Princess Stories

Princess Stories

Welcome to the captivating realm of princess bedtime stories that shimmer with magic, adventure, and timeless lessons. We proudly present to you a collection of the top 50 princess stories for your little ones to embark on enchanting journeys every night before they drift into their dream world. These tales are especially designed for children aged 3-10, but are sure to charm the hearts of older readers as well.

This comprehensive list of tales includes everything from traditional classics to unique stories, each with their own special spark. Whether you have a 3-year-old who delights in dreamy narratives, a 6-year-old who loves a splash of adventure, or a 10-year-old who appreciates heartwarming tales of courage and kindness, you’ll find stories perfectly suited for your child.

Our compilation is not only designed for you to read, but also to tell, enhancing the bond between you and your child during bedtime. Each story is crafted in simple and engaging English language, ensuring your child will understand and be captivated from start to finish.

We understand the importance of accessibility and convenience, which is why our list of princess bedtime stories is available for free online. You can easily access each story in print and PDF formats, so you can either read directly from your screen or download to print and keep as a physical copy. Each story in this collection is also offered in audio format, enabling you to listen and enjoy, or give your child the opportunity to hone their listening skills.

And, what’s better? These stories are short, fitting perfectly into your child’s bedtime routine, no matter how busy the schedule. So browse through our collection, download your favorites, and step into a world filled with princesses, castles, fairy godmothers, and faraway lands.

We hope that these stories will add a sprinkle of magic to your bedtime storytelling routine and will continue to enchant your little princes and princesses for years to come. Happy reading!

Top 50 Princess Stories:

  1. Cinderella: This story of Cinderella appeals to those who enjoy princess stories because it captures the timeless themes of kindness, perseverance, and the triumph of good over evil. It follows the journey of a young girl who endures mistreatment but remains true to her mother’s teachings, ultimately finding her happily ever after with the prince. The tale showcases the transformative power of love and the belief that goodness and inner beauty are rewarded, resonating with fans of princess stories who seek a heartwarming narrative of hope and destiny.
  2. Beauty And The Beast: This story captures the hearts of those who love princess stories through its themes of compassion, inner beauty, and the power of true love. Beauty’s selflessness and willingness to sacrifice herself for her father, her ability to see beyond appearances, and her eventual discovery of the prince’s inner goodness resonates with fans of princess stories who appreciate strong, kind-hearted heroines and the transformative power of love.
  3. The Little Mermaid: This story of the little mermaid captures the imagination of those who enjoy princess tales, as it weaves a magical underwater world with themes of love, sacrifice, and the longing for a different life. Readers who appreciate princess stories will be captivated by the little mermaid’s desire to explore the world beyond the sea, her selflessness in saving the prince, and her ultimate journey of personal growth and the pursuit of an immortal soul. The story offers a blend of fantasy, romance, and moral lessons that appeal to fans of princess tales.
  4. The Princess And The Pea: This enchanting story of a prince in search of a real princess is sure to captivate those who love princess tales. The story’s appeal lies in the classic elements it encompasses, such as a charming prince, a royal setting, and a test to determine true royalty. As readers follow the prince’s journey and witness the perseverance and authenticity of the princess, they will be drawn into a world of magic and romance. The tale’s timeless themes of true love and the search for the perfect match make it an ideal choice for those who adore princess stories.
  5. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Fans of princess stories would likely enjoy this story because it incorporates elements of mystery, enchantment, and the triumph of true love. The tale revolves around twelve beautiful princesses whose secret nightly adventures are unveiled by a brave soldier. The story features a king’s promise, a heroic quest, invisibility cloaks, hidden castles, and a commoner marrying a princess, all of which capture the imagination and evoke the magical charm often associated with beloved princess tales.
