Stories About April

Stories About April

April, the herald of springtime, with its showers and blossoming flowers, has a unique charm that stimulates the imagination. To keep that magic alive and inspire young minds, we’ve curated an enchanting collection of stories, tailored to the specific tastes of children during this delightful time of year. Welcome to our list of the 9 best stories about April for kids to read online.

This collection comprises a blend of short tales to tell during story time and longer narratives perfect for a more immersive reading experience. Each one is free to read online or download, and printable pdf versions are available too, making it super easy for parents and educators to access them anywhere, anytime.

With stories suitable for toddlers in their early years, EYFS, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, we’ve catered for children of all ages. Classic fairy tales that have been treasured for generations mingle with fresh narratives, some famous and others yet to be discovered, creating a delightful balance between old and new.

These stories have been designed to be educational, promoting learning and development while keeping children thoroughly entertained. The tales are rich in moral values, creating an excellent opportunity for children to learn life lessons in a fun and engaging manner. For those kids who prefer to listen rather than read, audio versions of these stories are available to enhance the story time experience and encourage a love for language and storytelling.

Every tale in this collection, whether it’s a classic good-night time story or a vibrant daytime tale, comes with charming pictures that stimulate the visual imagination of boys and girls alike. And for children who are just beginning their reading journey, the easy-to-read English narratives will offer a wonderful opportunity to hone their language skills.

Whether it’s to soothe your child to sleep, or to enjoy an interactive read aloud session during the day, these stories are the ideal companions. From teaching about the fall of rain showers in April to the rise of early spring blooms, our collection truly reflects the spirit of this wonderful month.

So, as April’s bright days give way to serene nights, let these stories transport your children to fantastic worlds, bringing them a sense of peace and joy before they drift off into sleep. Join us on this exciting literary journey and immerse your children in a world where learning and fun go hand-in-hand.

Top 9 Stories About April:

  1. Daffy-Down-Dilly: In a beautiful meadow, Daffy-down-dilly, a courageous daffodil with vibrant colors, captivates a curious girl named Lily with her wise and melodic voice. Daffy-down-dilly imparts valuable lessons on kindness, gentleness, and the beauty of nature. Inspired by the flower’s teachings, Lily embraces these virtues, spreading her kindness throughout the village. As others follow her example, the meadow transforms into a magical place where love, light, and the wisdom of Daffy-down-dilly and the flowers flourish, creating a harmonious and enchanting environment.
  2. The Easter Rabbit: In the forest, the anticipation for the arrival of Lady Spring grows as the North Wind blows and Jack Frost revels in the delay. Mother Maple, Dame Oak, and Silver Beech discuss their longing for Lady Spring to come and banish Jack Frost. Lady Spring, growing impatient herself, finally appears with Merry Sunshine, ready to bring the season to life. With her magic wand, Lady Spring awakens the forest, turning the brown earth green and coaxing blossoms to bloom. Merry Sunshine’s song calls the birds, and the forest becomes alive with their sweet melodies. Lady Spring sends Robin Redbreast to deliver a message to the children, but when he’s unable to go, Bunny Rabbit volunteers, albeit with some reservations. Lady Spring prepares a basket with moss nests and colorful eggs, each representing a child, and Bunny sets out on a midnight journey to deliver the message of Spring’s arrival. On Easter morning, the children find the nests on their doorsteps, realizing Bunny Rabbit was Lady Spring’s messenger, and they joyfully celebrate the coming of Spring.
  3. The Easter Bunny’s Lost Chocolate Eggs: In a magical forest, the Easter Bunny has a mishap and loses all the chocolate eggs he had gathered to hide for Easter. Devastated, he is approached by a kind-hearted little boy who offers to help find the lost eggs. Together, they embark on an adventure through the forest, encountering various animal friends who assist them in their search. Overcoming challenges and sharing chocolate with the creatures they meet, the Easter Bunny and the little boy eventually locate all the eggs. Grateful for the boy’s help, the Easter Bunny realizes the importance of friendship and teamwork. They continue to hide eggs together, ensuring that Easter is celebrated with joy and happiness in the magical forest, and a strong bond is formed between the Easter Bunny and the little boy.
  4. The Funny Easter Bunny: Mother Tiny-Tail laments not having any eggs for Easter, but Funny Bunny comes to her aid. He embarks on a mission to gather eggs, corn, meal, and money from various creatures, including the Little Brown Hen, the Farmer, and the Little Hill Men. With his resourcefulness, Funny Bunny fills his market basket with eggs and brings them to Mother Tiny-Tail. She joyfully paints the eggs and hides them for the Tiny-Tails to find on Easter morning. When Funny Bunny peeks in and presents a sugary egg from the grateful Little Hill Men, the Tiny-Tails are delighted. Funny Bunny’s acts of kindness and resourcefulness make him a cherished Easter Bunny. With a hop and a skip, he continues spreading joy and happiness on his adventures.
  5. The Lily Sisters: In a beautiful palace owned by a Great King, three little sisters dressed in green lived together. They had a kind nurse named Dame Nature who taught them to do their work well for the Great King. However, one of the sisters was always discontented and impatient for the Great King’s rewards. When the Sunbeam children and the raindrops tried to play with her, she would sulk and push them away, leaving her two good sisters to enjoy their company. The Great King, observing their efforts, decided to reward the two good sisters with beautiful white robes and golden crowns. The discontented sister realized her mistake too late and faded away. The crowned sisters held a reception, and among the visitors was a little girl named Ruth who took the lilies to her sick friend and shared the story of Easter and the wonderful work of the Great King’s Son.
  6. Around The World For Easter Traditions: Gabriel and Amber, two curious children, embark on a journey around the world to learn about Easter traditions in different countries. They explore Semana Santa in Mexico, La Pasquetta in Italy, the Greek Orthodox Church’s celebrations in Greece, the Osterhase in Germany, the painting of Easter eggs in Russia, the Fasika celebration in Ethiopia, Easter egg hunts in the United States, and autumn celebrations in Australia. Through their adventures, they discover that Easter is a time that brings families and communities together, even though it is celebrated in unique ways in each country. They realize the importance of sharing traditions and finding joy in the diverse celebrations of Easter.
  7. Easter Brunch At School: Suzie eagerly anticipates Easter at school where the children have drawn names to prepare a special brunch for their chosen friend. Suzie draws Nikki, and together with her mother, they visit the bakery to select tasty buns, Nikki’s favorite bread toppings, and chocolate eggs. Back home, they decorate the Easter basket with grass, toy chickens, and an Easter napkin. The next day, Suzie presents the basket to Nikki, who is thrilled and expresses gratitude. During the Easter brunch, the children enjoy their food, listen to stories, sing songs, and play games. The celebration concludes with an early dismissal, and Suzie feels immense happiness for doing something kind for her friend. She declares it the best Easter celebration ever, grateful for the delicious treats and Nikki’s joy.
  8. Easter Fun With Family: Mick eagerly anticipates the annual Easter gathering on his uncle and aunt’s farm with his family. Upon arrival, he is greeted by his cousins and their excitement fills the air. They engage in various Easter games such as feeding baby chicks, egg toss competitions, egg races, and an egg painting contest. The weekend is filled with laughter, delicious food, and a cookie decorating competition. The highlight is the thrilling chocolate egg hunt, where they search for hidden eggs throughout the farm. As the weekend comes to an end, Mick feels a mixture of joy and sadness, cherishing the memories created with his loved ones. He knows that these special Easter weekends on the farm will forever hold a special place in his heart.
  9. The Easter Story: Long ago in Israel, there lived a man named Jesus, who was the Son of God. Jesus dedicated his time to teaching people about God’s love and performing miracles. Despite his followers’ belief in him, the leaders of the time grew fearful and plotted against him. Jesus entered Jerusalem to a joyous welcome, but the leaders arrested him and sentenced him to death by crucifixion. His followers were devastated. However, three days later, they discovered Jesus’ empty tomb and realized he had risen from the dead. Jesus appeared to his followers, explaining that his sacrifice forgave their sins and offered hope and new life. Christians worldwide celebrate Easter to commemorate this remarkable story, remembering that even in the darkest moments, there is always hope through Jesus.

In conclusion, our carefully curated collection of the 9 best stories about April offers a delightful literary experience for children of all ages. They combine the thrill of learning with the joy of reading, engaging young minds in a fun-filled journey through the beautiful month of April. From toddlers to elementary students, boys and girls alike will find something to love in these tales. Whether read aloud at story time, enjoyed as an audio narrative, or used to gently guide your child to sleep, these stories are sure to ignite imaginations, teach valuable morals, and create cherished memories for both you and your child. Join us in making this April a month of captivating tales, vibrant illustrations, and magical journeys.