Stories about Apples

Stories about Apples

Welcome to the Top 12 Stories about Apples! Crafted especially for your little ones, these enchanting tales will surely capture kids’ hearts and senses. This collection includes stories just perfectly tailored to suit children from preschool to elementary grades. Each vividly written story can be read aloud, ensuring a fun-filled reading experience for both you and your child. With their short and engaging narratives, these stories are ideal for bedtime reading or anytime story-telling. The stories, presented in English, provide an essential theme, so children can learn as they enjoy.

The importance of our Top 12 Stories about Apples shines through as they offer moral teachings. These tales cultivate values among children that they can carry on into adulthood. Furthermore, kids might take pleasure in these apple-themed stories because they appreciate funny adventures, and who can withstand the charm of the bright, red apple?

Each story comes with captivating illustrations and pictures which will keep kids hooked. These stories are available online, so you can readily access them for free. But, more importantly, these can be saved in a pdf format or print for a delightful offline reading.

Our best apple stories are packed into easy-to-read ebooks, making them the go-to choice for toddlers and children who are starting to explore the world of reading. Unlock your child’s imagination and feed their curiosity about the world; these stories about apples will undoubtedly make learning fun and exciting.

Top 12 Stories about Apples for kids:

  1. Dividing The Dead: On a dark Halloween night, two boys named Tom and Jack dressed up as ghosts to gather apples from Farmer Brown’s orchard. They decided to divide the apples in the graveyard, but Tom tried to keep the two biggest ones for himself. Jack noticed and came up with a fair division method. As Farmer Brown approached the graveyard and overheard their conversation, he thought they were dividing the dead, not the apples, and ran away in fear. In the end, Jack found the two biggest apples and suggested sharing them. Tom realized his trick had been discovered, and they laughed it off. The villagers still tell this spooky tale every Halloween.
  2. Iron Hans: Once upon a time, a king sent out huntsmen to find a missing man in a dangerous forest but they never returned. Many years later, a brave huntsman offered to go into the forest and encountered a wild man. The wild man helped the huntsman but also tested him. Eventually, the huntsman proved himself and saved the king’s daughter. He revealed his true identity and was rewarded with the princess’s hand in marriage and a treasure from the wild man.
  3. The Golden Bird: In ancient times, a King’s golden apples were mysteriously disappearing, and his three sons tried to guard the tree. The youngest son, who was initially not trusted, shot a golden bird that was stealing the apples. The King wanted the bird as well, so the eldest son set out to find it but failed. The second son also failed. Finally, the youngest son, with the help of a fox, successfully obtained the bird, a golden horse, and the princess of the Golden Castle. However, his treacherous brothers threw him into a well and claimed the credit. With the fox’s help once again, the prince escaped, returned to the castle, and married the princess. The fox, who was actually a cursed prince, asked the prince to kill him to end his curse, and he transformed back into a human. Everyone lived happily ever after.
  4. The Four Apple Trees: Many years ago, a man planted four apple trees with great care and they flourished, while the rest of his orchard suffered. The story highlights the importance of doing things well and the long-term benefits of putting in the effort and attention to detail.
  5. Letter A Story: In Alphabet Land, the letter A, along with its friends B, C, and D, have a delightful picnic in Letter Park. They bring their favorite foods, play games, and have lots of fun. They even start a game called the Animal Alphabet game, where they name animals that start with the first letter of their names. The rest of the alphabet joins in, and they all have a great time. At the end of the day, A expresses gratitude for their friendship and they promise to have more fun days like this in the future.
  6. The Story of Conn-Eda: King Conn of Ireland has a beloved son named Conn-eda, whom his stepmother, the Queen, despises. The Queen seeks the help of a sorceress to get rid of Conn-eda, and is instructed to send him on a quest to retrieve three golden apples, a black horse, and a magical puppy from the king of the Fiborg race. Conn-eda embarks on the quest with the help of a shaggy black horse, overcomes perilous obstacles, and ultimately succeeds in his mission. Upon his return, the wicked Queen dies and Conn-eda marries the princess who was the sorceress in disguise. They live happily ever after.
  7. The Old Witch: Two girls set out to seek their fortunes. The first girl helps various objects and creatures, and as a reward, she receives bags of money from a witch. She escapes the witch and lives happily ever after. The second girl refuses to help, gets caught by the witch, and loses all her money.
  8. Prince Ivan and The Grey Wolf: In a distant land, a powerful Tsar has a beautiful garden, but the golden apples are constantly stolen by the Magical Bird. The Tsar asks his three sons to catch the bird, promising half of his kingdom as a reward. Prince Ivan finally catches the bird but is tricked by his jealous brothers, who kill him and marry his bride. The Grey Wolf rescues Ivan and restores him to life. Ivan reunites with his true love, Queen Helena, and exposes the treachery of his brothers. They are imprisoned, and Ivan and Helena live happily ever after. The Magic Bird returns to her home in the golden West.
  9. The Adventures of Twinkletoes the Squirrel: In a vibrant forest, a unique squirrel named Twinkletoes dances high up in an apple tree. He delights in the sun’s rays casting shadows on the grass, which signals the start of his joyful dance. Other animals gather to watch him, and Twinkletoes learns the beauty of celebrating his home and being true to himself. The story teaches the joy of finding happiness in the simple things and the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness. Twinkletoes continues to dance and spread joy one twinkle-toed step at a time.
  10. The Sleeping Apple: A child tries to wake up a sleeping apple hanging from a tree but fails. The sun and a bird also try but without success. Finally, the wind blows and frightens the apple, causing it to fall into the child’s apron. The child thanks the wind, and they are happy.
  11. Healthy Halloween: Once upon a time, the Health Spirit brought a group of delightful characters during Halloween, including the Frost Spirits, Corn Kernels, Apples, Grapes, and Imps of Exercise. They each represented different aspects of health and wellness. The Health Spirit invited children to join her in promoting good health and explained how each character contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The story ends with the Health Spirit and her army spreading their message of health and joy every Halloween.
  12. The Twelve Months: This is a story about a woman who had two daughters, one of whom she loved dearly and the other she disliked because she was more beautiful. The disliked daughter, Marushka, had to do all the housework while her sister lazed around. The stepmother and sister tried to make Marushka ugly and mean, but she remained kind and beautiful. One day, when her sister demanded violets in the snow, Marushka encountered the Twelve Months, who helped her find violets, strawberries, and apples. But when her sister and stepmother tried to get the same, they were met with a deadly storm and froze to death. Marushka inherited the cottage and lived happily ever after.

In conclusion, the top 12 stories about apples for kids to read online provide a delightful blend of education and entertainment. These apple-themed stories, with their colorful illustrations, engaging tales, and relatable characters, encourage children’s curiosity and their love for reading. Beyond the fun, they also impart crucial lessons on the importance of healthy eating habits, teamwork, kindness, and perseverance. So, let’s dive into the magical world of these charming apple stories to fuel the young minds with knowledge, morality, and a love for nature!