  6. Little Bo-Peep: Fans of princess stories might enjoy this adaptation of the nursery rhyme “Little Bo-Peep.” The story follows Little Bo-Peep, a good and beautiful girl who experiences setbacks and loses her sheep. With elements of adventure, magic, and a princess in disguise, the story captures the imagination and showcases themes of resilience, friendship, and the triumph of good over adversity, appealing to those who enjoy princess tales filled with enchantment and happy endings.
  7. Princess Miranda And Prince Hero: This story of Princess Miranda captures the imagination of those who love princess tales. It has all the elements that make princess stories captivating: a beautiful and mysterious princess, a grand palace, an evil antagonist, a brave prince on a quest to rescue the princess, and a touch of magic. The story takes readers on a journey filled with adventure, romance, and triumph, appealing to the sense of wonder and the desire for happily ever afters that fans of princess stories often seek.
  8. The Story Of Honey And Sunny: This story tells the tale of Sunny, a little Princess who is sent away from her silent and gloomy kingdom by her noise-intolerant father, the King. In a lively village where everyone laughs, cries, and makes noise freely, Sunny grows up without knowing her royal status. Determined to seek her own fortune, she embarks on an adventure, eventually bringing laughter back to her father’s kingdom and discovering true happiness with her childhood friend, Honey the gardener’s son. They return to the village, living joyfully ever after.
  9. The Snow Queen: In this story, a troll’s evil mirror shatters, causing splinters to spread throughout the world. When young Kay unwittingly gets a shard in his eye and heart, he becomes cold-hearted and disappears. Devoted friend Gerda embarks on a courageous journey to find him, encountering various challenges along the way. With her unwavering love and warm tears, Gerda saves Kay from the clutches of the Snow Queen, restoring his heart and reuniting them as grownups with childlike spirits.
  10. Princess Rosette: In this story, a queen’s persistence leads to a dire prediction for her daughter, Rosette. The princess is locked away in a tower, and her brothers eventually become kings. Determined to marry the King of the Peacocks, Rosette’s journey takes an unexpected turn when she is thrown into the sea. However, her resilience and the help of a loyal dog lead to a surprising reunion, true love, and a joyous ending for all.
  11. Princess Goldilocks: In this tale, a young king falls in love with the beautiful Princess Goldilocks and sends his friend Charming as an ambassador to propose to her. Misunderstandings and challenges arise, but through acts of kindness and the help of grateful creatures, Charming overcomes them all. In the end, love triumphs as Charming and Goldilocks marry and live happily ever after.
  12. The Red Shoes: Long ago, a poor girl named Karen received a pair of ragged red shoes after her mother’s passing. Adopted by an old wealthy woman, Karen was given new clothes but had to discard her beloved shoes. Years later, when she saw a princess wearing stunning red shoes, Karen’s jealousy led her to make a regretful decision that resulted in an uncontrollable dancing spell. After seeking help from the executioner, Karen was freed from the cursed shoes and returned to a humble life, no longer desiring superficial beauty.
  13. The Princess On The Glass Hill: Once upon a time, a farmer’s meadow faced an annual mystery as the grass vanished every St. John’s Eve. Determined to solve the enigma, the farmer’s youngest son, Boots, fearlessly guarded the meadow and discovered a colossal horse with copper, silver, and golden armor responsible for the disappearance. With his bravery and the power of his tinderbox, Boots outsmarted the magical horses, secured the grass, and eventually won the hand of the king’s daughter, proving his worth to all.
  14. The One Hundredth Princess: Once upon a time, there was a king who spent his days hunting animals. The rabbits in his kingdom were so afraid of him that they were born with their hearts in their mouths. In the forest, a Green Enchantress observed the king’s hunting party and decided to approach him one evening. Little did the king know that this encounter would change his perspective on life and make him abandon his hunting habits, bringing happiness to the entire kingdom.
