Apple Stories For Kindergarten

Apple Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome little readers to the enchanting compilation of the Top 14 Apple Stories for Kindergarten! Each of the stories featured in this collection offers an adventurous, intriguing, and educational exploration of the wonderful world of apples, designed to be read aloud to you by your parents, teachers, or grownup friends. For those who prefer a more traditional reading experience, don’t worry, the narratives are also offered digitally in an easy-to-access pdf format for enjoyable reading on any device.

Apple Stories for Kindergarten are of great importance as they not just relay entertaining tales, but also impart knowledgeable facts about apples–from apple types to their growth cycle–and teach lessons on friendship, honesty, and teamwork using the magic of storytelling. These narratives are specially crafted to enlighten young minds like yours, enhance your imagination while enriching your vocabulary and reading skills.

The reason you might like these stories is manifold. Perhaps, it would be for the exciting adventures and humorous instances that characters encounter, or appreciating how a small apple seed transforms into a big apple tree. Ultimately though, the joy of hearing beautiful words woven into interesting tales, that create stunning pictures in your mind, will delight you and inspire your love of reading. So, are you ready to embark on an apple-licious adventure? Let’s turn the pages and start the journey.

Top 14 Apple Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Sleeping Apple: In this story, a little child tries to wake up a sleeping apple hanging high in a tree. She calls to the apple, asks the sun to help, and even tries the help of a singing bird. Finally, the wind blows and shakes the tree, scaring the apple awake. It falls into the child’s apron, and she thanks the wind for its help. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about nature, the power of persistence, and the different elements of weather.
  2. The Four Apple Trees: Once upon a time, a man wanted to grow a beautiful orchard. He got some young trees but had to leave for a few days, so he asked another man to plant them. The first man came back and was disappointed to see only four trees planted. But the second man explained that he took his time to dig deep holes, use rich soil, and plant the trees carefully. The other man, in a rush, planted the rest of the trees quickly and poorly. In the end, only the four well-planted trees thrived and bore delicious apples for many years. This story teaches us the importance of doing things with care and patience.
  3. How The Apple Shields Its Young: This story teaches children about the protective nature of apple seeds and the importance of waiting for fruits to ripen before eating them. The apple is described as a precious jewel case, carefully holding the seeds in its flesh. The story explains how apples change color and texture to indicate ripeness. It also emphasizes the consequences of eating unripe fruit and the apple’s role in protecting its young seeds. The overall message is that all seeds need care and time to grow into new plants.
  4. The Apple Dumpling: Once upon a time, there was an old woman who wanted an apple dumpling for supper. She had everything she needed to make dumplings except for an apple. So she set off on a journey, carrying a basket of plums. Along the way, she met different people and made exchanges. She traded her plums for a bag of feathers, the feathers for a nosegay of flowers, and the flowers for a golden chain. Eventually, she gave the chain to a family in need in exchange for a little dog. Finally, she came across an apple tree and gave the dog to an old man who wanted company. In return, the old man gave her a basket of apples. The old woman then made a delicious apple dumpling for supper and enjoyed it to the last crumb. The story teaches the importance of kindness and how giving to others can bring happiness and rewards. Kindergarten teachers can read this story to children to reinforce lessons on sharing, empathy, and gratitude.
  5. Apple-Roasting: In a cozy village, the Vicar and the Squire would gather the villagers on chilly autumn evenings for a special tradition. They would roast apples over the fire and tell magical stories. One evening, a game was suggested where the person with the first burned apple would have to tell the next story. A kind-hearted matron with a knack for storytelling took on the challenge and captivated everyone with her tale. The tradition continued, with each apple bringing a new storyteller and a new adventure.
  6. The Apple’s Treasures: A beautiful story about the life of an apple and how it grows from a blossom. The apple stem, once the flower stem, holds the apple on the tree until it ripens. Inside the apple, there are crumpled leaves that used to be part of the cup that held the apple blossom. If you cut open the apple, you will find seeds that were once the tiny round things hidden inside the cup. There is so much to discover about the amazing transformation of flowers into apples!
