Birds Stories For Kindergarten

Birds Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome to “The Top 51 Birds Stories for Kindergarten” – a treasure trove of wonderful read-aloud stories that are perfect for your little ones! This book, available as a handy PDF, is specially crafted to delight, educate, and inspire young minds through engaging narratives about our feathered friends. Each story is accurately illustrated, easy to understand, and pleasantly rhythmic, specifically designed to hold the attention of kindergarteners during reading sessions.

Birds Stories for Kindergarten are significant as they unravel the magical world of birds in a way that is fun and educational for kindergarteners. These stories help kindle curiosity, enhancing the children’s knowledge about different species, their distinctive characteristics, and the roles they play in our ecosystem. The playful and vibrant narrative style further aids in improving their language skills and vocabulary. Like a bird taking flight, these tales enable children’s imaginations to soar and explore, making reading an exciting journey of discovery. Young readers are also likely to develop a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife, fostering a sense of responsibility towards their preservation. So let’s spread our wings and dive into these extraordinary stories!

Top 51 Birds Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Nest of Many Colors: Mr. and Mrs. Oriole return to their summer home and start building their nest. Kitty and Ned, the children, help by providing colorful worsted yarn for the nest. The orioles work diligently, facing challenges along the way, until their beautiful and secure nest is completed. The children and their parents are amazed at the skill and beauty of the nest. A downloadable ebook of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  2. The Quest For The Nightingale: In the Enchanted Wood, the fairies live peacefully, caring for nature and protecting the creatures that bring joy. But when the goblins steal the nightingale, Pease-Blossom, a brave and beloved fairy, sets out on a quest to find her. Along the way, he faces challenges and meets helpful friends, eventually rescuing the nightingale and returning her to the fairy dell. The story teaches kindness, perseverance, and the importance of protecting and cherishing all living beings.
  3. Uncle Wiggily And The Little Birds: Uncle Wiggily, the old rabbit gentleman, is fixing his airship after a previous accident. His friend, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, worries about him getting hurt again. However, Uncle Wiggily is determined to learn how to sail around the world in his airship. To help teach a group of scared little birds how to fly, Uncle Wiggily floats his airship underneath them, assuring them that if they fall, they will land safely on his umbrella. With Uncle Wiggily’s encouragement, the birds gain the confidence to fly on their own. Uncle Wiggily is proud to have helped them overcome their fear.
  4. Child and bird: Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there was a bird named Birdie. It was known for its beauty and sweet song. One day, a girl came to the forest and tried to coax Birdie down from a tree by offering it material possessions like diamonds and gold. But Birdie knew that nature’s simple gifts were more valuable. It taught the girl to appreciate the beauty of nature and the simple things in life. The story reminds us that we don’t always need material possessions to be happy.
  5. The Brown Birds: Two brown birds are looking for a place to build a nest. They find a strong and beautiful maple tree by the garden gate and decide to build there. The birds collect hay, horsehair, feathers, and even a piece of pink cloth to make their nest cozy. With the help of the barnyard animals and a little girl, the birds finish their nest in the maple tree. They are very happy and sing a cheerful song.
  6. The Wee Nest: Once upon a time, two little birds built a cozy nest in a pink rose tree. They laid pretty blue eggs, and the mother-bird sat on the nest to keep them warm. One day, the eggs hatched, and there were three adorable baby birds. The father and mother birds worked hard to feed their little ones. As the baby birds grew, they learned to fly with the help of their parents. The little boy who had been watching them said goodbye as they flew away into the world. You can download an ebook version of this story to read offline or print for educational purposes.
  7. Blue Tit Try It: This is the story of the Blue Tit family, who liked to nest in a tree hollow. The smallest bird, Blue Tit Try It, always struggled to get things done in one go. But instead of giving up, he started trying again and again until he succeeded. He learned how to fly, collect food, and even win against the sparrow. And with his beautiful whistles, he attracted a bird lady and won her over with a nice caterpillar. Blue Tit Try It always kept trying with a big smile, and one day he was happy with the result. The story teaches us to never give up and keep trying, just like Blue Tit Try It did. You can read the ebook of this story by clicking on the link provided.
  8. Uncle Wiggily And The Bird Seed: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on a vacation sail in his airship. Nurse Jane asks him to buy bird seed for her cat, so that the cat doesn’t eat the birds. Uncle Wiggily also gets some nuts for the squirrels. But when he tries to go home, he realizes that his airship won’t fly because the balloons are flat. So, he scatters bird seed on the ground and asks the birds to help lift him and his airship with their wings. The birds happily help him and he safely returns home with the bird seed for Nurse Jane’s cat. The cat doesn’t eat the nuts, so the squirrel brothers crack and eat them.