  15. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: Once upon a time, there was a sultan in India who faced the difficult task of choosing which son would marry his beloved niece, Princess Nouronnihar. Sending each prince on a quest to find a special item, they returned with a flying rug, an ivory tube with extraordinary vision, and a healing apple. Together, their unique gifts saved the princess, but it was the sultan’s realization that each son played a crucial role that led to the joyful wedding celebration.
  16. Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp: In a distant land, Aladdin and his mother struggled in poverty until a stranger claiming to be his uncle bestowed lavish gifts upon Aladdin. However, the stranger revealed himself as a wizard with ulterior motives. Aladdin’s life took a magical turn when he discovered a lamp, unleashing a genie who helped him overcome challenges, attain wealth, and ultimately save his beloved princess from the clutches of the wicked wizard.
  17. The Silent Princess: Once upon a time in ancient Turkey, a devoted father allowed his son to indulge in idleness until a fateful encounter with an old lady led to a curse. Years later, the prince embarked on a perilous quest to win the hand of the silent princess, facing challenges and relying on the clever assistance of a nightingale to ultimately unlock the princess’s enchanting voice and find true love.
  18. The Prince And The Princess From The Forest: Once upon a time, there were a king and queen who had a son. When the old king fell ill, the prince and queen embarked on a journey to a forest to find solace. Along the way, they encountered challenges, including a cunning robber chief. Despite the hardships, they found hope, love, and a chance for a new beginning.
  19. The Christmas Princess: Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of the Four Orts, King Brave-Heart received a summons from the Fairy of the North. Despite his wife’s jealousy and dramatic nature, the king left to help the starving people in the North. The queen gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Princess Ice-Heart, who grew up devoid of emotions. Many suitors failed to melt her icy heart until Prince Francolin, guided by the fairy sisters, made her laugh and brought warmth to her soul. In the end, Princess Ice-Heart transformed into Sweet-Heart and married Prince Francolin, finding true happiness in their kingdom.
  20. The Tears Of Princess Prunella: Once upon a time, there lived a lonely princess named Princess Prunella. Despite her parents’ efforts, she remained discontented until she met deaf Robert, the son of the court musician. The princess realized that true sweetness was found in understanding and kindness, while Robert discovered the beauty in the sounds of both the forest and the city. Their differences didn’t hinder their happiness as they embraced their unique perspectives.
  21. Kate Crackernuts: Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen who had two daughters, Anne and Kate. Despite their love for each other, the queen’s envy of Anne’s beauty led her to seek the advice of a henwife. Following the henwife’s instructions, Anne unknowingly consumed forbidden food on her visits, leading to a transformation. With determination and bravery, Kate embarked on a journey with her sister, eventually finding a way to restore Anne’s true form and bring happiness to both their lives.
  22. Zlatovlaska With The Golden Hair: Once upon a time, there was a king who discovered the ability to communicate with animals. Through a series of unexpected events and the help of various creatures along his journey, a humble cook named Yirik aided the king in completing three challenging tasks set by another king. In the end, Yirik’s bravery and resourcefulness earned him the admiration of the people and the heart of Princess Zlatovlaska, leading to a joyous and fulfilling life together as king and queen.
  23. The Proud Little Apple Blossom: In the month of May, a young princess encountered a humble dandelion while admiring the beauty of apple blossoms. The proud apple blossom belittled the dandelion for its plainness, but as the sunbeam and children found joy in the dandelion’s presence, the princess recognized its unique beauty and chose to paint it alongside the apple blossoms, leaving the once proud flower feeling ashamed.
  24. The Winter’s Tale: Leontes, the hot-headed king of Sicily, mistakenly believed his wife Hermione loved his friend Polixenes more than him, leading to a series of tragic events. After years of remorse and grief, he was finally reunited with his wife, who had been hidden away by Paulina. The discovery of their long-lost daughter, Perdita, brought forgiveness and renewed happiness to Leontes and Hermione, while Florizel and Perdita found love and a joyful future together.
