Stories From Greece

Stories From Greece

Welcome to the Top 52 Stories From Greece, specifically designed for kids who love to read exciting tales online. Our fantastic collection of bedtime stories will delight children of all ages, from toddlers to elementary students. These educational tales can be enjoyed as a free pdf, available for download and printed, making learning enjoyable for preschool and kindergarten kids. Each short story features eye-catching pictures that will keep your little ones engaged. And if they’re not ready to read these stories alone, we got you covered with our read-aloud, easy-to-understand audio versions in English, perfect for story time sessions!

Greek mythology is famous for its fascinating stories filled with adventure, action, and unforgettable characters. These stories have been loved by generations of boys and girls. When children dive into our collection, they will embark on incredible journeys with extraordinary gods, brave heroes, and fantastic creatures. Moreover, these tales often carry a moral that enriches children’s learning and personal development. Kids will learn valuable life lessons while having fun during bedtime, night time, or any moment throughout the day. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring our fabulous selection of classic Greek stories, fairy tales, and longer adventures with your little ones today, and let their imaginations soar as they fall in love with the magic of Stories From Greece for early years, preschool, and elementary readers.

Top 52 Stories From Greece for kids to read online:

  1. Battle of Frogs and Mice: In this story, the land of the frogs is ruled by King Puff-jaw who organizes a big party for his subjects at which the prince of Mice arrives as an uninvited guest. Upon hearing about the party, he decides to go and is treated as a guest, however, while crossing the lake to get to the party, there is a mishap and the prince of Mice drowns. This causes the king of Mice to declare war and the ensuing battle is fought by both armies until the lobster army intervenes and helps the frogs to win the battle. Peace is restored once again with the mice ruling the fields and the frogs ruling the water.
  2. The Wolf and the Kid: The story tells of a kid who disobeys his mother’s call to come home and ends up alone in the field. The kid finds himself face to face with a wolf and asks for one last favor – to play a tune to dance before being eaten. It turned out the wolf was musically inclined, and as he played the tune, the sound alerted the shepherd dogs who chased the wolf away. The moral of the story is that disobedience can be dangerous, and unnecessary requests may lead to downfall.
  3. The Travellers And The Purse: Two travelers find a well-filled purse and argue over who gets to keep it. One says they are lucky to have found it, while the other insists they should share it. When a mob of people armed with clubs approaches them, the man who found the purse becomes panicked, but the other refuses to help him, reminding him that he refused to say “we” before and insisting that he stick to “I”. Ultimately, it is unclear what happens to the travelers and the purse.
  4. The Fox And The Stork: In this story, a fox invites a stork to dinner and serves soup in a shallow dish, so the stork cannot eat it. The stork then invites the fox to dinner and serves fish in a jar with a narrow neck, so the fox cannot eat it. The moral of the story is to not play tricks on others unless you can handle the same treatment. An ebook download link is provided.
  5. The Wolf And The Sheep: In the story, a Wolf who was injured and hungry asked a passing Sheep to fetch him water so that he would have enough strength to get some solid food. However, the Sheep refused, knowing that the Wolf was likely to eat him. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  6. The Travellers And The Sea: Two Travelers see something in the distance while walking along the seashore. One thinks it’s a ship carrying rich treasures, while the other believes it’s just a fisherman’s skiff. As the object gets closer, they rush to the beach expecting to find a chest of gold from some wreck. However, all they find is a water-soaked log.
  7. The Eagle And The Kite: In this fable, an Eagle is looking for a mate who can provide for her, and a Kite offers his services, claiming to be very strong. The Eagle accepts the Kite’s offer, but after their wedding, when the Kite goes to find food for his new bride, he only brings back a tiny Mouse. The Eagle is disgusted, and when she confronts the Kite, he admits that he would have said and promised anything to win her over.