  9. Mr. Owl And His Caller: Mr. Owl is woken up by a tapping sound, but he can’t find anyone at his door. He goes back to bed, but the tapping continues. Finally, he realizes that it’s Mr. Woodpecker tapping on the side of his house. Mr. Owl invites Mr. Woodpecker in, but Mr. Woodpecker is too busy to visit. Mr. Owl discovers that his house is full of insects, so he moves to a barn. Mr. Woodpecker doesn’t even realize that he chased Mr. Owl away, but he’s glad because it means he can work without interruption.
  10. Robin Redbreast’s Cherry Pie: In this story, Robin Redbreast wants his wife to make him cherry pie, even though cherries aren’t ripe at that time of year. His wife tries to explain this to him, but he insists that his mother used to make him cherry pie at this time. In the end, she makes him a pie with unripe cherries, and he gets sick from eating it. He learns his lesson and promises to appreciate whatever his wife cooks from now on. You can download the eBook version of the story to read offline or print.
  11. The Catbird: In this story, a little bird named Mr. Thrush decides to leave the dangerous woods and build a nest near where humans live. His bird friends warn him about the risks, especially the cat that lives in the same yard. But Mr. Thrush is determined to try it and finds plenty of food and safety near the house. He even learns to mimic the cat’s meow to trick her and protect his nest. Eventually, the cat gives up and the bird family lives happily near humans, becoming known as catbirds. They build their nests in plain sight and are brave fighters against cats. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline.
  12. Uncle Wiggily And The Cowbird: Uncle Wiggily and the Cat are lost in the woods and are trying to find their way back. They cook breakfast over a campfire and then put it out properly so it doesn’t start a forest fire. They meet a crying robin bird who is upset because a lazy cowbird keeps laying its eggs in her nest. Uncle Wiggily and the Cat come up with a plan to remove the cowbird’s eggs from the nest. The cowbird gets angry but Uncle Wiggily scares it away. The robin is grateful and her little ones can now grow and live safely.
  13. Mrs. Robin And The Signboard: In this story, Mrs. Robin sees a sign but can’t read it, so she asks her friends for help. Mrs. Blackbird pretends she forgot her glasses and flies away, while Billy Blue Jay claims he’s too busy to read. Finally, Mrs. Robin asks Jim Crow, who confidently says the sign is a scarecrow meant to scare the birds away. Mrs. Robin doesn’t believe him and goes to Mr. Owl for the answer. However, Mr. Owl can only read at night, and when he does go to the tree, he finds Mrs. Robin fast asleep. The next day, Jack Sparrow tells Mrs. Robin that the sign says the birds are safe from being shot in the woods. Upset that Mr. Owl didn’t tell her, Mrs. Robin scolds him, but Mr. Owl insists he was never asked. Mrs. Robin then tells all the birds the good news, while Mr. Owl wonders what the sign actually says.
  14. Jennie Wren Tells Mr. Cardinal What She Thinks: In this story, Little Jennie Wren stands up to Mr. Cardinal when he interrupts her husband’s singing. She scolds him for thinking he is the only talented singer in the woods just because he is handsome. Surprisingly, Mr. Cardinal doesn’t argue back and instead praises his wife, Mrs. Cardinal. Mrs. Cardinal defends her husband’s love and devotion, showing that appearances aren’t everything. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about standing up for themselves and appreciating others for who they are on the inside.
  15. Uncle Wiggily And The Yellow Bird: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears gets lost in a big forest. He falls into a trap, but luckily, his crutch saves him. As he tries to find his way back, he sees a yellow bird caught in a trap. Uncle Wiggily gnaws down the tree to free the bird, and in return, the bird helps him retrieve his valise from a hole. They escape from some bad boys and a man and are safe. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach about helping others and the importance of being kind.
  16. Judge Owl’s Cleverness: Mr. Raccoon had lost his shiny spoon, and he believed that Mr. Crow had taken it. To prove it, Mr. Fox suggested they have Judge Owl decide the case. Mr. Crow denied stealing the spoon, but when Judge Owl noticed that he had lost all his tail feathers, it was clear that Mr. Crow was guilty. He flew off to retrieve the spoon, and everyone agreed that Judge Owl was very clever.
