Stories About Attitude

Stories About Attitude

Welcome to our exciting collection of the Top 9 Stories About Attitude, specially designed for kids to read online. These stories are not just any tales; they are handpicked to be the best-cherished tales for children, which are funny, educational, and worth every second spent on them. Whether you’re seeking engaging stories for preschoolers, kindergarten, grade-school, or elementary school children, our collection caters to every age bracket. These short stories are perfect for a read-aloud session, making reading a delightful activity to look forward to at bedtime. Each story comes in a readily printable and free PDF format for handy offline reading, and as an ebook for those who prefer to go digital.

The importance of Stories About Attitude cannot be over-emphasized. These stories serve as critical learning tools that teach children about the importance of having a good attitude in different life situations. Coupled with intriguing moral themes, they subtly instill values while entertaining the young readers. Not only are these tales recounted in easy-to-understand English, but they are also adorned with vibrant illustrations, pictures that help in better understanding and capturing the kids’ imaginations. Toddlers too can enjoy these interesting stories as they are simple enough to be understood, with a captivating theme which keeps them engrossed. The joy of seeing children learn valuable life lessons while immersing themselves in the world of these stories is unparalleled. So start exploring this wonderful collection now and create beautiful reading habits in children today.

Top 9 Stories About Attitude for kids:

  1. John’s Big Adventure in the Rain: In a small town, there lived a boy named John who loved the rain. With his magical yellow boots, blue hat, and rainbow mackintosh, John would venture out into the downpour. His gear kept him dry and allowed him to have secret adventures, making the town transform into a sparkling wonderland. When it rained harder, John would turn his mackintosh into a tent and invite his friends to join him. At the end of the day, he packed away his gear with satisfaction and declared, “And that, my friends, is that.”
  2. Uncle Wiggily And The Rich Cat: Once upon a time, a rich cat yearned for an adventure. So she went for a ride in her auto accompanied by her mouse servant girl and rat chauffeur. However, their journey took a turn when their auto broke down in the woods. The cat lady was then chased up a tree by two dogs, but was eventually rescued by Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit. Grateful for the rescue, the cat lady decided to give up her rich lifestyle and live in the woods, using her wealth to help a poor cat family. She built a bungalow near Uncle Wiggily and lived happily ever after.
  3. The Magic Corner: Once upon a time in a bustling town, there was a magical corner where two special characters, Nurse and Percy, would often meet. One day, a golden bird appeared and granted them each a wish. Nurse wished for the health and happiness of all the townspeople, while Percy wished for an endless supply of books. Their wishes came true, and the magic of the corner became known throughout the town. Every day, as people passed by the corner, they would hear the echoes of “Tweet-tweet-tweet,” a reminder of the selflessness and curiosity that brought magic to their lives.
  4. How the naughty goblin invented Valentine’s Day: Once upon a time in a forest town, a mischievous goblin named Gobby caused trouble for the villagers. One day, he met a goblin lady named Gabby and fell in love with her. Realizing that his naughty behavior was driving her away, Gobby decided to change. He surprised the townspeople with acts of kindness, like leaving chocolates and flowers, and won Gabby’s heart. They got married and started a tradition of celebrating love every year on February 14th, which became Valentine’s Day in the town.
  5. Christmas Weather: Mr. Weathervane, a character known for controlling the weather, is challenged by the mischievous Weather Sprites as they playfully tease him about his abilities. As the North, South, West, and East Winds arrive, Mr. Weathervane tries to maintain control but is ultimately humbled. The Sprites take matters into their own hands and ensure a perfect Christmas day with ideal weather. The story emphasizes the importance of working together and respecting each other’s roles.
  6. Millie and the True Spirit of Christmas: In a cozy living room, three little girls named Ada, Millie, and Hilda are celebrating Christmas. While Ada and Hilda are grateful for their gifts, Millie is upset because Santa didn’t give her what she wanted. Hilda explains the concept of the Christmas Spirit, which fills people’s hearts with love and inspires them to give and share. Millie begins to understand and decides to share her gifts with less fortunate children, realizing that the true Spirit of Christmas has touched her heart.
  7. The Bogey-Beast: In this story, an old woman discovers a black pot in a ditch that she assumes is full of gold. However, each time she stops to rest and check on the pot, it transforms into something less valuable – first into silver, then iron, and finally into a stone. At the end, the stone comes to life and runs off, leaving the woman laughing and feeling lucky.
  8. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s History: In this excerpt from the story, Anne shares her optimistic outlook on enjoying the present moment, despite her difficult past. She reminisces about the beauty of nature, expresses her love for poetry, and reflects on her experiences of being passed between different families. Marilla begins to feel pity for Anne and considers the possibility of letting her stay in their home. The passage also describes the picturesque scenery of the shore road and Anne’s fascination with the sea and seagulls.
  9. Little Johnny’s Rainy Day Adventure: In the small town of Sunbeam, cheerful boy Little Johnny loves playing outdoors and the sunshine. When it starts raining, he tries to make the best of it by playing inside. Eventually, he decides to join the rain outside and finds joy in dancing, splashing in puddles, and discovering a family of frogs. Inspired by his spirit, the rain clouds slow down and a beautiful rainbow appears. Johnny learns to find joy even on gloomy days and continues to play in the rain, ready for the rainbow that follows.

In closing, the top 9 stories about attitude for kids to read online offer a wide range of lessons, valuable insights, and captivating tales that teach fundamental values. They demonstrate how a positive attitude can overcome challenges, make friends, and achieve dreams. Each story embodies different facets of attitude such as resilience, positivity, self-belief, and respect for others. Young readers can draw inspiration from these stories, learning to navigate life’s ups and downs with an optimistic outlook, to be respectful towards others, and to always believe in their strengths and abilities. Ultimately, these stories make it clear that our attitude truly shapes our experiences, outcomes, and the world around us.