Stories about heartbreak

Stories about heartbreak

There are many stories about heartbreak for kids online. Some are sad, while others are funny. But all of them teach an important lesson: never give up on yourself.

One popular short story about heartbreak for kids isThe Little Engine That Could.” This story is about a little engine that is too weak to pull a train up a hill. But the engine doesn‘t give up. It keeps trying until it finally makes it to the top.

Another heartbreak story for kids isThe Ugly Duckling.” This story is about a duckling that is born different from all the other ducks. The other ducks make fun of him and he feels like he doesn‘t belong. But he doesn‘t give up. He keeps trying until he finally turns into a beautiful swan.

These heartbreak stories show that no matter how hard life gets, you should never give up on yourself. You can always find a way to succeed no matter how hard it seems at first.

All our fairy tales and short stories about heartbreak are for free and available as audiostory, pdf (to print) and ebook (to download).