London ABC

A is for Afternoon tea, a London delight, with snacks and scones, oh what a sight!

B is for Big Ben, ticking away, In the heart of the city, night and day.

C is for Covent Garden, vibrant and bright, where entertainers and artists delight in the night.

D is for Double-decker bus, driving down the street, You may just find it fun, to watch whilst you eat.

E is for Eye, the great Ferris wheel, Spin up in the sky, with joy, you will squeal.

F is for Fish and Chips, so crisp and nice. It’s London’s special dish, with a sprinkle of spice.

G is for Guards in their bright red attire, their discipline and strength we admire. At Buckingham Palace, in their grandest of sally, they march with a purpose, never to tire.

H is for Houses of Parliament, found in the city. Their majestic view is so pretty.

I is for Imperial War museum, where history’s echoes fill the room. In London’s heart, where tales loom.

J is for Jubilant parades, under London’s skyline, where excitement never fades.

K is for Kensington Gardens, a treasure, Where leisurely walks bring endless pleasure.

L is for London Bridge, in rain or in shine, Its legacy a beacon, through the passage of time.

M is for Millennium Bridge, a footstep’s gentle sway, Where Londoners and tourists find their way.

N is for Notting Hill with houses so bright, A location in London that’s truly a sight.

O is for Oxford Street, buzzing and elite, Where fashion and culture in harmony compete.

P is for Piccadilly Circus, a spectacle of lights and sounds, Where the heartbeat of London profoundly resounds.

Q is for Queen, who ruled with grace, London’s streets, a historical embrace.

R is for River, where the ducks and swans play. Sailing down the Thames on a sunny day.

S is for St. Paul’s Cathedral, serene and sacred, St. Paul’s stands tall, Silent guardian, over London’s sprawl.

T is for Tower of London, towering guardian, steeped in lore, Treasures and terrors it does store.

U is for Underground, the Tube’s steady hum, London’s lifeline, where millions come.

V is for Victoria Station, where travelers gather in anticipation, a landmark of London’s transportation.

W is for Westminister Abbey, where the past and present intertwine, a timeless story, where traditions align.

X is for X-factor, the talent shining through. In every Londoner, young and old, cheer them on, won’t you?

Y is for Yew trees, tall and green, In royal palace gardens, they’re a beautiful scene.

Z is for Zoo, London’s own with animals galore. Lions, tigers, elephants, oh who could ask for more?

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