Canada ABC

A is for Alberta, with its mountains so grand, Crisp air and clear blue skies, the most beautiful land.

B is for Banff, a beautiful site. Mountains and lakes under the starlight.

C is for Canadian Rockies, mountains winter-capped and high. Touch the sky, see the marmots scamper by.

D is for Dime, it’s ten cents, you see. In Canadian money, it’s as shiny as can be.

E is for Elk, roaming wild and free, In Canada’s great forests, as happy as can be.

F is for French, one of the tongues we speak, Parlez-vous fran莽ais? In Canada, it’s not so unique!

G is for Gold Rush, a story from past, A glittering history, memories so vast.

H is for Hockey, which Canadians play. In snow or in sunshine, almost every day.

I is for Inuit, Northern natives so bright, In Canada’s history, they shine with all light.

J is for Jasper, a National Park so grand. In Alberta, it’s the largest, the most beautiful in the land.

K is for Klondike, the river of gold, With stories of miners, brave and bold.

L is for Leaf, in red it will blow, Just like on the Canadian flag, it will show.

M is for Mountie, in his uniform so neat. In Canada, they patrol the street.

N is for Niagara, where the water falls with might. Watch it during the daytime, or marvel at night.

O is for Ottawa, Canada’s great capital, Where leaders make decisions that are substantial.

P is for Poutine, a tasty treat. Fries with gravy and cheese, it’s oh so sweet.

Q is for Quebec, a province so serene, Where the grand Festival du Voyageur is seen.

R is for Rivers, flowing fast and wide. Through Canada’s landscapes, they are our country’s pride.

S is for Snow, that dances down from above, In our Canadian winters, it鈥檚 something we love.

T is for Toronto, a city that’s bright; With skyscrapers soaring to a dazzling height.

U is for Umiak, an Inuit canoe, Helps them navigate water, under sky of blue.

V is for Vancouver, where mountains touch the sky. The waterfront city is a sight to please your eye.

W is for Winnipeg, a place so cool, In Manitoba, it’s a gem like a jewel.

X is for Xenia, a flower quite rare, In Canada’s gardens, its beauty we share.

Y is for Yukon, vast and wide, A Canadian territory, we take such pride.

Z is for Zip-line, soaring with joy, At Whistler resort, for every girl and boy.

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