  17. The Scarecrow: Once there was a farmer with a cherry tree that the robins always ate before he could. He decided to make a scary scarecrow to scare the robins away. But the scarecrow wasn’t scary at all and the robins made nests in it. They happily lived in the cherry tree and ate all the cherries. The scarecrow helped the robins have a happy home.
  18. Uncle Wiggily And The Bird’s Nest: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure and encounters different challenges. He helps a bee escape from a spider’s web and receives gratitude in return. Then he mistakes a bird’s nest for a hornet’s nest but realizes his error and helps the hungry baby birds. Just when a snake comes to attack the birds, a bumblebee arrives and scares the snake away. Uncle Wiggily and the birds are grateful to the bee. The story teaches kindness, bravery, and the importance of helping others.
  19. The Sandpipers: In this educational story, a teacher introduces children to sandpipers. She explains that sandpipers have long legs because they live near the beach where they wade in the water. The story follows a sandpiper family who are enjoying their time on the beach until they see some men with guns. The father sandpiper pretends to be injured to distract the men and protect his family. The children learn about the cleverness and bravery of the sandpipers.
  20. Jack and Jenny Sparrow: A sparrow in a public park gets kicked out by the other birds because he wakes up too early and chirps before they’re ready. He defends himself, saying he has a right to stay because the park doesn’t belong to the other birds and they don’t pay rent for the bird-boxes. The other birds attack him and his mate, so they struggle to find a new home during winter. Eventually, a kind little girl starts feeding them and their luck turns around when a bird-box is put up in the park just for them. They happily build a nest in their new home.
  21. Uncle Wiggily And The Parrot: Uncle Wiggily and his friends are camping in the woods. They wake up early and make breakfast together. The squirrel boy is worried about getting home, so Uncle Wiggily and Munchie Trot offer to help. On their way back, they encounter a talking parrot in a tree. The parrot agrees to whistle for the monkey while they’re away. When they return, the parrot scares off a fox that tries to break into their house. They all go back to sleep, safe and happy. The end.
  22. The Robin: Summary:
    In this educational story, a person meets some travelling birds who are looking for houses to rent. The person tells them about different places where they can find houses and build new ones. Later, a robin shows the person its small house made of mud and straw. The person helps by providing materials for the robin to make a soft nest for its eggs. Soon, the robin and its mate have baby birds. The parents work hard to feed and take care of their young, and eventually, the baby birds learn to fly and leave the nest. When the leaves and flowers fall asleep, the robin family says goodbye and flies back to the Sunny South.
  23. Little Yellow-Wing: Three children named Willie, George, and Eddy find a bird that was half-drowned in a storm. They take him home, dry him off, and name him Yellow-Wing. As Yellow-Wing recovers, the children decide to find his nest and return him to his family. They take him back to where they found him and watch as his mother comes to retrieve him. Yellow-Wing learns to fly again and rejoins his family in their nest. The children are happy to see him reunited with his parents and realize that birds are meant to be free.
  24. Raggedy Ann And The Kite: In this story, Raggedy Ann watches as the children make and fly a kite. They decide to tie Raggedy Ann to the tail of the kite so she can enjoy a ride in the sky. However, the kite crashes and Raggedy Ann goes missing. She ends up getting caught in a tree where a pair of robins use her yarn hair to line their nest. Eventually, Marcella, Raggedy Ann’s owner, finds her in the tree with the help of the robins’ calls. They are reunited and Raggedy Ann is promised that she will never go on a kite again. They all have breakfast together, and Raggedy Ann is very happy to be back with Marcella.
  25. How Maple Sugar Came: Once upon a time, there was a little Native American boy named Son-of-a-Brave. He loved going to the lodge of the village medicine man to hear his wise stories about the forest. The medicine man taught Son-of-a-Brave important lessons through animals. For example, the bear taught the value of sleep, and the salmon taught that home is the best place. Son-of-a-Brave was curious about the woodpecker, a seemingly senseless bird. But he discovered that the woodpecker’s actions led to sweet sap flowing from trees, which became the first maple syrup. This story shows that even our animal friends can teach us valuable lessons.
  26. Inside The Garden Gate: In Grandmother’s garden, there were beautiful flowers and plants of every color. Grandmother and Lindsay, a small boy, loved to listen to the sounds of the garden and watch the little visitors, like bees and butterflies. They also encountered Mrs. Wasp, a friendly wasp who helped them write a letter. They observed a spider spinning lace and listened to the songs of the mockingbird. One day, they discovered a caged mockingbird and tried to buy it back, but the owner was unkind. However, the mockingbird was eventually freed and flew happily back into the garden. Lindsay and Grandmother were overjoyed and realized how wonderful it was to live inside their garden gate.
