Waking Up To Love

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived a box turtle named Speedy. Speedy had always had trouble finding a female mate. He was known to be quite rough during mating season, chasing the females and biting them on the neck, head, and edge of their shells. He even went as far as rolling them over on their backs. But he had never been successful in finding a mate.

Last year, Speedy had an accident and hurt his paws. He spent the entire winter recovering and decided that for the new mating season, he would try something different. He would use new seduction techniques to win the heart of a female turtle.

As soon as he woke up from hibernation, he got to work. He decorated the trees around his potential lover’s burrow with romantic hints. He wrote love letters on leaves and left them in the trees. He brought flowers and created heart-shaped food piles for her. He put all his effort and dedication into making the most romantic and perfect courtship that any female turtle had ever seen.

One day, the beautiful female turtle named Myrtle woke up, and she saw all the decorations that Speedy had put up. She was impressed and intrigued. She decided to investigate and followed the trail of romantic hints. Eventually, she came across Speedy, who was waiting for her with open arms.

“Oh my goodness”, said Myrtle, “who did all this? It’s beautiful.”

“I did, for you my dear. I want to make a good impression on you”, said Speedy.

“Impression? You’ve made more than an impression, you’ve made my heart skip a beat. Who are you?” asked Myrtle.

“I’m Speedy, and I’ve been looking for a mate like you my whole life.”

“Speedy? You’ve got quite a reputation around here, but I see you’ve changed. I’m Myrtle.”

They started talking and getting to know each other. Speedy was charming, funny, and a great listener. Myrtle found herself falling in love with him.

As the days passed, Speedy and Myrtle spent more and more time together. They went for walks in the forest, had picnics by the river, and cuddled under the stars. Speedy was tender and caring, and he never once showed any signs of aggression. Myrtle was happy and content.

All the other turtles in the forest were jealous of their relationship. They had never seen anything like it before. Speedy and Myrtle were the perfect couple, and they lived together tenderly forever after. Speedy and Myrtle had many offsprings and they all lived happily ever after in the lush forest. They were a reminder to all the other turtles of the power of true love and romance.