  25. The Frog Princess: Once upon a time, there was an old king with three grown sons. He challenged them to find worthy wives to become the queen, and each prince followed their own path. The youngest prince, guided by an arrow, discovered an unexpected bride—a wise little frog who revealed her true form as a beautiful princess. Despite doubts and trials, their love prevailed, and they eventually became the king and queen, living happily ever after.
  26. The Good Little Mouse: Once upon a time, in a land of happiness and contentment, a jealous neighboring king attacked the kingdom, killing the queen’s husband and imprisoning her in a tower. With the help of a fairy who tested her kindness, the queen found hope and devised a plan to save her child. Eventually, with the defeat of the cruel king and the discovery of the true princess, joy returned to the land as the princess found love and a happily ever after.
  27. The Laughing Prince: Once upon a time, there was a farmer with three sons and a daughter. His youngest son, Stefan, had no particular talent, but his little sister Militza adored him. Stefan worked diligently on the farm, taking care of the animals, and his sister cherished his amusing stories that always brought her joy. When the princess of the kingdom, tired of her serious upbringing, demanded laughter, it was Stefan who captivated her with his unconventional tale, ultimately winning her heart and bringing laughter and happiness to the castle.
  28. Graciosa And Percinet: Once upon a time, there was a king and a princess named Graciosa. The queen had passed away, and the princess was not only beautiful but also kind and obedient. In the kingdom, there also lived a duchess named Grognon, who was as ugly and mean as she was grumpy.
  29. The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body: Once upon a time, there was a king who had seven sons, and he loved them so much that he could never bear to miss them all at once. One of them always had to be with him. Now, when they were grown up, six of them would go out to court, but as for the youngest son, his father kept him at home, and the others had to bring a princess for him to the palace. The young prince embarked on a brave journey, encountering helpful creatures along the way, and eventually defeating a giant to rescue his brothers, their brides, and a lovely princess, bringing great joy and celebration to their kingdom.
  30. Allerleirauh: Once upon a time, there was a good King who had a beloved wife, known for her golden hair and warm smile. Before her passing, she asked the King to promise that he would remarry a woman as beautiful as she was, hoping their daughter would have a mother. Despite the Counselors’ search for a suitable match, it seemed impossible to find anyone as stunning as the late Queen. However, fate took an unexpected turn when the King discovered his own daughter’s radiant resemblance to her mother and fell in love with her, setting in motion a series of extraordinary events.
  31. The Golden Bird: In a tale of perseverance and redemption, a King’s youngest son overcomes challenges to rescue the Golden Bird, the Golden Horse, and the beautiful Princess. With the help of a faithful Fox, he outwits his treacherous brothers and eventually frees the Fox from its enchantment, bringing happiness to all and ensuring a joyful ending for everyone involved.
  32. The God Of Spring And The God Of Autumn: Long ago, when gods walked among mortals, there lived a king’s daughter who possessed both earthly and heavenly qualities. She was adored and revered by all, attracting suitors from near and far who brought her precious gifts, but none won her heart. When the God of Spring, undeterred by his brother’s failed attempts, approached her, a transformation occurred, revealing his true beauty and fragrance. Their union marked the beginning of a joyous spring and a melancholic autumn, forever etched in the fabric of the world.
  33. The Bronze Ring: Once upon a time, there was a king who lived in a palace surrounded by a neglected garden. Seeking to restore its beauty, the king hired a skilled gardener from a respected family. The gardener’s son, a kind and courteous young man, won the heart of the princess, leading to a series of trials and adventures that ultimately resulted in their marriage.
  34. Why The Sea Moans: Once upon a time, there was a lonely little princess named Dionysia who formed a special bond with a gentle sea serpent named Labismena. Labismena brought joy to Dionysia’s life, but when she faced the prospect of an unwanted marriage, she turned to her old friend for guidance. With Labismena’s help, Dionysia embarked on a new adventure, leaving behind her royal life and finding love with a prince at a festive celebration. Sadly, in her excitement, Dionysia forgot her promise to break Labismena’s enchantment, and the sea serpent remained trapped, its melancholic moans echoing in the sea.