  7. Wassailing The Apple-trees: In the village of Appleton, there were magical apple orchards that could cure any ailment and bring great fortune. Every year, the villagers would participate in the ancient tradition of Wassailing. Led by the jolly big Squire, they would pour warm, sweet wassail at the base of each tree, singing songs and wishing for health and abundant crops. The villagers believed that this tradition brought them good luck, and indeed, the apple trees flourished. After the ceremony, they would gather in the Hall, enjoy delicious apples, and listen to the Squire tell enchanting stories. You can download a free ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  8. More Cousins Of The Apple: This story is about the apple and its three cousins: the cherry, the plum, and the peach. These fruits look very similar and belong to the same family. They all have a soft outer part that we enjoy eating, and inside, they have a hard object called the stone or pit, which contains the seed. The flowers of these fruits also have similarities, with the cherry blossom having a single pin with a seedbox. The story explains how these seedboxes grow into the fruits we eat. If you understand how the cherry seedbox becomes a cherry, then you can understand how the same thing happens with the plum and peach seedboxes. These fruits are special because they have only one seed in their seedboxes, unlike apples and pears which have many seeds. You can download the ebook version of this story to read offline or print.
  9. Letter A Story: In Alphabet Land, the letter A is a happy and cheerful character. A is best friends with B, C, and D, and they decided to have a picnic in the Letter Park. They brought their favorite foods that start with their letters, like apples, bananas, cookies, and donuts. After eating, they played a game where they named animals starting with the first letter of their names. Soon, all the letters joined in on the fun and became closer friends. They promised to have more fun days together in the park. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  10. In The Orchard: In this story, children are invited to imagine playing in an apple orchard. They can ride imaginary horses in the branches and play house in the apple trees. They can also observe the robins and their babies and watch as the baby robins learn how to fly. The story suggests bringing the beauty of the outdoors into the schoolroom by asking questions and exploring the wonders of nature. The children are encouraged to observe the apple flower and learn about its different parts. Lastly, they discover how the apple fruit develops from the flower. Free downloadable resources are also available to accompany the story.
  11. What A Plant Lives For: This story teaches children about the purpose of plants and the importance of flowers and fruit. It explains that plants grow and flower to survive and reproduce. Even though not all plants have showy flowers, they all have a purpose. The story uses the example of an apple tree, explaining that apples are important because they contain seeds that can grow into new apple trees. The story encourages children to appreciate and understand the role of plants in the world.
  12. Uncle Wiggily Goes Chestnutting: Uncle Wiggily and the squirrel brothers, Johnnie and Billie, go on a ride in the auto to find chestnuts in the woods. They fill their pockets with nuts and even roast some over a fire. But then a man with a gun comes along accusing them of taking his apples. The chestnuts start bursting and scare the man away. Uncle Wiggily and the squirrel boys have a narrow escape and decide to go home.
  13. The Adventures of Twinkletoes the Squirrel: In a colorful forest filled with lively creatures, there lived a special squirrel named Twinkletoes. He lived in a grand apple tree and loved to dance on its branches. Every morning, when the sun shone through the leaves, Twinkletoes would start his delightful dance, leaping from leaf to leaf. The animals of the forest would gather to watch and enjoy his graceful moves. Twinkletoes danced because he loved it and found joy in celebrating the beauty of their home. His story teaches children the importance of finding happiness in simple things and celebrating who they are.
  14. Healthy Halloween: Once upon a time, there was a special spirit called the Health Spirit who brought health and joy every Halloween. She introduced an army of health, including the Frost Spirits, Corn Kernels, Apples, Grapes, and Imps of Exercise, who each played a role in promoting good health. The Health Spirit reminded everyone that Halloween is a time to celebrate health and encouraged children to take care of their bodies through exercise and eating nutritious foods like apples and grapes. With the Health Spirit’s guidance, everyone could have a healthy Halloween and a healthy life all year round.

In conclusion, these exciting Top 14 Apple Stories warmly welcomed us into the wonderful world of apples. These narratives taught us how versatile apples can be, from being heroes of the story to assisting in some real-life lessons. So, next time when you pick up an apple, remember these delightful tales full of fun-filled adventures and valuable morals. Let’s also appreciate the beauty of knowledge and creativity these apple stories have given us. Happy reading!