Biology ABC

A is for Algae, green and slimy,
Make the pond slippery, but fishes find it yummy.

B is for Bones, holding us up so tall,
Without them, dear kids, we’d surely fall.

C is for Cells, they’re in you and me,
Tiny bodies working, although you can’t see.

D is for Dinosaur, now found only in books,
With giant teeth and scary looks.

E is for Environment, what we should respect,
From the air to the sea, every aspect we should protect.

F is for Flower, blooming under the sun’s power,
Providing bees with nectar, every hour.

G is for Germs, which we can鈥檛 see,
Washing hands keeps us germ-free.

H is for Heart, it keeps our blood flowing,
Pumping away, our bodies growing.

I is for Ice, cold and fun,
Water’s solid form, melts under the sun.

J is for Jellyfish, floating in the sea,
No blood, no heart, a special mystery.

K is for Kelp, where funny fish reside,
Against the ocean’s waves and tide.

L is for Lifecycle, a journey so grand,
From birth, growth and then the old-land.

M is for Marsh, where tall reeds sway,
Here, frogs, birds and insects frolic and play.

N is for Nutrients, that our bodies need,
On fruits, veggies, and grains we feed.

O is for Organism, it could be big or small,
From an elephant to a germ, we have to study them all.

P is for Pollen, carried by bees,
A vital part in making trees.

Q is for Quicksand, it sinks, not floats,
Stay safe, little ones, use your science notes!

R is for Rainbow, a wonder to see,
A magic trick by light and biology.

S is for Seeds, buried in the ground,
With sun and rain, a new plant is found.

T is for Teeth, that help to chew,
Remember, always brush, it鈥檚 healthy too!

U is for UV, the sun’s special light,
Protecting your skin is always right.

V is for Virus, so tiny and slight,
A sick day in bed if it gives a bite.

W is for Water, clear and pure,
Quenching every creature’s thirst, that’s for sure!

X is for X chromosomes, they’re in you and in me,
Helping us grow strong and tall, like a mighty tree.

Y is for Yeast, it makes bread rise high,
Look at your breakfast, do you see it, oh my?

Z is for Zygote, where life does start,
It鈥檚 beautiful biology, who are we, at heart!

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