Stories About Heroes

Stories About Heroes

Welcome to the Top 23 Stories About Heroes for kids to read online! This incredible collection is specially crafted for children, making it a perfect addition to bedtime reading or any time your little ones want an exciting story. Our unique assortment of stories is available in various formats like pdf, free online reads, printable, and easy downloads, making it accessible to everyone.

The tales in this collection are designed to be visually engaging with fun pictures, and some even offer audio versions so that children can enjoy story time, even if they’re not yet fluent readers. These exciting and educational stories cater to a range of age groups – from toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners to elementary students, eyfs, and early years children. The collection includes classic fairy tales, moral stories, and longer narratives that will keep both boys and girls entertained.

Stories about heroes hold a special place in every child’s heart, and this fantastic assortment delivers the best of the best. These stories are not only entertaining but also impart valuable life lessons and morals – making them an ideal resource for learning in a fun and engaging manner. Heroes in these tales face challenges and overcome obstacles, inspiring children to be braver and believe in their own abilities. So, whether you want to have a cozy night time read aloud session or a longer interactive story time, our Top 23 Stories About Heroes collection has everything you and your child need for an extraordinary reading experience. Allow their imaginations to soar as they follow the adventures of these heroes, and watch as these stories become an integral part of their childhood.

Top 23 Stories About Heroes for kids to read online:

  1. Theseus and the Minotaur: The story is about a boy named Theseus who sets out on a journey to Athens to visit his father, encountering monsters and thieves along the way. When he arrives, he learns of a terrible monster called the Minotaur that lives in a labyrinth on the island of Crete and demands a tribute of seven young men and women from Athens each year in exchange for peace. Theseus decides to be one of the young men and sets out to slay the Minotaur, with the help of the king’s daughter Ariadne. He succeeds, but forgets to change the black sails of his ship for white, making his father believe he has died and leading to tragic consequences.
  2. The Raven: In this story, a queen grows impatient with her restless daughter and accidentally turns her into a raven. She flies away and a man hears her cries for help in the woods. She tells him she is a bewitched king’s daughter and gives him instructions on how to break the spell, warning him not to eat or drink anything an old woman offers him. The man is unsuccessful in staying awake, so the raven gives him a gift and a letter leading him to the golden castle of Stromberg, where she is held captive. After a year of waiting, the man obtains a magical horse, cloak, and stick from some robbers and uses them to climb the glass mountain and reach the princess. He removes the invisibility cloak and she thanks him for saving her from the spell. They plan to marry the next day.
  3. Soria Moria castle: This story is about Halvor, a good-for-nothing young man who goes on a sea voyage and ends up on a strange land where he saves a princess. He falls in love with her and rescues her sisters from trolls in other castles. Halvor returns home for a while to tell his parents of his adventures and the princesses give him a ring that can transport him to their castle. However, he breaks the agreement not to reveal the princesses and loses the ring. He sets out to find the castle again and is helped by a couple, the moon, and the west wind. He arrives at the wedding of the princess and is recognized because of his ring. The princess chooses to marry Halvor, and they live happily ever after. Download the ebook in PDF to read the full story.
  4. The Ice Skating Rescue Squad: In this story, a boy and his St. Bernard dog, Bernie, patrol the frozen river in their town on cold days to keep everyone safe on the ice. They rescue a penguin, a cocoa seller’s stand, a little girl, and an elderly lady. Though exhausted by the end of the day, they are happy to be helpful and love that their job is not a constant one.
  5. The Brave Princess and the Magic Forest: A little girl named Lucy asks her mother to tell her a bedtime story about a magical adventure. Her mother proceeds to recount a tale of a brave young princess who embarks on a journey to defeat a dragon threatening her kingdom. Along the way, she encounters magical creatures who offer help, and after a fierce battle, the princess defeats the dragon and saves her people. Lucy falls asleep, dreaming of her own magical adventures, and readers can download an ebook of the story.
  6. The Skiing Superhero: Lindsey has always admired doctors, teachers, and police officers. She considered skiing to be insignificant compared to their jobs. But one day, while skiing with friends, she saw a group of thieves trying to steal valuable ski equipment. Using her impressive skiing skills, Lindsey chased them and apprehended them while returning the stolen goods to their rightful owner. Lindsey then showed her skiing skills to rescue a wounded skier on a remote part of the mountain and taught children how to ski, knowing that she is making a positive impact on their lives. Lindsey found her calling as a skiing superhero and used her skiing skills to help others.
  7. The Brave Firefighters and the Stuck Koala Family: A family of koalas find themselves trapped in a burning eucalyptus tree in the Australian bush. The firefighters come to their rescue and carefully pick up each of the koalas one by one and place them in a basket. The koalas thank the firefighters who worked tirelessly to put out the flames and save as much of the land, properties, people and animals as possible, despite over 3 billion animals perishing in the bushfires. The story ends with the koalas safe in a new home, and the firefighters continuing their efforts to protect the land and its creatures.
  8. The Great Amazon Wildfire: During a hot and dry summer in the Amazon rainforest, a wildfire broke out, consuming everything in its path and forcing animals to flee. However, a group of warriors known as the Fire Warriors sprang into action and fought tirelessly for days to control the fire with the hope of protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants. After many long and gruelling days, the Fire Warriors finally got the upper hand, and the wildfire was extinguished. The Fire Warriors were hailed as heroes by all who lived in the rainforest, and their bravery was remembered for generations to come.
  9. The Gentle Giant’s Rescue: The story is about a gentle giant Newfoundland dog named Sammy who worked as a lifeguard in a small town by a swimming lake. One day, he decided to embark on an adventure to hike the highest mountain peak in the area but got stuck as he couldn’t climb back down. The dog howled for help, and a group of hikers saw him and called firefighters to save him. The firefighters wrapped him in a warm blanket, gave him food, and carried him down to safety. Sammy learned his lesson and was grateful to be back home.
  10. Ollie the Elephant Firefighter: This story is about Ollie the elephant who wants to become a firefighter, despite his size and clumsiness. He faces challenges during probationary school but perseveres and eventually graduates with flying colors. However, during his first real fire, he freezes and feels like a failure until he hears a classmate in danger. Ollie overcomes his fear and uses all his skills to save his classmate and a family. Ollie feels a sense of pride and accomplishment that he’s found his true calling as a firefighter. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  11. Fiona the Firetruck Driver: The story is about Fiona, a dedicated and hardworking firefighter at Station 9. She starts her day with a thorough inspection of her firetruck and its equipment, always ready to respond to any emergency that comes her way. Throughout the day, Fiona and her team respond to a car accident, a forest fire, and a small building fire. Even when faced with a broken pump, she quickly spots the problem and fixes it with her expertise and skills. After an exhausting day, Fiona completes her duties, ensuring that the equipment is ready for the next shift. She goes home proud to be a firefighter and knowing that she made a difference.
  12. Peter Pan: In this story, Wendy tells her younger brothers stories about Peter Pan. What they do not know is that he secretly listens to her stories every night. One night, when Peter comes to look for his shadow, he convinces Wendy, John, and Michael to fly to his home, Neverland. While there, they face many dangers including a vengeful pirate and Tinkerbell’s jealousy. Eventually, Wendy begins to feel homesick and convinces the others to return home to London. Captain Hook captures them but is ultimately defeated by Peter, and the children safely return home where they are adopted by their loving parents.