  8. The Wolf And The Lion: In the story, a wolf steals a lamb and is carrying it off to eat when he is stopped by a lion who takes the lamb away. The wolf complains about the lion taking his property, but the lion questions how the wolf acquired the lamb in the first place. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  9. The Wolf And The Goat: A hungry wolf tries to trick a goat into coming down from a cliff by pretending to be concerned for her safety and offering her grass. But the goat sees through the wolf’s deception and recognizes that the wolf only wants to eat her. The story ends with a lesson about not trusting those whose intentions are selfish. An ebook download of the story is also available.
  10. The Stag And His Reflection: In the story, a stag admires his magnificent antlers but is ashamed of his spindly legs. When he scents a panther and runs away, he realizes that his legs would have saved him if not for his useless antlers that got caught in the trees. The story teaches us the value of practicality over beauty.
  11. The Peacock: This story tells of the origin of the peacock’s beautiful feathers, which were granted to him by the goddess Juno. The peacock becomes proud of his feathers and strives to use them to fly like the eagle he sees. However, the weight of his feathers burdens him, and he is no longer able to fly and must walk the ground like any other barnyard fowl.
  12. The Crow And The Pitcher: The story is about a thirsty crow who finds a pitcher with a little water in it. However, the pitcher has a narrow neck and is too high for the crow to reach. The crow then comes up with an idea to drop small pebbles into the pitcher one by one until the water level reaches the top and the crow can drink from it. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  13. The Mice And The Weasels: In the story, the Weasels and Mice are always at war, with the Weasels consistently winning and eating the Mice. In an effort to turn the tide, the Mice appoint numerous generals and commanders who adorn themselves with distinctive headgear. The Mice army challenges the Weasels, who accept eagerly and ultimately defeat the Mice once again. However, this time the Mouse leaders cannot escape because their headgear prevents them from fitting through their narrow holes. The story ends with the Weasels feasting on the defeated Mouse leaders.
  14. The Wolf And The Lean Dog: In this fable, a wolf meets a lean and bony dog and decides he would not make a satisfying meal. The dog cleverly suggests to the wolf to wait until his master’s daughter’s wedding feast, where he will have a lot of scraps to eat, and then the wolf can eat him. The wolf agrees and comes back later for the promised feast, but the dog tricks him and sends him on his way.
  15. The Fox And The Lion: The story is about a young fox who is afraid of a lion until he meets him for the third time. On this occasion, the fox greets him boldly without fear, saying “Hello, there, old top.” The story ends there. An ebook download link is provided.
  16. The Lion and the Donkey: In this story, a lion and an ass go hunting together. They come across a cave where wild goats are hiding. The plan is for the ass to go into the cave and make a loud noise to scare the goats out, while the lion waits at the entrance to capture them. The plan succeeds, with the ass proudly coming out of the cave. However, the lion tells the ass that he too would have been scared if he didn’t know him, implying that the ass was not as brave and effective as he thought.
  17. The Dog And His Master’s Dinner: A faithful dog carries his master’s dinner every day, but the other dogs in the neighborhood covet it. They make several attempts to steal it, but the dog always guards it carefully. However, when all the dogs corner him one day, he tries to argue and ends up dropping the basket. They taunt him until he gives in and lets them have their way with the food.
  18. The Owl And The Grasshopper: In this story, an old and grumpy owl who sleeps during the day gets woken up by a grasshopper’s song. The owl tries to get rid of the grasshopper, but the grasshopper argues back, so the owl tricks him into coming closer by offering him wine. Once the grasshopper is close enough, the owl eats him.
  19. The Oak And The Reeds: In this story, a giant oak tree boasts about its strength and power to the humble slender reeds that grow nearby. The reeds warn the oak that it’s not wise to think too highly of oneself because one’s pride will ultimately lead to one’s downfall. Later, a great hurricane comes, and while the oak valiantly tries to stand against the violent winds, it ends up getting uprooted and defeated. The reeds, on the other hand, survive the storm because they bend and yield to the powerful gusts, which makes them resilient.
  20. The Rat And The Elephant: The story is about a proud rat who thinks he is as important as an elephant in a procession with the king. However, when the royal cat spots the rat, it reminds him that he is not so important after all. The story highlights the dangers of excessive pride and the importance of being humble. A PDF version of the story is available for download.
