Paris ABC

A is for Arc de Triomphe, towering in the air,
Under its magnificent arch, we’ll find history to share.

B is for Baguette, long, fresh and nice,
In Paris, with some cheese, that would suffice.

C is for Champs-Elys茅es, a very long street,
With shops and cafes, it鈥檚 incredibly neat.

D is for the Degas, his art dances in your sight,
He painted ballet dancers, under the Parisian night.

E is for Eiffel Tower, a tall shining sight,
Its beams cut through darkness, a beacon of light.

F is for French, the language we speak,
Fluttery words, come have a peek!

G is for Gargoyle, on Notre Dame,
In Paris, they play a legendary game.

H is for H么tel de Ville, Paris’ City Hall so grand,
Big and tall, it oversees the land.

I is for Ile de la Cit茅, in Paris it does lay,
With Notre-Dame on display, every day’s a good day!

J is for Jardin, where flowers leap,
In Paris, they blossom while the city sleeps.

K is for Kiosque, buy water or a gum,
or a candy, oh yum!

L is for Louvre, with art that’s divine,
Paintings and statues, all in a line.

M is for Montmartre, up on the hill,
With painters and poets, time seems to still.

N is for Notre-Dame, grand to behold,
No story of Paris leaves this one untold.

O is for the Op茅ra, where music fills the room,
In this grand place of Paris, the orchestra’s tunes bloom.

P is for Patisserie, where croissants lie in a line,
Smelling so sweet, and tasting just fine.

Q is for Quarters, Paris has twenty,
Each one unique, to explore plenty.

R is for River Seine, where boats glide with glee,
Tourists and locals bask in its beauty, as easy as ABC.

S is for Sacr茅-C艙ur, a church bright and white,
It sits on a hill, shining all day and night.

T is for Tours that take you around,
Exploring Paris, so many sights to be found.

U is for Umbrella, beneath the Paris rain,
Take a stroll along the Seine, nothing here is plain.

V is for Velib, Paris has these bikes,
You pedal with ease and go wherever you like.

W is for Wandering, around the Paris streets,
We meet all kinds of interesting people, and we sometimes stop for a treat.

X is for Xanthous, the colour of French cheese,
It’s creamy, rich, and oh so good, will make your taste buds please.

Y is for Yves, a popular name,
In the city of fashion, it comes with fame.

Z is for Zamak, a shiny silver key,
Opens doors to secrets in the city of Galerie.

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