  27. Fleet Wing And Sweet Voice: In this story, Mother and Father Pigeon live with their two young pigeons in a pigeon-house. They each take turns sharing their adventures, like visiting a stream or talking with birds in the garden. One day, the king’s little daughter is feeling sad because her father is going on a journey. The king sends two pigeons, Fleet Wing and Sweet Voice, to deliver letters of love to his daughter. They fly far from home but eventually find their way back, bringing joy to the princess and everyone in the pigeon-house. This story teaches the importance of home and the power of love and friendship.
  28. Uncle Wiggily And The Sorrowful Crow: “Uncle Wiggily and the Sorrowful Crow” is a story about a rabbit named Uncle Wiggily who is feeling sick. His doctor tells him he needs more exercise and fresh air, so Uncle Wiggily decides to go on an adventure in his automobile. Along the way, he meets a sorrowful crow and they have a little mishap with the car. But with the help of a circus dog, they continue their journey. The story teaches kids about the importance of staying active and enjoying the outdoors. You can also download a free ebook version of the story.
  29. The Magic Corner: Once upon a time, there was a special corner in a busy town. Nurse and Percy loved this corner, and one day a magical golden bird appeared and granted their wishes. Nurse wished for the health of the townspeople, and Percy wished for endless books. Their wishes came true, and the corner became known for its magic. Every day, as people passed by, they joined the joyful chorus of “Tweet-tweet-tweet.” Anyone could come around the corner and embark on their own magical adventure.
  30. Uncle Wiggily And The Blackbirds: Uncle Wiggily Longears, a rabbit gentleman, goes for a walk in the woods hoping for an adventure. He meets Mother Goose, who is waiting for the blackbirds to return in spring. Uncle Wiggily promises to find them and goes to visit Old King Cole, who has a pie with blackbirds baked inside. The birds fly out and tell Uncle Wiggily that spring has arrived. They all celebrate with cake instead of pie. The story can be downloaded as an ebook.
  31. The Uninvited Guests: Mr. Crow is upset because he wasn’t invited to a dinner at the Four-Footed Club. He decides to trick the other animals by inviting Mrs. Skunk and her family, knowing they wouldn’t be welcome. During the dinner, Mr. Dog is unleashed and causes chaos. Mr. Crow watches from a distance, satisfied that he has paid off his debts and caused trouble for the Four-Footed Club.
  32. The White World: Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal wake up one morning to find that the world has turned white and snowy. They are confused and worried, but their friend Robin Redbreast explains that it is just snow and it will melt soon. Grandmother Sparrow offers them advice on how to stay warm and find food during the snowstorm. The Cardinals follow her advice and find shelter behind a house. Eventually, the snow melts, and they are relieved to find the world returning to normal. Through this experience, they learn that a “touch of nature” makes everyone kind and helpful to one another, even grumpy old Madam Sparrow. Mrs. Cardinal is grateful for the kindness she experienced and will now think kindly of sparrows. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  33. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan were skeptical of stories about a forest where animals could talk, but one day they found themselves lost in that very forest. They met Mrs. Owl, who invited them into her home and introduced them to her babies. They also visited Mrs. Blue Jay and Mrs. Bruin, who had their own adorable offspring. As they journeyed further, they visited Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Squirrel and saw their cute little ones. Eventually, they had to leave the forest, but they hoped to return someday and find their way back to the talking animals.
  34. The Robin’s Christmas Song: Once upon a time, there was a gray Cat who spotted a wee Robin Redbreast by the waterside. The cat tried to entice the robin with her necklace and the greedy Hawk tried using a feather, but the robin didn’t fall for their tricks. The sly Fox also attempted to lure the robin with a spot on his tail, but the clever bird flew away. Finally, the robin met a kind shepherd Lad who offered him some crumbs. But the robin refused and continued on his way to sing a beautiful song for the King. The King was so pleased that he decided to give the robin a wee Wren as a wife, and they had a joyous wedding celebration.
  35. The Moonlit Lullaby: Once upon a beautiful night, a baby bird nestled in its cozy nest high up in a tree. The gentle wind whispered a lullaby, and the baby bird fell asleep, accompanied by the peaceful sounds of the night. The earth and air watched over the baby bird, while the stars and moon provided their protection. As the baby bird dreamt, a great wing fanned its dreams, keeping it safe until morning. You can download an eBook of this story to read offline or print from the provided link.