  21. The Boys And The Frogs: A group of boys were playing at the edge of a pond, throwing stones into the water to make them skip. However, the frogs in the pond were terrified and begged the boys to stop, as it meant death to them. The oldest and bravest frog put his head out of the water and pleaded with the boys to end their cruel play. The story concludes with a link to download an ebook version of the story.
  22. The Donkey Carrying The Image: The story is about a sacred image being carried to a temple on an adorned ass with a grand procession, and the people bowed their heads in reverence. The ass became puffed up with pride and started to bray loudly, thinking the honor was meant for him. However, his driver beat him and reminded him that the honor was for the image he was carrying. The story emphasizes the importance of humility and not letting success go to one’s head.
  23. The Monkey And The Camel: At a celebration in honor of King Lion, the Monkey was asked to dance. The Camel became jealous and pushed his way into the crowd to dance. However, the Camel made himself very ridiculous with his knotty legs and long clumsy neck. As he almost hit King Lion’s nose with his huge foot, the animals drove him out to the desert. Shortly afterward, refreshments consisting mostly of Camel’s hump and ribs were served to the company. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  24. The Leap At Rhodes: A man who had traveled to foreign lands boasted about his adventures and great deeds, including a remarkable jump he made in the city of Rhodes. Despite his claims being confirmed by witnesses, he was challenged to perform the jump again in their presence. The story raises the question of the reliability of personal accounts and encourages critical thinking. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  25. The Ass And The Load Of Salt: The story is about a merchant and his foolish donkey who tricks the merchant by deliberately falling in the river to reduce his load of salt. The merchant eventually catches on and loads the donkey with a heavier load of sponges, causing the donkey to regret his actions. The story can be downloaded as a PDF.
  26. The Monkey And The Dolphin: In this story, a Greek ship is wrecked and saved by friendly dolphins who carry the shipwrecked people to shore. Along the way, a Monkey who was mistakenly seen by a dolphin as a man is invited by the dolphin to a conversation in which the monkey boasts of his connection to the noblest family in Athens and claims that Piraeus is his best friend. The Dolphin realizes the monkey’s foolishness and abandons him, leaving him to fend for himself.
  27. The Wolf and the Donkey: In the story, an Ass uses his intelligence to trick a Wolf who is planning to eat him. The Ass pretends to be lame and asks the Wolf to pull out a thorn from his foot, warning the Wolf that the thorn might get stuck in his throat if not removed. The Wolf falls for the trick, and while trying to remove the thorn, the Ass kicks him and escapes. The story teaches that sometimes intelligence and wit can save us from dangerous situations.
  28. The Dog And The Oyster: The story is about a dog who loves eggs but one day eats an oyster thinking it’s an egg and ends up swallowing it whole along with its shell. The dog learns a lesson that not all round things are eggs, and is left in pain from the experience. The story comes with a link to download an ebook version.
  29. The Dogs And The Fox: In this story, a group of dogs discover the skin of a lion and begin tearing it apart. A fox observes their behavior and remarks that if the lion were still alive, the dogs would be no match for it. The story serves as a reminder that we should never underestimate our opponents and that true strength can only be proven through real challenges. An ebook download is also provided.
  30. The Dogs And The Hides: A group of hungry dogs saw hides at the bottom of a deep stream but couldn’t reach them from the bank. They decided to drink up the river, each one lapping as much water as possible until they burst. Despite their efforts, the water level didn’t change. The story is available as an eBook download.
  31. The Bear And The Bees: The story is about a bear who finds a log filled with honey and tries to raid the bees’ nest. One bee stings the bear, causing the whole swarm to attack him. The bear runs away and jumps into a pool of water to escape. A download link for an ebook version of the story is provided at the end.
