Toronto ABC

A is for Art, in the AGO’s big collection,
With pieces to start discussions, in every direction.

B is for Bloor Street, it’s long and wide,
Through Toronto’s heart, it takes us on a ride.

C is for CN Tower, so high it could touch a cloud,
Standing tall and shining bright, makes Toronto so proud.

D is for the Distillery District, with bricks so old and sturdy,
Filled with art and history, it’s a place to explore early.

E is for the Eaton Centre, where many people dine,
It’s in the heart of Toronto, looks so neat and fine.

F is for Ferry, to the islands we sail,
Making fun waves, with a happy whale tail.

G is for Great Lake Ontario, so large and grand,
Touched by Toronto, it puts waves upon the sand.

H is for Harbourfront, where boats bob in the sea,
Witness the pretty sail, it’s free as free can be!

I is for Islands, Toronto has some too,
On the Centre Island, there’s so much to do!

J is for Jays, Toronto鈥檚 baseball team pride,
Bats swinging, balls soaring, giving our spirits a ride.

K is for Kensington Market, Toronto’s cultural blend,
With foods and trinkets, your pockets will spend.

L is for the Leafs, playing hockey with might,
Cheering for them is quite a sight.

M is for the Maple Tree, standing proud and tall,
Their leafy branches in Toronto, welcome all.

N is for Niagara Falls, a sight that enthralls,
Near Toronto, it calls, with its thunderous squalls.

O is for Ontario’s capital, where big dreams grow,
In Toronto, there are many places to go.

P is for Parks, where children play,
Toronto has lots where you can spend the day.

Q is for Queen Street West, full of life and fun,
Toronto’s heartbeat, shines like the sun.

R is for Raptors, Toronto’s great basketball team,
They dribble, pass and score with a mighty vibrant gleam.

S is for St. Lawrence Market, where you can at produce real nice,
Anything from noodles, fruit, bread or rice.

T is for the Transit, that takes us around,
In Toronto’s TTC, many journeys are found.

U is for U of T, a college so grand,
Students come here for their minds to expand.

V is for VIA Rail, at Union Station it waits,
Taking us to distant gates, early mornings or very late.

W is for Willowdale, green and fresh,
Toronto’s home to squirrels, birds, and fish.

X is for X-mas, as Christmas is celebrated here,
Toronto鈥檚 streets lit brightly, spreading holiday cheer.

Y is for Yonge Street, endless and long,
Filled with many people, it’s vibrant and strong.

Z is for Zoo, a place in Toronto you must see,
Seeing all kinds of animals like lions and bumblebees.

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