  13. The Elf Knight: In a gray stone castle, an old nursemaid tells Janet a story of Elf Land and warns her to avoid it, especially on Halloween. However, Janet goes there the next day and meets Tam Lin, an Elf Knight who was captured by the Fairy Queen and can only return home if a brave maiden saves him. Tam Lin and Janet fall in love, and he gives her instructions on how to rescue him during the Fairy Queen’s ride. Janet successfully saves Tam Lin from various enchantments, and they return to the castle where they get married and live happily ever after. A downloadable ebook is available.
  14. The story of Grace Darling: The story is about Grace, the daughter of William Darling, who assists her father in running a lighthouse located on a small rocky island off the coast of England. One stormy night, they hear shouting from the sea and discover a ship has wrecked on the rocks. Despite her father’s reservations, Grace insists on rescuing the half-frozen people and with great skill, they manage to save them. The rescued people are then taken to the lighthouse where Grace warms and feeds them until the storm subsides. An ebook version of the story is also available for download.
  15. Schippeitaro: A young warrior sets out on an adventure in Japan and becomes lost in a magical forest before stumbling upon a village where he learns that the Spirit of the Mountain demands a human sacrifice every year. The boy sets out to save the young girl who is to be sacrificed and borrows a dog named Schippeitaro to help him. During the night, the boy and dog hide in a church where they witness a group of cats led by an enormous black cat who are believed to be the spirits of the dead. The monster sees the box containing the girl and opens it, only to be attacked and killed by Schippeitaro. The other cats flee, and the boy and dog save the village from future sacrifices.
  16. The Brave Little Tailor: In this story, a little tailor purchases jam from a farmer’s wife, and to annoy her, he brags that he had killed seven flies in one strike. To commemorate the event, the tailor makes a belt, “Seven in One Blow.” Thinking he is a great hero, he sets out to travel the world. Along the way, he encounters two giants, a unicorn, and a wild boar. With his wit and cleverness, he defeats each of them. The king offers the little tailor his daughter’s hand in marriage and half his kingdom if he can perform three heroic deeds. When he discovers the tailor’s true profession, the king tries to get rid of him, but the tailor outwits him and remains king for the rest of his life.
  17. The Sandpipers: In the story, a teacher shows children a picture of a sandpiper and teaches them about the bird’s long legs, its habitat by the ocean, and its habits. The teacher tells a story of a sandpiper family’s encounter with gun-carrying men on the beach. The father sandpiper pretends to be injured to distract the men from his family, leading them away and then returning to his family when the coast is clear. The story ends with the sandpipers happily playing on the beach again. The story is available for download in ebook (PDF) format.
  18. Cockyloo: In this story, a gray hen hatches ten chicks, including a good chick named Cockyloo and a bad one named Peck. Peck causes trouble and is eventually kicked out of the barnyard and befriends a fox. Meanwhile, Cockyloo saves his family from would-be robbers and becomes a hero. Later, the town honors him by creating a weather-cock in his likeness. Despite being spared for many years as he ruled the barnyard, Cockyloo eventually dies as a brave and good leader.
  19. The Silver Horseshoes: The story is about a poor prince who sets out on a quest to obtain silver shoes from an old witch in order to climb a slippery mountain and marry the princess on top of it. His loyal horse helps by directing him to the witch’s cave, despite warnings from other animals to turn back. The prince successfully obtains the shoes, uses them to climb the tower, and rescues the princess. The king is impressed with the prince’s bravery and resourcefulness and rewards him with the princess’s hand in marriage.
  20. The Tree of Swords: In this story, a king and queen’s daughter is turned into a cow by a wicked witch. The witch says that the only way to reverse the spell is for someone to climb a mountain of ice and get a pear from a tree near it. The tree is guarded by a three-headed troll. Many people attempt the task, but the challenges prove too difficult. Finally, a poor youth offers to try and succeeds with the help of some fairies. He not only retrieves the pear but also defeats the troll and changes him into a tree. The youth saves the princess, but she doesn’t treat him with respect. He returns the princess and marries a peasant girl instead.
  21. Cilla and the Dwarf: A king offers half of his fortune to anyone who can bring back his missing daughter. A kitchen-maid named Cilla goes in search of the princess with the help of a witch and a magic bean. She rescues the princess from a bad dwarf who was trying to force her to marry him and have him transformed into a man. Cilla refuses the promised reward of half the kingdom and only asks to have a little cottage near the palace to live with the princess.
  22. The Singing Ring: In this story, a beautiful princess falls in love with a prince who her father, the king, doesn’t approve of because he doesn’t have enough wealth. As the princess weeps in her tower, she discovers a ring that sings a song about true love, and she wears it every day. When the castle catches on fire and the prince rescues her, he asks for her hand in marriage in exchange for saving her life. The king agrees, and the two ride off together, with the ring singing its song of true love.
  23. How Old Witch Neda Stole the Moon and the Sun: In this story, an old witch named Neda brushes away the little rain clouds that the stars use for veils. One night, when the stars were wearing their veils, Neda brushed them away and the stars became angry and made her blink and bump into the moon. Neda caught the moon and locked it and the sun in a closet in her house on the top of a high mountain. The other stars sent a very little star to rescue the sun and the moon. The little star succeeded and brought back the sun and moon, for which he was rewarded by being made into a star constellation.

In conclusion, the Top 23 Stories About Heroes collection offers an inspiring and captivating reading experience for kids who are eager to explore the world of heroism. Each story beautifully illustrates the courage, compassion, and selflessness exhibited by heroes from different backgrounds and circumstances, while also highlighting the importance of standing up for what’s right. These tales not only entertain young readers, but also encourage them to embrace their inner hero, ignite their imagination, and empower themselves to make a positive impact on the world around them.