  36. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: Uncle Wiggily, a kind bunny, hears a little girl crying because she has freckles on her face. He leads her to a bird’s nest with freckled eggs and helps her see the beauty in her own freckles. The girl learns to love herself just as she is.
  37. Uncle Wiggily And The Brown Wren: In this story, Uncle Wiggily helps some ants carry a big piece of meat back to their nest. He then meets a little brown wren who is about to hatch her baby birds. But a mean crow knocks down the wren’s nest. Uncle Wiggily gathers sticks and breaks them into smaller pieces to make a new nest. The ants gather feathers for the nest, and the wren is grateful for all the help. You can download the story as an eBook to read offline or print.
  38. Little Sleepyhead: One beautiful morning, a little child was sleeping in bed while the sun and birds were waking up. The clock ticked, the birds sang, and the wind kissed the child, but nothing woke him up. Even the rooster crowed loudly, but the child kept sleeping peacefully. Finally, the sun’s rays shined on the child’s face, and he woke up and called for his mama. No one knew what had woken him up, not even the sleepy child himself.
  39. Uncle Wiggily And The Phoebe Birds: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, is searching for his fortune and finds a shiny object that he hopes is money. However, it turns out to be a penny whistle. Then, he comes across a red flannel bag and thinks it’s a circus tent, but a wise ant warns him that it’s actually an alligator trying to eat him. Uncle Wiggily escapes and later hears a voice calling for a girl named Phoebe. He follows the voice and discovers a group of birds called Phoebe birds who were just singing their usual song. They invite Uncle Wiggily to dinner and they all have a delightful time. Free downloads of the story are available as an ebook.
  40. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee: In a tiny, bright land, two cheerful friends named Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee always played together. One day, Tweedle-Dum got a beautiful new rattle toy, but Tweedle-Dee accidentally dropped it and it lost its enchanting sound. They argued and prepared for a pillow fight, but a huge crow scared them both. Instead of fighting, they followed the crow on exciting adventures and realized that their friendship was more important than any toy. They lived happily ever after, cherishing their bond and the lessons they learned. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  41. The Seven Families of Pipple-Popple: In the land of Gramble-Blamble, there were seven families living near Pipple-Popple lake. Each family had two older members and seven young ones. They all had different habits and diets, but they lived happily together. One day, the parents decided to send their children out into the world with some money and advice. Unfortunately, each group of young ones met a tragic end due to fights, accidents, or misunderstandings. The parents, upon hearing of their children’s fate, took their lives and left instructions for their bodies to be preserved in a museum. If you ever visit the museum in the city of Tosh, you might see them.
  42. Dame Cricket’s Story: Mrs. Cricket tries to wake up her ten little crickets, but they don’t want to get out of bed. She explains that they must sleep during the day and sing at night to stay safe from birds and other animals. Great-grandfather Cricket discovered that their family was getting smaller because the birds were eating them. To protect themselves, they must follow their sleep and singing pattern. After hearing the story, the little crickets eagerly get dressed and join their mother to sing in the night.
  43. Uncle Wiggily And The Tailor Bird: Uncle Wiggily and the cat help a robin remove cowbird eggs from her nest. They plan to wait and see the baby robins hatch, but Uncle Wiggily decides to continue his journey. The cowbird, seeking revenge, hides her eggs in the cat’s bed. The cat refuses to hatch them and throws them outside. The cowbird later tricks a monkey into hatching her eggs. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily encounters a wolf who tears his coat. A bee suggests he find the tailor bird, who mends the coat with thread made from grass. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and helps the tailor bird with chores. The story ends with the promise of more adventures. Free downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  44. A Valentine’s Gift for the Princess: Once upon a time, a young prince wanted to give a Valentine’s Day gift to a beautiful princess. He searched for the perfect gift, but nothing seemed right until he came across a small, blind dove with a loving heart. The prince gave the dove to the princess, who cherished it as the best Valentine’s gift. They would listen to the dove’s song together and the prince realized that love is the most priceless gift of all.
