Space ABC

A is for Apollo, a space mission’s name,
Landing on the moon was its fame.

B is for Black Hole, brave, and bold,
Floating in the cosmos, stories yet untold.

C is for Constellations, designs in the sky.
We connect the stars, drawing lines up high.

D is for Docking, spaceships meet,
In the middle of the galaxy, isn’t that neat?

E is for Earth, our beautiful sphere,
In space, it’s our home we hold dear.

F is for Future, where space travel will grow.
In rocket ships, off to the stars we’ll go.

G is for Gravity, it holds us tight,
Helps earth orbit round the sun so bright.

H is for Hydrogen, a star ingredient in space,
Fueling suns and galaxies in every place.

I is for Infinity, that’s how big space seems,
At night when you’re looking up, lost in dreams.

J is for Jupiter, big and round,
It’s the largest planet that we’ve found.

K is for Kilonova, a cosmic light show,
Bursting with color, in the universe’s flow.

L is for Launch, blasting rockets high,
Soaring towards the star-dotted sky.

M is for Mars, red and round.
In its dust, water may be found.

N is for NASA, exploring every height,
Their astronauts and rockets make us brim with delight.

O is for Ozone, a layer so thin,
Protecting our earth, tucked safely within.

P is for Pluto, once a big star,
But now it’s a dwarf planet, quite bizarre!

Q is for the Quark, so tiny and so small.
It makes up everything; planets, stars, us all!

R is for Rocket, zipping so far.
Whizzing past planets and stars with a roar.

S is for Satellite, orbiting high,
Sending us signals from up in the sky.

T is for Telescope, used to see high,
Gazing planets and stars up in the sky.

U is for Universe, where many stars gleam.
It’s filled with wonders, as vast as a dream.

V is for Vortex, a swirling space storm,
Twirling and whirling in a chaotic form.

W is for Weightlessness, floating free,
just you and me, feeling effortlessly.

X is for Xenon, a gas found in space.
Without it, the stars wouldn’t have their grace.

Y is for Yearning, to explore beyond,
In our cosmic pond, a wish so fond.

Z is for Zenith, highest point in the night sky.
It makes the astronauts feel very high.

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