  35. The Brave Little Tailor: On a beautiful summer morning, a diligent tailor found himself engrossed in his work. As the enticing call of a farmer’s wife selling fresh fruit jam reached his ears, he eagerly invited her up to his window to make a purchase. However, his satisfaction was short-lived as an unwelcome swarm of flies invaded his jam-covered bread. Undeterred, the resourceful tailor cleverly dealt with the situation and went on to embark on a remarkable journey that eventually led him to become a king.
  36. How Night Came: Many, many years ago, when the world was newly formed, there was everlasting daylight and no concept of night. The daughter of the Great Sea Serpent, growing weary of the constant brightness, yearned for the darkness of her father’s underwater kingdom. Her husband sent three servants to retrieve the shadows of night, but their fear led to an untimely release of darkness, transforming them into monkeys and marking their lips forever. Since then, in Brazil, night swiftly descends upon the earth, accompanied by the harmonious melodies of night creatures.
  37. Rubezahl: Once upon a time, in a distant land of untamed forests and vast fields, there lived Rubezahl, a powerful and unpredictable Spirit of the Giant Mountains. After witnessing the transformation of the wild landscapes into thriving villages and farmland, he disguised himself as a servant, a herder, and even a constable to experience the world of humans. But it was when he encountered the beautiful Princess Emma that his curiosity turned into love. However, his attempts to bring joy to her life with magical turnips and companions ended in disappointment, leading Emma to devise a clever plan to escape her captivity and reunite with her true love, Prince Ratibor. As the couple crossed the border, leaving the furious Rubezahl behind, they embarked on a new chapter of happiness, while the name “Rubezahl” forever reminded the people of his peculiar affinity for counting turnips.
  38. The White Doe: Once upon a time, a royal couple yearned for a child, but it seemed impossible. When a crab offered to fulfill their wish, the queen followed it to a fairy castle where she was promised a daughter named Desirée. However, a curse trapped Desirée in a tower without sunlight until her fifteenth year. Despite challenges and deception, true love prevailed as Prince Guerrier found the real princess, breaking the spell and uniting them in marriage, while forgiveness granted freedom to the once-imprisoned.
  39. Intelligence And Happiness: Once upon a time, Intelligence and Happiness encountered each other. Intelligence, seated on a bench, was approached by Happiness who demanded passage. Intelligence, unaware of Happiness’s identity, questioned the need to make way, as they considered themselves equal. Happiness then pointed to a farmer’s son and suggested Intelligence enter his mind, leading to a transformative journey for the boy named Vanek, who pursued a career in gardening and eventually won the heart of the princess, with Intelligence and Happiness finding harmony in their subsequent encounters.
  40. How The Son Of A Raja Married Princess Labam: One day, the son of a Raja ventured into a forbidden jungle, where he discovered Princess Labam through talking parrots. Determined to marry her, he embarked on a journey aided by unexpected allies, including ants, a grateful tiger, and helpful fakirs. Overcoming challenging tasks with their assistance, the prince ultimately won the princess’s hand in marriage, and they lived joyfully in his parents’ kingdom.
  41. Marianna: Once upon a time, there was a wicked nobleman who rebelled against the king and killed him. The queen managed to flee into the forest with her baby princess, leaving her in the care of an old dwarf. Seventeen years later, the princess embarked on a journey of self-discovery, using her healing water to help others along the way, unaware of her true identity and the dark plans unfolding in the kingdom she was destined to rule.
  42. Prince Sneeze: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who threw a magnificent party to celebrate the christening of their newborn son, Prince Rolandor. However, when the strawberry cake disappeared and the angry fairy Malvolia cursed the prince to sneeze and cause chaos, the royal couple had to find a way to protect their son and break the enchantment. Years later, with the help of his loyal friend Poldo the poodle, the prince discovered the missing words of the enchantment and found a brave princess willing to marry him, leading to the joyful end of the curse and a happily ever after.