  32. The Fox And The Leopard: In this story, a Fox and a Leopard dispute about their good looks after a generous dinner. The Leopard boasts about his glossy, spotted coat while the Fox sarcastically remarks on his own fine bushy tail. However, the Fox ultimately suggests that true beauty comes from having a smart mind instead of just a pretty appearance. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  33. The Heron: In this story, a Heron is searching for his breakfast by a stream but is not satisfied by the small fish he finds. Eventually, the fish swim away, leaving the Heron with no food, and he has to settle for a tiny Snail. The story highlights the dangers of being too picky and not being grateful for what we have. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  34. The Cock And The Fox: In this story, a wise old Cock is approached by a crafty Fox who claims that all the animals have agreed to live in peace and friendship. The Cock is skeptical, and when he spots two Dogs coming and comments on how they’re now friends with the Fox, the Fox runs away, citing an important errand. The Cock outwits his enemy and goes to sleep contentedly. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  35. The Lion And The Gnat: In this story, a Gnat mocks a Lion, undaunted by the lion’s status as king of the beasts. The Gnat repeatedly stings the lion, causing him to lash out and injure himself. Eventually, the lion gives up the fight, while the Gnat boasts about his victory. However, the Gnat’s hubris leads to his demise as he ends up caught in a spider’s web. The moral of the story is that even the smallest opponent can be dangerous and that it is unwise to underestimate others.
  36. The Fighting Cocks And The Eagle: Two Cocks who hated each other finally fought, with one being beaten and the other proclaiming his victory loudly. However, an Eagle carrying him off to its nest silenced him forever. The surviving Cock emerged from his hiding and took over the farmyard, inheritably becoming the winner. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  37. The Fisherman And The Little Fish: A poor fisherman caught a very small fish, and the fish pleaded with him to spare its life and let it grow, promising to make a better meal later. However, the fisherman decided to keep the fish since having a small catch is better than nothing. There is a link to download an ebook of the story.
  38. The Donkey In The Lion’s Skin: In this story, an Ass finds a Lion’s skin and decides to dress up in it, fooling other animals by hiding in a thicket and pretending to be the King Lion. When he proudly brays, a Fox overhears him and reveals his true identity, making the other animals laugh and leaving the Ass embarrassed and humiliated. A lesson is learned about being honest and not pretending to be something you’re not.
  39. The Hare And His Ears: In this story, a Lion who was hurt by the horns of a Goat becomes angry and commands all animals with horns to leave his territory. Even the Hare, who has no horns, becomes afraid and leaves because he fears the Lion will mistake his long ears for horns. The story ends with a download link for an ebook version of the story.
  40. The North Wind And The Sun: In this story, the North Wind and the Sun argue over who is stronger, and decide to test their strength on a traveler who is passing by on the road. The North Wind tries to blow the traveler’s cloak off, but the harder he blows, the tighter the traveler holds onto it. The Sun then takes over and warms the traveler. As he gets hotter, he removes his cloak, finding shade under a tree. The story teaches a lesson about using gentle persuasion over force.
  41. The Mole And His Mother: In this story, a little mole claims he can see despite his mother telling him he is blind. To prove him wrong, she presents him with a piece of frankincense and asks him to identify it. The mole mistakes it for a pebble, and his mother explains that he has lost his sense of smell as well as his sight. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  42. The Porcupine And The Snakes: In this story, a porcupine finds a home in a cave with a family of snakes. However, the snakes soon begin to regret their decision as the porcupine’s sharp spines prick them. When they ask him to leave, the porcupine politely declines and instead escorts the snakes out of the cave, leaving them no choice but to find a new home.
  43. The Wolf And The Shepherd: In this story, a wolf had been lurking around a flock of sheep, but instead of preying on them, he seemed to be helping the shepherd take care of them. The shepherd eventually grew complacent and left his flock in the wolf’s care while he went on an errand, only to find when he returned that many of his sheep had been killed and carried off. The moral of this story is not to trust those who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.
  44. The Old Lion: An old Lion with worn-out teeth and weak limbs was about to die. A group of animals, including a Boar, a Bull, and an Ass, attacked and insulted him. Despite the Lion’s past strength and beauty, the animals showed him no mercy in his weakened state. The story is accompanied by a downloadable ebook.