  45. Uncle Wiggily And The Thunder Storm: Uncle Wiggily is worried about his garden drying up, but Nurse Jane reassures him that she can water it with the hose. They discuss how the strawberries are growing nicely, and then Nurse Jane predicts a thunderstorm. Uncle Wiggily decides to take a ride in his airship before the storm arrives. While flying, he rescues a bird with a broken wing from crashing. As the storm gets closer, Uncle Wiggily seeks shelter in a duck pen with Lulu and Alice, who are afraid of the thunder. Uncle Wiggily helps them overcome their fear by pretending the thunder is a circus wagon and the lightning is flashes from a trolley car. The storm passes, Uncle Wiggily continues his journey, and the bird’s wing gets mended by Dr. Possum.
  46. Uncle Wiggily And The Garden Maid: Uncle Wiggily, a kind-hearted rabbit gentleman, goes on an adventure to buy perfume for his friend Nurse Jane. Along the way, he meets a garden maid whose nose has been nipped off by a blackbird. Uncle Wiggily asks his crow friend, Jimmie, to convince the blackbird to return the maid’s nose. With the nose restored, the garden maid can finally smell the perfume and is grateful to Uncle Wiggily and Jimmie for their kindness. The story teaches children about empathy and helping others.
  47. Uncle Wiggily And The Man From Bombay: Uncle Wiggily receives an invitation to a party and decides to go. He gives Nurse Jane money to buy a new dress and practices his dance moves. On the way to the party, Uncle Wiggily realizes he forgot his dancing shoes and goes back to get them. He hears a sad man named the fat man of Bombay crying because a bird flew away with his pipe. Uncle Wiggily tries to help, but gets a splinter stuck in his paw. A bird called a snipe helps remove the splinter, and Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane continue to the party while the snipe returns the pipe to the fat man.
  48. Uncle Wiggily And The Sunfish: Uncle Wiggily is in charge of taking care of Mrs. Wren’s new little birdies while she goes to the store. But the birdies are hungry and crying, so Uncle Wiggily tries to soothe them with a song. When that doesn’t work, he goes on a mission to find them something to eat. Along the way, he mistakenly catches a sunfish instead of a pot of gold. The sunfish helps Uncle Wiggily by telling him to get the birdies some worms and flower seeds, which finally puts them to sleep. When Mrs. Wren returns, she and Mr. Wren thank Uncle Wiggily for his help, and he continues on his journey to find his fortune. Kids can listen to or download the audio version of the story and download the ebook to read or print.
  49. Uncle Wiggily And The Black Crow: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears finds himself stuck up a tall tree with an alligator waiting below to eat him. Feeling sad and lonely, he searches his satchel for something to scare the alligator away and finds a bottle of toothache drops from his niece, Susie. Uncle Wiggily drops the bottle into the alligator’s mouth, thinking it’s himself falling, causing the alligator to run off in search of water to cool his burning mouth. A black crow comes to Uncle Wiggily’s rescue, flying him safely to the ground. The crow then offers Uncle Wiggily a place to stay in a hollow stump. The next day, Uncle Wiggily encounters a little house with a surprise inside, and despite a warning from his friend Johnnie Bushytail, he ends up trapped inside. But fret not, dear readers, as the next story will reveal the outcome.
  50. Uncle Wiggily In The Fountain: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, goes on a journey to find his fortune. While resting near a fountain, he hears a crying sound and discovers that it’s a bird making the noise. The bird, called a cat-bird, introduces Uncle Wiggily to her kittie-birds. Uncle Wiggily feeds them peanuts as a thank-you for their entertaining cries. Later, when Uncle Wiggily falls asleep in the fountain basin, the water unexpectedly turns on and begins to rise. The cat-bird and her kittie-birds quickly build a raft to save Uncle Wiggily from drowning. Through their kindness, Uncle Wiggily is rescued and continues his adventures.
  51. Uncle Wiggily And The Dog: In this story, Uncle Wiggily gets help from a family of birds when his rheumatism acts up. The birds carry his heavy bag and show him the way to their nest. They even make a warm bed for Uncle Wiggily to sleep in. However, things take a dangerous turn when Uncle Wiggily encounters a pack of chasing dogs. He cleverly escapes by hiding in a hole, much to the dogs’ disappointment. Uncle Wiggily continues on his adventures, facing new challenges.

In conclusion, “Top 51 Birds Stories For Kindergarten” is a delightful collection of tales that offer children fascinating and adorable adventures featuring a variety of bird characters. Not only do these stories engage the child’s imagination with vibrant illustrations and exciting story lines, but they also provide valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, and kindness. Above all, through these enchanting bird tales, kids develop an appreciation for nature and wildlife, fostering empathy and curiosity towards the world around them. This collection is a perfect way for young readers to enjoy learning while embarking on unforgettable avian adventures.