  43. The Bird Boy: Once upon a time, a queen who adored birds caught sight of a flock passing by her window. Dreaming of having a son with wings, she gave birth to a baby boy who possessed just that. Despite the king’s dismay, an unfortunate turn of events led to the queen and her son being locked away, until a twist of fate and the power of a benevolent ocean spirit transformed her into a majestic gray bird. Years later, as the boy found refuge with a loving family, his extraordinary journey led him to become a beloved playmate to a kind-hearted princess. Together, they faced a treacherous enemy and overcame adversity with the help of an incredible army of gray birds, ultimately reclaiming their kingdom and finding everlasting happiness.
  44. The City Under The Sea: Once upon a time, there was a merchant who had three sons. The youngest son had a deep love for the sea and embarked on a journey to become a sailor. In his quest to find the elusive Emerald of the Sea and save his father’s life, he encountered underwater kingdoms, lost memories, and a powerful bond of love among his brothers and their princess brides. Eventually, they all found happiness and contentment, with the youngest sailor marrying a niece of the Sand Witch.
  45. The Lost Half Hour: Once upon a time, there was a widow who had three sons. The youngest son, Bobo, was considered foolish. However, when Princess Zenza encountered Bobo’s constant humiliation, she took him with her, finding his presence amusing. As Bobo embarked on a quest to find a lost half hour, he encountered various challenges and eventually discovered wisdom, helping him restore the lost reputations of others and reunite with his true love, Tilda, whom he married, leading to their happily ever after.
  46. The Master Mariner: Once upon a time, a brave fisherman came to the rescue of a half-human, half-fish creature engaged in a fierce battle with a red fish. In gratitude, the creature, who turned out to be the King of the Caves of the Sea, rewarded the fisherman with a talisman that brought him remarkable luck. Through his newfound fortune, the fisherman became a successful master mariner, eventually meeting and falling in love with the beautiful princess of Silkland. However, their happiness was threatened when the princess was captured by pirates, but with the help of the talisman and the King of the Caves of the Sea, they triumphed over adversity and were united in marriage.
  47. Donkeyskin: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who had a beautiful daughter. The royal couple was filled with joy and abundance, thanks to a remarkable donkey whose droppings turned into gold coins. However, tragedy struck when the queen fell gravely ill, leading to a series of events that took the princess on an unexpected journey of hardship and love, ultimately leading to a joyous ending for all.
  48. East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon: Once upon a time, there was a man who had beautiful children but struggled to provide for them. His youngest daughter, the most stunning of all, caught the attention of a mysterious White Bear. Despite her father’s reservations, she eventually agreed to accompany the bear, leading her on a journey to a magical castle. However, her longing for the prince she discovered at night and her determination to reunite with him took her on a perilous adventure to a distant land. Through her bravery and resourcefulness, she ultimately won the prince’s heart, escaped the clutches of an evil stepmother, and lived happily ever after with her beloved prince.
  49. The Strange Witch Of Willowweed: In a land far away, a peculiar Witch resided in a rose-colored house atop a hill. Although she welcomed visitors at the foot of the hill, she never permitted them to reach her abode. One day, Princess Winsome ventured to seek the bravest boy in the world from the Witch, who advised her to let him find her. To fulfill her quest, the princess found herself locked in an enchanted forest, where only the truly courageous would come searching for her.
  50. The Yellow Dwarf: Once upon a time, there was a queen who loved her daughter, Bellissima, dearly. However, Bellissima’s demanding nature made it difficult for any suitors to propose. Desperate for a solution, the queen sought advice from a witch, unaware of the consequences her promise would bring. Despite the princess’s initial resistance, fate took a tragic turn, leading to their eternal union as palm trees.