Frosty the Arctic Fox

In the cold and snowy land of the Arctic, there lived a small and furry fox named Frosty. Frosty had a thick coat of white fur and warm furry boots that kept him warm in the icy winds and he had a long and bushy tail that he loved to wag. His white coat not only kept him warm, but was also a great camouflage in the white snow.

Frosty lived in a den in the snowy forest and he spent many days curled up in ball sleeping to keep warm. But he didn’t hibernate, so he also spent his days running and playing in the snow. He loved chasing after rabbits and exploring the snowy landscape. He also spent a lot of time searching for food. He loved fish and birds, but also enjoyed berries and seaweed. In autumn he tried to each as much as he could to built up lots of fat to keep him warm in the cold winter. When he couldn’t eat anymore, he stored the food in his den, to have something to snack on during the cold winter days.

One day, Frosty decided to go on a hike. He had heard that there was a beautiful frozen lake at the top of a mountain, and he wanted to see it for himself.

So Frosty set off on his journey, hopping and skipping through the snowy forest. He climbed over icy cliffs and crossed frozen rivers, and he kept his eyes peeled for any signs of danger. He made sure to keep out of the way of wolves, bears and eagles as he didn’t get along with those animals.

Finally, after many long days of travel, Frosty reached the frozen lake. It was even more beautiful than he had imagined, with shimmering icicles and sparkling snow. Frost was so happy that he started to dance and twirl around on the ice.

As Frosty danced, he heard a faint sound in the distance. Arctic foxes have great hearing and he soon realized it was the sound of a fox cub crying! Frost knew that he had to help. Frosty tried to follow the sound, but he couldn’t locate the cub.

Frosty decided to use his amazing sense of smell. He sniffed and sniffed and soon found a small fox cub who had gotten lost in the snowy forest. Frosty knew the baby hot lost his mother and father for they would’ve never left their cub to vent for itself. Frost took the little fox under his wing and promised to keep him safe.

Together, Frosty and the fox cub returned to Frosty’s den in the forest. Frosty kept the cub warm by curling up in a ball around the baby and warming him with his warm fur and bushy tail. Frosty taught the little fox all about the joys of playing in the snow, and they became the best of friends and they lived happily ever after.