and killed all the fowls in the yard. The hen and the fox ran away, and the river and the fire helped them escape from the king’s pursuit. From that day on, the little white hen had speckles on her feathers, and her descendants, the speckled hens, carried the memory of her adventure.
  38. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Lion becomes the King of the Beasts: A group of travelers find themselves in a difficult and disagreeable country after climbing down from the china wall. Despite the challenges, they manage to navigate through until they encounter a beautiful forest where they decide to rest. The following day, they hear the growling of wild animals and discover a gathering of beasts who are holding a meeting due to the presence of a monster in the forest. The Lion bravely offers to fight the creature, and after defeating it, he’s named king of the forest.
  39. The frost king and the power of love: In this story, the Queen and her nymphs are trying to stop King Frost from declaring war on the flowers and freezing them each year. Star, the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, volunteers to go and show King Frost love in the hope of softening his hard heart. But she is imprisoned by the King, and the Queen’s army declares war on him in revenge. Eventually, Star’s magic garden in her cell melts King Frost’s heart and he surrenders, promising to be gentle and friends with the nymphs. The story ends with a big feast to celebrate.
  40. Cockyloo: The story is about a group of chickens and their adventures. The main character, Cockyloo, is a brave and kind rooster who protects his family from danger. He foils the plans of thieves who want to rob the farmer’s house, and his heroic actions earn him a place on the top of the courthouse as a weather vane. Despite his fame, he remains humble and is loved by all.
  41. The Box of Flames: A poor peddler named Joga sells a ring to a mysterious girl who tells him to go to a King on the other side of the country for payment. Joga and his wife, Damar, embark on a long journey and the King initially refuses to pay, but then agrees after hearing about the girl’s instructions to look for payment in a box of flames. The King opens the box, which contains the exact amount Joga asked for and also an emerald and a tiny bottle of red liquid. The King uses the liquid to revive his wife, who had been under a spell put on her by a witch. Joga and Damar are given a bag of gold and return home.
  42. The Singing Ring: A Prince falls in love with a beautiful Princess, but her King father disapproves of the match. The Princess becomes unhappy and stops eating. One day, the Princess sees the Prince from her window and waves her handkerchief to him. She receives a ring from a mysterious source and is comforted by its singing. When the castle catches fire, the Prince saves the Princess and asks for her hand in marriage as a reward. The King reluctantly agrees, and when the couple marries, the ring continues to sing. The story ends with the two riding away on a black horse, the ring still singing its melody.
  43. The King of the Barnyard: A group of barnyard animals debates the idea of having a king, with the donkey pushing the idea. Eventually, they agree to make the donkey their king, but when the donkey requests pages to wait on him, the other animals refuse. The donkey ends up alone in his supposed glory, realizing that his attempt to elevate himself above the others was a mistake.
  44. How Miss Springtime Was Stolen: The story is about a wicked giant named King Frost who wanted to keep Miss Springtime as a prisoner. He plotted with Jack Frost to capture and bring her to his icy castle. Miss Springtime was scared when she saw the giant, but he took her anyway. Madam Summer, who was concerned that Miss Springtime was missing, eventually found King Frost’s castle and used her warm breath to melt it. King Frost was driven away, and Miss Springtime was freed but too upset to fix up the gardens and fields for summertime.
  45. Tiktok and the Nome King: In this story, the Clockwork Man – Tiktok, visits the Nome King to secure new springs for his thought-works and speech work. The Nome King, who is in a bad mood, becomes angered by Tiktok’s request and ends up destroying him. However, Kaliko, the Nome King’s Chief Steward, finds Tiktok’s broken pieces and reassembles him with new parts. Tiktok returns to the Nome King and surprises him, causing the King to panic and run through his various caverns, trampling over other Nomes. Eventually, the situation calms, and the Nome King decides to give jewels to the Princess of Oz in exchange for forgiveness for destroying Tiktok.
  46. The Moon Lady’s Daughter: This story is about a childless Queen who prayed for a daughter, and was granted one by a fairy on the condition that she was a moon baby who would only stay on Earth until the Moon Mother called her back. The girl grew up to be a beautiful princess who fell in love with the gardener’s son, but her parents ordered him to be locked up. The princess called upon the Moon Lady, her true mother, and was granted visits with her lover in the form of a lake that shines like silver in the moonlight.
  47. The King’s Servant: The story is about a king who loves his servant Muccio, making the other servants jealous. They approach an old witch to turn Muccio into a cat using a bag of gold obtained from pooling their savings. The cat is treated well by the king, which angers the servants who once again contract the witch to turn the cat into a lion. However, the lion, too, is treated well by the king. The servants contract the witch once again to turn the lion into a dragon, but by now, the king has grown suspicious and confronts the witch. She finally transforms Muccio back into a man, and the king punishes the servants for conspiring against Muccio. They are ordered to serve Muccio for the rest of their lives.
  48. Princess Marzell: The story is about a deceitful servant named Michio who wants to become a king. He goes to a powerful witch who transforms him into a handsome prince and gives him a magic bag, a wafer, and sleeping powder. Michio pretends to be royalty and marries Princess Marzell for her wealth. He takes her to a house in the woods, puts her in the magic bag, and commands it to jump into the ocean. But he accidentally sneezes out the wafer, and the bag jumps out of the window instead of into the ocean. Princess Marzell is saved and Michio is never seen again. The story ends with the Princess ruling the kingdom without a king.
  49. The Golden Chain: This is the story of a Prince who, on his wedding night, was turned into a lion by a wicked witch. His bride, the Princess, was undeterred by his new form and decided to marry the lion anyway. The witch said that only a magical golden chain placed around his neck could restore him. The Princess set out on a quest to find the chain and, with the help of some kind maidens, succeeded. She returned to the lion, who turned back into the Prince, and they lived happily ever after.
  50. The Sorceress And The Pearl: A good and kind king is turned into a toad by an evil sorceress who wants her son to become the new king. The sorceress uses a magic drink to shrink the king, turns him into a toad, and his horse into a rock. The sorceress’s son becomes the king, but he is cruel and oppressive, confiscating the people’s lands and wealth. The toad is told by the sorceress that he can regain his original form if he finds a magic pearl belonging to the fairies. He finds it and brings it to the sorceress, who hesitates to use it because it means the king will regain his throne. The sorceress attempts to kill the toad, but the magic of the pearl restores the true king and vanishes the sorceress. The kingdom is restored to peace, and the sorceress’s son becomes a devoted servant of the true king.

In conclusion, the Top 50 Stories About Kings offers a captivating and enriching journey for children, delving into the realm of royalty and the fascinating lives of kings from various time periods and cultures. These stories provide a unique blend of entertainment and education, allowing kids to explore the richness of history, while also instilling moral values and lessons they can carry with them throughout their lives. Reading these tales online will not only ignite their imagination, but also foster a love for reading and pave the way for young readers to expand their curiosity and explore the world around them.