Sisterly Love in a Snowglobe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved spending time with her big sister, Daisy. They would play games, go on adventures, and tell each other secrets.

But one day, Lily’s world was turned upside down when she lost her sister in a tragic accident. She was devastated and didn’t know how to cope with the pain.

Lily was angry and didn’t want to talk to anyone, not even her parents. She would lock herself in her room and cry herself to sleep every night.

One day, her parents gave her a present that Daisy had left for her before she passed away. It was a beautiful snowglobe with a tiny village inside. Lily didn’t want to look at it and threw it across the room in anger.

But later that night, as she lay in bed, she heard the sound of the snowglobe rolling across the floor. She got up to retrieve it and as she touched it a lovely memory of her playing with her sister came to her. She was comforted and fell asleep.

Lily realized that whenever she shook the snowglobe, she could relive all the good memories she had with Daisy. She would shake it whenever she felt sad or alone, and it would bring her comfort.

At first, Lily needed the snowglobe a lot, but as time passed, she realized that her sister would always be with her in her heart. She didn’t need the snowglobe to remember her, and she started to feel better.

Lily learned that even though she couldn’t see her sister anymore, she would always be with her in her memories and in her heart. She knew that Daisy was watching over her and would always be her guardian angel.