  45. The Farmer And The Cranes: A group of cranes watches a farmer plow and sow seeds in a field. They come back to eat the seeds as soon as the farmer leaves. The farmer tries to scare the cranes away with a sling, but it doesn’t work. He then loads his sling with stones and kills several cranes to prevent them from eating his grain. From that day, the cranes never visit his field again. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  46. The Goose and the Golden Egg: A countryman had a goose that laid a golden egg every day. He took the eggs to market and became rich, but he grew impatient and greedy, wanting all the eggs at once. He killed the goose, but found no golden eggs inside and was left with a dead goose.
  47. Theseus and the Minotaur: The story is about Theseus, a brave hero, who wants to kill a Minotaur at the Labyrinth of Crete to end the sacrifice of young Athenians. He gets help from Ariadne, who gives him a silken thread to help him find his way back out of the labyrinth. After defeating the beast, he sails back to Athens but forgets to change his black sails to white as a signal of his victory. His father, seeing the black sails, thinks Theseus is dead and jumps to his death. Theseus becomes king but is saddened by his father’s death.
  48. The Pomegranate seeds: This story is about Mother Ceres who had to leave her daughter, Proserpina, to work on the crops of earth. Proserpina promises not to leave the fields but is lured away by a bush of diamond-like flowers and is captured by King Pluto. Ceres searches for her daughter and eventually learns of her whereabouts. Quicksilver intervenes and Pluto agrees to release Proserpina but she has eaten six pomegranate seeds, which means she has to spend six months of the year with Pluto. The story ends with Proserpina and Ceres accepting this as the new arrangement.
  49. Odysseus and the Bag of Winds: Odysseus and his crew arrive at the floating island of Aeolia, home to King Aeolus who gives them a great bulging sack, made of an ox’s skin, filled with the blustering winds. He tells Odysseus to open it if he ever needs a powerful blast during their journey but urges him to be cautious and only let out the required wind by quickly closing and binding the sack. However, his curious crew opens it, unleashing strong winds that take them far from their journey. Eventually, they reach land, and Odysseus is fond of telling the story of the bag of winds that caused great disaster due to the foolishness of his sailors.
  50. Pegasus: In this story, a young man named Bellerophon was tasked by the king to defeat a terrible creature that was destroying the crops and land of Lycia. One night, he dreamt of the goddess Minerva who gave him a golden bridle, and when he woke up, he found it beside him. While seeking water at the spring, he encountered a beautiful white winged horse named Pegasus. Bellerophon was able to tame Pegasus with the golden bridle and together, they defeated the terrible creature. Bellerophon and Pegasus became fast friends, going on more brave adventures, but ultimately, Bellerophon released Pegasus to return to his abode in the mountains.
  51. King Midas: In this story, a peasant and his son Midas arrive in the city in an ox cart, fulfilling an old prophecy that a ruler will arrive in a farm wagon. Midas becomes king and is granted a wish by Bacchus to turn everything he touches into gold. Overjoyed with his new power, Midas soon learns that his gift is a curse when he turns even his food and drink into gold, leading him to beg Bacchus for help. He is instructed to wash away his greed in the River Pactolus, which returned his body to flesh and led him to renounce his love for gold and take up a simpler life in the countryside.
  52. Neptune: In this story, the ocean god Neptune discovers that a terrible storm is causing chaos in the underwater world he presides over. He harnesses his horses and, with the help of his son Triton and friendly dolphins, ascends to the surface to calm the storm. There he also saves ships in danger and sends the winds home, restoring order to the sea.

In conclusion, the Top 52 Stories from Greece provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to dive into a world of fascinating myths, brave heroes, and captivating adventures. These timeless tales not only offer a glimpse into ancient Greek culture and beliefs, but also serve as a great source of inspiration and moral lessons for young minds. By exploring these extraordinary stories, children can develop their imagination, learn about history, and gain a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling. So, join the legendary characters and uncover the secrets of ancient Greece through these captivating tales that have enchanted generations of readers.